As the town of Dog River goes bankrupt the residents of the town must pack up and move out. However our favourite citizens make one last-ditch effort to save Dog River.::Jon

Also Known As: Corner Gas: The Movie

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  • isabelle-preiss
    isabelle preiss

    It is often a difficult proses to write a move from a television situation comedy. Saturday Night Live has struggled with this as well when trying to write a movie from a skit. A Night at the Roxbury 1998, is a good example of when this transition from TV to film just doesn’t work. Corner Gas The Movie falls into the above mentioned dilemma. It relied too much of past fan experiences to carry the characters, the humor, and the story line. If you were to come into this movie without prior knowledge of the television series, you would be left feeling as if something is lacking.The humor was predictable, flat, and had the feeling of a Nickelodeon after school special. The music or lack of, made the film seem small budgeted, and when there was music, it sounded very much like a B class TV show. .The movie does have its charm, and I am sure if you were a fan of the TV series, you will get enjoyment from the movie. Other wise, the overacting, plane writing, predictable humor, and flat plot will leave you running on empty.

  • dawn-robles
    dawn robles

    I was a big fan of Corner Gas like so many others but I thought that aside from Brent and Wanda, the rest of the cast really over acted and it was no different in this movie. I think it was over 1/2 way through the movie before I even remotely chuckled and it got a little funnier from there but mostly because of Davis. That Wullerton spitting joke has never made me laugh and they really overused it in this movie.Any fans of the show were dying to see the cast again so to them it was going to be funny no matter how bad the movie was. In actual fact, it’s unlikely this movie would be funny to many outsiders.I know that no one will agree with anyone who writes anything critical about their beloved Corner Gas but those are the facts. I’m glad to see that so many people liked the movie because being Canadian, I always hoped for it to succeed.

  • helmi-korhonen
    helmi korhonen

    Adored ther series and movie. It’s just come to Amazon and I had a wonderful time with it!

  • daniel-beasley
    daniel beasley

    …..that it’s funny. I don’t know why I waited this long before watching it. A nice flashback.

  • mark-hubbard
    mark hubbard

    We watched every episode in each season. We heard mixed reviews about the movie, but this was the BEST series finale of any sitcom that we have seen! Excellent writing, with continued great character development. Very funny as always, and very touching at times as well. Some wonderful surprises are included for Corner Gas fans.

  • viktor-sestan
    viktor sestan

    Being a Western Canadian, I’ve watched every episode of Corner Gas: The most real small rural community sit-com ever made. The movie being the dream-child of Brent, was done a little late, but still on time. I’m not sure, but I believe this was Janet Wright’s last film appearance, and is in a way is a great way to honour her legacy. The movie itself was a real tribute to the show, even in the first 2 minuets when Wanda finally fights a werewolf, something that had been spoken of for years, came true! Seeing everyone going about their day-to-day lives again really reminded me of my childhood.

  • takacs-hanna-jolan
    takacs hanna jolan

    It took me a few minutes to get into this, but as the movie progressed I began to laugh out loud. Don’t take that the wrong way, Corner Gas is full of subtle humor delivered by some damn good actors.

  • kristin-krueger
    kristin krueger

    A few weeks ago, “Corner Gas” finally came to the States thanks to Amazon Prime. I blew through all six seasons amazingly fast and was anxious for more…so I watched the movie only minutes after seeing the final episode. This show begins with what appears to be an apocalypse in Dog River, as a reporter and Hank enter town to see utter chaos and horrors everywhere. The story then jumps back in time and you learn what led to things becoming so god-awful. It seems that the town is totally bankrupt….power has been shut off and folks are considering moving. What are Brent and the others to do?!While this is a good film and does end happily, it also is pretty depressing and serious…far more than the TV show ever was. Because of that, the formula is a bit odd…but still, I did enjoy it and think it’s worth seeing. Just remember that it is a bit depressing…but it will turn out okay…trust me on this!

  • mr-richard-nicholls
    mr richard nicholls

    Corner Gas: The Movie is a 2014 Canadian comedy film starring Brent Butt based on the Corner Gas television series, reuniting the complete original cast of the program that aired on CTV from 2004 to 2009.Five years after the series finale, Fitzy has blown the town’s money on a bad real estate investment in Detroit, leaving the town without electricity or water.After realizing that the crisis won’t blow over and Lacey will move away if Dog River goes bankrupt, Brent buys the closed town bar and enters Dog River into a “Quaintest Town in Canada” competition, hoping that the $75,000 prize can save the town.Brent and Lacey then rally the town to prepare for the “Quaintest Town in Canada” contest judge, Tina Fuller, to enter Dog River, but a series of mishaps create the appearance of a riot in the middle of town. …

  • bretislav-vlcek
    bretislav vlcek

    we are testing this on an American friend of ours who has not seen the show this weekend. unleash dog river ! the first time my mother and I saw it was great. then when I thought of it, it was more of an event – like boyhood, but not as long and well you know what I mean. there’s a juxtaposition between the two. okay well onward. that small town story is all you need to do well here. complete with a well-meaning mayor and a good dose of wullertonites (pfff!). (it’s a thing). and parodies of retirement, casinos, cheesy entertainment, cluelessness, helicopter parenting, doomsday preppers, community hi-jackers, corporate scumbags, well meaning Canadian donut franchises…I can’t spoil this for you. I stop now.

  • joanna-newman-james
    joanna newman james

    The mayor of Dog River Fitzy has lost the town’s money in property investments in Detroit. Now the town is going bankrupt. Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller) has an idea to enter the town into a newspaper contest for the quaintest town. Hank Yarbo (Fred Ewanuick)’s ideas are as terrible as ever. Davis Quinton (Lorne Cardinal) is let go as a cop and he decides to be a private investigator. Fellow cop Karen Peel (Tara Spencer-Nairn) is pregnant and starts writing lots of tickets. Wanda Dollard (Nancy Robertson) discovers Davis’ man-cave and starts a bar there without Davis’ knowledge. Emma Leroy (Janet Wright) is itching for Brent (Brent Butt) to have kids. Oscar (Eric Peterson) sells his car for a horse.The TV show was always a bit about nothing. So the town going bankrupt is a big something. However, it’s handled with the show’s usual lightness. All the main characters are back and that’s a great thing. Nobody is missing. It is just as charming as the show. It’s not so complicated that even people who are not familiar with the TV show will easily get into this.

  • pakhomova-varvara-bogdanovna
    pakhomova varvara bogdanovna

    To the good times. Thanks CG for the memories. The first 6 seasons I had already watched, but had no idea there was a movie. A great finale.

  • wendy-young
    wendy young

    I had not thought of Corner Gas for years. I just stumbled upon it on Primewire and couldn’t believe my luck!I watched the series and fell in love with the character then, and even though I hadn’t thought of the show in a very long time, I found myself instantly recalling the names of the characters as they showed up in the movie. If you’ve loved the series then this will be a treat for you as it was for me. I found the town on Google Maps and the grain silo is even still painted ‘Dog River’. https://www.google.com/maps/@50.1909734,-104.9050114,998m/data=!3m1! 1e3If you loved the show, you’ll love the movie!

  • milena-da-mata
    milena da mata

    This is my very first review here at IMDb. I am writing this to get the word about this little project. Corner Gas started as a curious Canadian sitcom set in the fictional small town Dog River where nothing ever happens. Soon the show was hailed by critics and audiences across the country and also in United States and other countries for its authenticity, lovable and relatable characters, and its quirkiness and brilliant wordplay. The show ended with its head held high after successful six seasons and it left its audience wanting more and the movie delivered what the audience wanted. The movie happens after five years where the show left us. Typical of Dog River, nothing happened during those years except for some small character (that we love) developments. But trouble comes in the form of economic disaster for Dog River. All the money in the budget is spent and what the whole town does to save it forms the rest of the story. Every beloved character has plenty of scenes, snappy dialogues and word plays. As a fan I’m completely satisfied and as a stand alone movie for audiences who’ve never watched the show, it will be a fun couple of hours except for the occasional and inevitable references from the series! Usually most of the movies based on beloved TV series have always been complete disasters. But Brent Butt and team managed to make a follow up movie just as delightful as the TV show we all adore.

  • emiliia-vitruk
    emiliia vitruk

    I loved Corner Gas during it’s run as Canada’s most popular sitcom and I’ve watched the show several times through on DVD. It was weird that it got a movie, the show ended prematurely so I never thought they would come back to it. But they tried to create a couple of different shows with members of the Corner Gas cast (Hiccups w/ Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson and Dan for Mayor w/ Fred Ewanuick) but both were busts. So I understand why they chose to come back to this. This show had a very dry and simple sense of humour, it wasn’t for everybody but I really enjoyed it. The movie had a limited theatrical run and I got to go see it in the theatre. It delivered what I wanted in spades, I was so happy to see the crew again. Despite the time gap from the end of the series, they easily captured what made the show so great.*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Brent (Brent Butt), Wanda (Nancy Robertson) and Hank (Fred Ewanuick) are all in their usual spots at the Corner Gas Station in Dog River, Saskatchewan. Hank asks how long it’s been and Brent tells him April 13, 2009 (the exact date the final episode of the show). All of a sudden, an armed robber breaks into Corner Gas, demanding the money from the register. He shoots Brent in the arm and is attacked by Hank and Wanda. The robber rips of Wanda’s face and under it is a robotic exoskeleton. Brent has also revealed that he has a robot arm. The robber than transforms into a werewolf and begins to attack Wanda. Hank then wakes up at the airport muttering “lazerfur.” He’s there to pickup a journalist who’s judging a contest Dog River has entered.Hank attempts to shoot the breeze with Tina (Karen Holness) but she’s put off by his rusting truck and his country attitude. They get to Dog River expecting a peaceful atmosphere but the town is chaotic. There are fires, fights and utter chaos. Hank decides to explain the chain of events leading up to what has happened.The plot of the Corner Gas movie is pretty simple and formulaic. It’s the “save the rec-centre” story re-done. But the way the movie handles it is just so perfect for a continuation of the show. The mayor of Dog River Fitzy (Cavan Cunningham) lost the town’s money investing in Detroit real estate and they need to win this contest to just keep things running. So the point I’m trying to make is that yes, you’ve seen several aspects of this movie’s story before but it’s the same writers from the show and they know just how to spin it to bring the laughter. The show never re-wrote the book with it’s creativity so it was almost fitting to be honest.The whole cast returned for the movie and they performed just as if the show had been going the whole time. Brent is just as sarcastic and clever, Lacey (Gabrielle Miller) is well-meaning yet neurotic behaviour. Hank has that crusty idiot personality and Oscar (Eric Peterson) is still fly-off-the-handle crank he always was. The entire cast is consistent and on point, it’s cool they all came back. The movie also has some cool lower-key cameos (a couple of the on camera sports casters from TSN).The most important part is that the movie retained the shows sense of humour and the movie was hilarious. They did a good job giving each character a chance to contribute (Karen got the short shrift if I had to pick one of the central cast). They even did some things that the fans had been waiting for like Brent and Lacey finally getting together.I’ll admit that this review isn’t completely objective. I honestly loved the show and I’ll admit that bias. But I do genuinely think this movie did an excellent job putting on one last show for it’s audience. It came across as very genuine, like they knew how much the show meant to some people. I would recommend this to Corner Gas fans wholeheartedly. To the cast and crew, thanks for the memories, this was a fitting finish for the residents of the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan.

  • oleksa-vasilashko
    oleksa vasilashko

    If you are Canadian, or know someone who is Canadian, or can spell the word H-o-c-k-e-y, you may already be familiar with the legend of Corner Gas, that great opus which begat this movie.Once upon a time, deep in the bowels of the Canuck entertainment industry (an industry which owes its very existence to the exchange rate with the US dollar; and which can claim to have spawned over 90% of all the bad sequels made in the last 30 years) a fairly unknown but undeniably clever comic pitched an idea for a Canadian-ish Seinfeld (“Seinfeld without the nasty edge”) and not only was it accepted, it was an international hit.Even as you read these words, on some comedy channel somewhere in the digital world, Corner Gas is running, and, like Lucy, may run long after the rest of us have shuffled off this mortal coil.The team behind GAS left the party while the getting was good, and tried a bunch of spinoffs. The fact that you never heard of the spinoffs pretty much answers your next 2 questions.Which left only one option — recapture the glory days by bringing the whole team back into harness for a feature.And here we are.It’s actually hard to review because — and this is fatal for a critic — I know the series too well, and that means I am reacting to my memory of the characters as much as the characters themselves, in the movie.So, bottom line, if you are fan of the original, there are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon than with Brent and boys. And the incredibly photogenic Gabrielle Miller doesn’t hurt either.However, as raw entertainment, there are problems. The script is massively overwritten. You get the feeling that every time writer A noticed a problem, writer B would try to plaster over it with a clever pun or a segue. With the expected result.None of which changes the fact that it is meandering, overlong, uneven, and poorly meshed to the feature-length format.That’s my view as a critic.As a fan, however, it was great fun to see the gang back in action again!

  • oscar-hayes
    oscar hayes

    Corner Gas: The Movie (2014): Dir: David Storey / Cast: Brent Butt, Gabrielle Miller, Fred Ewanuick, Nancy Robertson, Eric Peterson: Grand Canadian comedy at its best. It regards small town local lifestyles in Dog River Saskatchewan that is threatened to be taken over or eliminated if they cannot raise money to fix their little town up. Brent Butt runs the local gas station called “Corner Gas.” Gabrielle Miller plays Lacey whom his mother is attempting to hook him up with so that she may eventually have grandchildren. Lacey is seen as bossy but her heart is right when taking charge to put Dog River on the right track, beginning with her little diner. Fred Ewanuick plays a grease monkey mechanic type scouring for ideas that mostly get ignored. Nancy Robertson plays Wanda who works at Corner Gas but also has a side job housesitting for retired officer Davis. His man cave is turned into a gambling casino bar by high spirited Wanda. Lorne Cardinal is hilarious as Davis who becomes a noirish detective in the most buffoonish stereotypical fashion possible. Tara Spencer-Nairn plays pregnant cop Karen whose ever ticketing habit makes her unpopular. Finally we have the ever stubborn Oscar, stealing laugh by Eric Peterson. Oscar is Brent’s father whose old fashion methods of living off the land are seen as backward. This is actually very well written with surprisingly clean humour that celebrates the average citizen of small towns. It regards those places where everybody knows everyone else as well as everyone’s business. That makes the Corner Gas big on opportunity when warped minds collide. Score: 10 / 10

  • sviatoslav-franko
    sviatoslav franko

    I love this movie. I saw it 3 times when it was in theatres. I know it has flaws but it totally feels like an inside joke between the audience and the actors. I love the show but if you’re not a fan of the show you might not get the jokes in the movie that are brought over. I am 100% biased but I have a feeling if you’re that interested in this movie you are too.

  • stephanie-heath
    stephanie heath

    I have always been a fan of the Corner Gas series, and was quite sad when it went off the air. I was actually unaware that a movie was being made until a week before it debuted. Of course I bought tickets to the movie. As a fan of the show, I’ll admit that some of the episodes, while always entertaining, only really became funny to me once I watched the episode a second time. Much like the show, the movie has no laugh track, but the jokes were very funny, consistent in their pacing, and a bit less subtle than the TV show. The whole theatre (which was completely sold out) was in stitches the entire film. All of the actors did a stand up job reprising their roles, and it felt like the same old crew even years after the series ended.The plot line was good, and in true Corner Gas fashion, all of the wild tangents that each character went on tied together in the end. Also, as a special surprise, Lorne Cardinal was at the theatre and introduced the movie in person. Over all, a great time! Maybe we will be lucky enough for a second movie sometime in the future.

  • eric-lauritsen
    eric lauritsen

    I loved all of it! It was great to see Oscar and all of the nonsense that his character was known for. He was my favourite character. Of course Hank and Brent were their usual silly selves. It’s too bad that Nancy Robertson got a face lift as she did not look like her self and I thought that she looked great the way that she was before she had it done. I thought that the scene between Davis & Hank in Wullerton was very funny. Although he did have a one minute cameo in the film, I found myself missing Phil the bartender. Otherwise I found it extremely enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I hope that they make another movie as I do not think that I will ever get tired of Corner Gas, ever.