THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. A clean, crisp signal cuts through the static and noise of space. When you’ve spent years listening to the sounds of the cosmos, you get used to hearing weirdness, but Mike Webster knows this is no ordinary signal. It’s not a pulsar or a black hole, it’s not interference, it’s something different, something logical, something with purpose. As part of a three man astronomy team crammed into a car kitted out with all manner of stellar studying equipment, Mike is reluctant to jump to grand conclusions about his little discovery, and secretly transmits a response to the signal. Pointless, he knows, even if it was from intelligent life, it’d take thousands of years for his response to reach them and thousands more for them to reply. But when he does receive a response just hours later, his scientific understanding and that of his fellow hobbyists, is shaken. Could this be genuine? Is there more to decipher from the message? How could a reply come so quickly? Before long, the team face the challenge of documenting their discovery, proving its authenticity and sharing it with the world before it is lost forever. Three amateur astronomers may just have inadvertently stumbled across Mankind’s greatest discovery: proof of alien life.

Also Known As: Cosmos

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  • wetdookie

    While you were reading this I farted, Poof!!!

  • olav-saether
    olav saether

    I was honored to see a pre-screening of this movie. As a big space geek who actually worked supporting NASA for a number of years, I thought this movie COSMOS was AWESOME!!! I gave it my triple WOW, WOW, WOW rating. I love all things space and COSMOS was this and more. It was like the movie CONTACT, but with upgraded equipment and a new, fresher twist to that type story. A must see for anyone who loves Space, Radio communications, Satellites, First Contact, Astronomy, Science, and the Unknown. Super cool!!!

  • bjorn-the-elder-van-mispelen
    bjorn the elder van mispelen

    This is a film that’s savvy of both its goals and its limitations.The first thing you’ll notice about this movie is its faithfulness to atmosphere. It’s a love-letter to a bygone mood where darkness, fog, and glowing primary colours surround the protagonists as they stalk a creepy night-time setting that, despite being a forest, somehow maintains a 1980s feel. It seems like the film’s makers wanted to achieve this intangible feeling of nostalgia above all else. I felt more than happy to be swept up in it, early and often.As for the film’s limitations, I’m not giving anything away by revealing it mostly takes place inside a car. It’s a neatly practical way to focus on the characterisation of the three-man cast. Meanwhile the protagonists’ interactions with the plot take place indirectly, through creative and surprising use of the tiny set and quirky props. Far from feeling detached from the thrust of the plot, I felt refreshed that I was experiencing it in ways that were often completely novel.Every film has its conceits. To be able to say that your film’s conceits are that it’s dyed by your love of retro sci-fi, and that your plot had to be advanced by clever solutions to the limitations of a small set and small budget? You’ve done yourself proud.This movie exudes more outright sincerity than anything else I’ve seen this year. If you’re a cynic, it might not be for you. If you’re like me, and you think cinema needs more of this sort of sincerity, you’ll love it – especially given the all-round high quality of its cinematography and performances.

  • gromov-efrem-anatolevich
    gromov efrem anatolevich

    Ending where most Sci-Fi films begin made Cosmos an exciting and intriguing watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the tense build up throughout which culminated in a fantastically thrilling ending! The intimate nature of the setting, characters and the fact that Cosmos was made by such a small production team really makes you feel as though you too are helping to discover life in space!

  • jekabs-eglitis
    jekabs eglitis

    Awesome film. Hard to believe it was filmed with such a low budget. Has a Spielberg feel to it. Kept me gripped the whole way through

  • anej-dolenc
    anej dolenc

    Was lucky enough to see an advanced viewing of Cosmos and boy what a privilege. To know that Cosmos was made by such a small team, on a extremely low-budget over a 5-6 year period- wow, watching the film you wouldn’t know. It was like watching a film with millions behind it and hundreds of people.The film was like nothing I’ve ever seen before but at the same time feels so familiar. I went through every emotion watching this film and just couldn’t stop smiling during and after. I cannot wait (and I can’t stress this enough) to see Cosmos again!! Amazing!

  • lisa-jensen
    lisa jensen

    Enjoyed every moment of this epic movie. The great connection between the characters, the heart felt moments and the action. Would totally watch it again!

  • naujokas-mindaugas
    naujokas mindaugas

    A defining debut film. Cosmos is a truly fantastic movie, a slow burn that ends with a big bang. Worth every minute of my time.

  • clifford-bryant
    clifford bryant

    Indie sci-fi films can sometimes be hit or miss, but Cosmos is an absolute HIT! I absolutely loved this film. It kept pulling me back to the genre films from the 80s/90s, and has everything a classic sci-fi film needs and more. The cast are brilliant in their roles and the directors/writers have created something very special, from the well-paced, story-building conversations, down to the fast-paced, action-packed sequences! If you’re thinking of watching this film and are reading the reviews to decide, stop what you’re doing and press play NOW… you WON’T be disappointed!!

  • verde-hayrioglu-duran
    verde hayrioglu duran

    To say this film exceeded my expectations is beyond an understatement – I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of Cosmos with a packed out theatre and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. A wonderful experience. If you have the chance to check out how the film was made I highly recommend it – the story of how the film was made is almost as exciting as the film itself.

  • dr-aysoy-hayrioglu
    dr aysoy hayrioglu

    Saw this movie at an advanced screening at Cineworld on a massive screen and it blew me away. Can’t believe it was made by such a small team. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re an Amblin fan.

  • anne-berg
    anne berg

    …the most fake reviews goes to: CosmosIt’s pathetic the Weaver brothers decided to spend money on fake reviews, rather than a better production.Out of the current 10 reviews, they are all fake. Any respect the brothers deserved from me for making this low budget film went out the window with all the fake reviews. If they were smart amateur filmmakers, they’d have 1 or 2 reviews acknowledging who they are and introducing the film and it’s making, but not giving any rating score. Then viewers would be more inclined to view the film and rate it accordingly, instead of feeling like the filmmakers think viewers are dumb enough to believe the fake reviews, and not see the film or score it low in anger.The 128 min run-time was ludicrous, and the slow pacing and long dragged out scenes made this film feel like it was never ending. This should have been a short 20-30 min film.Acting was not believable, cinematography was ok, and the directing and writing was amateurish, but considering it was such a low budget (apparently most of it spent on the fake reviews), it is a well deserving and honest 4/10 from me.