Against all logic, the competitive swimmer, Haley, drives into the mouth of a furiously destructive Category 5 hurricane on a collision course with her hometown of Florida, to check in on her estranged father, Dave. There, in their weather-beaten house amid a rapidly sinking and alligator-infested town, Haley and her father find themselves trapped in the labyrinthine mess of their flooded crawl space, where a merciless pair of six-metre predators is silently stalking them. Now–as Haley and Dave are gasping for air in the claustrophobic basement–only their will to survive can help them stand a chance against the scaly adversaries’ powerful jaws. Can they escape without getting eaten alive?

Also Known As: Kořist Czech, Crawl - Intrappolati, Плячка, Infierno en la tormenta, Crawl, Pelzajaca smierc, Хижаки, Predadores Assassinos, Plijen, Plen, Ölümcül Sular, Plesrunai, Terreur dans la tempête, Ape ucigase, Slazda, Préda, Dia Dao Ca Sau Tu Than, Rastejantes, Капкан, Infierno bajo el agua

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  • the-truth
    The truth

    Sooooo it kept skipping parts and thats why the movie was sssssoooooooooooooo short

  • cirit-basah
    cirit basah

    internet macam cibai

  • gjmf-jhf
    gjmf jhf

    pretty good movie

  • ondrej-nemec
    ondrej nemec

    Wnet expecting avg terror and horror and came out thinking, wow that was fun. If you like scary thrill rides then this will be awesome for you. The alligators aren’t cheesy, the storm is ominous, the characters aren’t making completely dumb decisions. The gator attacks are pretty gruesome if you like that. And for God’s sakes they aren’t in a basement like everyone is complaining about being in florida… they’re in a crawlspace under an elevated house. Go see it, you’ll enjoy it.

  • essaa-laalaa
    essaa laalaa

    They didn’t tell me it was a comedy. So many stupid things in this movie, you can’t stop laughing.Girl finds daddy almost dead, but during the film daddy recovered amaizingly fast. Girl is bitten in leg, arm, tossed around many times by croc on other arm, and what? She still swims and runs miraculous fast.O I lost my phone! I must go back to where the crocodiles are. The phone is faar more important than my life.The crocs don’t smell blood while swimming very nearby (“as long as you don’t spatter, they don’t notice you” duh).She is swimming to a boat, jumps in and immediately goes full speed. How the hell did the motor starts that fast. Pure magic.And so on and on.I hoped in the end that after all the miracles, they were still killed by a croc in the last shot. But no, happy end. Even the damned dog survived.Two stars for the laughs.

  • joaquin-cazares-vaca
    joaquin cazares vaca

    What I thought sucked (besides the fact that this was basically a really bad Netflix movie) was the lack of logic and common sense. They’re trapped in a crawl space, yet they’re along a wall where the outside of the house is visible, behind what looked like very thin brick. Which could have easily been broken with the shovel. Had they done that, they could have easily escaped. And been back to town before the storm really hit. Eventually they finally escape the crawl space, but instead of doing the smart/logical thing of trying to get on the roof and signal for help, they ignorantly decide to make a run for it (so to speak). But before their eventual escape, there was a scene early in the movie where some college age kids stole an ATM machine from a gas station and then loaded it onto a boat. All of a sudden a giant gator smashes through the back of the boat destroying it in the process and then the gator proceeds to eat a girl on the boat. Later in the movie after their eventual escape from the crawl space and then stupid attempt to make “a run for it” that same boat that was demolished by a giant gator is somehow in perfect condition, with the motor reattached when the main female character out swims a bunch of gators to reach the boat. And speaking of out swimming gators: the average Olympic swimmer averages about 5 mph in the water. An alligator averages 20 mph. So basically this movie had viewers believe that the girl had superhuman swimming abilities and could swim at an amazing rate of 25 mph. It wasn’t just the acting that sucked. I didn’t feel any connection to the actors, I didn’t care if they lived or died. At one point, I began cheering for the gators, and laughed hysterically anytime someone did something stupid to get themselves eaten. The only character I cared for and wanted to survive was the little dog.

  • mariana-daragan
    mariana daragan

    I had no idea where to start and I owe that to Crawl being horrendously bad. Stuffed to the brim with predictable clichés, brain dead acting from its lead protagonist, and CGI that rivals SyFy channel quality, it’s difficult to stomach. Horror movies are supposed to invoke a sense of fear but here we are yet again with another “movie” relying on jump scares. People doing ridiculously stupid things in movies does not make those situations suspenseful. It just kills the movie. Just in case you didn’t know, humans are now faster swimmers than alligators! Yep, totally believable!!Olympic swimmers 🏊 = 5-6 mph, Alligators 🐊 = 20mph Random college swimmer in movie Crawl = 25+mphMakes sense……

  • joshua-haas
    joshua haas

    I used to love horror movies but, aside for a couple of exceptions, the latest ovecrow of absurd serial killers, demonic dolls, kids or else make the panorama quite boring and repetitive, When realised that CRAWL was produced by the cult favorite Sam Raimi ( the creator of the three originals EVIL DEAD and the best three SPIDERMAN) and directed for one the best (but underappreciated ) young horror director’s Alexander Aja (the creator of HIGH TENSION, The HILLS HAS EYES remake, PIRANHA 3D and a few other jewels) I pretty much run to the theater and even when the story did not look with much potential , but it became an unbelievable pleasant surprise. One of those movies you cannot keep your eyes out of the screen. Haley (member of a Florida university swimming team and on crisis in her life), receives a call from her sister living in Boston that cannot contact their father in Florida and there is a huge hurricane coming. Haley drives to his father’s home and find him almost dead on house basement badly hurt for a few starving alligators. From that moment on, the storm gets worse, the alligators number increase and escaping from the basement becomes extremely difficult; particularly when the flood reach that part of the town and hungry beast are hunting on the streets. CRAWL is both and horror and an adventure movie. Escaping is not easy and requires very quick thinking and physical skills. Both Haley and her father has to work together under very difficult conditions to get out alive. Aja is an expert exploiting cliches to generate terrifying situations. The main heroine is barefoot (the basement floor is crowded by rats) there is very sweet dog that could become food for alligators too a few disturbing moments that make you scare even when nothing is happening. The movie works almost perfect; the only discrepancy could be how little damage the alligators made to Haley when they bite her (compare with her father suffer a lot more). In brief pure entertainment and adrenaline!!!

  • elisa-de-vigil
    elisa de vigil

    Crawl is to this generation what Jaws was to viewers decades ago – with alligators instead of sharks and better special effects. It hit all the points of being scary, it had a decent plot and the characters were well developed. Even the Dog had your heart strings tugging. I’ve been waiting for some time to see a scary movie that made me jump. This on did it.

  • sherri-scott
    sherri scott

    The main chick gets both of her arms and one of her legs chewed by gators but she can still outswim them. Does anyone think this makes any sense? The main chick’s dad gets his arm torn off by a gator but when a gator bites the main chick’s arm and starts the death roll, her arm is still intact and she can still fight off the gator.Holy crap, she is invincible!And how do the gators lay eggs in the basement and the eggs start hatching when the gators have been in the basement for not even a day?Some of the shots are nice, such as the storm and the ending when the main chick lights her flare. But other than that, I have no idea why this movie is getting so many positive reviews.

  • nathan-pena-md
    nathan pena md

    Sorry Aja, I’ve loved most of your movies in the past. But this one was SO STUPID. How many times is this woman going to get bitten by an alligator and be fine? She nearly got her arm AND leg ripped off but she can swim faster than all the alligators? Yeah okay. Why do they keep walking around in the water? Get the hell up on roof in the first place instead of trying to walk through water to get to a boat after you just made it out of the crawl space. And yeah, let’s just stand in front of a window as the water rises above it. Duh. So idiotic. At least it was short.

  • elizabeth-rios
    elizabeth rios

    Well.. I got a chance to see this movie on the first day.Went without any expectation but came out with full satisfaction.Mainly, recently most of the films are based out of female leads role and half of them are not clicked somehow, but this one came out pretty cool. Kaya had given her 100% for this movie.The SET : wow, hurricane based movie, starts with dripping and ends with flooding. the special effect is not top of the notch but better then any of this kind of movie, especially the music. It is having some scare jump scenes. worth the music.Totally this movie is keeping the audience on the edge of the seat. Good one!!!

  • scott-lee
    scott lee

    It’s not a long-winded movie. It shocks you to the bone. My only question is why did she have to call 911 from the open space….? One thing for sure: “saatnya menggigit!”*time to bite

  • anna-jonsson
    anna jonsson

    Really well made. Has some good scares and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • ms-catherine-pugh
    ms catherine pugh

    Very suspenseful, not cheesy, well done, zero superheros. I really great rollercoaster ride, which I loved a lot.

  • ksawery-cuch
    ksawery cuch

    Where to start? A lame backstory with the girl being a top swimmer so she can out-swim a gang of patrolling alligators and the father and daughter’s pathetic sentimental conversations in between their boring as hell attempts to evade the naughty alligators.The movie is filled with lame jump scares, and the first Mr Snappy is shown way too early, totally killing any suspense. The characters make dumb choices over and over. The girl gets death rolled under water with her arm in the alligators mouth and doesnt lose her arm? Yeh…sure. Pointless supporting actors/extras who we know are gunna die are on screen for a few mins then get gobbled up. Why bother?The girl goes through a hole in the wall and discovers a nest of eggs which would indicate a mother alligator, hinting at a bigger croc which we get to see briefly after she finds a gun on the dead cop, shoots another croc while it munches on her hand, and then crawls through a pipe with her arm intact. We get to see the mother alligator i believe and then the girl goes to save her drowning father. After reviving him from death, he gets up like nothing has happened and is like “hey girl, go swim through all those alligators and get the boat yah?” So instead of going on the roof which is what any other sane person would do, Olympic swimmer girl goes for a gold medal in a race against the Mr Snappy’s.Blah blah blah…anyway, they end up on the roof at the end and you are expecting some final show down with the huge mother alligator, the rescue helicopter conveniently shows up and swimmer girl lights a flare and…..THE CREDITS ROLL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.I couldn’t believe it. What a scam artist the director is. You cheated your audience dude.What an awful movie. The main actor was unappealing and i didn’t care about her at all.Avoid like the plague. This movie is a ‘croc’.Summary: Do not waste your time on this garbage

  • stanislava-marolt
    stanislava marolt

    People seriously complain about everything these days….horror movies are not “realistic” enough…blah blah blah. It’s a MOVIE! A FICTIONAL MOVIE! People were bashing this movie at my screening because “houses in Florida don’t have basements.” Really? So freaking dumb lol. For the record, though, it is a crawl space below the house that is still above ground and is indeed common in Florida. This movie takes the overused basic formula of racing against time to escape whatever situation the characters find themselves in before they die…..house in Florida…hurricane hits….extreme flooding and people are trapped with the water levels rising higher and higher…can they find help or find a way to escape before it’s too late? That alone would be enough for a movie these days….it has been enough over and over again and has been done a million times before…so let’s make it interesting and throw in some crazy aggressive ass alligators to spice things up- another Hollywood favorite, as far as themes are concerned….killer shark/dinasaur/gator/dog …. Combining the two themes certainly wasn’t breaking any barriers but it was fast paced, creative and super fun to watch. The characters are likable.enough for people to root for them. No one on the set of this movie was eyeing a freaking Oscar nom when creating this…they knew exactly what kind of movie they were making, and for as “unrealistic” and “basic” as this movie was, they jam packed a whole lot of suspense, gore, thrills and fun into a 85 minute movie, and it was a great movie theater experience. If you are looking for a simple, fun and entertaining thrill ride, this is for you. If you think movies need to be 100 percent realistic, and are a sucker for great dialogue, this may NOT be for you. Personally, I would absolutely recommend it to others.

  • anisoara-oprea
    anisoara oprea

    Absolutely terrifying animal attack movie!! It was suspenseful and intense throughout!! Most of the attack scenes were brutal too!!

  • juul-van-waas
    juul van waas

    My first review here…you guys can give it a shot.It was made pretty impressively,from what i saw in the trailer i was not at all interested but after watching it…i was surprised at every nail biting moment in the film.its damn good.

  • nathan-mann
    nathan mann

    “CRAWL” is a very intense survival horror film of the summer. The director of “The Hills Have Eyes” Alexandre Aja, did a very good job making this movie pretty good and a hell of a bloody good time. It had good jumpscares, in the movie, where you’ll never see it coming to the big screen. This is a pretty good story about a massive hurricane that hits Florida, a young teenage girl named Haley, ignores the evacuation in order to search her father, Dave. But, that’s not the only problem. The problem is the Killer alligator as they became trapped by the rapidly encroaching floodwaters. OMG! This movie is way better then Piranha 3D. I mean, I know Piranha has a lot of beautiful sexy women in it, but, wow, “Crawl” is way better.

  • petteri-lahti
    petteri lahti

    Crawl was an enjoyable survival/horror romp. The Hurricane disaster element mixed the the alligator horror element is pulled off well and the characters are people you root for to survive (esp the dog). Its a very simple premise which is handled well. Doesn’t skimp on the gore either. Its good, bloody, stupid fun if you like horror/suspense/survival type movies you should be entertained for sure.

  • tamara-mathews
    tamara mathews

    If your only research before viewing was a glimpse at one trailer, you may be put off by the mid-grade cast and CGI, but this movie takes those elements and runs with them. It wastes no time telling a concise story that leads into the action/horror, which keeps you on the edge of your seat the remaining 95% of the movie. Both of the lead roles play out of their minds and deliver unexpectedly incredible acting that puts you in their shoes.I’ve seen nearly every alligator movie you can name. Many of them are debacles and a few are decent at best. This breaks the scale in a wonderful way. Take anyone you care about to see this movie. Despite the R rating, I consider this safe for anyone 13 and older if they can put up with the scares. The movie and the acting are so convincing, you’ll have yourself wondering if this very scenario can happen in real life. If you’re a Floridian like me, this could be YOUR scenario.Summation Pros: strong, connected acting (actors work well together), believable story that’s easy to follow, keeps the drama at a lowCons: some cliches, bland small rolesVerdict: a pleasant surprise that’ll have you gripping your seat throughout the movie

  • anne-schonland
    anne schonland

    Despite 3 or 4 irritating scenes that transpire script mediocrity with let’s say 1 or 2 appalling minutes, the film manages to scare the audience with panache, at least me anyway. I was indeed gesticulating in my armchair each time an alligator grabbed and shook a protagonist. Actually, it’s not really surprising: as an euphemism, in the horror / thriller genre, Alexandre Aja is definitely not a padawan. Thus, Alexandre Aja has managed an effective film that successfully fulfills his objective: to keep the audience on the edge of the seat during 90 minutes.

  • bruna-rodrigues
    bruna rodrigues

    I really enjoyed it .The actors were great and so was the simple plot.It kept me interested the whole time.im pretty picky and I definetly enjoyed this one .go watch and you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s one that’s good to see up close and on the big screen with the surround sound of the theater.I think sitting close to the screen is what made me and even my husband jump at certain scenes ! Side note My favorite actress was the dog Sugar !!!

  • craig-prince
    craig prince

    Crawl is most certainly what you would expect a film like this to be, but it isn’t bad by any means, however it know’s the nature of it’s premise, and just goes for it. The intensity is genuine, and the gore/kills are well executed, and I do believe there are some pretty nice practical effects utilized throughout. The CGI on the Alligators is good, but sometimes (in the beginning of the film) looks shaky. The setting in a crawlspace during a hurricane is inherently claustrophobic in nature, and the film does play that up a fair amount. The pacing is excellent, and the ending is good even if a bit predictable.The acting by our two leads Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario), and Dave Keller (Barry Pepper) is believable, and genuine, both do a great job with the father-daughter dynamic. There are some minor plot conveniences, and characters that are introduced just to die, but that can be overlooked due to the small scale nature of the story. It’s a very self contained film aside from a hurricane ravaging Florida. There are a few “jumpscares”, but they aren’t dialed up to 11 like Annabelle: Comes Home for example.Overall, if you want a good modern “creature feature” that doesn’t go above and beyond to makes itself feel absurd, and unrealistic. I’d recommend you check this film out, it was a surprisingly good time at the movies, and I walked out happy.I give Crawl, a 8/10. A fun time at the movies.

  • tracey-reid-stanley
    tracey reid stanley

    I enjoyed it so much from the start to end! I was so focused and tense all the time hugging my bag nervously waiting for what will happen next! Are they gonna make it? Will the dad survive?! How about Sugar ” the dog “?!! All the people at the theater ended up cheering and screaming, it was so tense!! The acting was amazing and the drama is also so good and emotional. Watched it with a family and we all enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommend

  • dr-heitor-nogueira
    dr heitor nogueira

    I know that some people are kind of on the fence with this one, but trust me when I say that this really is a fun Creature Feature. ‘Crawl’ doesn’t try to poke fun at itself but is still fun and startling at times. The acting is top-notch and there’s plenty of monster violence to quench any Horror fans thirst. So what if it’s not the most original film out there, that does not change the fact that this movie has the right amount of tension to keep you hooked.

  • lavinia-jesus
    lavinia jesus

    Rating 8.5/10 One of the best croc movie of this year. Suspenseful and well made. Overall, really enjoyable tense movie & superb scenery.