“Alice”: The suburban Alice is an annoying teenager that does not like the neighborhood where she lives. When her father uses a universal remote control developed by Professor Dayton, she moves to other dimensions with other families and when she returns, she’s transformed into a rabbit, and is forgotten by her family. “The Radio”: The security guard Jerry buys a radio developed by Professor Dayton from a street vendor. The radio talks to him and gives instructions to steal US$ 300,000.00 from a criminal, kill a couple of smalltime crook neighbors and move to another city. When Jerry decides to bring the prostitute Eva with him, he seals his fate, when he destroys the radio and has a tragic surprise. “Call Girl”: Rachel’s a call-girl and serial killer. When she’s hired by the weird Victor, she kills him while having sex, but later, she finds the truth about the odd teenager. “The Professor’s Wife”: Professor Dayton invites his two best former students to introduce his fiancée Kathy in a dinner party. Charles and John believe Kathy is an android and decide to disassemble her in the best episode. “Haunted Dog”: The mean, abusive and reckless Dr. Farwell is serving in a free clinic in a poor neighborhood. When he accidentally drops a hot-dog on the sidewalk, he gives the dirty sandwich to a homeless beggar and the man dies. Then he is haunted by the ghost of the beggar.

Also Known As: Alice, Creepshow: Contos de Terror 3, The Professor's Wife, The Radio, Haunted Dog, Калейдоскоп ужасов 3, Creepshow 3, Creepshow III, Creepshow 3: Forças do Mal, Call Girl

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  • patriot

    Shitty, and I witnessed it in all its entirety.

    “tits are for amateurs, don’t have an ass, won’t find a husband” 😄

  • vincenc-zeleznik
    vincenc zeleznik

    Holy crap. I’m 30 years old and thought I might I have seen the worst movie ever when I saw Troll 2.Well guess what…..this has got to be the worst movie i’ve ever seen,undeserving of the name “creepshow”. Why did you do this to me,… why!I watched you for over an hour, how can you be so evil as to makesomeone watch you for that long? HOW? HOW? This may actually be the worst movie ever, and i’m not lying! This movie is horrible, do not rent it, do not buy it, oh my god i feel sorry for you if you buy it, but seriously, i will give lame horror movies credit, but this doesn’t even deserve that. The only thing evil in this movie is making someone watch it.

  • klavs-simonsen
    klavs simonsen

    Creepshow 3 Dear God…what was that garbage? And am I so brand loyal that I purchased a sequel to a sequel made in ’86 to one of my favorite horror films? I assume I am, and the worst part is that Taurus bought the rights to the Creepshow franchise, allowing them to do whatever they want to it. That’s like buying a classic car so you can crash it into a wall. (And Taurus, the “genius” company behind that mockery “Day of the Dead: Contangium” is working on a fourth one. Jesus.) Anywho,this was a mockery of everything the original was. The stories interconnect for no reason, the animation looks as though it was made by some sixth grader on a computer, the pacing is rushed and abrupt, the humor and scares are non-existent, the tales themselves are just stupid, the first one’s plain incoherent, the fourth one is missing an ending, the others are…well, bad. Where’s the comic-book trappings and EC-style morality? Oh, guess it wasn’t ‘edgy’ enough. And instead of the Creep, we get…wait for it- a demonic hot dog vendor!Stay far, far away from this mess if you value your sanity. It makes the mediocre ‘Creepshow 2’ look like cinematic gold.

  • asa-pedersen
    asa pedersen

    This is easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen to this point in my life. It isn’t scary, it isn’t funny, it isn’t even trying to be good. It is an annoying film and to use the Creepshow name should insult fans of the original films. But anyways, here are the stories:Alice – Every time a man uses a new remote control, his daughter Alice turns into some slimy, pimply, oozing mess. Eventually she becomes a rabbit. Makes absolutely no sense and is horribly put together.The Radio – A man buys a radio from a homeless guy and starts to hear voices coming from it telling it to steal some money and kill anyone who threatens him. Better than ‘Alice’, but drags on way too much.Call Girl – A prostitute/serial killer gets more than she bargained for when she gets set to claim her next victim. This might be the best of the whole bunch, interesting twist.The Professor’s Wife – Two former students murder the professor’s fiancé thinking she is a robot. Silly and pointless, but is better than the first two.Haunted Dog – Some rude doctor gives a homeless man a hotdog that he picked off the ground. The homeless man chokes on it (I think) and dies. He then haunts the doctor until he dies. I got a few laughs from the miserable doctor played by Kris Allen, best actor in Creepshow III. Nothing special though.And that’s it. Pretty bad movie overall. What annoys me is that throughout each story when something strange or illogical happens, the characters don’t react. For example when the radio starts speaking to the character, he sort of shrugs it off and starts speaking back to it like it’s something normal. None of the stories make a lot of sense, and add nothing to this nothing of a horror movie.2/10

  • erna-skuja
    erna skuja

    This is a tragically dumb movie. I don’t mean that it’s a tragedy that it’s so dumb, I mean this is a movie about people who don’t have a thought in their head engaging in tragic situations. Much blood is spilled, but largely by people who lack any sort of basic reasoning skills or a shred of common sense. Occasionally the movie jabs you with its elbow, as if to say “Isn’t this wacky and fun?” But there’s no fun here, no whimsy, and very little camp or schlock. It’s like beating yourself in the head with a rock for 104 minutes. I couldn’t laugh with it, I couldn’t laugh at it, I only rolled my eyes at how grotesquely nonsensical it was getting.The rubbery special effects are as cheap looking as they are rarely shown. The writing has that slightly “off” quality about it that makes you wonder if it was written in a foreign language and then translated in to English (poorly). Regardless of whether the movie is trying to be wacky, scary, or horrific, there is never any kind of suspension of disbelief. Even when the craziest things are happening, all of the characters have a weirdly disconnected “Eh, just roll with it.” blasé mentality about everything. It’s like a space alien’s idea of what human beings act like.Don’t even consider it; there’s nothing redeemable to be had here.

  • madison-wright-md
    madison wright md

    Yeah, i gave it a kinda high rating. Big whoop, so what, wanna fight about it? Now, my friend and I are those types of people who step up when someone says “Taste this, it’s horrible”. So we watched Creepshow 3 thinking that it would be horrible or hilarious, one of the two. Well, yeah, some parts, like the “professor’s wife is a robot, but not really, oh crap” part were just gut-busting. This isn’t a horror film. As a comedy, not quite Scary Movie, but at least passable (as a comedy). Remember the part about this being a comedy, not a horror. Just making sure. Because if it were a horror, oh well, you know. Then it would deserve a spot in the bottom 100. What? It is already? Oh. It’s a horror? Oh, then as a horror it gets a 1 out of 10.

  • tracy-hernandez
    tracy hernandez

    A straight to video/DVD instalment of Creepshow without any of the previous talents involved in the original 2 films.But don’t let that predefine your view on this, lest we not forget how many of our genres greatest talents have turned in substandard junk as recent episodes of Masters Of Horror. Before judging this on names alone.If viewers take Creepshow 3 with an ‘as it comes’ approach, they’ll find a fun 80’s feeling horror anthology which isn’t a bad thing as that was comic horrors heyday with films like Blood Diner and Street Trash seemingly coming out weekly.Like all horror anthology’s some story’s work better than others. I liked how characters from previous story’s turn up again. If you put these poor plots aside then there’s gore and gags a plenty in this.The sets are classy and the acting though not really Oscar worthy isn’t so bad. Gore and visual FX are a touch tacky but done with its heart in the right place, the cgi I didn’t like but was nice to see good old prosthetic effects used among them.Gets a chees-a-tastic 5 out of 10 from me, I know most previous comments say its the worst turkey ever, but these people haven’t seen the worst of troma or a Todd Sheets movie. Suitable to fans of trashy 80’s horror and anyone looking for a no brainer and respects good old fashioned cheap thrills.

  • kenneth-karlsson
    kenneth karlsson

    Story number one: a self-absorbed teen drama queen hates her family so much that when a magical universal remote control(yes, acquired from a mysterious street vendor)changes them for the worse, she gains a new appreciation for her old life. Did I mention that the remote changed her family from Caucasian to African-American and then to Latino? Wish I were kidding. As god-awful as this sounds, the acting was equally putrid.Story number two: I have no idea the DVD screener was already in my trash bin.Not a big surprise that neither Stephen King nor George Romero were not attached to this piece of rubbish.

  • mark-o-brien
    mark o brien

    It certainly didn’t live up to the Creepshows that used Stephen King stories (not that I expected anything else would live up to King), but I found it at least enjoyable. It beat most of the horror flicks of this decade, but I suppose it is not a must-see by any measure of the word. I guess mostly I just liked the second story involving the talking radio. The rest of it I could do without, but at least it wasn’t painful. It was more a comedy than a horror film. And it was a lot of cheesy humor. The worst parts were vampire scenes. I’ve never seen more retarded looking vampires in my life. But overall it was good for a laugh.

  • seppo-virtanen
    seppo virtanen

    I loved the Creepshow movies, I thought they had great creativity and scary stories that are always fun to watch. So when I saw Creepshow III at the video store, I thought why not? I didn’t check out the rating first on IMDb, I actually watched it first, after finishing it, I didn’t think it was that bad if you held it away from the first two creepshow movies. It was definitely different compared to the last films, but I think it still worked over all. Except for the radio story, that was just plain bad and beyond unbelievable the way these characters reacted. There are some things that are missed, but I was able to get past them.The first story was Alice, a snobby girl who needs a lesson on manners and gets it when her father gets a “universal” remote control. Then there is a story of an alcoholic who needs goals and is told by a radio he buys off the street what to do. Then there is a murdering prostitute woman, Rachel, who gets the tables turned on her with a client who may have a little more “bite” than usual. Then there is a doctor who needs a major attitude adjustment and is haunted by a homeless man’s ghost that he treated badly. Then there is a professor who’s wife may not be what she seems to a couple of young boys.Over all I wouldn’t say this was the most awful movie I’ve ever seen, because I’m more than sure that I’ve seen worse. Yeah, it shouldn’t have named itself after two great horror movies, but it just had the same type of style and idea, so I think people should just give it a break. It’s just a horror movie for good fun and I think if you really gave it shot you might like it.5/10

  • benjamin-dominguez
    benjamin dominguez

    I just viewed this movie, and it was what I had expected. Although I can appreciate the co-director’s efforts to upstart a new “Creepshow”. This film does not compare to the original by George Romero or its sequel. They probably would have been more successful if they had decided on a completely different title for this film. which why there are so many negative comments and reviews for this film, many people had very high expectations for this film.I actually enjoyed the risks that these directors took on with this film, maybe due to deadlines and constraint budgets. I have to admit I enjoyed the “Call Girl”and “Haunted Dog” vignettes. There was refreshing moments in the film, but unfortunately they did not stay long. I think that maybe having to two directors also could have affacted the fatal outcome of this film.I do feel that co-director, Ana Clavell does has a interesting vision, and should have pursues it by herself instead of collaborating with another director. I mean she is not genius but has some refreshing ideas for potential growth.

  • gica-stan
    gica stan

    What a complete waste of time. I was drawn to watching it only because I’m a big fan of the King/Romero “Creepshow”‘s and even though I knew they had no part in this one, I figured that it would still have to be at the same calibre. Boy, was I wrong. I understand the concept of linking one story to the other, but this was so mixed up, that I found myself quickly trying to piece together the common thread of each story as I went along. The dumbest story of all of them was “Haunted Dog”. I was waiting for an ending that would tie into the storyline, but it just fizzed out. Extremely weak. This is not to say that the movie didn’t have it’s elements of creepiness, which is why I rated it a “3” instead of “awful”. But what ruins it is the pinch of comedy thrown in, like the music during “The Professor’s Wife” when the hacked body was in the process of being hidden. If it had even an ounce of horror, it was quickly stripped of that honour when the music kicked in. I thought about watching the entire movie again, to see if I would find it easier the second time around. But honestly, I don’t have another 90 minutes to waste. And even though I’ve watched “I” and “II” numerous times, I’ll watch them again when I want another “Creepshow” fix. And if they’re thinking about making a “IV” – please don’t. Not unless Stephen and George have some say in it.

  • milena-sarkhoyan
    milena sarkhoyan

    “Creepshow III” has a messy screenplay with five stories intended to be of the horror genre, but actually they are so silly and cheesy that become funny. But maybe the worst is the attempt of the writers in entwining the characters and situations centered in the character of Professor Dayton (Emmett McGuire), never working and making the plot absolutely non-sense as a whole.”Alice”: The first sub-plot is about the suburban Alice (Stephanie Pettee), an annoying teenager that does not like the neighborhood where she lives. When her father uses a universal remote control developed by Professor Dayton, she moves to other dimensions with other families and when she returns, she is transformed in a rabbit and is forgotten by her family. My vote is three.”The Radio”: The security guard Jerry (AJ Bowen) buys a radio developed by Professor Dayton from a street vendor. The radio talks to him and gives instructions to steal US$ 300,000.00 from a criminal, kill a couple of smalltime crook neighbors and move to another city. When Jerry decides to bring the prostitute Eva (Elina Madison) with him, he seals his fate by his own, destroys the radio and has a tragic surprise. My vote is four.”Call Girl”: Rachel (Camille Lacey) is a call-girl and serial killer. When she is hired by the weird Victor (Ryan Carty), she stabs and kills him while having sex, but later she finds the truth about the odd teenager. My vote is six.”The Professor’s Wife”: Professor Dayton invites his two best former students to introduce his fiancée Kathy (Bo Kresic) in a dinner party. Charles (Michael Madrid) and John (Ben Pronsky) believe Kathy is an android and decide to disassemble her in the best episode. My vote is seven.”Haunted Dog”: The mean, abusive and reckless Dr. Farwell (Kris Allen) is serving in a free clinic in a poor neighborhood. When he accidentally drops a hot-dog on the sidewalk, he gives the dirty sandwich to a homeless beggar and the man dies. Then he is haunted by the ghost of the beggar. My vote is four.In the end, I did not totally dislike this movie and my overall vote in IMDb is five.Title (Brazil): “Forças do Mal” (“Evil Forces”)

  • barbara-darch-inyan
    barbara darch inyan

    this movie sucks.its not scary plus the stories seem short. in the previous ones you got to know the characters.Man can anybody make a good remake or sequel in this generation.why is it Texas chainsaw massacre was the only good remake and everything else has been horrible!why is it producer think horror movies should just be gory and make no damm sense? black Christmas was horrible! Grudge 2 the ring 2. not only is there no good remakes there’s no good sequels.Cgi does not help horror movies. that why I love watching the older horror movies from the 80’s and seventies such as Halloween,Friday the 13th the first three hell raisers the first 2 creeps-hows exorcist. true horror fans know what I’m talking about. I feel if horror movies like these keep being made there will be no more horror movies because they will stop making money period!

  • lika-chiglaze
    lika chiglaze

    This movie is a herald of the end times, I’m sure. I can’t account for how else well over 100 people involved in the execution of this movie got together and not a single one of them set the film negatives aflame to save the rest of the world from experiencing it. There’s no justifiable reason for such heinous and callous disregard for the DVD viewing public.For a good portion of this movie, which somehow hypnotized me, like crap dangling from a string methodically waving back and forth, I was expecting the joke to finally be revealed and then feel comfortable laughing because I finally got it. Alas, there is nothing to get. As near as I can figure no one made this movie as a joke. This was seriously what they intended as a finished product. The mind boggles.The film opens with a cartoon about Little Red Riding Hood making hot dogs out of dogs. At least, that’s what it looked like. Why? How the hell should I know? It has nothing to do with the rest of the movie beyond someone’s awful attempt to randomly insert hot dogs in as many scenes as possible.Then, to get things started with a bang, what is actually the worst of all 5 stories begins the movie. That means nothing to you right now, but try to look at it this way. Say you got shot 5 times in the gut. Pick the worst one. That’s the equivalent of how this works. There is no good story, but there are bad ones. And “Alice” was clearly the worst, as not only does it suffer from some of the worst acting ever smeared on celluloid, it also (as a treat for viewers) makes less sense than a drunk with a speech impediment trying to sing the score of the HMS Pinafore backwards in Swahili. The story barely manages to come close to proper structure at any time, events occur without any attempt at an explanation and then are interrupted by new events with even less explanation. If anyone at all liked this story, they should be banished. Banished to some abandoned oil platform and forced to live the rest of their lives in solitude so as not to infect the gene pool. Perhaps the producers of this film could join them, but that’s it.The remaining stories all suffer the same substandard acting, even going so far as to recycle the same terrible actors from the first story, something to cause the bile to rise in any sane viewer, especially after the idiotic gun scene in Alice.Some brain trust pooled their collective intellectual resources and tried to link the stories together, possibly figuring that the lack of sense in any individual story could be made stronger with haphazard links between them all. Aside from the fact their timelines suffer due to no one in editing taking the time to pay attention to what happens when, this serves to pad on several minutes of extraneous crap to a movie that is already built sky high on a majestic mountain of crap as it is. No one really needed to know that the hooker left the building from the 2nd story and crossed paths with the guys from the 4th story, then met the guy who shows up in the 5th story who couldn’t make less sense as a character if he had a tiara made of tiny pink elephants on his head that told dirty limericks.For those with the fortitude, it might be fun to try to watch this movie and some Uwe Boll opus like House of the Dead back to back, just to see if the human mind is capable not only of experiencing such an abundance of poor film making but discerning which one sucks more. I suspect, like being exposed to a noxious odour for too long, your mind will simply not allow it and the two films will merge into one long, awful experience in your subconscious that your brain will try to convince you was not real anyway and just the product of some bad meat you ate.Just don’t watch this movie. Don’t do it. It won’t take you any place good. It’s bad. Bad bad bad.

  • jesse-williams
    jesse williams

    I’ve noticed from every comment that people hated this movie. I’m more on the fence. Yes, it was a slap in the face of the first two Creepshows, but at the same time, it was a very funny movie. I actually began laughing during this movie. I laughed harder watching this then I did watching an Adam Sandler or Jim Carry movie. The scenes with the people talking to the doctor were so funny, I almost wet my pants. This would be the perfect drinking game movie. Whenever the acting is awful (happends quite a bit) take a drink. Whenever something is funny when it’s not supposed to be, drink. You’ll be drunk in a matter of minutes. So, I say give this DVD a shot, not for horror, but for comedy. It’s what Scary Movie 2, 3, and 4 should have been but weren’t.

  • augustin-dima
    augustin dima

    Creepshow is the best horror film ever made. Creepshow 2 was at least decent. This 2006 effort (I use that word kindly) is utterly useless. Containing no feel from the original, an obvious bare-bones budget, and thoroughly disappointing actors, Creepshow III (it should not be able to use the name) simply stinks. Fans of the first two should watch this only to fuel their anger or to mock. I rented this from an automated Redbox unit. (Very cool concept by the way) The rental cost only one dollar. I may have overpaid. I realize that studios and other big companies usually own the rights to film names, but some comment by King and Romero denouncing this trash would be very satisfying. Horror fans, beware of this one!

  • mark-gomez
    mark gomez

    It’s hard to explain how bad this film was, in case some people think “Ohh! Another So Bad It Was Good!” film, if thats what you want look elsewhere the only good/redeeming qualities about this travesty is the ending credits, if you haven’t already snapped the DVD (god forbid anyone buys it), buy a blank DVD, I guarantee watching that will make you laugh/cry/more scared etc. etc. etc. than this crud ever will.Ps. Am I the only one who thinks the story about the Tramp choking on a hot dog was a bit too similar to the “Thanks For The Ride Lady!” story from Creepy 2? That said, that was story 4 or was it 5 (Hard to remember because every tale had the same actors), by that time whoever came up with this garbage was probably all out of ideas, after all they had just come up with the ground breaking starting cartoon (Sarcasm Alert).In short this is an abomination, there is nothing good here, watch the other Creepies again, the stories/entertainment/lack of obvious rubbery masks are far superior to this film, 1* is being generous!!!

  • jose-angel-pujol-uribe
    jose angel pujol uribe

    I rarely write comments on IMDb, but it is 3 o’clock in the morning, and I have to comment on the terrible film I just watched–Creepshow 3. When I first heard that a new Creepshow was being made, I thought that might be cool, but then I heard the original players were not involved. Then, I saw the trailer, which was terrible. Yet, I decided to give it a chance.I will admit that it was not unenjoyable–just not good. The special effects were fun, and the production values of the filming were not bad. Yet, the animation at the beginning and ending of the film are terrible and amateurish. They should not have used that opening segment with animation. The movie has no relation to Creepshow except that it is an anthology. There was nothing scary, and there were almost no night scenes–everything was lit. The stories made no sense most of the time and seemed absurd (the first story with the remote–why was the remote changing realities? Was it only that family? Why did the girl turn hideous? The doctor said it looked like her insides, but what had she done to deserve this “punishment” since her family was more obnoxious? What was the purpose of the rabbit? Then, I questioned if the remote could change things, why didn’t the doctor use the remote on his wife’s corpse?) That was just the first story. Even though the stories connected, the chronology did not work. For example, Alice was eating the wedding cake before she turned into a rabbit, but the doctor picked up the cake after Alice was turned into a rabbit. Those logical holes were all over the place. Absurdity is a part of horror, but these had no connections that made any sense. They often led into weak endings. Also, why did no one question what was happening to them? Oh well, it was mindless, and I won’t watch it again, but they should not have attached the Creepshow name to the film. The tone was completely off–too jokey. It needed terror. One of the actors said this was the best of the three–did he see the others?

  • adriana-dumitrescu
    adriana dumitrescu

    Not nearly as bad as other people have claimed, it’s still not a very good movie. I love the original, and have soft spots in my heart for “Creepshow 2”, even though it’s severely flawed. “Creepshow III”, isn’t a “Creepshow” movie. It’s more like a Sci-Fi Channels original picture. Some of the stories make absolutely no sense whatsoever and are merely there to fill time. Out of the five stories, two were legitimately enjoyable – “Professor Dayton’s Wife” (in an H.G. Lewis kind of way) and “The Radio” (actually had an E.C. comics ironic ending to it). This review probably sounds like it was written by a 10 year old kid, and that’s how my brain feels after watching this. It’s the cinematic equivalent of Taco Bell – somewhat tasty but ultimately not very good for you.The Good – All the stories link together. Cheesy gore effects. The Creep actually appears at the end of the movie (for all of about 2 seconds).The Bad – The acting. The very obvious Universal back-lot sets. The music does not fit the movie at all. Most stories make no sense and have non-endings. The TERRIBLE computer animation that introduces the first story.The Worst – The title. This isn’t “Creepshow III”. This is more like “Monsters: The Direct-to-DVD Motion Picture”.If you were looking for a continuation of the horror comic series “Creepshow”, keep looking. If you’re looking to waste 99 minutes watching something that actually has a few bright spots, watch this movie. But, in the end, it comes down to two things: 1) The producers made this movie for one reason – to cash in on the brand name of the series, sell it to Warner Brothers, and earn themselves a producing credit on the upcoming remake of the original film (if it happens). 2) Warner Brothers got the rights back to a series that they shouldn’t have dropped in the first place and can now make the remake of the original (or other inferior sequels).

  • jessica-nash
    jessica nash

    I’ve seen some really turkeys, but this one may be the worst I’ve seen. Horrible acting, direction, story, everything. The co-directors should be beaten with a stick. I thought Creepshow 2 wasn’t so great, but at least it had one kind of cool story, (“The Raft/Lake” ). This installment doesn’t have a single even mediocre story. Its bad by even direct to video standards. They are all downright bad, silly and a total waste of time. It was funny that they even had a behind the scenes , under extra material for this DVD. To see the directors and actors praise each other was too funny. The bonus materials should have consisted of profuse apologies from everyone involved. Seriously, i hope these writers and directors never get work again.

  • richard-thompson-phd
    richard thompson phd

    I have watched some dire “horror” movies out of boredom but this is probably the single worst film I’ve possibly seen. It starts promisingly enough but soon disintegrates into a dire rambling series of stories that not only are badly acted and plotted but make no sense. There is an attempt to link the whole thing together but again it’s just nonsense. I stuck with it hoping some over-reaching arc would tie the thing together and make me nod knowingly in an ironic sense. But nothing redeems this truly awful movie. If I didn’t know different I’d assume this was made more than 20 years ago with the porn film soundtrack and what little effects there are add nothing to this waste of an hour and a half.

  • julia-berry
    julia berry

    Stay away from this DVD as if it were the black sludge in Creepshow 2. I’m an avid fan of the first film, and I have a soft-spot in my heart for the second one (I watched these movies repetitively as a teen). The first two movies even prompted me to read the EC horror comics they were modeled after: Haunt of Fear, Tales From the Crypt, and The Vault of Horror.The charms of 1 & 2 were their great stories and comic-book-style format (pages turning between stories, comic panels transforming to live-action, etc.). Creepshow III has NONE of these elements. WARNING: This is a Creepshow release by TITLE ONLY. The film truly resembled the quality one would expect form a YouTube indie film produced by a high school student: Horrid acting, a total of TWO shooting locations (a cluster of houses and an apartment building), and stories that either made no sense or went nowhere. It was a real shame, as I looked forward to the release of this film. You’ve been warned!

  • tereza-nemcova
    tereza nemcova

    I loved the first Creepshow, I accepted the second Creepshow, but I truly detested the third. The first two had intriguing stories and decent acting. The third, had stories that were below par and lame acting. The stories were in no way keeping with the first two movies, and gore, there wasn’t enough to keep me even a little interested. The second Creepshow had only three stories, but they were decent. Well written, and pretty good acting. The third, however, feels as though a group of teenagers got together and wrote the stories, and then invited their friends to act for them. Instead of renting the third Creepshow, just rent the original and enjoy.By the way, when I found out that the guys who co wrote Day of the Dead 2: Contagium were involved in making this movie, I finally understood why it was so bad.

  • ricardo-sierra-rodrigez
    ricardo sierra rodrigez

    Jim Dudelson and Anna Clavel, are pure film-making morons. They have trashed some fine franchises, (Day of the Dead, and Creepshow) Jim doesn’t care, Anna is deluded and thinks she is a genius. They slapped the film together in less than 20 days with no name talent and put the Creepshow Name on it, expecting fans to just eat it. Truly, it is just a quick money grab for Jim. Since the original Creepshow and Day of the Dead are owned by Jim’s family, he really must hate his family, cause those franchises are worth a lot less now… Don’t buy Creepshow III, don’t rent it. If you do and watch it, you’ll hate yourself. Creepshow III was made by filmmakers who hate horror films and just want your money.

  • yundohyeon

    Wow, what a disaster. The filmmakers totally disregarded the previous movies (most likely due to budgetary constraints). The movie felt like a bunch of rejected Outer Limit TV episodes. Acting, direction, and music were all horrible. I actually felt myself become angry while watching this that the “filmmakers” could destroy such a cool horror franchise.Ridiculous, just plain ridiculous. The characters didn’t even seem rooted in reality, their behavior was just nonsensical and insulting. I sincerely hope that all the parties involved in this abomination will never be involved in the movie-making process ever again.