Eugene is an extraordinary talent in classic guitar, but he dreams of being a famous Blues guitarist. So he investigates to find a storied lost song. He asks the legendary Blues musician Willie Brown to help him, but Willie demands to free him from the old-people’s prison first and to really learn the blues on the way to its origin: Mississippi Delta. Eugene doesn’t know yet about Willie’s deal with the devil, that he now wants to revoke.

Also Known As: Mississippi Adventure, Кръстопът, A Encruzilhada, Перекресток Soviet, Cruce de caminos, Me antallagma tin psyhi mou, À la croisée des chemins, Crossroads - Pakt mit dem Teufel West, Encrucijada, Με αντάλλαγμα την ψυχή μου, To hameno tragoudi, Перехрестя, クロスロード(1986), Na rozdrożu, Útkereszteződések, Crossroads, Раскршће

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