Allie Evans is a maid who just lost her job at a hotel for not getting a client’s room prepared in time. She is then hired by a man named Fergus (who is working for a hotel patron that overheard what happened to her) where he invites her to the European country of Winshire to work as a governess for his employer. Upon arrival, Allie discovers that Fergus’ boss is King Maximillian and meets his daughter Theodora who had been terrorizing other authority figures since the untimely death of her mother the Queen of Winshire. As Allie bonds with Theodora while getting acquainted to the other servants and Chancellor Riggs, she learns that King Maximillian is scheduled to be wed to Countess Celia.

Also Known As: Crown for Christmas, O coroana de Craciun, Une couronne pour Noël, Corona navideña, Korona na Gwiazdkę, Eine Königin zu Weihnachten, Una corona a Natale, Krona za bozic, Karácsony megkoronázása, Корона на Рождество, Корона на Рiздво

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  • christopher-alvarado
    christopher alvarado

    This is a movie that might be deemed too cheesy the first time it’s watched, but after the second or third time, it’s easily recognized as one of Hallmark’s best Christmas movies. I personally try to watch this movie at least once every Christmas season, and thankfully, Hallmark channel typically delivers with the reruns of this movie. Some have begun to bemoan the overload of royal holiday movies (and it is a trope that has definitely been overwrung by Hallmark), but this one truly is a joy to watch.With its natural pacing, believable developments, and necessary stock characters of bad cop/good cop staff members, an arranged marriage bride-to-be, a troubled king, and his wicked advisor, this movie really can’t disappoint. It follows a tried-and-true formula that just makes for a satisfying movie, no matter how predictable it is. The castle and surrounding scenery is stunning (even if it is all too noticeable that this movie wasn’t shot in cold temperatures). The acting is above average (although Danica McKellar really needs to watch the fact that the default position of her eyebrows–if not her entire face–always seems to be one of hesitant yet overwhelming sadness), and the king, especially, is brought to life well by Rupert Penry-Jones. The relationship main character Allie forms with the king’s daughter Theodora isn’t rushed, and by the end of the movie, it’s easy to believe that the three of them will make a sweet family. Essentially, it is the sort of heart-squeezing stuff one wants to watch around the holidays, especially since the movie leans into the Christmas spirit with scenes of tree decorating and snowball fights.The only complaint to be had here is that casting Colin McFarlane, the only colored actor in the entire ensemble, to play the cold-hearted, borderline evil character of Chancellor Riggs felt wildly racially insensitive!

  • guvercin-demirel
    guvercin demirel

    Great movie ruined A story of a struggling woman trying to provide for her family, she “accidentally” lands a dream job which will eventually lead to a dream marriage. This would’ve been the best movie among the 2015 Hallmark Christmas movies, the plot was good the director did an amazing job and the settings were beautiful, the acting was great too, i was thrilled to see Rupert Penry-Jones, everyone did a great job except Danica McKellar, she obviously overacted her role and that ruined the whole movie for me. Other than that it was a good movie and i liked it, it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad either, the kind that you watch it once but never again.

  • valentim-esteves
    valentim esteves

    This is a standard Christmas TV movie by Hallmark so my expectations were not super-high, not super-low.However, I was pleased that all of the performances (with the exception I’ll mention later) were actually pretty darn good. The actors did a very nice job — from the actress who played the daughter, to the valet, to the cook in the kitchen … even the housekeeper who, at the end, showed some real emotion. Rupert Penry-Jones (a very good British actor) was the standout: He did a great job with his limited material – he came off very authentic with just the right touch of reserve crumbling in the face of unexpected feelings.I was ready to accept this movie for what it was, and was pleasantly surprised. However, it was totally ruined for me by Danica McKellar’s bad acting. Her range seemed to be limited to one facial expression (furrowed brow); that, coupled with the fake eyelashes (really distracting and who wears those nowadays?!) resulted in my actually enjoying the movie when she wasn’t in the scenes! Too bad. This could have been much better with even a slightly higher caliber actress.

  • damiana-fabbri
    damiana fabbri

    Hallmark Channel presented a modern Cinderella in “A Crown In Christmas”. It stars Danica McKellar together with Rupert Penry-Jones and Ellie Botterill.Allie Evans worked as a maid and was unfairly fired from an elegant New York hotel. Since she is the oldest daughter of her parents who have already passed away, she has the responsibility of providing for her siblings. Surprisingly, she gets hired to work as a governess for a royal family in Europe particularly for a mischievous and young Princess Theodora during Christmas. We get to see the family prepare for the wedding of King Maximillian to Countess Celia. As the story progresses, many have been impressed with Allie’s down-to-earth attitude. But things change unexpectedly as we get to see a romance to ensue between Allie and someone from the royal family.Well, we get to see another typical and predictable Hallmark romantic story involving Allie. Although it had a great plot from the beginning, we get to see some implausibility in the story particularly the development of the romance that took place in a matter of days. We also get to see great performance from Danica as Allie and she was a great factor in providing sweetness and charm to the film.

  • mati-kiil
    mati kiil

    Like another review said, this is one of the better ones. I always know what I’m getting with a Hallmark movie. Even still, this movie presented the formula well. The chemistry between the main couple is really good. Also, I appreciate that the English accents were real! ::I’m looking at you Sam Page:: I’ve watched this one every year since its release.

  • david-muscet
    david muscet

    When I first saw this movie on Hallmark , I loved it , I have seen Danica McKellar in other movies. She is absolutely beautiful, and Rupert Ruyere-Jones is just so handsome. The Princess Theodora she was adorable, the most touching part was when the Princess was getting ready for the Christmas Eve Gala she looked so beautiful. When she was escorted by her father the King, and he had his first dance with his daughter was very touching. Will their ever be a part 2 to the “Crown for Christmas”. Just loved the movie.

  • ilija-macesic
    ilija macesic

    Hallmark Channel presented a modern Cinderella in “A Crown In Christmas”. It stars Danica McKellar together with Rupert Penry-Jones and Ellie Botterill.Hallmark Channel presents a movie similar to “Sound Of Music” entitled,”A Crown For Christmas”. It stars Danica McKellar together with Rupert Penry-Jones and Ellie Botterill. It tells the story of Allie Evans,a maid from an elegant hotel in New York who are recently fired, and surprisingly found herself working as a governess of a young girl at a royal palace in Europe. As the movie progresses,we get to see how romance developed between Allie and the young girls’ father who happens to be King Maximilian.As expected,we see a typical Hallmark film that presents an unexpected romance between King Maximilian and Allie together with how the young girl develops a great motherhood relationship with the latter. No question that everyone knows how the movie is going to end before the credits begin to roll.Added to that,we also witness a Christmas spirit in this Holiday special throughout as the story is being told from beginning to end.

  • jan-vlcek
    jan vlcek

    I really love this movie. It is well acted. Danica McKellar is outstanding as Allie. She is a great actress but her scenes with Teddy(Ellie Botterill), are priceless! Everyone is wonderful in movie. I watch it at least 2 or 3 times a week. I really hope there will be a sequel soon.

  • jankauskas-indre
    jankauskas indre

    Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones star as the maid turned governess and King that is fighting what his heart wants and what others are telling him his duties require.Enter the King’s daughter, Princess Theodora. Teddy, who does not think she needs a governess nor does she care for the Countess who is eventually supposed to marry her father.The supporting cast is very, very charming as are the leads. A lovely movie – worth a watch.

  • patricija-kranjc
    patricija kranjc

    My wife and I watched this movie this past weekend as Hallmark’s countdown to Christmas was counting down to ending for the year. It’s always a little sad to see the Christmas movie marathon end after two months, but life goes on. Anyways, my wife and I were both surprised that Hallmark portrayed the only black guy in the entire fictional country that king was from as the bad guy. Usually, black people in Hallmark movies are cast as being supportive and sassy friends to the lead female role who is either discovering the true meaning of Christmas or helping a love interest discover the true meaning of Christmas. But not this guy. He was evil to the core. He was always looking around evilly. And this guy was constantly conniving with that awful lady who wanted to put the king’s daughter in boarding school so that she could have the king to herself. She was truly a Christmas villain. You can tell that she’s murdered multiple people in her past. My wife and I both wondered what happened to Danica McKeller’s family that she left in “Brooklyn” to be the governess for the King of Hillshire Farms. We both drew the conclusion that Danica’s brother and sister were tossed out for not paying rent, and that they were now dealing drugs and panhandling in order to pay for food and/or their burgeoning crack addictions. Well, Danica can probably help them get through rehab now that she is going to be a queen. Danica did a splendid job of making the king fall in love with her in one week. Also, did the king ride a horse to her hotel to pick her up at the end? Does he not need security detail? Is Hillshire Farms that safe? And what kind of currency do they use in that country?Fortunately, these unanswered questions did not take away any stars from my review of this movie. Crown for Christmas made me believe in Santa Clause again, and it reminded my wife that Christmas is about the birth of Christ. Ho ho ho and Joyeux Noel to all!

  • austra-balodis
    austra balodis

    We absolutely love this film, Lovely story, well acted. Very enjoyable festive film

  • sophia-anderson
    sophia anderson

    When your humble reviewer grew up (when dinosaurs roamed) there was no such thing as a Christmas movie.As the TV age dawned, older movies which perhaps had a X-Mas scene in them would be eagerly displayed by programmers at fledgling TV stations to try to establish a “theme.” Look closely for example at Miracle on 34th Street (the original — not the 200 remakes!) or even Its a Wonderful Life and you will notice they are actually real movies that just happen to have a secondary X-mas theme.So for those of us of a certain age, we grew up to the same half-dozen or so movies played over and over, season after season.As with everything else, the pendulum swung the other way and by the dawn of the new millennium, making these movies for the season had become a profit center. Now suddenly we have too many of them. And they are not all gems.But this one is. The pacing is wonderful as is the casting the acting and the performance of Danica McKellar. The script does not over-reach.Loved it.

  • lois-van-vliet
    lois van vliet

    Please make a sequel to this movie. Great movie. Danica and Rupert were great.

  • dr-werner-skov
    dr werner skov

    The real heartwarming part of this story is between the governess, Allie, and the pre-teen princess, Theodora. As we all expect, the governess wins the heart of the unruly princess. That doesn’t make any less well done or sweet.Rupert Penry-Jones plays a stiff widower king with not much room to be real, so it is not surprising that he comes off as a little too stiff to really like. Danica McKellar gives her usual solid performance in this case as the lovable governess, even if she does the deer-in-the-headlights look a few times too many. But I think Ellie Botterill is probably the star of this show. I find myself not so much wanting to see Allie and Max get together as for Theodora to be happy getting Allie as a new step-mom.Some Hallmark movies don’t have villains quite as mean as in this movie. And here we have three.I loved the background song playing over the final scene.

  • varga-horvath-maria
    varga horvath maria

    I just love this movie and watched it over and over. Beautiful actors and actresses, Excellent acting, Great music. Loved the movie. I must have watched over 30 times. Everyone did an excellent job. I hope there will be a sequel to this movie. Music was beautiful. I wish the movie was longer and more detailed.

  • nani-gajieva
    nani gajieva

    Whilst it is a stereotypical Christmas film it is an archetypal example of what a Christmas film should be. Anyone sitting down with their notepads out analyzing a film like this is just a Scrooge. It doesn’t need to be over-thought, it is a Hallmark production which follows a strict guideline as to what a feel-good Hallmark production has to be (family).To criticize Danica McKellar in the lead-role seems an odd thing to do. You know what to expect from a family film. Any other actor would have had to act the part in exactly the same way. There isn’t room in the role or in the movie as a whole to be experimenting with method-acting or “what’s my motivation?” and getting deep and dark with the character – again – it’s a Hallmark film. As well as an actor, Danica is a mathematician (or the other-way- around?) and would suggest her accepting this role was purely for fun and to have Christmas months in advance! She chooses roles that won’t clash with her scholastic career too adversely and must balance these two very different careers. The interaction between herself and the young lead comes from a genuine place. Being so bound to a past role when a child is the bane of all actors – the character she is eternally manacled to is an anagram of “epic inner woo”. Danica is epic as an example of how to avoid finding too much of your inner woo and going of the rails when vulnerable and young. She survived early-fame, looks even more attractive now and can wryly smile to herself that she has the credentials to play a part like this without any fear of any dented Porsches coming back to haunt her. For this reason alone, the film is just that much more charming and is what gives it the propulsion it would have lacked had just about anyone else played her part. It has a start, a middle and a fairytale ending…but we already knew that!

  • arkhelaos-baboulides
    arkhelaos baboulides

    Well this film is another Hallmark Movie that steel an idea from theatrical releases. This one happens to steel from “Maid in Manhattan” and “Sound of Music”. In this film a young woman is a maid in hotel when she and her sister get fired from. Before you know she is “Spotted” by a Royal House Manager and she is finds herself a governess to a bratty Princess. The film is with Wonder Years Star Danica McKellar. Now I was not a fan of the “Wonder Years” but Danica McKellar is growing on me. I saw her in another Christmas Theme film last year called “Love at the Christmas Table” and that is a better film but this one is still worth watching. This is family safe. It has a Fairy Tale Vibe to it and the film makes you root for true love. On Hallmark Channel. Watch and enjoy!

  • sr-rafael-caldeira
    sr rafael caldeira

    We’ve all seen this film a million times, most notably, “The Sound of Music.” But this is the Hallmark Channel, a network to see clean films featuring actors from soap operas, 90210, Dancing with the Stars, and that ilk. It’s the kind of thing you’d watch if your parents were in the room rather than, say, Boardwalk Empire.Allie (Danica McKellar) is fired from her job as a maid in a fancy hotel in New York. She takes a job in Europe as a governess to a king’s daughter and moves into the castle.The king is played by MI-5’s Rupert Penry-Jones, actually kind of a big actor to be in a film like this. Nevertheless, as soon as we see his handsome face and hear that accent, we know what’s going to happen.Of course, there’s the fiancée (Alexandra Evans) that he doesn’t love but must marry for dynastic reasons and some good character actors.Danica McKellar is well known from “The Wonder Years.” She’s very pretty and I was shocked to find out she that she’s forty! She easily can pass for someone in her twenties. She gives a lovely performance. Penry-Jones is always good and does the dignified, formal kingly bit very well.This is an enjoyable movie to be taken just as it is, sweet and romantic.

  • meike-van-suinvorde
    meike van suinvorde

    This is one of the better Hallmark holiday season movies.The cast is quite good. Danica McKellar plays a hotel maid. It’s good she isn’t too glamorously beautiful so she can be believable. After being fired she is hired as a governess for some minor European royal family. She wins over the bratty princess she has to govern and the King’s heart as well. The supporting cast is quite good especially the British cast. Rupert Penry Jones who as in a good TV movie “39 Steps” is quite convincing as minor royalty. Doesn’t look too fake royalty like some other similar Hallmark movies. The actress who plays the countess he is matched to is quite pretty and good too at acting jealous.The Cinderella / Sound of Music combination story works quite well and the dance is quite romantic. The way things work out at the end romantically is quite logical without being too annoying.Less annoying than the usual Hallmark Christmas movie. One they can replay next year.

  • katie-adams
    katie adams

    Some of the other reviews are talking about how similar it is to other movies but let me tell you. I cried my eyes out, so beware! It was an amazing movie! Definitely my new favorite so to say at the least I highly recommend this movie! It is a great movie to watch with family or even just your significant other. This is the first Christmas hallmark that I’ve watched that I have actually fell in love with and cried so much with. I believe the creators chose the perfect people for all the roles as well. I do hope there is a second movie to this that can explore not only the main characters lives but as for the help as well. I would love to explain that, but I don’t want to spoil this movie for anyone (:

  • simjunho

    I really liked watching Danica McKellar’s character from being a maid to becoming a princess. I liked her quirkiness and the fact, she stole the king’s daughters heart by spending time with her as a governess. Ellie Botterill as the little princess, was absolutely adorable and so pretty like, I could definitely see her big in the future somewhat. She really is a great little star!Alexandra Evans was a good actress too with playing the “future queen” hopeful. She would be even pretty as the queen too but as you know with fairy tales, they go for the pretty ones to be left out and shouldn’t be married to the “ultimate king”.This is a good Christmas movie, its even a good excuse to kill time by watching it.

  • dr-justin-hickman
    dr justin hickman

    I’ve been watching a TON of Hallmark movies this holiday season, since Hallmark and AT&T U-verse recently came to terms over content rights. I think the acting in this movie is the best I have seen. There have been a few Hallmark Christmas movies on TV this season that have been just painful to watch – no chemistry between actors and bad acting. This was a refreshing change. Worth the time! Sure, the story line is familiar…young, beautiful girl bumps into handsome man who happens to be a king and unavailable..sort of. She is hired to be a governess for his high-spirited daughter at their European home and the attraction between the two starts. Of course, there is a Christmas Eve Ball and he asks the governess to attend. She looks absolutely gorgeous in a borrowed gown and the king can’t take his eyes off of her. A “happily ever after” ending comes with the king professing his love for her. Every girl’s dream is to have a prince or king sweep her off her feet…Disney has sold us on this story line over the years, haven’t they?

  • sten-van-den-bosch
    sten van den bosch

    A Crown for Christmas is by far the very best movie Hallmark has made in years! Before this, A Princess for Christmas held that spot. I love movies that have a wonderful love story, and then have royalty added in.Where A Princess for Christmas lacked (small details like bad costumes, and cheap tiaras) A Crown for Christmas makes up!The castle they filmed in was beautiful, the casting was excellent! (The Princes little girl was PERFECTION!!) The main characters really had on-screen chemistry, the same way Crown for Christmas and Princess for Christmas did!While predictable, the story was still VERY engaging and entertaining! I wish Hallmark would make more of The Royal themed Christmas movies -especially over in Eastern Europe inside real castles. I LOVE when they cast the movies with unknowns. These (somewhat) unknowns, really have A LOT of talent!! I can’t say any one character in this movie (or the other) was annoying, sappy, or irritating to watch.The costumes were beautiful, and didn’t look like bridal shop rejects, except, when princess Theodora has an orange bow in her hair with a red dress (still bothers me every single time I watch it. (Oh, And they hemmed the dresses on the main characters!!!) I own a bridal boutique and would Happily Donate New Tiaras to Hallmark for filming these movies. And dresses, for that matter! (That really look regal!).The locations didn’t look like the same old tired, usual Pacific west coast or Salt Lake City locations used in SOOOOOoooo many of the other movies they do.This movie left me with the “warm and fuzzies.” ~ I want to see their Royal Wedding now!Oh, and Hallmark, if you’re reading this… PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE ONE-KISS WONDER IN E V E R Y SINGLE MOVIE. *Even in Family movies, showing affection with kisses is a normal, sweet way to express how people feel. The utterly STUPID interrupted kiss before the one final kiss is enough to make me want to change the station when I see it coming. Stop Dumbing things down. Please. Really…. Please. You insult intelligence. It’s not like we don’t “get” the whole family friendly format, but seriously? Cast members dialog is dumbed-down in sooooo many movies (not this one) you’d think you were watching Men-Child and Women-Child behavior. Enough with the only drinks allowed in the movies: Egg Nog, Hot Cocoa, and Hot Cider. People drink wine and sodas. A hot toddy can be extremely festive!I give THIS movie a Solid TEN!

  • caio-moraes
    caio moraes

    Christmas movies can be really stupid and schmaltzy and most of them I can’t stand.I ended up looking for something to watch this afternoon and came across this movie and decided to give it a try.This was very well done. Yes, you have some typical things going on that many feel good happy-ending type movies have in common, but this is one of the ones to not miss.Great cast all-around with great casting nods especially to the actor who played the king and the actor who portrayed his executive assistant.Even though you see many similar things in the story line that can be found in other similar films, this one was a bit more complex and well rounded and just overall, well done.I enjoyed this very much and will probably watch again. Loved it!!!

  • martim-de-reis
    martim de reis

    After I watched the movie I discovered the actress played Winnie in the Wonder Years 1988-1993 she is now about 40. She plays a 31 year old in this film which was fine. I enjoyed it and it was fairly well done but I probably would not watch it again because it got a bit too predictable at the end.The lead actress was great and yes there was a purposeful imitation to the Sound of Music. Her character was to be adored by all. When asked to give a toast “here’s to those who have seen us at our best and at our worst but cannot tell the difference” Enjoyed seeing the King being taken with her “speaking her mind” manner. Loved the King’s daughter. Much was very well done in the movie. The horse scene with the King was excellent.