Allie Evans is a maid who just lost her job at a hotel for not getting a client’s room prepared in time. She is then hired by a man named Fergus (who is working for a hotel patron that overheard what happened to her) where he invites her to the European country of Winshire to work as a governess for his employer. Upon arrival, Allie discovers that Fergus’ boss is King Maximillian and meets his daughter Theodora who had been terrorizing other authority figures since the untimely death of her mother the Queen of Winshire. As Allie bonds with Theodora while getting acquainted to the other servants and Chancellor Riggs, she learns that King Maximillian is scheduled to be wed to Countess Celia.

Also Known As: Crown for Christmas, O coroana de Craciun, Une couronne pour Noël, Corona navideña, Korona na Gwiazdkę, Eine Königin zu Weihnachten, Una corona a Natale, Krona za bozic, Karácsony megkoronázása, Корона на Рождество, Корона на Рiздво

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