Cassidy Merteuil, the distant cousin of Kathryn Merteuil, arrives in Santa Barbara, California to attend college. There she meets Jason Argyle, a former friend from her high school also attending the school. Jason gets a roommate, Patrick Bales. Jason and Patrick form a mean-spirited partnership of seducing and dumping various young women on campus. When both of their latest conquests bore them, Jason bets Patrick if they can seduce a particular newcomer, who is under the wing of Cassidy. But nothing is what it seems as a triangle of Cassidy, Jason, and Patrick forms with each one scheming to outwit the other.

Also Known As: Szkola uwodzenia 3, Julmia aikeita 3, Crueles intenciones 3, Eiskalte Engel 3, Okrutne namjere 3, Sexe intentions 3, Kegyetlen játékok 3., Секс игри 3, Жорстокi iгри 3, Segundas Intenções 3, Estranhas Ligações 3, Ερωτικά παιχνίδια 3, Juegos sexuales 3, En djävulsk romans 3, Жестокие игры 3, Cruel Intentions 3

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  • patriot

    Why the fuck did i even click on this, thought it was a horror flick. Sad how all these losers prefer to stick to these weak, cheesy-ass movies despite the humongous amount of porn out there..