Cassidy Merteuil, the distant cousin of Kathryn Merteuil, arrives in Santa Barbara, California to attend college. There she meets Jason Argyle, a former friend from her high school also attending the school. Jason gets a roommate, Patrick Bales. Jason and Patrick form a mean-spirited partnership of seducing and dumping various young women on campus. When both of their latest conquests bore them, Jason bets Patrick if they can seduce a particular newcomer, who is under the wing of Cassidy. But nothing is what it seems as a triangle of Cassidy, Jason, and Patrick forms with each one scheming to outwit the other.

Also Known As: Szkola uwodzenia 3, Julmia aikeita 3, Crueles intenciones 3, Eiskalte Engel 3, Okrutne namjere 3, Sexe intentions 3, Kegyetlen játékok 3., Секс игри 3, Жорстокi iгри 3, Segundas Intenções 3, Estranhas Ligações 3, Ερωτικά παιχνίδια 3, Juegos sexuales 3, En djävulsk romans 3, Жестокие игры 3, Cruel Intentions 3

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  • zaitun-naue
    Zaitun naue

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  • patriot

    Why the fuck did i even click on this, thought it was a horror flick. Sad how all these losers prefer to stick to these weak, cheesy-ass movies despite the humongous amount of porn out there..

  • jenni-salminen
    jenni salminen

    Clearly the weakest of the trilogy Cruel Intentions 3 stars (Kerr Smith) and sexy (Kristina Anapau) it is a final bet between two high school friends on sleeping with nieve girls. The third film completely strays away from the purpose and reasoning of the Cruel Intentions trilogy the only resemblance of the first two is Cassidy Merteuil the cousin of Kathryn, appearing in the first two. It is a completely different film. Although sexy stars and a good storyline it might as well been a separate film.Pros Sexy leads, Interesting plot, quirky metaphores and languageCons Not believable, Unoriginal, Strays away from the actual plot

  • belen-galvez-salcedo
    belen galvez salcedo

    If you are an adult, don’t watch it. You will consider this immoral, promiscuous and naughty. You’re probably too hypocritical to admit you ever liked those things when you were younger.I think this movie is another great work from Cruel Intentions franchise but obviously the least deep and original. The acting is very good, the cast couldn’t be hotter and I wasn’t able to see any of the twists coming. Also it’s very entertaining and it doesn’t take hours to things happen.Give it a watch, the movie is entirely erotic and sexy. It will even remember your youth game called “Master and Slave” which you probably played with your cousins when parents were sleeping.

  • denise-chavez
    denise chavez

    I sometimes wonder if the people who make good movies ever feel a pang of anger or disgust when they see somebody else doing a crappy direct-to-DVD sequel of their work. It’s not like the original creators are responsible for the talentless mimics who superficially ape their creations. They most times probably don’t have a choice and for poor efforts like Cruel Intentions 3 that only copy the idea and form but nothing specific from the first movie, I’m not even sure they get paid for it. But it takes time and energy to make any film and when those efforts produce something worthy, it can’t be fun to see someone else do a half-assed job trying to piggy back off your labor and success.Cruel Intentions, itself a modern version of Dangerous Liasons, was the story of amoral and decadent young people playing games of sex and betrayal where Sarah Michelle Geller and Selma Blair made out with each other. By the time they bothered to crap out this thing, that plot was as worn out as a heavily used piece of carbon paper (how’s that for a dated reference?) This movie is actually closer to a Star Trek mirror universe version of Beverly Hills 90210 where Dylan has been coated in sleaze, Steve is a psychotic rapist and Brenda…well, she’s just an even bigger bitch.Set at an expensive private college that’s more like a summer resort than any kind of school, the movie’s main characters are Jason and Cassidy (Kerr Smith and Kristina Anapau). She’s a jaded rich girl and he’s the guy from more humble origins who wants to have sex with her. Jason and Cassidy sit around and talk about what horrible people they are, even though they never do anything bad enough to get themselves on the Jerry Springer show. They’re eventually joined by Patrick (Nathan J. Wetheringon), who’s supposed to be so evil and twisted he made Jason and Cassidy just look “naughty”. Since they’re neither all terrible or shocking, Patrick comes off like some aggravated fraternity reject.Those three, surrounded by a cluster of poorly written script fodder, engage in a string of contests where the goal is for somebody to have sex with somebody else. That’s pretty much what most college students spend all their time doing anyway, so there’s never much of a point to it. The plot plods along with the occasional scene that isn’t outright horrible and then concludes with a double cross that only confuses who is actually the evil character in this bunch.Here’s the bottom line on Cruel Intentions 3. A couple of bit part actresses take their tops off for a combined total of less than 45 seconds. They look nice but there is no other nudity here. The only violence is an implied rape that happens 99% off camera. The language never gets saltier than an infrequent F-bomb. The young cast all seems reasonably capable, but their roles are less than paper thin and there’s never any reason to care if anyone lives or gets run over by a golf cart. And the film ends with a moral that being a screwed up bastard is fun and the only thing that matters is being an even more screwed up bastard than the next guy.If this had been trashier with more naked flesh, profanity and all around debauchery, it might have made a marginally decent flick. However, the substance of Cruel Intentions 3 is simply too tame to overcome the disinterested storytelling and sub-mediocre filmmaking on display here. There are no facepalm moments where it runs completely off the rails. There are also no moments where it gets anywhere close to being interesting. You shouldn’t watch this but if you’ve got a friend who wants to see it for some silly reason, you don’t need to run screaming out of the house to get away.

  • tsampikos-giotakes
    tsampikos giotakes

    Cruel Intentions was a fun summer flick. It didn’t need sequels. Regardless, it got sequels. Needless to say, this movie is bad. It doesn’t have the characters of the originals, so it tries to imitate them with shallow copies – the characters even admit this! Their motivation is forced and often doesn’t even make sense if you haven’t seen the original film.At first, you wonder if there is any point to anything that is going on in the film, other than offering eye candy in the form of abs and boobs. At the end it is revealed that the story has been building up to a plot twist, and it comes as some relief, but the twist is lackluster. All in all, this film is pointless and shallow.

  • lidia-diaconescu
    lidia diaconescu

    Okay, I am not the biggest fan of the Cruel Intentions movies, in fact the only reason why I watched all 3 of them is because I really like the Dangerous Liaisons storyline and I want to see how they could possibly carry it on. The original Cruel Intentions film was basically a retelling of a story about sexual deviency, originally set with adults of the French Aristocracy, set in High School and the way they try to make this work…Its pretty clear why this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not because its shocking, but because it doesn’t work. The second one, I will give credit, actually entertained me but because that movie assaults its audience with so much stupidity that its hard not to laugh at it. Its damn near one of the funniest movie ever made.Now when it comes to this film, its the worst of the series.The plot of this movie is split up into thirds. As in, one plot will take up one third of this movie, its that confused as to what the Cruel Intentions should be. The first plot is a bet that Merteuil has with Jason that she can sleep with a nerd named Patrick and then some bland guy who is in touch with royalty but that goes belly side up because during the date with the English guy (I’m sorry, I don’t know his name) Patrick comes over with flowers and proves to him that she had sex with him. Patrick then reveals to her that this was his doing the entire time and he and Patrick were in cahoots with each other the entire time, which leads to the one biggest question, what the hell did either of the two guys get out of it?So the guys then decide to compete with each other for sexual “points” as such. One of them has sex with a girl who is engaged and a girl who is happily with a boyfriend. This plot starts 20 minutes in and ends by the hour mark. The THIRD story is that because they both succeeded in their quest on the exact same night, they decide to make a bet that they can bed Merteuil. It turns out that Patrick is being played the entire time and he ends up going to prison for raping Merteuil.I will give the acting of this movie credit, it does try to pull something off but considering they needed to split up the character of Valmont into two people to show the two faces to his personality instead of just having the one actor, that should tell you what the writing is like. Oversimplified, even for a Cruel Intentions movie. There isn’t any character at all in this that has any depth; Merteuil is evil, Jason is a player, as is Patrick. There, the main characters and the height of their depth, all described as a list.I will give it credit in one area that this was pulled off. Instead of High School, its set in College and that is one area where I have to give it credit for. It tries to update it to an older age while keeping the “look” of a Cruel Intentions cast. Does it work? Even here, no.Overall, there is a slightly variant degree as to why this one is worse than the first one but its like measuring the pain of being stabbed in the chest or being shot in the chest, either way, its gonna hurt. If your a fan and you are a completionist, go check it out but I’m not sure that you’ll enjoy it but if the filmmakers of this didn’t put any effort into making the movie, why should I in my review of said movie?

  • traudl-kallert
    traudl kallert

    I think the consensus is that anything released straight-to-DVD is gonna be so bad it’s laughable, but that’s not always the case to me (though admittedly I love movies in general, so anything decent is worth the time to me). Cruel Intentions 3 has a few good plot twists, some pretty decent acting, a super hot lead girl, and a really good ending. The only thing that kept me from rating this movie a 7 or an 8 was that some of the plot never really felt finished. At 80 minutes or so, this movie could have benefited from ten more minutes to answer these questions.This movie is what you’d expect, it’s nowhere near great but it’s at least competent, and in my opinion worth watching once if you’re a cruel intentions fan. If you liked the Wild Things sequels, Cruel Intentions 3 is along those lines.

  • frantisek-masek
    frantisek masek

    It really didn’t follow the theme of cruel intentions 2 which was about a soulful vending machine named Tom Hanks who gets his computer hacked by Will Smith and his skateboarding gang. Cruel intentions 3 starts out in the future, 2008, when mayors (not governors) are running the state government when Ronald McDonald (played by a young Danny Glover Jr) tricks Reese Weatherspoon into giving up her virginity before getting run over in Central Park by teen legend Arnold Swartzenator. A true ode to Cruel Intentions 1 but hardly does Cruel Intentions 2s star studded cast justice.

  • galip-yilmaz
    galip yilmaz

    First of all, expect that a straight-to-video movie will NOT be as good as a movie in the theater. For a S2V, this movie is a good rent!This movie is not as corny as the second one! It has more of a soap opera quality though. I consider this film a sexy thriller! Twist and turns throughout the movie, yet there is still some kind of predictable aspect to it. A few times, you may even think, “I knew it!” The girls in this sequel are waaaay more attractive than in CI2. If you like movies with deception and sex as a weapon, then you will like Cruel Intentions 3. ADVICE: Please do NOT expect the quality of Cruel Intentions 1 or else you will get disappointed.

  • ralph-hernandez
    ralph hernandez

    Starring Kerr Smith and Kristina Anapau, ‘Cruel Intentions 3’ was a very entertaining movie for those who like to play cruel jokes to friends.A trio of amoral students (Kerr, Kristina and Nathan Wetherington) at an upper-crust college, delight in using sex and betrayal to manipulate the lives of their fellow classmates.Great acting performance by Nathan Wetherington as supporting male actor and good Directing by Scott Ziehl.While the 1st Cruel Intentions was the best one of all, the 3rd incarnation is nothing to Sneeze at.Recommended mainly for the 15-30 crowd and 30+ with cruel minds.

  • costin-georgescu
    costin georgescu

    I really had my doubts about this movie after viewing Cruel Intentions 2. I don’t believe using other actor’s to play the parts of Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sabastian (Ryan Phillipe) helped either. So when I discovered that they were using new characters all together, I was interested. I also enjoyed the first movie so much that I would give any sequel to it a chance. However, they do mention Kathryn and Sabastian because Cassidy is Kathryn’s cousin in this movie.I found that the many twists in this movie kept it interesting. I was bored up till the first twist and after that, I enjoyed the movie the whole way through. The ending disappointed me, however. But it does somewhat give hopes for another sequel.This movie was pretty decent compared to the second one.

  • jake-fernandez
    jake fernandez

    Cruel Intentions soon became a trilogy. We had Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon in the beginning. That soon evolved in to a very bad copy cat – Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep, with Sarah Thompson, Robin Dunne, Amy Adams, Keri Lynn Pratt and Mimi Rogers. And then we had – Cruel Intentions 3.The third instalment of the “Cruel Intentions” stars Kerr Smith, Kristina Anapau and Nathan J. Wetherington. When i watched this film when it first came out, I found it a great teenager film. The film boasts a nice soundtrack and some pretty good acting as well. And a really evil story plot, worth of being called “Cruel Intention”. Bets, money, games, sex, rape, secrets – you name it. Cruel Intentions 3 oozes it all.

  • murt-az-gureshize
    murt az gureshize

    Cruel Intentions 3 is much better than the 2nd. It can’t, however, top the first one, but it does come close. The original Cruel Intentions will always be the best one. The second would have been better if the original cast was in it, and maybe if a majority of the lines weren’t from the original. The third movie has definitely got an interesting new plot. The cast also works better together than in the second one. The actors fit with each other and have a good chemistry on screen. This one should have been the sequel to the original. It is worth seeing.

  • milena-lima
    milena lima

    I’m pretty sure that I am in the minority when I say that I prefer the unsophisticated Cruel Intentions 2 over it’s self-consciously cool predecessor. Part 3 of the series offers even more sex and nudity, much sleazier wagers, and a totally outrageous plot in which the main characters go to almost any lengths to beat their rivals. Not surprisingly, I found it to be very entertaining.Kerr Smith plays Jason, an annoyingly handsome and rather devious prep school student who, along with his amoral pal Patrick (Nathan Wetherington), has made an art out of seducing hot women. After playing a mean trick on rich bitch Cassidy (played by brunette hottie Kristina Anapau), with whom Jason has a love/hate relationship, the two guys realise that they need a tougher challenge, so they set out to bed two of the least available girls on campus.However, when Patrick uses particularly nasty tactics to achieve his desired results, Jason teams up with Cassidy to teach the scoundrel a lesson.Whilst Cruel Intentions 3 may not be in the least bit believable, with its ridiculously gorgeous yet impossibly wicked characters and extremely unlikely plot developments, it is a whole heap of tacky fun. There’s loads of eye candy for both guys and girls, some gratuitous T&A, and lots of wanton debauchery, meaning that those who enjoy titillating and tawdry trash will not be disappointed.

  • mishina-marfa-robertovna
    mishina marfa robertovna

    First off, if you’re expecting stellar, Academy Awards type material, then you should never, ever give this DVD a second look at your local Walmart. Better yet, you shouldn’t even be reading the reviews for this movie in the first place.I mean really, it’s Cruel Intentions 3. We know what this is all about – the petty betting matches between sex-crazed, wealthy teens/young adults with obviously too much time on their hands. It’s a soppy, cliché-filled teen drama. What do you expect? The original Cruel Intentions wasn’t great because of its airtight script or ingenious plot either, let me tell you. It was great because it had an exceptionally great cast for this genre. Do you honestly believe it would have been the hit it was without Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Christine Baranski, Louise Fletcher, etc? So that’s where we are with Cruel Intentions 3. Same old plot, just without the stellar cast. So, what do you get? A fun, playful, knotty, and even down right mean-spirited movie all in one. And I hate to say it, but it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been.The beautiful and relatively unknown Kristina Anapau does well as Cassidy Merteuil, cousin to Gellar’s character in the original Cruel Intentions. The other actors are not worth mentioning, but do about as best a job as can be expected for this genre.As I said before, if you want Oscar material, pass this by, but if you’re just bored and want a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, or you’re a fan of the franchise, it’s worth a look. I would have given it 5 stars, but because this film didn’t add anything fresh over the original, it loses a point for lack of originality.

  • teresa-taylor
    teresa taylor

    Yes this is another one of those laughers where a 30something (Smith) tries to play a 20 year old college boy lothario. That is a time tested Hollywood tradition, and not unexpected in a movie of this caliber. What really tests any semblance of credibility is the ‘college’ itself. Trust me, there isn’t a real college anywhere this side of an internet diploma mill that looks like this one. What you really have depicted here is one of those $2500.00 three day weekend seminars where art history majors and trust fund freelance photographers go to get a couple hours instruction in Photoshop tweaks on how to produce fine art prints with inkjets, or something along that line. Lots of time at the pool, plenty of time for sex games among the precocious Botox and Power Peel set, and one or two hangover busting workshops looking at digital slides.The only sex scene really worth anything is when the Evil Nerd does a quick and nasty ‘back seat’ style hump on a cute blonde one night on the grass in the resort courtyard. A little bare tit shows up, and the blonde’s orgasmic cries are slightly above porno grade. The real standout, though, is the cinematography. Through careful photographic site selection, grimy and tawdry modern LA is distorted into a rather appealing collection of exotic faux Mediterranean and colonial California Mission locales where the vistas are always bathed in warm late afternoon sunglow or hidden among cool, seductive night shadows. This city hasn’t looked this good since Jack and Faye explored it in ‘Chinatown.’ Or at least since the soap opera, ‘Santa Barbara.’Rent this only if you want to see LA presented the way the California Department of Tourism might want you to see it.

  • onisim-gereta
    onisim gereta

    Where to begin? This was, essentially, a shocking film. Cruel Intentions, the original directed by Roger Kumble, was revolutionary in its genre and is a personal favorite of mine. I rented this third installment hoping for a slight taste of the first (hell even the very weak second) movie. I was ultimately disappointed! If you are searching for the eloquent dialogue, the powerful acting talents, visually appealing set, strong narrative and bitter sweet love story found in the original movie, you will be extremely dissatisfied.The plot outlines the lives of three vindictive, shallow students in their scheme to seduce, conquer and destroy each other and other co-eds. The movie jumps from wager to wager, but there is no depth or satisfaction in any of their conquests. The sex scenes are tacky (REALLY tacky), the characterization is beyond week and the dialogue is short of drivel. Without the familiar face and on-screen ease of Kerr Smith or the sexy, savvy Kristina Anapau, I would have rated this film 1/10.Save yourself the horror, just rent the original again, even if you have seen it 100 times over!

  • marica-cukon
    marica cukon

    This 2004 clinker is among the losers of all time. With the exception of the good looks and charm of sexy Kerr Smith, it’s a waste of time, money and viewing. Glad it was on TV and I didn’t lose anything except sleep. Smith is an eyeful in this with his brooding good looks and fantastic build. Nice to look at. Only thing that made me keep watching. But that lead girl, Kristina Anapau, was awful. With looks of a weasel, squinting eyes, thin lips overly glossed and ridiculous hair, she prances around in a bikini, mistake there as she’s a skinny ‘s broad, thinking she can seduce anyone in pants. Wrong. There were far more attractive young ladies walking around her as extras that could have done better. I won’t even ask how this girl got cast. I felt sorry for director Scott Ziehl and writer Rhett Reese as they didn’t get much from a poor cast except Kerr Smith’s performance. Kerr deserves better offers than this.

  • lidija-krastins
    lidija krastins

    I’m not sure why but I was just curious where they were taking the story of Cruel Intentions. Now if you haven’t seen the first Cruel Intentions, I highly recommend it. Cruel Intentions 3 had a very good plot that could have worked and been a worthy sequel, but the way they went at it was all wrong. I wasn’t impressed with how unrealistic it was with all these incredibly gorgeous and naive people around, I wasn’t even sure if they were in high school or college since some of the students were engaged. It was just weird and unrealistic to me or well explained.Cassidy and Jason are the new Katherine and Sebastian sort of speak. They are very much in love with each other but have a hate relationship as well, they play with each other constantly. Jason goes as far as to involve his new friend Patrick to play Katherine. But their intentions go cruel when they compete for taken ladies and who can do it first. Then they go for Cassidy in the ultimate bet of all and see who is the ultimate smooth operator.Cruel Intentions 3, at least to me, was also very predictable, for me the ending wasn’t that big of a shock. But I do like the plot a little bit, like I said, it had very good potential. Just unfortunately, the actors ruined it for me, not to mention how it was made, it just could have been better. But if you wanna check it out, I wouldn’t stop you, just because I think it’s best you judge for yourself on this film, if you’re a Dawson’s Creek fan, I think you just might like it.3/10

  • phrantzeska-poulida
    phrantzeska poulida

    I knew that I should have stopped after the first movie but I couldn’t resist because of my curiosity.Cruel Intentions 3 did not offer anything new, it just shows us the same old story for the third time. The characters in this movie do not seem authentic at all, everything is just plain dumb. I guess that young teenagers will perhaps find it entertaining because of their curiosity to the sexual subjects and all, but its simply a waste of life to watch this movie all the way through if you’re just a little bit matured.I really hope that they will stop making more movies in this series, the story is worn out and not at all interesting anymore.

  • david-cunningham
    david cunningham

    OK so it’s not as good as the original. But no one can ever really expect that of a sequel. But at least it beats Manchester Prep by FAR.Although not as smooth and intelligent as the original, it has a couple of amazing plot twists and is truly evil at points – a guilty pleasure to watch. Not only that but at one point we find whats happened to Kathryn since the first one 😉 Some of the characters are amazingly unrealistic, but whether thats a bad or a good thing you have to make your own mind up. Cassidy (Kristina Anapau) is deliciously cruel and manipulative almost up to par with her cousin. Brilliant teen trash. If you’re much older probably not going to appeal and if you’re much younger you’re parents won’t let you watch!

  • marko-isaievich
    marko isaievich

    In a college in Santa Barbara, the amoral and evil students Cassidy Merteuil (Kristina Anapau), Jason Argyle (Kerr Smith) and Patrick Bales (Nathan J. Wetherington) play a wicked game: Jason tries to seduce Sheila Wright (Natalie Ramsey), the girlfriend of his friend Michael Cattrall (Tom Parker); Patrick tries to seduce Alison Lebray (Melissa Yvonne Lewis), who is engaged. Their final intent is just a destructive game and nothing else. Then they decide to bet who will go first with Cassidy to the bed for one dollar. “Cruel Intentions 3” is another amoral, mean and erotic tale, using the same concept of “Cruel Intentions” and “Cruel Intentions 2”, but without Kathryn Merteuil, performed by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amy Adams respectively. Cassidy has the same lack of character of the original Kathryn, and is a good substitute for the original character. Having many plot points and beautiful actresses evolved in erotic scenes, this forgettable movie is a good entertainment. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): “Segundas Intenções 3” (“Second Intentions 3”)

  • ginzburgas-joris
    ginzburgas joris

    The sole reason I rented this movie was because I had watched the two previous ones. I guess anyone would have, just for the sake of it or by mere curiosity. I expected a silly teenage movie, with bad acting and absolutely no plotting at all, but as a matter-of-fact, I was wrong, although many may disagree with me. Actually, it is true to its title, “Cruel Intentions”, because that’s what we mainly see. Considering Cassie Merteuil is not as wicked as cousin Kathryn and the would-be villain is an exiled freak (played by Nathan J. Wetherington), who’s in the least suspicious, and the better-than-the-second-one sexy scenes. I was stunned by the creativity of the ending and sometimes, smart dialoges. Rhett Reese indeed did a good job with the script. Not to mention, Natalie Ramsey’s exquisite features that add up to the number of rating stars.In conclusion (this may read like a Science Fair project essay), “Cruel Intentions 3” is not superior to its original, but not disappointing either. 3.5 of 5 stars

  • lakatos-m-borbala
    lakatos m borbala

    OK, i watched this movie yesterday hoping that it would be a better sequel then ‘Manchester Prep’ turned out to be. unfortunately i was horribly wrong, this film had little to no link with the original film other than Cassidy being Kathryn’s cousin. unlike the first film, which i was a huge fan of, this one lacks any kind of storyline. the idea of a wager is thrown in for good measure but as an actual story it is a jumble and this film simply played on the sad male obsession with breasts and featured many sex scenes which offered nothing to the film. after the first film’s excellent storyline and scheming this sequel falls way short. bad acting and badly written, much like ‘Cruel Intentions 2’ this one was a film full of copying though not as blatant as the copying in ‘2’ it is still there. very poor film.

  • zanis-vilks
    zanis vilks

    Cruel Intentions 1…then 2….then came three! I was surprised that they released a sequel to Manchester prep, which I didn’t enjoy much due to the fact that it was only in the END of the film that we get shocked, this movie shocked me at least 4 times, I guess because the plot caught me off guard (many times), but in this case the ending part wasn’t as spontaneous as part II. At the first part of this film, you might get annoyed at the so called tackiness and predictability of the characters, it might even come across as boring, but when you get to the middle of it you might be shocked as the twist of their schemes goes further insane. However there are more nude scenes in this movie that could’ve been more subtle. Overall I give this film a B- for good entertainment and good delivery!

  • sean-waters
    sean waters

    Cruel Intentions (1999) was a masterpiece, one of those unexpected movies that comes along and truly blows you away. A modern adaptation of Les liaisons dangereuses it was spellbinding, but certainly a standalone film.But Hollywood executives disagreed and decided to milk it with not one but two more films.The second followed some of the same characters but recast and with a dreadful cashgrab story. This is a separate movie with nothing to do with the original material and is more a thriller with loosely similiar themes.Starring Dawsons Creek/Final Destination star Kerr Smith it tells the story of two men who engage in bets that involve seducing and sleeping with women. Of course you have the female equivalent in there for good measure and plenty of twists and turns.The twists however are very predictible and the “Turns” lack the intelligence or originality of the first movie.Is this better than the second? Absolutely! But it’s yet another cashgrab sequel that simply should never have been made.The Good:Has its momentsThe Bad:Not as clever as it thinks it isSimply shouldn’t existThings I Learnt From This Movie:If I tried half the stuff in this film that they did I’d be arrested