South African church minister Steven Kumalo is summoned from his village to Johannesburg. There he finds that his son Absolom has been jailed in connection with a robbery in which a white man was killed. The father of the white man, James Jarvis, is a supporter of apartheid, the separation of the races which is the law of South Africa. When they encounter each other, both Kumalo and Jarvis come to unexpected realizations not only about their sons, but about the nature of their own humanity.

Also Known As: Joci, ljubljena dezela, Dakrya gia mia hameni patrida, Os Deserdados, Terra amata, 輝きの大地, Ağla Sevgili Yurdum, Itke, rakastettu maa, Pleure ô pays bien-aimé, Kiáltsd, ez kedves vidék!, Изстрадано приятелство, Chora, Terra Amada!, Plači voljena zemljo, Два цвета времени, Cry, the Beloved Country, Llanto por la tierra amada, Płacz, ukochany kraju

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