A millionaire philanthropist collects the famous Chrystal Skulls trying to tap into their ancient powers. It is up to a team lead by a college professor whose father disappeared searching for the 13th skull to save the world when the first 12 skulls are united and reek havoc on the earth without the control of the 13th skull.

Also Known As: Kristálová lebka Czech, Хрустальные черепа, Kristálykoponyák, Legend of Crystal Skulls, Кристални черепи, Crystal Skulls, Krysztalowe czaszki, Caveiras de Cristal, Crystal Skulls - Das Ende der Welt, Crystal Skulls 3D, Il mistero dei teschi di cristallo, Кришталевi черепи, La légende des crânes de cristal, El secreto de las calaveras de cristal

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