Dr. John Holden ventures to London to attend a paranormal psychology symposium with the intention to expose devil cult leader Julian Karswell. Holden is a skeptic and does not believe in Karswell’s power. Nonetheless, he accepts an invitation to stay at Karswell’s estate, along with Joanna Harrington, niece of Holden’s confidant who was electrocuted in a bizarre automobile accident. Karswell secretly slips a parchment into Holden’s papers that might possibly be a death curse. Recurring strange events finally strike fear into Holden, who believes that his only hope is to pass the parchment back to Karswell to break the demonic curse.

Also Known As: De vloek der demonen, Curse of the Demon, O drakos tou Chester, La noche del demonio, La maledicció del diable, Iblisin Kurbanlari, Una cita con el diablo, Nattens uhyre, Haunted, A démon éjszakája, Der Fluch des Dämonen West, A Noite do Demónio, Night of the Demon, Demonens förbannelse, Нощта на демона, Ночь демона Soviet, Rendez-vous avec la peur, A Noite do Demônio, I nyhta tou daimona, Noc demona, Cita con el demonio, La notte del demonio, Djävulens betjänt, Paholaisen palvelija

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