Ellie has been taking care of her younger brother Jimmy since their parents death. One night after picking him up from a party they are involved in a car accident on Mullholland Drive. While trying to rescue a woman from the other car a creature attacks and kills her, also injuring both Ellie and Jimmy. After some research Jimmy realizes the creature could only have been a werewolf.

Also Known As: Prokletí Czech, Прокълнати, La maldición, ウェス・クレイヴン's カースド, Prokleti, La marca de la bestia, Amaldiçoados, Prokleti Bosnia and, Vérfarkas, Maléfice, Cursed, Blestemat, Przeklęta, Ukleta, Nolādētie, Verflucht, Kirotut, Neetud, Lanet, Wes Craven's Cursed, Prekliatie, Oi kataramenoi, Elátkozottak, 魔咒, Οι καταραμένοι, Cursed - Il maleficio, Перевертні, Оборотни

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    it was a good octubre cursed