Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60-2016
Genre: Comedy
Director: Marcus Raboy
Writer: Dana Carvey
Stars: Dana Carvey, Dex Carvey, Thomas Carvey
Countries: United States

Emmy-winning comedian Dana Carvey blends pitch-perfect takes on so-true-it-hurts stories from his life as a dad of millenials. Add in teenagers, chinese factory workers, and hitler; this is one “SNL” star you can count on to make a good impression.

Also Known As: Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60

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  • claudine-muller
    claudine muller

    This is a great stand up comedy special. Dana Carvey is still hilarious all these years later with all new jokes and his impressions are still spot on. Wonderful!

  • henrik-rissanen-salminen
    henrik rissanen salminen

    While some of his material is reheated, what comics are 100% new material with each new tour? It seems it is largely Millennials that call him a hack and his bit, garbage. It’s my contention that Millennials feel entitled to constantly assail the culture and accomplishments of their parent’s generation. So right out of the gate there’s a tendency to transfer any resentments or grudges they still have with their mommies and daddies to anyone belonging to THEIR generation. Never stopped me from treasuring George Carlin, Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, Mel Brooks, etc. There is always the “go-to” subjects that are common to all comedians of a certain generation. Probably why I don’t find young comics that spend a whole set eviscerating Republicans, Christians and anyone else over 40, the least bit comical. I appreciate a comic that can transcend the cheap laugh and easy target and go for a more intellectually savvy and honest audience…not a bunch of whining cry-baby “Truck Fump” puss-wads.

  • mari-miettinen
    mari miettinen

    This was the worst stand-up comedy i have ever seen.I don’t even know man who talk like he does, just gross.The first seven minutes where so awful, i thought about stop watching it but i wanted stay open minded and give his a fair chance since it’s the first time i’ve seen a special from his.

  • ippolutos-margarones
    ippolutos margarones

    I don’t know who the target audience is. I turned it off after 20 minutes

  • daniela-miklavcic
    daniela miklavcic

    I recently saw Dana Carvey on Seinfeld’s car-and-coffee-themed talk show, and he was hilarious. I loved Carvey growing up so I decided to see what he’d done since. I found his 2008 standup act (the one with “Monkeys” in the title) and it blew me away. The level of intensity in that special is superhuman.Having caught up a bit, I decided to watch Straight White Male, 60. In this special he comes across with the energy you might expect from a normal adult, which is fine. I thought this routine was solid and his impersonations spot on.I’m neither here nor there when it comes to politics, and I’m a couple decades younger than Carvey, but his material was so well done that I was laughing with him from his point of view. That said, it’s hard to understand why 20 percent of voters so far have given this special a “1.”I don’t know if it was Trump fans who were triggered by his (very well done) Trump impersonation, or if Millennials were triggered by the couple jabs he took at their generation- but either way, it was all light hearted- and more importantly, funny. If you can’t laugh at yourself a little bit then standup might not be your thing. I don’t know. But this special is definitely worth watching if you’re a Dana Carvey fan, or just getting acquainted.

  • alise-kaneps
    alise kaneps

    And some of the jokes seemed all too familiar to my wife and I only very poorly half told. has done some funny things, at least her writing staff has on his show. Like finger bangers! But this format and presentation was a total bomb. Would say watch for its awfulness, but it isn’t even worth it for that. STAY AWAY, find something better to do. Weed your lawn, knit a scarf, bake some pastries, stare at the water flushing in your toilet bowl. Anything is better time spent than watching this mish mash of boring raunch.

  • aya-van-voorhout-wigman
    aya van voorhout wigman

    Since his glory days at “SNL” and “Wayne’s World”, Dana Carvey has been relatively quiet on the movie front.The good news, he’s back in this hilarious Netflix special.Dana’s specialty is brilliant impressions, and there’s plenty in this special. He covers a range of topics: Donald Trump, Bill and HIllary Clinton, raising teenage boys, holidaying in Italy, an effeminate Hitler, a disastrous Church Lady skit with Bill Gates, the origins of Garth, and – the highlight – a conversation between John Lennon and Paul McCartney.Carvey’s impressions – of both celebrities and his family – are perfect. You could close your eyes and swear it’s the actual celebrity.If you’re keen for more Carvey, he’s started a six-part mini-series with Conan O’Brien on the “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast.

  • david-payne
    david payne

    There was a time when I thought Dana Carvey was pretty funny but you couldn’t prove it by this stand-up special. He had his moments but the idiosyncratic gestures and repetitious nature of his bits failed to impress for someone who’s been on the scene for as long as he has been. At least when he skewered political figures it was fairly even handed, bashing Trump, the Clintons, Bush and Obama with equal abandon. However he did unmask his conservative bent by equating capitalism with the Apple Store, and Socialism as the DMV; that was a pretty apt comparison. And I suppose it comes with one’s own demographics, but his taking it to Millennials as a helpless generation found some resonance with this viewer, but it just wasn’t that funny. So if I were to advise on a recommendation for a future gig, I’d have to say give it a rest – it just wouldn’t be prudent.

  • givi-kvernaze
    givi kvernaze

    I’ll be honest, I couldn’t finish this. I’m a huge Dana Carvey fan and while his comic timing is still there the material he’s working with is garbage. First off, he starts right into the events surrounding the election, and maybe it’s because I first saw it months later but I can’t imagine people not just being so impossibly sick of hearing about Trump, Hillary, and Bernie. I know I am. And even if that weren’t the case, most of that bit had already been heard almost verbatim on his appearances on talk shows over the year. Then, after that, he ostensibly goes into what it’s like being a father with teenagers but it’s just all the same old stereotypical digs and ripping on millennials… another subject that I (and I imagine/hope many others) am long past sick of hearing about. I just turned it off at that point.This is little more than a stand-up comedy version of the “Old Man Yells at Cloud” joke from the Simpsons, and it’s such a shame to hear from someone as talented as Dana Carvey. As someone who still thinks his Critics’ Choice show from 20 years ago is still brilliant, this is just depressing to watch.

  • sven-jakobsson
    sven jakobsson

    Starting with possible one of the worst cold opens I’ve ever seen in a standup show, Dana Carvey launches directly into impressions of political figures. While he did at least ridicule all sides of the political spectrum in equal measure, he very much played the “here’s what you want to hear” card.Impression comedy can be great in small doses, but a standup routine so littered with them, especially when they’re bad, can be painful to watch. His transitions between bits bordered on the quality of his open. It seems he just wrote a list of a dozen people he can do a mediocre impression of and went through them in sequence with no adjoining material.The general sentiment from other reviewers seems to be that Dana has other strong material, and this was just one of his bad days. In that case, you may find it worth a watch. But if this is your first time encountering Dana, I’d recommend avoiding this special.

  • bayan-bagdat-bilir-durmus
    bayan bagdat bilir durmus

    Dana is a great observer, and he can bring this onstage with such dynamo, before you know it your bones has been tickled to the max. Some like it hot, some like it structured, some like it as it is! For my husband and me who are dedicated Netflicians, Dana is still a delight. Maybe because we are baby boomers hence we can relate to his material , the way of millennials, their not so secret lives and yes, the obsession with selfies. There are a thousand more words to describe his special, but maybe for a night why not – don’t take it too seriously – Dana is still one of the best impressions masters out there.

  • margarita-dolowkhanyan
    margarita dolowkhanyan

    I must say I’m surprised by the negativity of the other reviews here. I found this to be a delight. When he started on trump I did think, Oh no this is going to be rubbish, but his take is just delightfully silly. Literally the only funny trump bit I’ve ever heard.I’ve watched it several times. It’s that good. Possibly my favourite comedy special ever.

  • dr-blanka-radel-b-sc
    dr blanka radel b sc

    This was my first time to see Dana Carvey as a stand-up comedian.I must say that I found him to be funny. Dana Carvey sure has lots of energy and his material is good and well-thought through. It is nice that he does a mixture of current events and parodies.He is good at delivering the material and he feels very natural on the stage.However, this is hardly the type of show that you will watch a second time around, in my honest opinion. But if you haven’t already seen “Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60”, and if you enjoy stand-up comedy, then you definitely should take the time to sit down and watch it, if you have the chance.