Handsome silver spoon Texan Trevor Forrest can’t always control his tendencies to flirt and gamble, even on honeymoon cruise to Tahiti with Lindsey Ross Forrest, which may compromise their business ambitions. The ship captain asks FBI agent Gwen Merced, on cruise, to investigate discretely when Trevor goes missing, probably fallen or pushed overboard as blood traces are found. It’s unclear whether the Hungarian business trio Luka, Max and Ben are innocent flirtatious gamblers like Trevor or criminals, but others have hidden agendas too.

Also Known As: The Honeymoon, Luna di miele fatale, Lua de Mel Sangrenta, Luna de miel mortal, Halálos nászút, Zabójczy miesiac miodowy, La dernière noce, Lune de Miel Mortelle, Deadly Honeymoon, Смертельный медовый месяц

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