After a failed attack on inmate and legendary driver, Frankenstein, Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson (McGowan) infiltrates a super-maximum federal prison with one goal – enter the immoral and illegal Death Race and take Frankenstein down. Connor enlists the help of Baltimore Bob (Glover) and Lists (Koehler), and unexpectedly falls in love with bartending beauty, Jane (Marzano). Connor will have to fight for more than his life in this brutal world of no guards, no rules, no track, and no fear.

Also Known As: Κούρσα Θανάτου: Αναρχία, Death Race: Anarchy, Halálfutam: Totális Anarchia, Смъртоносна надпревара 4: Отвъд анархията, Смертельні перегони 4, Corrida Mortal: Anarquia, Κούρσα Θανάτου 4: Αναρχία, Death Race - Anarchia, Смертельная гонка 4: Вне анархии, La Carrera de la Muerte 4, Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy, Death Race - Beyond Anarchy, Death Race:, Ölüm Yarışı 4: Anarşinin Ötesinde, デス・レース4 アナーキー, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, Death Race - Anarchy, Death Race

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  • donna-zhang
    donna zhang

    Should go straight to dvd, the story line is subpar and the racing scenes really aren’t that good. Definitely not even close to the original Death Race.. Only Danny Glover and Danny Trejo, stand out as recognized actors, everyone else, never seen them. This movie isn’t great, but you could watch it, but rent it, don’t buy it, worth a one watch, but the second time, will make you say “What”

  • amber-chaney
    amber chaney

    One of great B-Class films ever made this is one of underrated action films of all time in franchise i loved first Death Race (2008) Jason Statham and Natalie Martinez, Tyrese Gibson. but after i never knew they were going to make sequels I thought it would be next big budget film that would hit to theaters but it sadly didn’t but went Slaright to DVD film could saved that bigger budget for bigger franchise, but it went to Slaright to DVD called Death Race 2, Death Race 3 With Luke Goss, Tanit Phoenix, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames. What I thought the direct to DVD films were prequels before first Death Race (2008) but at least they could be a decent budget film, different director who made bigger budget films. But a direct to DVD film doesn’t make me to hate those movies wish it didn’t go down to B direct to DVD films wanted franchise to go up like Fast and Furious franchise. 2nd Death Race continues to another sequel. Prequel death race 3 Inferno I liked those 2 films but first Jason Statham nothing beats the crap out of that. 3rd death race ends until present film Death Race (2008) film. But this film continues from first it showed footage from first one a bit but it takes it to different place nothing got to do with Statham or Luke Goss characters. this has same characters like Danny Trejo as Goldberg and of Crouse who played all 4 films Frederick Koehler Lists (as Fred Koehler) now lead character (Zach McGowan) known for Terminator Salvation, Dracula Untold, Marvel Agent of Shields, Black Sails, and for new direct to DVD chapter Scorpion King 5. Zach McGowan is alright actor he wasn’t too bad as main actor for this movie but i wished it could be different actor for this movie but he wasn’t so bad at all for this film he plays a Black Ops specialist who was going to go Maximum Prison to join the illegal Death Race and take down Frankenstein. witch they don’t show his face at all (Nolan north) who is known Uncharted, Star Trek: Into Darkness. he is like a leader this a prison gang run by Death Racer Johnny Law (Nicholas Aaron) known for Unstoppable (2004) film, Band of Brothers. their own land a massive prison housing around 420,000 inmates. Inside, the popular Death Race competition (a last-man-standing competition where inmates race modified cars armed with heavy weapons) has been made illegal by the new warden who was hired by the prison’s owner, Weyland International. Baltimore Bob (Danny Glover) Connor shows no fear orrespect for Frankenstein in their exchange. The bartender, Jane, connects Connor with Baltimore Bob who also witnessed his fight. Baltimore Bob takes Connor around the prison and they discuss the Death Races. kinda like Ian McShane character in first Death Race that’s Danny Glover character. he is not too old for this race. Goldberg (Danny Trejo) who came back from last 2 Death Race films. he is living in Mexico watching Death Race match’s so he is their all time he doesn’t do much besides smashed guy head towards blackboard he does good but i wished he could been lead star to be in death race. Jane (Christine Marzano) known Seven Psychopaths. she gets to know Connor then they got into a relationship. after Connor asks Bob to be in Death Race he faces the Butcher in His qualifying match is a footrace to a tower. then Connor winsgets in Death Race. now i thought action scenes are well done made you do kinda see little bit of fake CGI but strange because another 2 Death Race films don’t have Fake CGI. expect for this a little, nothing kills movie for it. this has a lot of Mad Max style and Giant Police car as well, with all crazy people like in Escape from new York or Doomsday whatever you wanna call it. this has a lot of action, gore, a lot of nudity, girls, a lot of car smashing, explosions. it’s a fun ride as well nothing bad about watching this movie at all. it has a lot of actionit’s fun ride B Movie it’s a great B Movie nothing boring watch the entire film it’s full. director Don Michael Paul, who has directed Half Past Dead with Steven seagal, Sniper Legacy, Sniper: Ghost Shooter, Kindergarten cop 2 Lundgren, now i think this is his best direct to DVD film he did, but i wished this was a decent budget with better writers and better director but director is not best anyway but he still did good job doing this movie. this is full on gore, sex, nudity, violence. everything in this movie you will enjoy 10.10 this is much as i can say about this movie it’s a fast pacing that’s all their is sex, nudity, gore, violence, great cars, lovely action scenes that will be hell of ride at edge of your seat !

  • john-casey-robson
    john casey robson

    Death Race Beyond Anarchy (1 out of 5 stars).Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is beyond horrible and is the typical straight to dvd quality film. So far, none of the sequels/prequels could not live up to the entertaining action packed Jason Statham Death Race. The plot was tedious. It barely made much sense when there are too many holes in the story. Besides Connor (Zach McGowan) enters the maximum-security prison which looks like it is a quarantined city now. Were convicts can party, drink, have sex, and endless amounts of bloodshed violence. Connor is supposed to take down Frankenstein who is the death race champion. That sums up it about the plot. The direction is horrible. The acting is stale. The writing is stupid and bad. The action is tedious. Were nothing new is shown. Connor goes into a fighting pit and fights to the death. And an overly long climatic race which is just repetitive and boring. Overall, Death Race Beyond Anarchy is terrible. There is nothing good to say about it. It is what it is for a straight to dvd movie. Sure, someday there will be a sequel that will be just as bad. But for now, the Death Race movies has yet to improve since the 2008 film.

  • rusudan-kublashvili
    rusudan kublashvili

    Good movie, though not exciting. The racing scenes are in the last half hour, and first just tits, asses, and lesbian kisses.

  • diana-stancu
    diana stancu

    To begin with I have to talk about how little it continues from the others apart from lists and Danny Trejo who if someone told me did this movie for zero pay and just so he could be in scenes with naked women I would not be surprised it is quite amusing to see him do his thing. But this movie is seemingly separate from the others I say this because of Frankenstein either luke goss Frankenstein went absolutely made and became an evil murderer and got a different voice or it’s another psychopath with a mask I wish it’d tell me but i can go without story a story which is paper thin for cool action and boy does this movie deliver. The action is well shot and put together I’ll admit there isn’t enough death racing for an almost 2 hr flick but it’s pretty brutal and doesn’t feel low budget. My favorite thing about this movie is the setting it feels like a mixture of Mad Max, Escape From New York, Borderlands, fallout 4 and a bit grindhouse, it has a great almost apocalyptic setting with proper good looking sets and vehicles unlike the other which didn’t fully capture the dystopian vision much. So that’s the good the action and cool setting now the bad obviously the plot is kinda pointless the acting is a bit better than luke goss era but it’s still not good, the film really does oversexualize women like it thinks the only way to draw an audience is to have naked women in every scene it wastes quite a lot of scenes just for this purpose now if the female characters in this film were just maybe a little bit developed you could forgive it even fast and furious has women in it who are actual characters not just eye candy or damsels in distress with zero character I think there’s one interesting woman in this movie who isn’t oversexualized and she has very little dialogue or screen time but this is getting a bit preachy so let’s get back to all the attrocious things about this movie the fact that it’s like 20 mins too long and the terribly generic soundtrack they seem to fill a decent amount of the movie with metal which is a great choice but the rest of the soundtrack is so generic. As a final note id like to ask why there’s rarely any bullet marks on the cars when there shot it’s attention to detail that makes movies good. Donald Glover is great in this movie also. Total rank 7 just better than the last one must better than 2 much much better almost on par with 1 but that’s got Jason statham in it so it gets a wee few bonus stars.

  • lori-ward
    lori ward

    I’m a big fan of low budget post-apocalyptic movies from the 80s and early 90s, like “The Road Warrior”, “Salute of the Jugger” and “Fortress”, but with the exception of “Doomsday”, I haven’t seen a single one I really liked since we hit the 2000s and even that one’s car chase at the end was a little too over the top for me. So I had kind of resigned myself to accepting that they may make some more films that are reminiscent of the movies I love, but that I’ll just have to accept they’ll never again make them like they used to. But then I happened to come across “Death Race: Anarchy” the other day and was very happy to have to admit that, boy, was I wrong!This film is sort of a mix of “Mad Max” and “Escape From New York”: in the near future, an old, deserted industrial town has been turned into a prison, which is run by a private corporation who don’t like that the inmates have become present day gladiators by staging a so-called Death Race there, which is broadcast live on the dark web and heavily bet upon. The champion of Death Race is also the natural leader of the prison and, so far, the undisputed winner is Frankenstein, who looks sort of like The Humungus from “The Road Warrior” and finds himself challenged by Connor Gibson, portrayed by Zach McGowan from “Black Sails”. His character is a mix of Snake Plissken, Max Rockatansky and Kyle Reese (the cool, tormented one from the original “Terminator”, not the annoying one from “Genisys”). McGowan has been open about his love of the original “Death Race 2000” and car movies in general and I guess he wasn’t the only one who’s old school in this production, because Danny Glover co-stars and the wardrobe department even found the opportunity to slip a little wink to his “Predator 2” days in there. Danny Trejo reprises his role from the previous film and, although he’s not in this one all that much, there is such an unbelievable amount of gratuitous nudity in this picture that he still manages to make the most of his limited screen time to give the audience a look at the beautiful Vanina Arias. Which is not to say that this movie is sexist: both Connor Gibson and Frankenstein also appear nude and there are plenty of badass female characters in it, who take no $h!t from anyone. But this is a guys’ movie after all and the wardrobe department did seem to have also gotten their inspiration from “The Road Warrior”, so they do show plenty of skin. However, this is a car film first and foremost and what I really like about it is that there are only a minimum of digital effects present. The cars are real souped up automobiles and the races and the multitude of crashes are all real with stuntman performing them, which made me feel like I was watching a “Mad Max” movie, only this one actually feels more so than “Fury Road” did. There aren’t any digitally enhanced video game combat scenes in it either: the fights are more along the lines of Van Damme’s movies from the late 80s. (Maybe that’s why Connor shares his last name with Jean-Claude’s character in another great low-budget post-apocalyptic picture called “Cyborg”?) And the locations are no less impressive than the action, cars, stunts or women. Most of this movie was filmed in and around a huge ruined steel mill, which I’m pretty sure is the old Kremikovtzi AD in Sofia and the motorcycle races were shot at the Serdika Velodrome in the Borisova gradina park of Bulgaria’s capital, next to the abandoned Maria Luisa Bath swimming pool complex, that I suspect they used to shoot one of the opening scenes in. You just can’t build sets like that.”Death Race: Anarchy” is officially the fourth installment in the series, but, in my opinion, it could just as easily have been a stand-alone movie, since it doesn’t have that much to do with the first one, which it’s a direct sequel to and you don’t even need to have seen that to be able to enjoy this one. In my opinion this is much better anyway and should be used as an example of how they should make all post-apocalyptic films, or racing movies in general, for that matter: with real car chases, real stunt men, real crashes and lots of really hot naked women! I never would have thought I’d ever say this about a movie that wasn’t made in the 80s, but this has become one of my all-time favorites. Thank you, Don Michael Paul and Zach McGowan, for creating it.

  • aleksei-fedorov
    aleksei fedorov

    Really glad I found this one, I watched the first death race when I was a kid, (not the original from the 70s) and I loved that, and I e seen the second and third which I thought were average, there’s plenty of nudity, blood and guts and mad Max style racing and fighting, definitely a lads night movie but there’s something for everyone here, glad I took the time to look the series up, definitely have a watch with a few beers!

  • simone-de-la-de-oliveira
    simone de la de oliveira

    Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is not a bad film by any stretch, but it lacks the schlocky, insipid charm that made it’s predecessors entertaining. The story is also lacking, since there are no real stakes for the protagonist to overcome other than winning the Death Race against the resident Frankenstein, who is not intimidating as a main villain.Where Beyond Anarchy excels is in it’s stunt cinematography, and the racing is no longer confined to a remote prison location, this time taking place out in the open, like in Roger Corman’s original Death Race 2000. The look and feel of the film also has something of an anarchic, Mad Max vibe to it, although it wears it’s influences on it’s sleeves.With that said, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy got very little exposure, even for a direct-to-video film. But it’s cheap entertainment that will keep you relaxed and glued to your screen throughout it’s two-hour runtime.

  • michael-russell
    michael russell

    Yeeeesss! A movie made for action junkies! Killer cars, killer characters, killer action. With girls and gunfights and gear heads smashing and bashing for the win! I freakin’ loooovvveee it!!!!!

  • pani-olena-avdieienko
    pani olena avdieienko

    Having no expectations, I picked this up at a Redbox and was pleasantly surprised. Ten times more fun than the pathetic Jason Statham version. The lead actor had great charisma and actual acting ability. The supporting actors were well cast. The script actually had some thought put into it unlike most VOD action flicks. Above average direction and SFX certainly helped. It entertained me way more than many recent big screen action flicks. Way above average and a fun time killer. 9 times out of 10, I’m disappointed with VOD action fare but this one is a winner.

  • frederique-petitjean
    frederique petitjean

    While “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is no masterpiece in cinematic history, it is actually one of the more enjoyable and entertaining of the “Death Race” movies. But keep in mind that that is not in itself any particular great feat accomplished.The storyline in this 4th movie in the franchise is basically the same as every other movie. There is a Death Race to be participated in – and won by the protagonist, of course – just like every other movie in the franchise. So on that account, there is very little variation.There is variation in the cast, the vehicles, the track and the spectators though. I will say that some of the vehicles in the movie were actually quite cool, and definitely had that “Carmageddon” feel to it, which was the reason why I started watching these movies in the first place, so it is enjoyable that they continued on with this streak.As for the characters in the movie. Well, let’s just say that they tried, with some of the characters at least. They tried to give at least the main character a background story, albeit a very simplistic and essentially a non-important one. While all other drivers, like in the other movies, were just drivers with different vehicles, different names and different appearances.There is a fair amount of racing in the movie, and they managed to pull it off quite nicely. Because it does feel like it is high-speed and full of adrenaline, which added tremendously to the overall enjoyment of the movie.However, it is the simplicity of the storyline and the characters that keep the movie in the gutter of mediocrity. My rating of “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is a flat and mediocre 5 out of 10 stars.

  • ludger-butte-hartung
    ludger butte hartung

    The giant jail were death race take place is run by Frankenstein this time around. The evil corporation has completely lost control of it. Baltimore Bob transmits the death races via the darkweb. But the races aren’t just about racing and survival. The winner also gets to run the jail. Except that for the last 7 races the winner is always Frankenstein and that is hurting revenue now as there are fewer viewers. Bob needs a strong challenger. The corporation wants to shut down the death races altogether but when they send in their mercenaries they end up literally butchered by Frankenstein’s army. You see, the have weapons, girls, live concerts, a bar, and everything else in this “jail.” Danny Trejo is in Mexico betting on this whole operation.The corporation decides to send a black-ops guy pretending to be a convict to kill Frankenstein. The guy arrives and has the guts to challenge Frankenstein a couple of times from the get go and hooks up with the pretty bartender and meets Bob who sees in him the challenger he needs. New guy Connor has to survive the death pit first where the winner gets to participate in death race. Why he deserves to be in the death pit who knows, but of course he beats his opponents, a little too easily. With that, Bob, List, Connor, and bartender set up their racing team to beat Frankenstein.Problem is that before the race, Frankenstein lets everyone know about Connor’s identity and intentions which puts a strain on the relationships among Bob’s team but it’s not enough to split them altogether. Now the race is on and there are a couple of surprises.Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is the Death Race you want. Well-done, violent, gory, with good metal music, and with nice nudity. The problem here is that Frankenstein is the (likeable) villain, even though he’s the who keeps the jail from falling into anarchy. Of course the race itself allows for anarchy. The movie is a bit too long, focuses too much on the new uncharismatic lead, too little on Frankenstein and nearly nothing at all on the other contenders of death race. The race itself could have used more attention and mayhem. Given the running time the crew should have used the time more wisely to give us more action, more violence, more nudity and perhaps less attempts at drama, which don’t work because of the poorly cast lead. Otherwise, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is a strong improvement in the franchise and hopefully will set the tone for future entries.

  • kriukova-alla-igorevna
    kriukova alla igorevna

    Yesss!!!! Just watched last night in all its genre glory on my new Sony Bravia! It’s a dirty and crazy and fun ride with some hard turns along the way! I dug the characters and wanted more of them! It’s got some nastiness and a dark underbelly, don’t watch with those not into this kind of hardcore fare! You got to have gravel in your guts and if you do, you’ll be happy you gave this beast a chance! Out!

  • brenda-snow
    brenda snow

    Since when did it come more bout dumb bimbos running round naked and touching themselves up than the death race itself? It’s a pity they ruined it with all the pointless bimbos coz there was some decent actors in it it could have been a lot better.

  • meri-ayvazyan
    meri ayvazyan

    They need to get to 220mph for a jump. We maxed out at 210. I dropped the tombstone. then he shifts 2 more times. Love Hollywood

  • valentina-xmalaze
    valentina xmalaze

    Not a bad film at all. Great action movie but acting not so good. A bit far fetch as usual but definitely worth a watch . Girls very sexy and flashing bits about.

  • hector-clemente-sebastian
    hector clemente sebastian

    Violent over the top action with great set pieces and better editing and action scenes than the third instalment. There’s a lot of detail in the costumes and weapons. The cars look great with added features that didn’t need to be there, but are through good work by the design crew. There’s a lot to like in this film if it’s the kind of thing you’re in the mood for.The action scenes outside the racing are well shot, flashy and functional. Some scenes are quite inventive with the fight scene with the sledgehammer guy standing out as a highlight.The story works. As an action film I don’t expect too much but it has an above average flow and conclusion. One could pick faults and personal gripes but then the way I’d want it would not be the way someone else would want it so it’s ok as it is. To pick one point is the speed in which he falls in love with the bar lady and another would be Frank racing only seven times to build his empire, which would mean it’s a monthly occurrence and even then, he’s done it all in seven months? The time scale doesn’t work out. There would be other plot holes too, without doubt.Overall, if you want fast action and rowdy degenerate entertainment with decent production values, this could fit that want.

  • anna-gunnarsson
    anna gunnarsson

    Heck yeah! Finally an unabashed real unrated movie! Not for everyone but for anyone who likes their meat served rare with a side of dish of brain-bashing action! Come and get some!

  • eugene-rivera
    eugene rivera

    Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy: 8 out of 10: The fourth movie on the remake timeline which started with a rather poor Jason Statham vehicle in 2008. A secret agent goes to stop Frankenstein or something seems to be the plot. The Good: You know if you are going to make a fourth sequel to a series that people stopped caring about twenty minutes into the first film there are a couple of things you can do. Making sure every frame has sex, violence or large orange fireballs in it is a surprisingly solid approach. This movie is not good but God help us it is entertaining. Everything is over the top from the violence, the music to the casting of porn stars and professional wrestlers. Other sequels and remakes have successfully taken this tact from Piranha 3D to 2009’s My Bloody Valentine remake. While one can miss the mark (Piranha 3DD for example) it is a solid approach. After just sitting through the deadly boring Escape Plan 2: Hades I appreciate Death Race 4’s approach even more. The Bad: You know the film could have been a little meaner. I mean it is a Death Race film. Have the “good guy” kill his girlfriend Keyser Söze style to show he can’t be intimidated. That kind of thing. The movie also has the unseen narrator/announcer thing that I find irritating in movies. You know the kind of silliness that shows up in an Adam Sandler sports film in case someone in the audience can’t follow the action by simply looking at the screen. The Ugly: Speaking of not being able to follow the action does anyone actually know what the plot was supposed to be? Is Frankenstein the good guy or the bad guy in this one? Is this still in a prison? Why are there congressional hearings? What the hell is going on? In Conclusion: My complaint about the Statham remake was that is missed the point of the original. It had no cartoonish drivers, no casual nudity, it wasn’t funny, and no one ran over pedestrians. This film fixes the first three of the four. While it still isn’t a proper Death Race film (seriously even the topless starter girl isn’t run over) There are worse ways to spend an evening than with pornstars, wrestlers, and large giant fireballs.

  • kadri-post
    kadri post

    Plot holes? Sure! Pointless nudity? Heck yeah! Ridiculous explosions? You betcha! Acting that ranges from decent to terri-bad? Yep! I mean, going into it you have to expect, well…all these things. But it actually ends up being a pretty fun ride. And a bonus surprise credit song from one of my favorite bands, Highly Suspect, thrown in.

  • walentina-loos-b-eng
    walentina loos b eng

    “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is a mating of “The Road Warrior” and “Escape from New York.” The plot? What plot and who cares? The plot can be figured out in less than 10 minutes. The plot is not the point. The point of the film is more violence, brutality, nudity, sex (lesbian and straight) then its predecessors. This film is a must for “Death Race” fans and those who like their violence, brutality, etc. over the top. This is a B-film action classic, and arguably the best film in the “Death Race” franchise.

  • karl-browne-atkinson
    karl browne atkinson

    I was surprised by this movie. it was better than inferno and I did not expected that. this movie was so bad it was good. lots of violence…nudity….porno stars….action and blood u will carve for more. one of the best B-movies of this genre in terms of entertainment. It’s supposed to be a sequel to the 2008 film but in reality it’s a stand alone film. the guy the newcomer who challenged frank was great. if u like this stuff then this is for you.

  • okseniia-bashpolchenko
    okseniia bashpolchenko

    Loads of fun. Harkens back to the original Death Race, with a generous amount of violence and nudity. This movie is an absolute blast and it’s great seeing Danny Glover back stealing scenes. If you’re an action junkie, this will give you just the fix you’re looking for.

  • shannon-lester
    shannon lester

    Dumb, Brutal and a Lot of Boobs. Absolutely enjoyable and better then the last ones.

  • dr-gal-greta
    dr gal greta

    Didn’t have much hope for this film as the story just felt silly and dull and most of the time it was, It felt like the director watched Mad Max on repeat before filming this, I like the other straight to dvd Death Race films but not so much this one, They added more nudity, Sex and Less Races, When the action does start it was pretty good with some brutal deaths and gory scenes, It wasn’t greatly acted but they never have been, It didn’t really fit into the series well and was more of a spin-off, If you enjoyed the others you might like it but it won’t bring new fans to the table.