Optometrist Steve Finch loves those Christmas traditions he has set up with his family and his town. As such, he has a schedule of activities for his family starting on December 1st, and is the official unofficial consultant for anything Christmas related in his town of Cloverdale, Massachusetts. During the Christmas season, the Halls move in to the house across the street from the Finch’s. The Halls in general are different in outlook and temperament than the Finches. Unlike Steve, Buddy Hall scams his way through life and never follows through with anything he starts. While Kelly Finch and Tia Hall – Steve’s wife and Buddy’s wife respectively – and their children begin friendships based largely on those differences, Steve and Buddy butt heads based on those differences. It begins with Buddy striving to have his house seen from outer space by decorating it as lavishly and brightly as possible. One of the results of Buddy’s task his that he becomes the new go to guy for anything Christmas related in Cloverdale, usurping Steve’s coveted position. As Steve and Buddy’s open animosity grows, they may threaten the joy of Christmas for all, most specifically their families who have their own ideas of what they would like to do over the Christmas season.

Also Known As: Ласкаво просимо, або Сусiдам вхiд заборонено, Космическа Коледа, Craciun cu scântei, Um Vizinho a Apagar, Conciati per le feste, Budiz svetlo Czech, Un vecino con pocas luces, En lysande jul, Bitka za bozic, À vos marques, prêts, décorez!, Добро пожаловать, или Соседям вход воспрещён, Milijonas sventiniu lempuciu, Bitka za Božić, Voisin contre voisin, Blendende Weihnachten, Kiskarácsony mindenáron, Blendende Weihnachten - ...mein Nachbar ist nicht der Hellste, Wesołych Świąt, Una Navidad muy prendida, Um Natal Brilhante, Loistavat naapurit, Hristougenna stin priza, Χριστούγεννα στην πρίζα, All Lit Up, Deck the Halls

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  • kari-kim
    kari kim

    This movie was boring and full of crude humor and sexual remarks that are unnecessary for family viewing. There were three preteen boys and one girl with me. The boys were embarrassed. Two of them highly disliked the movie. The cross-dressing, the boob shots, the admiration from married dads of their daughter’s legs and bottoms, the comments made all throughout the movie referring to sex, was sickening. One of the boys was a guest of ours. I should have left, but my son was embarrassed to stay or to leave. Not wise on my part to not read the reviews first and very foolish of movie makers to assume that every family loves entertainment only if it contains crude humor, sexual references,and other unacceptable viewing. Believe it or not, there are still some of us adults who don’t appreciate the crude humor. What ever happened to responsible, respectable movies ? The actors seemed sleepy, too . I was thoroughly disappointed in this movie and its contents. Very much a B rated movie with little to no joyful Christmas spirit, depressing. The ending was the best part of the movie. I learned a lesson. Always read the review and go with your gut when picking a movie. I almost passed. Should have listened to my Spirit and passed.

  • ing-dorothea-budig-b-sc
    ing dorothea budig b sc

    I’ve just watched this movie recently and I’d say, it’s one heck of a family comedy. Every families who’s looking for some Christmas’ spirit should catch this. The lights are what makes this movie great. The fight between Steve and Buddy was hilarious as it carried on further with stuff like.. selling a car to Steve without letting him know and putting up a front that made Steve believed Buddy actually gave the car to him as a present (since he ripped the two doors off while trying to drive out between two RVs) as well as the bombing by Steve to Buddy’s light (while he was away, lol).. The pixel display of Buddy saying “Good Night, Steve!” was funny too. All these made this movie is a must watch this Christmas!

  • glenn-robinson
    glenn robinson

    I’m so sick of those people who MUST feel the need to critique every movie like they’re a movie critic for the Los Angeles Times…Most modern day Christmas movies, are silly, predictable, and not going to win any Oscars, big deal! You know what, take your kids, listen to them laugh, share some popcorn, and enjoy what this movie DOES have, not looking for the obvious predictable plot, or faults it possesses! Christmas Vacation is silly, yet, has become a Classic, A Christmas Story was blasted by Critics in the early 80’s, but has become a Christmas staple on TNT, the point is, this is a HOLIDAY movie, goofy, fun, heart warming, stupid at times, funny at times, and at the end, you leave the theater feeling good! Lighten up and enjoy the movie, it’s not that bad!

  • baydu-dumanli
    baydu dumanli

    Deck The Halls Stars Danny De Vito and Matthew Broderick A few strong messages are delivered in this storyline . It tells who’s in charge and the importance of togetherness of the family unit and the concern of a caring community . It also highlights understanding and living with the difficulties of our neighbours . That can involve some hard work but its well worth the effort as portrayed by the characters of Buddy Hall (Danny De Vito ) and his next door neighbour Steve ( Mathew Broderick) in the movie Deck The Halls . It is an enjoyable experience filled with love , life and rock and roll with the bright lights of tinsel town blinding you on the silver screen . There are some moving moments and some waves of emotion that swell up within you , lapping at the shores of the heart . The special magic touch of Christmas magic makes this movie a must see film for all the family .

  • matti-jarvinen
    matti jarvinen

    We have 3 little boys. We enjoy going out to movies and I am tired of watching animated films. It is nice to go see a PG movie that is entertaining for the whole family. The movies is not spectacular by any means but it is much better than most. I knew in the first 5 minutes I would be entertained by the movie as much as by sneaking peaks at my youngsters reactions. This movies script was not dumbed down and the dialogue was very good. Also Devito should be doing more movies. I think he does an excellent job in this movie and they could have made better use of his talent. I also liked the fact that they didn’t worry about making things believable. So many movies in this genre try to make everything believable and it just makes the movies seem silly. We laughed and the children were entertained. It’s definitely not a movie you would choose to go to without the kids because there are simply better movies available. This was the best family movie we have seen since RV. The last 20 minutes of the film will be a bit boring for the the youngest members of the family so just make sure to save some milk duds.

  • iudina-iraida-alekseevna
    iudina iraida alekseevna

    OK…so creating a cliché comedy at Christmastime is solely for making money. Even so, why do we have to have a nearly all-Jewish cast in a Christian themed holiday show? I’m not religious anyway and don’t want that to be the issue here aside from showing the greed involved by those who put this film together only for money. All that aside, the acting was simply horrible and the big show-off ending (Spoiler) where the house finally can be seen from space….it’s a scene where it’s SNOWING for Pete’s sake!!!! How in the world can ANYTHING be seen from space if it’s snowing outside? DUH?! Did anyone else even catch that? Matthew Broderick can’t act his way out of a paper bag, and Danny DeVito is at his worst. The twins were hot, but predictably played to be shallow and stupid…and were topped by being bad actors. Direction is awful, reaction to situations is not even remotely laughable, and nowhere near what an abnormal human would do even do if they had a zero I.Q.. I can only imagine anyone from outside of the U.S. looking at this movie and finally realizing why every other country hates us and thinks we’re a bunch of morons. Someone in Hollywood has to start directing to a level that is not the lowest common denominator…please!!! And by the way, I have driven by light shows where there were serious accidents caused by the distraction…so let’s not make this something we should all relish as a new tradition, eh?

  • kalvenas-kristupas
    kalvenas kristupas

    You see what you want to see most times in many instances. Some critics here say this is “heartless” but maybe that says more about them than about this movie. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie because it DOES show heart. Best of all, for Christians, it shows the REAL meaning of Christmas (as in the birth of Jesus Christ), subtly, not banging you over the head with a manger, but makes sure to use a creche scene, mention the birth of Jesus, and use Christian lyrics among the usual secular stuff. So for me, that made the movie all the more meaningful. I didn’t catch any embarrassing language or actions. Any “violence” is over-the-top cartoon stuff. And the lighting effects ARE great.There are also some genuinely funny lines, but you need a sophisticated sense of humor to catch it, especially with the deadpan style of Broderick.It’s a funny, fun, family film. I highly recommend it. (And don’t pay attention to grinch critics who say otherwise! They don’t see heart in this film because their hearts are “two sizes two small.”) 😉

  • mark-hensley
    mark hensley

    Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick) is smallish Cloverdale, Massachusetts’s town optometrist. He also is determined to create great holiday memories at Christmastime for, as he explains, he was an army brat and moved too often to experience a traditional Xmas. Therefore, Steve has his family on a schedule that includes hanging wreaths and singing carols. He is also a big supporter for the town’s winterfest celebrations. Enter Buddy Hall (Danny Devito). He and his wife have just purchased the house next door and Buddy has got the holiday spirit, too, in a big way. He wants enough lights on his house to assure it can be spotted from outer space! Buddy and Steve get off on the wrong foot from the start, with Buddy’s light-and-music show giving Steve insomnia and stress. Can these two get into the true holiday spirit of forgiveness and harmony? This is a nice addition to the holiday movie repertoire. Broderick and Devito are fine as the quarreling neighbors, with Devito turning down his manic comedy just a bit, with welcome results. The rest of the cast is well chosen, too. The look of the film is arresting and the costumes and scenery quite appealing. Near the end of the flick, there is a sweet moment when the lights go out and the lovely song, O Holy Night, is resonating. What a great way to remind everyone for the true reason for the holiday, amid the humorous chaos of the rest of the picture. If you want to see something new this holiday or in the future, this one will do nicely for a family gathering. It has some laughs and messages that will get everyone in the mood for the annual holiday experiences.

  • maria-mcdonald
    maria mcdonald

    After what would appear to be a promising start,( first ten minutes) this mishap falls miserably down on its face and never recovers. You would have thought somewhere in the whole production process, someone, anyone would have stood up and said, ” this whole thing just sucks-lets stop wasting our money .” The production people should be ashamed, the actors should be ashamed, and the viewer should be insulted that this garbage is being cranked out. There should be some sort of class-action lawsuit filed against the studio, seeking damages to the public for this crap. Absolutely inexcusable, in that a Country so great as ours, with all our resources, that this waste would be allowed. I, and others in a line with me, demanded our money back at the theater. Think ” Are We There Yet ? ” with a bunch of fake snow. Worthless.

  • vinicius-rocha
    vinicius rocha

    Some movies are so bad that you may swear off Christmas movies. This Christmas stars Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick as New England neighbours who spark a feud when one of them goes overboard with the Christmas decorations. DeVito plays Buddy who wants his house to be seen from “My Earth” (You know Goggle Earth?) and outer space. Two credible actors have just reached a low time in their careers. “Oh honey, Christmas is THE most important day in the year.” Give me a break. The acting was so bad that it is so unnatural, lame and cringe-worthy. Nasty neighbours fight but realise that Christmas is all about sharing. Family resolves conflicts and gets together for a meal, decorating the house with lights. The whole town goes in merry making, and ends by singing “Oh Holy Night”. How contrived, pretentious and hypocritical can a Christmas movie get? It’s Christmas, so please at least be sincere and realistic about it. The CG was so badly done. The scriptwriters forgot that their audience is actually sophisticated. As if we all know the ‘true spirit’ of Christmas is about being together with our family and neighbours. The whole town singing Christmas carols waving lighted hand phones was the last straw. Please

  • shannon-burgess
    shannon burgess

    I almost didn’t take my 9 year old because of all the negative comments, but I have to say that I walked out smiling and humming a Christmas tune. I thought it was a nice movie. Is it predicable? Yes, but so was Miracle on 34th street… Can’t something just be enjoyed and not torn apart just because the message is a simple one – to be nice to one another and try to help out? I liked it! It actually has a number of messages: That people who are different can still be friends (i.e. the two wives). That kids can learn from each other (i.e. the daughters) and that the husbands can learn that life isn’t just about competition, but about family and friends.

  • c-ira-kopaliani
    c ira kopaliani

    While this movie did offer a few short laughs, I really did not find it very funny. Many of the supposedly funny moments were simply too predictable. And those that weren’t predictable, just were not funny. Throughout the film, I wondered whether anyone would think these scenes were actually considered comedy. The plot was also a little too thin to make the movie interesting and way too thin for a Christmas movie. I got to the point where I didn’t really care what happened to the two families. I think that the plot was so thin, it was difficult for the actors to feel the emotions they were trying to portray. Overall, I was very disappointed.

  • rafael-lopes
    rafael lopes

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I went with a friend and we laughed hysterically during many of the scenes. I am not a big “fan” of any of the actors, but I thought it was great. There were so many funny one liners that I couldn’t help but laugh! (Looks like you are smuggling some chicken nuggets in that outfit…) I liked it so much, that my husband and I have plans to see it this week! Not all movies have to have a perfect story line behind it in order for others to be able to enjoy them. It actually reminded me of people I know who do get too caught up in Christmas! We all need to slow down and spend time with family and friends. *Lighten up and just l-a-u-g-h!

  • panteleimon-dutka
    panteleimon dutka

    This movie started out with good intentions. The small town was likable. With the actors in this movie I thought it would have been much better. How sad that this movie had such a WEAK script and plot and far fetched situations like the way that DeVito ‘sold’ Broderick a car. There was no chemistry between the characters. Bad attempts at subplots involving his relationship with Broderick’s family were left at mere attempts. I am a fan of Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation and wanted to see at least a Christmas ‘decorating war’ -this was not even close to the humor and great characters in ‘vacation’. I will also be hesitant to see another movie with DeVito and Matthew Broderick in them.

  • marika-pollu
    marika pollu

    Very cute movie about two neighbors (Danny DeVito and Matt Broderick) who try to out-do one another as ‘The Christmas Guy’ on their block by lavishly decorating their houses during the yuletide.Lots of great scenes like when newly arrived neighbor Danny introduces himself to Matt and winds up taking Matt’s morning newspaper and cup of coffee. Also when Danny can’t understand the conversation when Matt starts to “talk weird”. Kristin Chenoweth is sweet as Danny’s wife while lots of charming moments helps make this a holiday staple for the Christmas season.Recommended for the entire family.

  • violeta-cunha
    violeta cunha

    This is a perfect holiday movie for the perfect season,Funny,Heartwarming and everything you need in a holiday movie

  • vanesa-salom-villa
    vanesa salom villa

    While this movie is not laugh out loud funny, I still found it cute and entertaining. I especially liked the unique and bright light display. I don’t know if most of those lights were just computer generated or if they decorated a real house, but it sure looked amazing.In the movie, Buddy hall and his family moves across the street from the Finch’s. He comes up with the idea of making his house bright enough to be seen from outer space. All the lights and traffic begin to aggravate Steve Finch. He makes an attempt to sabotage Buddy’s lights, but his attempt isn’t very successful. He competes with Buddy in the town speed skating contest. Steve’s wife gets along with Buddy’s and she and kids begin doing things different. Steve wants everything done the same as in the same “family traditions.” Buddy and Steve learn a lesson in the end and what it means to be good neighbors.FINAL VERDICT: Entertaining. 12 year olds should like this as well as adults.

  • matthew-booth
    matthew booth

    We have reached that time of year again. Every year, or every couple of years, we have a fake Christmas comedy that comes out just for the sake of making money, with no heart. In 2004 we had Christmas with the Kranks which is one of the worst reviewed movies ever, but god help me but I found enjoyment in that film, believe it or not. I am known as Mr. Christmas, I love the holiday itself and I love its movies, most of them always bring me joy, my favourite one being The Polar Express. Now, I try to find joy in most holiday themed movies I watch, but when filmmakers have sunk to such low levels Deck the Halls, it’s hard to melt the cold hard plastic that it is. But honestly, how could we have expected a classic from the man who brought us such great films as “Big Momma’s House 2”, and the unforgettable “Malibu’s Most Wanted”? I sound very angry, but you know what, enough is enough. What happened to filmmakers putting heart into a Christmas movie, or any movie for that matter? What happened to being excited for such Christmas classics as Elf, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, or The Polar Express. Movies were the story, and the message matter was heart and holiday joy. I’m sick of studios making these “Christmas” movies that are just released for the simple fact that is money, these films show what Christmas has truly become, all about the presents. This film may have had no promise and, and I may have had no expectations for it, but to sink as low as this, and to have such a fake and cold-hearted movie, is just sad and disturbing. Box-office poison, Matthew Broderick strikes again with yet another box-office poison machine, Danny DeVito. Never have I seen a movie with such a cast of actors I hate.I mean, at least Christmas with the Kranks had Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis who are normally two very funny people, to bring some joy to it. In Deck the Halls we receive Danny DeVito, who just makes your skin crawl, and who is always stuck in movies with hot wives, what is that about? Then there’s Matthew Broderick who hasn’t delivered a classic or hit since who knows how long, it’s been a long while since his fantastic work in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Election, two classics. Then adding to that for female contribution there’s nails on chalk board voices Kristen Chenoweth and Kristen Davis, although Chenoweth at moments is funny in this rather forgettable comedy. DeVito and Broderick have as much chemistry as an apple and a plate, enough said. My main beef with the movie however, is something Kranks actually had, a message and an ending to it where all the garbage comes together and you actually, cared. Here we have just scenes put together called a movie, and ending that comes from no where but cliché-land. It doesn’t even strive for something original, it’s just here, put some “heart” into it. I found more heart in Scarface.We have come to the age where the story doesn’t matter to this films, you slap a Christmas theme on it, and there you have a holiday hit. I mean, at least the recently released The Santa Clause 3 had a message and heart, this has nothing. I mean, it’s about a man wanting to have his house seen from space, compensating for something much? Broderick’s character doesn’t even have a fight, if you know what I mean. They could’ve competed for the brightest house, that would have been more interesting, but no, we have to see him get slammed with Camel snot, put into its dung, and worst of all Danny DeVito make out with Chenoweth. It sounds as nasty as it is, I pray for her to make a full recovery. The house being lit with half a million lights is incredibly clichéd, and very annoying to the eyes. I remember when I had retinas, it’s blinding to say the least. The ending again to this film without giving anything away, is so fake and cold, and so heartless, I was honestly in shock at how it comes together. In the future, I pray for someone in Hollywood to come up with an original, heartfelt holiday movie.Bottom Line: As cold and heartless as the light bulbs surrounding the house.Review written by Jordan Appugliesi for http://www.boxofficefanatic.com

  • vikaavi-rcnaa
    vikaavi rcnaa

    So it being the Christmas season and all, the family was in the mood for a Christmas movie, one we hadn’t seen before. With the cast of Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, this one seemed like a good contender.Ouch.I could barely make it to the twenty minute mark before bringing the showing of this movie to a merciful end. It seems that this movie is trying hard to be Christmas Vacation, producing only a meager and clichéd facsimile of that classic. All the elements are there: the yuppie couple with cynical too-cool-for-school teenage daughter, little horn dog son, and a plot revolving around their contrast with rough around the edges newcomers. It’s been done before, and more importantly it’s been done much better.This is one of those movies that is offensively bad. Offensive because Hollywood churns out this utter crap under the assumption that we’ll lap it up because we’re just too undiscerning to know how bad it really is.

  • mariah-wells
    mariah wells

    Every year there is a Christmas movie released, and it’s always the typical family friendly flick that gets pretty annoying and predictable, in fact there really hasn’t been any good Christmas movies past Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. When I saw the trailer to Deck the Halls, I was so excited, because I’m a fan of Danny and Matthew, they’re both great comedic actors and this seemed like a great film for Christmas and how obsessive people are over the holidays.Steve is a family man who is intending to make the holidays brighter for his depressed kids and over shadowed wife, he is also love by the community. A new family moves in across the street, Buddy and his family are genuinely nice people but rub Steve off the wrong way, especially since Buddy is upset that his house cannot be seen from outer space and figures that Christmas lights will fix that problem. While all the other family members of both guys are getting along great, the guys end up competing with each other to see who will be the Christmas King of the town.Matthew and Danny who you’d think would be the perfect comedic duo actually didn’t spark anything that grabbed me and the jokes were pretty predictable. While this movie was over all a slight disappointment, actually, I’d say there are a few good little laughs her and there, it is a cute Christmas movie, but like I said, just stick with the classic Christmas comedies.5/10

  • laura-morse
    laura morse

    i am usually a fan of these Christmas movies, and i realize that they’re corny and stupid, but this is taking it to a new level. The only thing worse than the movie’s ridiculous plot holes was its ending. When Buddy’s house doesn’t light up and everyone took out their cell phones, i was so appalled that i threw up in my mouth. i then proceeded to stand up and take out my phone, hoping to give my fellow victims some entertainment. From now on I’m just going to ramble on about stuff to provide a filler, because of the retarded 10 line comment rule.This is the worst movie i have ever seen. For serial. My aunt came in from Canada, so we fulfilled a family tradition involving seeing a movie. It ruined my day, unfortunately.

  • alice-pospisilova
    alice pospisilova

    This was just really painful. The storyline in itself was bad, and the acting did nothing to make it any better. The idea of a grown man wanting to restore his honor by making his house visible from space with Christmas lights is ridiculous… The actors seemed uninspired and stiff, even though I love Danny DeVito I really can’t see how he said yes to this. The most catastrophic acting though, were his two twin girls. Ouch. Talk about being picked for your looks rather than your talent.I really can’t write reasonably about this movie, it was just too much of a mess for me. It had some funny parts, but they were all pretty clichéd and well-used, and I never once laughed out loud. This is just not worth your money and if you’re looking for that Christmas spirit, stay as far away from this movie as possible.

  • tyler-cole
    tyler cole

    To put it briefly, this was an entertaining movie, gave me a number of laughs and was also extremely stupid and insulting to anyone’s intelligence. But, if you look at it strictly as a farce, it will do for a 90-minute diversion. Just don’t take any of the characters seriously and try not to get annoyed – which isn’t easy – at the typical comedy clichés that are in this movie. And – as some others have pointed out – do not watch this with your kids; it’s not “family fare.”Many of the dumb “Hollywood stereotypes” you’ve endured in comedies the last few decades are in this film. A few examples: the obnoxious kids who say clever things; the typical family story where the men are made to look stupid while the women are smart and sensible; one guy who is a total crook is pictured as sympathetic; things happen in minutes that would take days to occur, unnecessary sex jokes, on and on. Yet, through it all, there are some funny lines of dialog and the Christmas lights on Danny DeVito’s house are great fun to see.This comedy also reminded me a lot of “What, About Bob?” as DeVito slowly drives neighbor Matthew Broderick almost crazy as Bill Murray did to Richard Dreyfuss. I’m told it also was like the National Lampoon’s Christmas Story but I never saw that.What was very interesting were two five-minute featurettes which came with the DVD. In it, is explained and shown how the movie makers built the two houses from scratch, put in all the incredible lights and light show and how it was made to look dark. The story takes place in a mythical town in Massachusetts (where nobody in the film, by the way, has an accent!) but was filmed in Vancouver in July where they were only getting six hours of darkness per night. Most of the film takes place at night so they also built as 60-foot high ark-like building over the two big houses! Incredible!

  • pani-nadiia-baranets
    pani nadiia baranets

    …unless you’re maybe 8 years old, in which case the sight gags might keep you amused. For a while. Matthew Broderick should be ashamed for getting himself mixed up in a mess like this. He’s good at playing straight men, but his deadpan delivery of this lousy script will have you checking your watch frequently. It’s a particular waste of his comedy talent, which is well-documented. Danny DeVito once again demonstrates that his career peaked about 10 years ago as he mopes his way through the story. Just when you think you’ve got his character figured out, he does something that takes you back to square one. Is he a nice guy? A scumbag? A criminal? It could be any of those things, or none. God knows the ending doesn’t give you any ultimate idea. I don’t really know, and I don’t really care. Avoid this film unless you have nothing better to do at the mall except wait for a swollen molar to subside. It’s about the only thing that seems less appealing than sitting through this turkey.

  • timothy-skinner
    timothy skinner

    Like watching a combination plate of a movie, with elements of every Christmas movie you’ve ever seen thrown in for good measure. First let’s start with one of the flimsiest plot devices ever: lifelong-loser Devito (despite having a blonde, busty wife, uh huh) gets the inane idea to put enough xmas lights on his home so it can be seen from space. This will give him the accomplishment of his life, and make him “somebody”. Now he has just moved in across the street from squeaky clean Broderick, who happens to me “Mr. Christmas” around the holidays. The two begin a war of wills as to whom the town will adore the most. Devito keeps piling on lights, Broderick tries to sabotage it. Now with that storyline laid out, so, so many things come to mind. A), Devito would never get away with the noise and paralyzing light beams shooting into everyone’s bedrooms. B), as a car salesman, Devito forges Broderick’s name and sticks him with the payments on a new SUV. Now, only in “movie land” would Devito not be fired and brought up on charges of fraud. C), let’s count the rip-offs of other movies, shall we: xmas neighbors feuding (Christmas With the Kranks); unstable man lighting up his house (Christmas Vacation); Broderick banged around and covered in goop (Home Alone); a VERY badly blue-screened runaway Santa sleigh (Christmas Vaction AGAIN!). Tack on maybe “the” most forced, overly syrupy, and utterly rushed endings in film history, Christmas or not, and you have ten hard earned dollars wasted. As the film started it was good to see a couple of former movie heavyweights in a potentially big holiday film…sadly, this adds to the nadir that is still their current careers.