A gang of boys under the Brooklyn Bridge are united by their common interest in break dancing. Some work as pizza delivery boys, hence they call themselves the “Delivery Boys”. They form a dance team and enter a local break dance contest, sponsored by a woman’s panty manufacturer. A rival gang’s sponsor intimidates their employer into thinking she must keep the boys working so they won’t be harmed. She gives the boys some “specialized” deliveries to make them late for the contest. The antics and calamities abound as the boys wrestle with her work assignments and getting to the contest on time.

Also Known As: Pizzapojat, Pizza Pojat, Breakdance Party, Delivery Boys, Los chicos del reparto, Servizio... a domicilio, Entregadores de Pizza, Os Garotos do Break

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  • felicia-jefferson
    felicia jefferson

    Me and a friend went to the theater one day and saw this film because another movie was sold out or something…To this day whenever we say a movie is bad we always compare it to this move…”It’s not as bad as Delivery Boys””You should have seen Delivery Boys if you thought that was bad.”I don’t know why, but this movie just stuck out as awful, and has forever earned a home in our psyches.

  • jeffrey-rodriguez
    jeffrey rodriguez

    Disregarding what the other poster (thus far) says of this movie, I actually enjoyed it. So much that I have been searching for a DVD. I recorded it off TV shortly after it was released and even though the quality was not the best on VHS, I converted it to disc on my DVD recorder for my own use. I recently purchased a VHS copy from Amazon and plan on making another copy, again for my own use, on disc. Hopefully the quality will improve. Very few of the actors/actresses have ever gone on to bigger roles, but that doesn’t mean a lack of talent. The dancers are good, the situations are funny and I give it a 8+ for entertainment.