Rugged and irritable Carl Morck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and his colleague, the Syria-born Assad, run the cold-case division of the Copenhagen police. After a desperate appeal to Morck about the unsolved killing of his own teenage children, an ex-cop commits suicide. This leads the detective pair on a twisted mission to discover what really happened in the 1990s at one of the country’s poshest boarding schools. Director Mikkel Norgaard reunites with lead stars Kaas and Fares to portray this taut fiction which again alternates deftly between the past and present.

Also Known As: The Absent One, Jussi Adler-Olsen: Schändung, Schändung, Fácángyilkosok, Pheasant Killers, Departamento Q: O Ausente, Ubice fazana, Department Q: The Absent One, Мистериум: Охотники на фазанов, De fazantenmoordenaars, Absentul, Zabójcy bażantów, Department Q: The Absent, Vânãtorii de oameni, Специален отдел Q: Ловци на фазани, Fasanjägarna, Profanación: Los casos del Departamento Q, 特捜部Q キジ殺し, Metsästäjät, Fasandræberne, Les enquêtes du Département V: Profanation, The Absent One - Battuta di caccia, El ausente, Ubojice fazana, Fasandreperne

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