The teenagers of Disney’s most infamous villains return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep.

Also Known As: Наследники 3, Descendants 3, Descendentes 3, Los Descendientes 3, Os Descendentes 3, Η Επόμενη Γενιά 3

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  • chelsea

    This movie is really nice!

  • mel

    I love this movie so much but R.I.P Cameron Boyce

  • nia-clark
    Nia Clark

    This movie okay

  • melissa-gonzales
    melissa gonzales

    This was a great movie and the tribute to Cameron Boyce was top notch in My opinion, I wish there was more coming but in 1 way I’m glad cause it would never be the same without Cameron Boyce playing Carlos De Ville.

  • barbro-skold
    barbro skold

    Such a great movie! Best out of the three! Hades and Mals relationship is one of my fav father/daughter duos. Wish we could of had one more movie and get the see the wedding.

  • eric-morrow
    eric morrow

    As with the first two Descendants movies, my kids enjoyed them much more than I did. The idea of all the Disney villains being forced to live locked up (my magic) on an island by themselves does have a fun “Escape from New York” vibe to it, but this is the Disney Channel so there’s teenybopper singing, dancing, and angst. For this installment, there is now a lottery of sorts where the children of a villains can get a a reprieve and get off the island, as did Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. I found it odd how happy all the villain kids were for those chosen (this time the descendants Mr. Smee, Lady Tremaine, and Dr. Facilier’s [they’re really desperate for villains with that one]) when it wasn’t them picked, but that’s the good natured attitude of this film about evil people. Another annoyance is the film is padded out with some flashback musical montage sequences from the first two installments. Maybe the classic sins-of-the-father themes were an interesting starting point, as was the “Escape from New York” Disney villain prison island, but the songs are annoying and the petty teen drama is a lot to suffer through. Honestly, my favorite moment watching this film was hearing a cover of a T-Rex song during a milk commercial. But again, I was not the target audience for this film and my elementary age children absolutely loved it.

  • diana-graves
    diana graves

    I thought it was such a good idea when hearing Disney is gonna make a movie about the next generations of their classic films. Been looking forward to it for such a long time. this film does not live up to the original at all. To be honest, I feel the plot is average, the ending is predictable and the characters are not that interesting. I mean I do like Mal and Eve, they are just not quite refreshing. It is just like a million other bad girl/Cinderella movie, wild child for example. you can even match the plot turning points. I might give it a 5 if I didn’t have such high expectations. For me, just waste of a good idea with completely average characters and plot.

  • madison-lee
    madison lee

    I’m a woman in my 30s and love these 3 films, especially this one. I didn’t think i could watch it when i heard about Cameron’s passing, but i brought up the nerve. So very sad. Very good soundtrack. Some of my friends were songwriters for some of them and I’m very impressed. These teens are all great actresses, actors and singers. Just amazing talent here. This movie was entertaining as usual. Well done

  • dennis-maynard
    dennis maynard

    My Walmart DVD started by itself like a bootleg.Only Disney could create a family movie with “bad girls” in tight leather pants with a zipper in the back promoting Frederick’s of Hollywood. Mal (Dove Cameron) and her fellow dreamers travel south of the border to find four more line dancers to come live in the promised land. Parents willingly let their kids go you they can live a better life. However, one of the criminals attempts to break the barrier. Mal, who will become the next Queen believes they need to build a wall to keep them out. Audrey (Sarah Jeffery) was not too happy to hear about her ex, getting married to Mal, and changes her hair and wardrobe. . . thank you again, Fredericks. With a wicked wand, she raises havoc that only kids from south of the border can solve while picking grapes (symbolic Latino give away). And BTW Dude the Dog is a girl dog.I loved the first installment. They have maintained the characters, style, and choreography. The film has lost the fresh appeal and there are only so many times you can go to the well. This isn’t Star Wars. Still, it was entertaining. I’ll watch the next one as long as they still have those Dove-tailed pants.

  • thomas-svein-hauge
    thomas svein hauge

    I really liked the first movie and the 2 others were okay. I always think the choreography and music are great, Kenny Ortega does not disappoint there. However, Disney is soooo rich, why oh why can’t they afford some better special effects? Both of the last movies look entirely shot in front of a pretty bad green screen and the dragon and sea witch Uma just look horrible. I know it’s only a Disney channel original but still.Still enjoyable though.

  • monique-compton
    monique compton

    This film was way too over hyped for what it was. The other entries in the film series were much more climactic and fun. This film was too predictable and too cheesy at points. Had a cute message relating to immigration at the end. Overall, the film is way too over hyped and advertised for what it is. Fun movie for tweens, not good for younger kids. Kids should be at least seven or eight years old to watch / understand.

  • tracy-hartman
    tracy hartman

    As a fan of ‘Descendants’ from the beginning, I have watched all three movies the second they were released. Descendants has captivated my love and attention from the very first movie.Unfortunately, the third movie feels somewhat out of place in the series. It feels very different from the other movies, and it’s not always in a good way. Audrey’s story arc feels unrealistic and forced. Actress Sarah Jeffrey plays a convincing enough villain, but she became so evil so quickly that it feels forced. Her redemption arc at the end feels random and unnecessary. That being said, I did enjoy The Queen of Mean storyline.My other issue was Hades. The character was so anticipated and everyone expected him to be the next big villan. While his storyline was satisfying enough, I can’t say that I wasn’t disappointed. He was barely in the movie, and I found myself wanting more.It’s also worth mentioning that most of the songs just weren’t as good as the songs from 1 and 2.In conclusion, Descendants 3 was a good enough movie, and Disney Channel has one again given people something to enjoy. As much as I had fun watching, I can’t see myself loving it as much as the first two.

  • thomas-thompson
    thomas thompson

    It was good. The main reason why I didn’t rate it higher was the writing. By far the laziest writing of the franchise. Still the actors and directors pulled through to make it a good movie. I found the First two to be better but that is my opinion still a legendary franchise for Disney TV movies

  • ing-nancy-guerrero
    ing nancy guerrero

    Loved the movie even tho it was hard for me to see it after Camerons death 🙁 but I loved the plot about Audrey wanting revenge and how she used the scepter on the people was creative . also loved the fact that the villains became friends with Mal and her crew. and I loved hades but I felt like he didn’t have enough screen time and I thought there was a lot more ways contribute hades in to the story . all he did was sing and show up in the end. yes I know he basically saved Audreys life but he didn’t play a bigger role considering he is on the poster even though he didn’t do that much or show up in the move as much, also loved the end it was a beautiful ending that fit in well . also the tribute to Cameron was so sweet, will forever miss him

  • ashley-jimenez
    ashley jimenez

    I started this movie with high hopes but instantly got let down. I feel like they rushed the making of the movie and a lot of the sets are terrible. There is almost no plot to the movie and all the new actors just make the movie hard to watch

  • amanda-hill
    amanda hill

    My rating is low because I’ve seen the majority praising the movie and an overall rating of 7.6 for Descendant 3 is insane. I admit the songs are great, the message is good, but even if it’s Disney and it most likely cater to younger audiences, this poor writing and the amount of plot holes are inexcusable. Usually, I don’t write reviews for movies, but I had high expectations for this one because I like the concept of villains turning good, fairy-tales having twists, etc. This movie had the potential to be great, but it failed at it miserable from multiple points. The plot is a mess and the characters’ actions make no sense. I’ve heard this is an adaptation from a novel, so a lot of things could have been emitted and changed. It is possible that books actually had a good reason for whatever was happening, but that was never explained in the movie. So I’m going off from only knowing the movies. Let’s start with the characters, their actions, and background, and their connections to the plot.Audrey: Although a bit better, but just like the others, she has know idea how to be a good villain. Here are the reasons 1. (1. is more a spoiler because it wasn’t in the music video) Audrey hates the VKs, but only turns Mal old and doesn’t do anything to the others 2.Audrey makes the knight’s armors fight when she could have just turn the VKs to stone like she did later on. She also does nothing to Uma after seeing that somehow Uma makes Mal strongerNow, moving to a new character. Hades: Leaving Greek mythology aside and looking at the Hades from Hercules, there are a lot of things that doesn’t make sense regarding him. 1. In Descendant 1, the barrier came down for a few minutes. Maleficent flew out to attack Auradon. Hades, being a god and having his ember, clearly could have escaped, so why didn’t he? 2. Why does he even need an ember in the first place when both in the Greek mythology and in the Hercules movie he didn’t need one? 3. Why is Hades on the Isle instead of Tartarus If he was deemed so dangerous? Who even managed to imprison him and how does the Isle even able to contain him? It couldn’t have been the fairy wand that made force field since a fairy’s power cannot be stronger than a god’s. Also, who manages the Underworld and what happens to the dead if their ruler is imprisoned? Did they capture all the Underworld gods and creatures who served Hades? If not, the world should already be in chaos.Moving on to Mal: 1. Considering how powerful her mother’s scepter was and how completely unguarded it was, after failing to get the wand, why didn’t she think to get her mother’s scepter in the first movie, turn everyone to stone, get the wand, and then take down the barrier? And also, why didn’t no one increase the security considering how scared they were of Uma and other VKs? 2. Hades said she is Half Hades, so why is she so weak? When Hercules only had a bit of his godliness left, he could easily lift statues, vehicles,etc. Yet Mal, who is a demigod, has absolutely no power and couldn’t even defeat Uma in Descendant 2. 3. (3 is more a spoiler since it wasn’t in the music video) When all of Auradon was in danger and she was clearly losing, she didn’t think of flying to Hades and bringing him out to easily defeat Audrey and turn everything back to normal, but when Audrey, now a villain, was about to die, she was willing to risk to bringing Hades out. Makes no sense just like her idea to close the barrier forever, considering that Hades is her dad and she trusts him enough to go to Auradon and save a villain (Audrey)As for the ending, I get that it wanted to point out the hypocrisy, but the fact that Audrey wasn’t punished at all whatsoever and that her not dying is considered a good deed done by Hades makes no sense. Cinderella’s stepmom and step-sisters were imprisoned for being abusive only, and yet the one who dishonored her own mother by going complete Maleficent on them and put everyone at danger faces no punishment. This is ridiculous just as releasing all the villains. That’s literally what Maleficent wanted. Were they only afraid of her and Hades or why was it ok to release imprisoned villains with their full power without taking any measures to protect themselves against said villains?Also, considering how every time Auradon is in danger, they have to rely on the VKS, I really wonder how in the world did they imprison Hades or other powerful individuals.

  • andrew-thompson
    andrew thompson

    I Liked It a lot, it warped the movie series really well

  • mallory-jones
    mallory jones

    Kenny Ortega and Disney don not disappoint again!! The third and final film was bittersweet as it was well written and acted yet sad with Cameron Boyce’s death a few weeks before the premiere. As a parent, I found it great with fun songs, good and evil uniting to be good and the Disney characters in it portrayed to perfection! Well done!!

  • ants-sutt
    ants sutt

    They did a great job with the plot and music! References to the other films and easter eggs were nicely done! The dancing was great! Great cast as usual! Great messages like the other films and centered around unity, teamwork, understanding people, honesty, and helping others. This is a movie that can be watched by all and the franchise connects all of the Disney movies.

  • lois-kerkhof
    lois kerkhof

    I am a huge fan of Disney so this may be biased but the movie is great. It’s an amazing conclusion to the franchise and the songs and acting are really good for a TV movie. Loved it, fun watch.

    • klowy-mendez
      Klowy Mendez

      Idk if i should watch this movie because of Cameron Boyce im so sad for him because he passed away so early :< i love this movie and still trying to watch this.

  • nathaniel-baker
    nathaniel baker

    From The story that has underlying themes in regards to Immigration to the acting, cinematography and effects, I found it hard to believe this was a film that came out of disney channel. Easily the best movie out of the trilogy. The songs are better, the dancing is better, the stakes are better. Kenny Ortega concluded yet another trilogy perfectly

  • holly-lopez
    holly lopez

    Love love loved D3!!! What a perfect ending for the trilogy!Mr Ortega made sure the messages of “family,” “acceptance,” “second chances,” and “celebrating our differences” came ringing through with fabulous music and dancing that was a lot of fun to watch -a lot of work for the actors too, I bet – but so worth it for the viewers.It was great to see Ben as the Beast finally. Audrey’s turn to the bad side, especially after her Grammy berated her for letting the prince slip through her fingers, was a great way to show that bad can come from either side of the barrier. Then Hades part, although smaller than expected, brought the good in from the “wrong side of the tracks” – and his pride for his little girl was evident even though Mal had always felt he had abandoned her. I was so happy to see their relationship repair bit by bit as each of their scenes progressed. Dizzy and the Smee twins didn’t play big parts but this story has always been about the core 4 anyway – exactly as I wanted to see – with a pop of the newbies here and there to let us know there was a program initiate to get more VKs to Auradon as Ben dreamed to make happen. Mal’s unintentional selfishness to want to lock the barrier for good to keep the core 4s lives good and Auradon safe was a great way for Evie to teach about sharing the good life with all of the villain kids.All 3 movies in the Descendants franchise were absolutely fabulous! The last 4 years have been worth the wait and D3 topped it all off with a perfect ending. Watched D and D2 again before watching D3 4 times last night. Seriously enjoyed every bit of all 3 Descendants DCOMs and felt they flowed wonderfully!!! Previously reading the books between the movies added to that flow and were just as enjoyable. What a wonderful feel-good Disney story with strong messages about important aspects of life that children need to be taught so we can hopefully end hate someday. Our real life world could learn a lot from this trilogy and I can’t wait to pass on my Descendants DVDs and soundtracks to my grandchildren one day so they can learn about acceptance in a fun and creative way.The dedication at the start and the tribute at the end for the extraordinary young man, Cameron Boyce, were real tear jerkers but I am so glad he is getting recognition he so deserves! Hope his legacy lives on forever because he lived his life sending out the same messages that the Disney Channel stands for – family, acceptance, caring, sharing, helping, and celebrating differences. His family have a right to be so proud of Cameron and I thank them for sharing him with us for all of these years (since 2011 for me).Regardless of what I say or others say – watch D3 yourself and make your own determination if you like it or not.

  • sharon-cox
    sharon cox

    The music wasn’t great, and they could’ve made the ending so much better. Also Audrey was awkward. The only things I loved were Cheyenne Jackson’s acting and the Cameron Boyce tribute. Not saying I hated the movie, but it could’ve been better:(

  • leslie-washington
    leslie washington

    This movie series isn’t the best. But the way it ended made it so good. The ending was touching, the acting was solid for my taste, Cheyenne Jackson was a great Hades, it was nice to have Audrey back, and the tribute to Cameron Boyce was the best. The songs were the best of all three movies. This will be forever in my mind

  • margaret-george
    margaret george

    I am so glad Disney makes such well written and family friendly movies available to watch on the Disney channel! Awesome movie with a great message!

  • toni-scott
    toni scott

    I mean, it’s a Disney Channel Original trilogy, so obviously it’s not going to be perfect. But it’s clear that a lot of thought and love went into this movie – definitely much more than I expected. I’m beyond satisfied right now.

  • achim-voinea
    achim voinea

    Descendants franchise never disappoint, With the 3rd and last installment,Descendants never fail to entertain and touch us! The loss of Cameron Boyce made the movie sad but still the movie was very fun to watch with great songs and the same atmosphere of the first 2 movies! So sad it ends here.WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU * CAMERON BOYCE*

  • mallory-jones
    mallory jones

    The movie was great, really great, but what did it for me was that touching moment honoring Cameron Boyce. Truly magnificent.