Lucia and Ophelia would never have been friends, but they were sisters. It’s Lucia’s wedding day. She will marry Juan, her partner for four years. Carmen, the optimistic and denying mother, decides to invite her other daughter Ophelia to the wedding of her first-born, wanting to put an end to the rivalry between the sisters who have not seen each other for seven years. Ofelia arrives at the wedding accompanied by her partner, Andrés, both live isolated in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The sisters are again pushed by the wishes of others. They return to be prey to that trap. Ofelia becomes calmer but more animal, primitive, free and dangerous. Lucia, strong and territorial, feels powerful although there is something she can not control: the desire of her husband. Ofelia and Juan desire each other from the first look. Ofelia, the stormy, the fragile, was also the freest when it came to exploring her sexuality. Lucia always enjoyed through her sister. She spied her, she was voyeur and disciple. The encounter between John and Ophelia begins as a disturbing fantasy in the minds of the three, until the bodies ask to join. The two couples live a shared honeymoon in “La Dreamed” cliff house. There, the sex between Ophelia and Andres, and, between Juan and Lucia, becomes escape and discharge only but the sisters know that they are condemned to desire the same man.

Also Known As: Desire, Хотеть мужчину своей сестры, Desejarás, Şehvet, Desejarás o Noivo da sua Irmã, Desearás, Desearás al hombre de tu hermana

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  • sesto-conte
    sesto conte

    I am very surprised to see such poor ratings of this movie. I think it is a masterpiece. This only proves that general public will go for empty , shallow, entertaining content. So many artists were not recognized during their lifetime, and it seems to be the case with this movie. This movie is like a very , very good, deep book. You have to know how to watch it. It It is full of hidden character description. Full of metaphors,mystery , humorous perversion. It actually makes you think about human characters. The music is marvelous and seductive and in in perfect symbiosis with content . Each actor is perfect for the character they play and they execute it brilliantly ! You can feel, almost taste , sensuality without being exposed to cheap, porn content. Directing is superb.It is on par with Federico Fellini’s best movies. I watched it three times and will be one of the movies to watch over and over again .Please watch it very carefully.Pay attention to small details in which you will find hidden meaning. Savour it! Enjoy it !

  • alicia-da-paz
    alicia da paz

    Great photography… The rest just Argentine cinema

  • mestur-dincer-dumanli-sezer
    mestur dincer dumanli sezer

    Other reviews suffice to say this is garbage, and they are correct and I could tell in about 5 minutes. I also believe that this foreign film should not be on American screens as so much press has said. I truly wish remove it either voluntarily or via force.

  • laertes-magdalenos-akriotes
    laertes magdalenos akriotes

    There is nothing to this film, that is why the used that controversed scene involving children in the beginning, just to stir-up some scandal and get known.

  • indrek-teesalu
    indrek teesalu

    Desire is your average melodrama: its exaggerated characters and contentious events appeal to the emotions, dramatizing a scenario surely uncommon but by no means improbable. Estranged sisters Lucia and Ofelia differ greatly in their attitudes toward sex, the degree of satisfaction sex provides each of them, and their ability and desire to please a partner. Occasional flashbacks show the havoc already wrought as the women became who they now are.Unexpectedly brought together at Lucia’s wedding, the sisters and the men in their lives find self-control overwhelmed by desire. Fidelity gradually goes out the window. When this is discovered, the crap hits the fan.Desire is well acted for a melodrama, and not unbelievable, I think, even though the lifestyle in a wealthy estate is so unfamiliar. The direction left a couple of minor points unclear; that might be the result of my dependence on subtitles. And it’s explicitly sexual, which apparently surprised or offended a number of reviewers. If this film — whose plot is all about sexual desire — had not shown strongly simulated sex, I would have felt that it failed to suspend disbelief. Desire does not, however, come even close to the “primarily intended to arouse” standard of pornography: it’s just explicit enough that you know the characters’ passions. A couple of kids riding horsie on pillows, made relevant only by the adult narrator, is hardly worthy of complaint.Watch Desire when your brain is too tired for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but not yet jaded enough for Dirty Blondes from Beyond. It’s not great, but it isn’t horrible, either.

  • ana-julia-martins
    ana julia martins

    Stay away from this film…this is all about pornography and promoting child pornography.i really hope that this film gets banned everywhere and get investigated for promoting child pornography.

  • filip-gorenc
    filip gorenc

    After reading bad reviews ,i decided to see it and decide for myself if it’s bad or not and ………….. it’s bad alright. Even right from the start, the movie provokes the viewer with sexually suggestive use of children and from there on doesn’t get any better. The characters are soulless ,the performances empty, political correctness is rampant and you constantly get the idea that it’s nothing more than a cheap softcore porn b-movie. It offers nothing to the viewer in terms of either sensuality or entertainment, so you can safely skip this one ,knowing that you don’t miss out on anything important.

  • basilike-kouloumpou
    basilike kouloumpou

    I’m not sure what the message is here. Is it that South Americans are as horny and twisted as the rest of us in the Northern hemisphere? Maybe it’s a message that messed up parents make messed up kids? Whatever. The message is pointless. The only thing worth watching this for is the cinematography. It’s a beautifully shot film in a very beautiful location. There’s so much color and clarity in the picture that it’s almost hard to suspend your disbelief that it’s set in the 70s.

  • asuncion-herrera-salas
    asuncion herrera salas

    I heard about this movie from a news report about the first scene. It is true what they say. Now there are clearly worse movies that portray much more horrible acts towards children, such as A Serbian Film….. BUT that movie isn’t on Netflix. Desire is on Netflix. What’s up with that? If I wanted to hear about 10 yo girls having orgasms then I would read a Lena Dunham book (and then go throw up). I guess this could be worse… it could have Lena Dunham in it! GROSS.

  • yannick-laursen-mortensen
    yannick laursen mortensen

    I wish I could give this film a zero-star rating. One does not simply watch “Desire” (“Desearás al hombre de tu hermana”) – no, no, no, no, no – “Desire” is a film that one must endure. To put it simply, this movie is among the very worst of what cinema has to offer. There are 1) no redeeming qualities whatsoever and 2) there’s nothing compelling about the film. However, every time I see a film, I learn something of importance, so I always enjoy seeing a film regardless of whether or not the film is bad or great. Now, in this circumstance, I must say that if I learned but one thing, it’s that everyone involved in making this film should be ashamed of themselves (minus the child actresses) – and especially the parents of the child actresses because those children had no say in whether they wanted to be a part of this unholy mess, and I’m sure they had no idea what they were taking part in. Not only this, but I fear that they may grow up ashamed of their roles, though I hope they do not. It isn’t their fault. This film is disgusting and positively lifeless. I’ve seen many disturbing films – grotesque, even – but this film is ‘disgusting’ – repulsive. I couldn’t tell whether the film was trying to be funny and lampoon other erotic films, or whether the film was supposed to have “that” type of humor. Being that it was the first result when I typed in “erotic” in Netflix’s search menu, I incorrectly assumed it would be worth viewing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I simply wanted to explore a genre of films I don’t normally watch, and this is what was waiting for me. In that way, this film reminds me of imitation sushi, always there waiting to be eaten by you . . . even readily available to you! Yet, when you take a bite you simply confirm all your misgivings, reluctance, and reservations. In other words, don’t try it.

  • iris-sarre
    iris sarre

    This movie could be best described as what we Argentinians call a “bazofia” (piece of shit). Our cinema is funded by a corrupt organisation called INCAA which never heps developing or underground artists who have interesting proposals to offer. No. Instead, it finances mediocre directors such as Diego Kaplan who as an opportunist, casts a model who has been lately in the news because of an affair she was victim to. The problem is, the girl can´t act, she is stiff, unexpresive almost to the point of making you cringe. The rest of the cast is no better (well, maybe a tad better).The movie tries to be controversial, sensual and a little pervert but fails in every department. It is not even soft porn.Bearing a failed composition taken from vintage love novels, the movie takes the fight of feminism and insults it in very way. The representation is shameful and so is the script, the “humour”, the “drama” and everything else. This is really a hideous spectacle.I can’t begin to imagine the feeling of hundreds of talented Argentinian cinematographers who have to see movies like this being made and exported while their budget is not even enough to finish their productions. Meanwhile, the arts institute of Argentina (INCAA) run by ignorants, money grabbers and corrupt politicians is looking for the next yellow celebrity to produce in a haste the next horror show.

  • helfried-siering-b-eng
    helfried siering b eng

    It only takes five minutes to know this movie is garbage. If you keep watching more than that, is at your own risk. You’ve been warned. Bad acting, bad writing. Aesthetic over substance. Horrible, forgetable, unbearable, unwatchable. Save your time, your money, your life, your everything. STAY AWAY FROM THIS.