Celestine, the chambermaid, has new job on the country. The Monteils, who she works for are a group of strange people. The wife is frigid, her husband is always hunting (both animals and women) and her father is a shoe-fetishist. Joseph, the farm-labourer is a fascist and sexually attracted to Celestine. Celestine settles herself and talks to the neighbour, an ex-officer, who likes damaging his neighbour’s things. After the death of the old man, she quits her job, but because of the rape and murder of a child ‘Little Claire’ she decides to stay, believing that Joseph is the murderer. To get his confession she sleeps with him and promises to marry him. In spite of her engagement she fakes evidence to implicate him in the murder. He is arrested, but is released because the evidence is inconclusive. She marries the ex-officer and takes on a housewife role similar to that of Madame Monteil.

Also Known As: En kammarjungfrus dagbok, Diario de una camarera, Το ημερολόγιο μιας καμαριέρας, El diario de una doncella, El diario de una recamarera, To imerologio mias kamarieras, Щоденник покоївки, Tagebuch einer Kammerzofe West, Het dagboek van een kamermeisje, Le journal d'une femme de chambre, Дневник горничной Soviet, O Diário de uma Camareira, Kamarineidon päiväkirja, Tagebuch einer Kammerzofe, Denník komornej, Egy szobalány naplója, Kambarinės dienoraštis, Jurnalul unei cameriste, Deník komorné, Diary of a Chambermaid, The Diary of a Chambermaid, Il diario di una cameriera, Dziennik panny służącej, 小間使の日記, En kammerpiges dagbog, Komazukai no nikki, En kammerpikes dagbok, Diário de Uma Criada de Quarto, El diario de una camarera, Diario de una doncella, Дневникът на една камериерка, Dnevnik jedne sobarice

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