After the terrifying events in LA, John McClane (Willis) is about to go through it all again. A team of terrorists, led by Col. Stuart (Sadler) is holding the entire airport hostage. The terrorists are planning to rescue a drug lord from justice. In order to do so, they have seized control of all electrical equipment affecting all planes. With no runway lights available, all aircraft have to remain in the air, with fuel running low, McClane will need to be fast.

Also Known As: Die Hard 2 - vain kuolleen ruumiini yli, Мiцний горiшок 2, Smrtonosná past 2 Czech, 58 Minutes, 58 minuti per morire - Die Harder, Duro de matar 2, 58 minutes pour vivre, Visa hing 2, Szklana pulapka 2, Крепкий орешек 2, Smrtonosná pasca 2, Stirb Langsam 2, Die hard 2 - 58 minutes pour vivre, Die Hard 2 - med dödlig påföljd 2, Die Hard 2 - vain kuolleen ruumiini yli 2, Greu de ucis 2, Die Hard 2: Die Harder - vain kuolleen ruumiini yli 2, Die Hard 2 - 58 minuti per morire, Die Hard 2, Még drágább az életed, Poly skliros gia na pethanei 2, Kietas riešutelis 2, Assalto ao Aeroporto, Πολύ σκληρός για να πεθάνει 2, Duro de Matar 2, Умирай трудно 2, Jaan sakht 2, Á tæpasta vaði 2, Umri pokoncno 2, La jungla 2, Умри Машки 2 Republic of, Cinquante-huit minutes pour vivre, Die Hard: Die Harder, Umri muški 2, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Zor ölüm 2

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