This ensemble comedy follows the Pullham University Bluecocks, a small liberal arts college with a Division III football program (the lowest division in the NCAA). When the head coach unexpectedly dies, the future of the flailing football program is in jeopardy, as they have not had a winning season in decades. In a desperate attempt to create some media attention for the athletic program and the university, President Georgia Anne Whistler hires known lunatic and felon, Coach Rick Vice, for what could be the football programs final season. Vice, an overly aggressive redneck racist, quickly becomes the team’s and athletic director’s worst nightmare. Vice especially butts heads with Mitch DePrima, a reluctant quarterback who was drawn to the college thinking he would play ball as a big fish in a small pond, only to find himself riding the bench in his final year. Navigating between an insane coach, meat-head teammates, his male cheerleader roommate and the sexy new sports trainer, Mitch struggles to find himself. But Vices particular brand of unorthodox coaching, may just be the spark that Mitch and the entire team need to turn the program around and become winners!

Also Known As: Третий дивизион, Untitled Division III Football Comedy, Division III: Football's Finest, Division III

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  • christopher-lowe
    christopher lowe

    There’s no debate, this movie is insanely stupid. But that’s what makes it hilarious. Before watching, you know what you’re getting into, so why watch if this is not your style of comedy? Stupid humor is taking the world by storm, and this movie is a testament to how funny it can be. No need to think about it, just watch and laugh. This type of movie is meant to entertain, and to entertain only. There is no need to include underlying themes and messages, that is far beyond the scope of a movie like this. And frankly, I don’t want all my movies to have some deeper meaning. Sometimes I just want to kick back, relax, and crack up at a funny movie without thinking about it. When I do, this movie is my movie of choice. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled and absurdly hilarious comedy!

  • jos-mercedes-verduzco-galindo
    jos mercedes verduzco galindo

    When i attempt to review a movie, i often feel it’s necessary to observe my (at the moment) state of mind. It was a ‘do nothing’ Sunday afternoon, and i was too lazy to mow the yard. My run-in with this coin flipper was purely by accident, but after 20 min or so, i warmed up to the idea that i was too lazy to locate the missing remote. I was somewhat surprised that i would finish the entire 1:39. I would suggest a few warm-up beers before giving this film your undivided attention, because even by “Andy Dick” standards, his character is hard to watch. Don’t expect too much, and you might throw a chuckle. Doesn’t surprise me that it took only 3 weeks to make this movie, so the production cost was an obvious issue. How’s about if i just raise my thumb slightly for this non-Oscar winning reel.

  • kikilia-karakuriou
    kikilia karakuriou

    The pacing of this film is just brilliant and I have to say the editors are probably just as much to thank as the writers, actors or directors. Perhaps even more so.Andy Dick and Greg Fitzsimmons shine as always but you can sorta tell they were allowed to go off-script as much as they wanted. Someone in the editing room knew exactly when to cut the scenes without letting things drag out. I’m a little shocked the ratings here on IMDb aren’t a tad higher. I really enjoyed this film and I’m not one to watch sports related films in general. In my opinion it’s a laugh-a-minute riot. Juvenile? Yes, but that’s what I was expecting from a comedy centered around college football.

  • thomas-da-cunha
    thomas da cunha

    We totally agree with IMDb user amazingrobie. We are not sports fans at all and have not been particularly thrilled with any of the sports movies we’ve seen through the years, until this one, which we nicknamed “GET SOME!” We rented it, practically died laughing from beginning to end, then had to buy it and have watched it at least three more times! (A word of warning: Do not eat/drink while watching this movie!) Every aspect of Andy Dick’s character (Coach Rick Vice), including his goatee, clothes, squeaky knee brace, accent, eye rolling, creative foul language, bicycle throwing, twisted logic, and the torture he puts the players through – is absolutely hilarious! We were literally crying from laughter throughout this movie, and that is very, very rare for us. There are so many quotable lines in this movie that we say almost on a daily basis! We have loved Andy Dick in many movies (including the great “Danny Roane: First-Time Director” and superb “Rock Slyde”) and, of course, “Newsradio,” and, as a guest star on TV shows, he is a scene stealer, but this is our favorite part he has ever played! The writing and directing and editing are genius! And Paul Henderson is hilarious as Coach Vice’s assistant! (BTW, don’t miss the gag reel on the DVD – you’ll be in tears again from laughing, especially the scene outside with Andy and Paul!) This film deserves more than 10 stars! “GET SOME!”

  • teemu-hakkarainen
    teemu hakkarainen

    Andy Dick in a simply awful role. I’m not an Andy Dick hater, I liked him in News Radio but he was simply unbearable in this movie.Will Sasso and Adam Corolla had slightly amusing roles but the rest of the background MadTV actors (Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Bryan Callen) were forgettable at best.The male and female leads (Marshall Cook and Alison Haislip) believe it or not actually seemed realistic. Everyday people incapable of putting in a great acting performance that no one would want to see in a movie.The only reason I actually finished watching the movie after 20 minutes was to be able to actually say I watched it completely before giving it a 1 star review.

  • helena-englund
    helena englund

    Division III: Football’s Finest (2011) ~umR ☛ 5/10 Director: Marshall Cook Stars: Andy Dick, Marshall Cook and Bryan Callen 98 min – Comedy | Romance | SportSurprisingly funny…Not over the top, but offensive enough keep you laughing throughout the entire movie. Good acting and flawless direction is also an impressive part of this little movie. However, the story doesn’t have anything special so that this movie can enter the category of “good” movies. Totally predictable and dr are no surprises at all. The only aspect which will keep you in this movie is the acting and some of the funny scenes in it. To conclude, this is the kind of movie which you can watch and easily forgotten. Totally avoidable…unless you are a HUGE fan of rugby/footfall or Andy Dick .To read more reviews visit: https://www.facebook.com/unitedcbaMR

  • marit-dahl
    marit dahl

    It’s football season again, so I looked online to see what is recommended besides the usual top movies to get my seasonal football movie fix.This one was listed as one of the 25 best. Boy were they wrong. The movie is supposed to be a comedy, but all the comedy bits were just idiotic. This is Andy Dick at his worst. They cast him to be this crazy football coach who physically abuses his players every other scene; like chasing the players on a bike; poking them with the first down marker. How is this supposed to be considered funny? At least they got the crazy part right in hiring Andy Dick to play the role. The movie even tries to copy the formulas that other movies use to do well; but fails at that as well. At least with the other movies, you were left with a feel good feeling at the end; not a ‘whatever, you just wasted my time’ feeling like this one does. If you need a fix to watch a football movie this season, re-watch one of the greats instead. At least you’ll having a satisfying feeling afterwords.

  • scott-mills
    scott mills

    I’m a huge Andy Dick fan so you can imagine my excitement to hear of this movie. My expectations we actually quite low because I assumed it would be one of those high school spoof type films. But no, it’s hilarious! Andy Dick is brilliant and the rest of the cast is spot on. I found the writing and storyline to be unique and wonderfully smart. Although the characters are goofy and spend a majority of the film as parodies of themselves, you actually grow attached to them. Once the end credits hit the screen, I wanted more! Highly recommended — must see for any fan of comedy, football, Andy Dick or entertainment in general!

  • filofteia-voinea
    filofteia voinea

    The best character is obviously the coach. The director/scripter did not embrace the full absurd humor of «The comebacks» so you laugh sometimes but it is not that funny, although not inherently bad.If you liked that one try The Comebacks (2007) or Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009). Those ones are better than this one.

  • mikelis-purmals
    mikelis purmals

    Get Some !!! The Perfect Sports Comedy. Will Sasso, Bryan Callen, Adam Corolla, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson and Andy Dick. Best parody sports movie ever !!!A must for MAD TV fans.

  • mandy-white
    mandy white

    Let’s be perfectly clear about this movie, it is a Division III movie just like the school they play for. However this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life. Andy Dick shines as the lunatic coach and carries this movie on his back. His lines alone make this movie worth seeing. He embodies every football coach cliché ever thought of and takes them beyond reality but in the most realistic way. The rest of the cast drop clever one liners and hit all their marks in probably one of the most unexpected comedy classic movies ever created. You might not ever see any of these actors again in a movie but they can rest assured knowing that they made a great one that should be considered as a cult classic movie!!!

  • kelly-friedman
    kelly friedman

    Unless for some reason you really, really want to see Andy Dick naked, there is no reason to watch this movie. The worst part about it is that I can’t un-see it. The best part . . . well, I must have missed that.And it comes so close. So many of the jokes are almost there, but like a pass that slips through the receiver’s hands, they never connect. The jokes that do connect are at best mildly amusing with punchlines telegraphed yards before delivery.The concept has a lot of promise. Psycho coach in a Division III football program that is on its last legs. Should have, could have worked. It’s easy to understand why people signed on to do the movie. What is less clear is why they aren’t suing to keep it under wraps.Watch “Major League” instead. It’s essentially the same movie but without the naked Dick.

  • monica-pacheco
    monica pacheco

    One of the best comedy’s I’ve seen in a while. Good from the beginning to the end. Great cast and acting. Needs to be better promoted. Not over the top, but offensive enough keep you laughing throughout the entire movie. By far funnier than the big Hollywood comedies. I highly encourage those with a sense of humor to check out this movie. Football fans will dig it as well. I’m still laughing almost 24 hours after watching the movie. Can’t wait for the DVD release. Definitely purchasing this movie. An original refreshing movie, its about time. Long and short, check it out, what do you have to lose, you won’t be disappointed.

  • denis-henry-le-lenoir
    denis henry le lenoir

    This review contains a spoiler. This movie was very funny. It had me lol throughout the movie. I cannot think of too many sport films that are funny like “Division III: Football’s Finest.” I can definitely see myself watching this movie again. The coach is funny and the players are terrified of his tactics to coach the team. The coach is crazy, but what other choice does the Division 3 school have. The schools football program is in jeopardy, so they either go big or lose the media attention that the school needs to be successful. The movie seems to be centered around comedy, but I can see how it also focuses on the main idea for the team to win many important games. He needed help and he eventually got it through a determined defensive or offensive coordinator.

  • damir-medic
    damir medic

    I gave this movie a solid 10 stars for a couple reasons. The movie is downright off the wall funny. I thoroughly enjoyed Andy Dick’s acting. He did an absolutely amazing job with this. Marshall Cook – who in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit – did an incredible job with this movie. Not only did he direct, produce and edit this movie, he was one of the main characters. Being an actor/director on a film is not an easy task, but Cook did and awesome job! Many do not know this, but the movie was shot in 20 days and for less then a quarter of a million dollars. Some may think that as a result, the movie would be crumby, but I can assure you it is the exact opposite. I highly recommend this movie! As for the down side is that the didn’t have enough time to develop some points of the plot, but it isn’t hard to follow at all.Go see this movie!

  • finn-jacobsen-klausen
    finn jacobsen klausen

    For being a low budget film this movie, surprisingly had several big name stars in it. Most notably Andy Dick,Will Sasso,Adam Corolla, and the always amazing Sally Kirkland. Any true fan of college sports and zany comedies will find enjoyment here. From the over the top antics of the ragtag teammates to the actual actors running the plays while filming the actual games. The movie is one of the better college comedies I have seen as of late and I highly recommend it to all. The crude head coach as written and played by Andy Dick could not have been topped by anyone else, he shines in this undertaking. I find my self still chuckling at his one liners and antics days after watching this movie. I can’t wait to add this hidden gem to my DVD collection,and watch this again!

  • teresa-perkins
    teresa perkins

    Division II: Football’s Finest pulls off a minor miracle given the budget, which according to Marshall Cook, ran to hundreds of thousands rather than millions. Avoiding the cheese of Friday Night Lights, it gives a gag-filled twist to the age old come-from-behind sports movie in the form of berserk coach Rick Vice, played by comic madman Andy Dick, and his assistant coach, played by hilarious scene-stealer Paul Henderson. The duo stand out amid a fine cast, thanks to some creative swearing, inspired improvisation and good old fashioned physical violence.Writers Marshall Cook, Paul Henderson and Andy Dick playfully subvert lots of sports film clichés while sticking to a well-loved formula. The football scenes are beautifully shot, and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. The endlessly quotable dialogue and Andy Dick’s insane turn make it an instant cult classic.

  • ilona-diaconu
    ilona diaconu

    For such a low rating I was expecting something terrible, but what I got was side splitting humor…literally choked with funny dialogue and situations. The fact that it’s a football movie and I hate sports, yet I loved every minute of it speaks volumes to me. I don’t think that Andy Dick gets enough work in Hollywood, because without his delivery, I can see the dialogue falling flat and not being anywhere near as humorous. I loved the movie ‘Jack & Jill’ with Adam Sandler, so if you didn’t like that, chances are you won’t like this either, but seriously, I laughed from beginning to end. The coffee cup with an image of Hitler that had the text ‘FAIL’ on it was some of the detail that made me laugh sooo much. More comedy writers/directors should pay attention to the small gags because it’s that sort of thing that pays off upon repeat viewings for the slower viewers. If you don’t find the movie that’s fine, humor is subjective, as is beauty, and I’m glad everyone has different views otherwise we’d all be chasing after the same things. Enjoy this one if you can.