A gang of vicious outlaws lead by the crazed Black Burt Keller abduct Jessica Colby and decide to flee to Mexico. Shrewd bounty hunter Django and saintly roving gunslinger Sartana join forces to rescue the poor lass from the gang’s vile clutches.

Also Known As: Django und Sartana kommen West, Django and Sartana... Showdown in the West, Django und Sartana kommen, Django e Sartana no Dia da Vingança, Arrivano Django e Sartana... è la fine, Sartana If Your Left Arm Offends, Cut It Off, Django y Sartana, Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West, Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's the End, Sartana... si ton bras gauche te gêne, coupe-le!, Final Conflict... Django Against Sartana, No Dia da Vingança

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