After his wife’s death, Dr. Dolittle decided to hide from the world with his beloved animals. But he has to take a journey to a mysterious island to find a healing tree, which is the only medicine that can help to the dying Queen in Buckingham Palace.

Also Known As: ドクター・ドリトル, Удивительное путешествие доктора Дулиттла, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, Dolittle, Dūlitls, Dulitl, Las aventuras del doctor Dolittle, Eläintohtori Dolittle, As Aventuras do Dr. Dolittle, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle New, 杜立德, Le voyage du Dr Dolittle, Ντούλιτλ, The Voyage of Doctor, Дулітл, 多力特的奇幻冒险, Die fantastische Reise des Dr. Dolittle, Bác Sĩ Dolittle: Chuyến Phiêu Lưu Thần Thoại, Доктор Дулитъл, Doktor Dolittle

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  • luisa-carrera-lumbreras
    luisa carrera lumbreras

    . I don’t understand the terrible reviews and I getting sick of these bad reviews on these movies making me feel hesitant to go see them. The CGI’s were awesome, rdj played this weird animal talking guy well. It was very interesting and I couldn’t stop watching. Even shed a tear at one point.

  • odette-nicole-fernandez
    odette nicole fernandez

    If you don’t take Dolittle too seriously I’m sure you’ll find enough enjoyment in the experience. It’s really a family film, probably aimed at kids in the 6-12 demographic. It’s got a few good laughs and it’s a feel good adventure. Is it amazing? No, but it’s not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

  • ilsu-ergul
    ilsu ergul

    This is one of those films that brings a lot nostalgia back to mind. I like the concept these people are going with here. A Dr. Dolittle remake would be perfect especially the time right now. I know people have mixed feelings about this, but I like it.

  • bartek-parkitny
    bartek parkitny

    There is nothing awesome about dolittle film. The only good part about this film is the special effects in making the animals look perfectly realistic. The story was very vague and there really wasn’t any humor in this film. Mostly a film made for children only and not really an adult’s cup of tea.

  • pasi-tolvanen
    pasi tolvanen

    Far more accurate to the source material than the last attempts at making a Dr Dolittle, this movie has a heart that the toyetic, brand-led movies of today frequently lack. No, it’s not an Oscar contender but I was still thoroughly entertained. There were many sweet moments, nothing too scary for young ones to see and some cute animal antics that had children in the theatre laughing. If Downey jr hadn’t put on the Welsh accent, you can be sure people would have complained that he was just doing Sherlock Holmes again. Only a Welsh speaker will be able to confirm the accents accuracy but all those American critics saying they don’t know what was going on with his accent and that he sounds ‘bizarro,’ stupid or weird are just putting their own ignorant bigotry on display. On the technical aspects of film making, such as lip-syncing the ADR, this movie falls down, which is why it loses a star, but average movie goers probably won’t even care, especially in the foreign markets where it will be over-dubbed anyway. Honestly, the ADR didn’t bother me and I was still able to immerse myself in the story. The CGI animals looked fine. One of the biggest complaints about ‘The Lion King’ was that the photo-realistic animals couldn’t emote enough. Now critics complain that these animals look too cartoonish. It’s a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I liked that the animals showed personality. The climax, while on a surface level appears to be a simple fart joke, is also a touching scene centred around building a connection with an enemy rather than ‘dehumanising’ them. Looking deeper it shows a sweet display of professionalism and empathy in the face of the disgusting side effects of illness, something many carers can identify with. Overall it’s a fun, sweet adventure.

  • mare-baljak
    mare baljak

    Its a great family movie, my son is 4yo, doesnt speak english, but really enjoy the movie..

  • xat-una-garibashvili
    xat una garibashvili

    Given RDJs back catalog and how he can run a film I was hoping for a bit more from this. Don’t get me wrong, I mean it’s an easy family film, I just hoped he would make it bit more than just that. It almost felt that he was kind of holding back at points to make sure it was nice for children. Overall it isn’t a bad kids film, it’s a lot better than the Eddie Murphy vision but it lacks the magic of the Rex Harrison Doolittle.

  • pusskr-nishaa
    pusskr nishaa

    Stephen Gaghan’s re-imagining of the classic character gifted with the ability to talk to animals brings it back to its storybook origins, where Dolittle is a famed doctor veterinarian in 19th-century Victorian England. Based on the second of Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Dolittle books, ‘The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle’, it follows the doctor on a quest to a mythical island to find a cure for the Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley), who has been poisoned by the conniving Lord Badgley (Jim Broadbent) and Dolittle’s enemy Doctor Mudfly (Michael Sheen).That quest is also intended as emotional closure for Dolittle, whom we are told in the animated prologue had secluded himself behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor following the death of his wife Lily (Kasia Smutniak) seven years ago. Not only does Dolittle have to come out of hiding, the mission also requires him to retread Lily’s fateful voyage, before she was lost in a storm out at sea. It also gets personal for Dolittle in other ways, including having to come face to face with Rassoulim (Antonio Banderas) and the ferocious tiger Barry (Ralph Fiennes).Not that much of it matters; in the hands of director and co-writer Gaghan, ‘Dolittle’ is little more than a series of frantic set-pieces under the guise of a swashbuckling adventure. That freneticism is also as a result of a whole menagerie of animals which Dolittle brings along on his voyage – including an insecure gorilla (Rami Malek), a bouncy polar bear (John Cena), a quarrelsome duck (Octavia Spencer), and a wise macaw (Emma Thompson) – that are constantly fighting for attention and screaming over each other in order to be heard.Each scene is as messy as you can imagine, with little point except to create enough distraction to keep the younger ones among the audience entertained with the non-stop bickering. Worse, these non-human characters seem to be all over the scene at the same time, often either eclipsing Dolittle or making him seem utterly inconsequential. It doesn’t help that there is little depth to each one of the non-human characters, even with a whole bunch of Hollywood A-listers assembled to give them voice, especially since they are simply given one single defining trait and nothing more.Much of the blame unfortunately lies with Gaghan. The Oscar-winning writer of such geopolitical fare as ‘Traffic’ and ‘Syriana’ seemed to us an odd choice to direct such a special-effects heavy family movie when he was first attached, and the results prove that he is truly and completely out of his league. Not only are the jokes unfunny, the action is terribly unexciting and uninvolving, and not even the purportedly late salvage attempts by ‘TMNT’ director Jonathan Liebersman and ‘The Lego Movie’ writer Chris McKay can turn around what is essentially a misguided movie from the very start.As much as we like RDJ, there is only so much the charismatic actor can do with such an underwritten role. Though the plotting promises a poignant journey for Dolittle coming to terms with the loss of his beloved wife, that proves to be no more than a convenient device in the scheme of the overall narrative, raised only when expedient to remind us that there is more to the man than his eccentricities. Oh yes, it should come as no surprise that RDJ brings his trademark playful yet confident air to the character, but even that is no match for the sheer commotion that follows him around the entire movie, no thanks to the incessant cacophony of his animal companions.Much bad press has preceded the release of ‘Dolittle’, and unfortunately those rumours aren’t simply speculation. There is frankly little charm to this feverishly chaotic movie, which seems modelled after the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series but is hardly able to muster the same idiosyncratic appeal. It is little secret that ‘Dolittle’ aims to create a new franchise for RDJ after ‘Avengers’, but we can’t see why anyone would want to put themselves through this headache-inducing muddle again. As unlikely as it sounds, we’d take the Eddie Murphy movies over this anytime.

  • iaroslav-iarema
    iaroslav iarema

    Dolittle is a remake/reboot of the Dr Dolittle that has been done many times by many different people. This time the Animal whisperer doctor is played by Robert Downey Jr. One of my favorite parts of this film is Antonio Banderas, his performance is very good for what he has to work with. RDJ does a decent job in this movie, but I felt sometimes his accent was a little weird and it wasn’t always consistent throughout the movie.This film is very cliche and the story goes almost exactly where you would expect it to go, and is a perfect January movie release, as I watched I almost felt as though I was watching a Disney Channel movie.

  • marija-rudzitis
    marija rudzitis

    It was fun to watch, the animals CGI was done so beautifully, to the extent that I never really thought it’s CGI. Voice actors were brilliant and RDJ was AMAZING. A lot of love for animals that was so heart warming and we laughed alot. A lottt!

  • luminita-aanei
    luminita aanei

    It’s rare to find a true children’s film, but DOLITTLE touches the heart and one must remember what it is like to be a child and find wonder in the world. This film is Enchanting, beautifully realized and acted, and above all …. endearing.

  • saghat-el-aznavowryan
    saghat el aznavowryan

    I just saw the movie and I can’t understand why people hate it. It’s funny, heartwarming and has beautiful images. RDJ is once again great showing us a different side of his acting. Don’t forget this is a kids movie and it has to be more loose and cringe (for adults) sometimes.

  • jakub-blaha
    jakub blaha

    It’s a good movie to watch with your family. It’s not going to win an Oscar or by all means any award; But it’s a heartfelt and funny movie. My family really enjoyed it. It’s nice to sit and watch a decent movie with decent acting. Go watch it it’s not as bad as the reviews on here make it seem.

  • lobanova-larisa-artemovna
    lobanova larisa artemovna

    If you are going to watch a movie with a child, you can choose this movie. I also watched versions of Eddie Murphy. This movie is more beautiful. Scenarios and jokes are better. Visual effects are realistic.

  • malina-ababei
    malina ababei

    To all the “professional” reviewers from the online news sites. You seem to have lost your inner child. I loved this movie. When I was 7 years old I saw the 1967 Dr Dolittle and it left a life long impression. Robert Downey Jnr and his team have done an exceptionl job in not trying to recreate that movie but by bringing more to the story. My suggestion is go and watch this movie as if you are still 7 years old, open your mind, your heart and your imagination. You will not regret it.

  • albert-azyan
    albert azyan

    Solid family adventure movie and have multiple funny moments. Story is quite predictable, at least not boring. Main cast is every kind of well animated animals.

  • jose-antonio-alcala-rios
    jose antonio alcala rios

    Frankly if you are not impressed to see a polar bear save an ostrich then you are not drunk enough to enjoy this masterpiece of cinema and it’s your own damn fault. Get a life get a drink and do not take cinema so seriously you amateurs. “Free your mind” Morpheus or En Vogue you pick.

  • lovro-simunic
    lovro simunic

    Critics were already chomping on their pens to ostracize this movie and singularly RDJ. Not playing Tony Stark/Iron Man. Let’s just tear him up. Well….I’m no critic. I found Dolittle to be enjoyable,adventurous and entertaining. Big step out of the SUIT of ARMOR and into a raggedy-clothed character who talks to animals. But it’s meant to be just that-ENJOYED. Not Oscar,Golden Globe or whatever other award there is…..just enjoyed and entertaining. No crime in that is there?

  • susana-llamas-perez
    susana llamas perez

    If you want something meaningful and deep watch a Tarantino or Nolan movies. This movie is meant to be for family and fun . And exceeded my expectations.

  • chad-wilcox
    chad wilcox

    Great Entertainment , VfX are amazing. And you will laugh Every 10 mins. RDJ Is Heart Of This Movie. You Will Miss Iron Man In Him But You Will Be Satisfied By His Role in this Movie. Must Watch . Kids Will Love It And Adults Will Enjoy It . Don’t Go With Critics . Anyone can sit and review movie . Must watch movie 8.5-10

  • oswin-frohlich
    oswin frohlich

    If you think this movie was boring or terrible you have no imagination and your inner child is dead old and grumpy. It was delightful, imaginative and enjoyable to watch. I don’t understand all the hate for it. Go see it and imagine!

  • sandra-pozuelo-lloret
    sandra pozuelo lloret

    The negative reviews here are lacking consideration of the viewer such a movie intends to alight and invite in: not film or literature aficionados; children. This movie is perfect for elementary school age kids, entering the genre of film and unawares or wary of the mature themes, titles and classics that flit by in their budding lives. Don’t review or see this movie as a critic. Consider it as a parent and carrier of culture, and see it as an amuse bouche for the little blossoming beloved in your life. This film is great.

  • feyruz-tevs-zengin
    feyruz tevs zengin

    If you in for a movie that is just fun and relaxing with a good message about families and helping people out while laughing at silly jokes, this movie is for you. The animals were quite fun with their little jokes and silly comments. My kids really enjoyed it and we thought it was a good family film with a good message. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a fun film that everyone can enjoy. Suitable for ages 1 to 101.

  • kovacs-l-krisztian
    kovacs l krisztian

    I was worried going into this that it would be awful based on early reviews. It turned out to be a delightful, humorous family movie with CGI that would put most films to shame. Yes, there are cheesy over-the-top jokes. Yes, a lot of it is silly. Yes, the plot is simple. It’s a movie for children! Robert Downey Jr was charming, Michael Sheen was every bit that classic mustache-twirling villain, and Antonio Banderas surprised me with his performance! The child actors were impressive and believable, and the voice acting was cute and probably the funniest part of the movie. Again, let me say- this is a movie intended for children that can be enjoyed by adults who aren’t expecting a drama of the year. Let your inner kid out and see a movie for fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

  • anneli-anttila
    anneli anttila

    No, this is not an Oscar contender.But all the negative reviews are completely unwarranted.This movie is cheesy and fun. It has talking animals. Good guys and bad guys. A love story. Comic relief.It’s meant for kids, people. And mine loved it.