Jack is a very supportive uncle to Ashley, always there when she calls. He plays a big role in her life due to her mother being busy a lot, and her dad living a gangster lifestyle. One day he (Jack) receives a frantic call from Ashley that gets cut short. When Jack arrives at Ashley’s house and finds the whole family dead. Later he starts receiving calls from Ashley who is calling from the past. Jack must help Ashley change her almost inevitable fate.

Also Known As: Don't Let Go, Не отпускай, Relive, Only

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    terentev venedikt matveevich

    Don’t Let Go is a frustrating film. It has a solid premise and a stable of consistently reliable actors, yet fails to use its seed of an idea to sprout more than a sapling of a film. In the post-show discussion of the six citizens of City of Geek present – the standard four of us and two friends – we came up with several far more interesting ways to use the set-up than the film itself did. That’s why we found the Jacob Aaron Estes written and directed sci-fi/horror/thriller to be so frustrating. Don’t Let Go doesn’t allow itself to dig into a great idea in any sort of more-than-basic way.

  • eric-calderon
    eric calderon

    Well, I am glad I saw this movie because I didn’t know what the worst movie of the year is until now. This film made zero sense. I can suspend disbelief but nothing in this film made any sense. The ending felt rushed as if they wanted this film over with.A guy loses his niece but she calls him on the phone. Then time travel happens and characters go out of character. The film is pretty bad. My mother didn’t understand it either. Let go of seeing this film.

  • sinikka-helenius-heinonen
    sinikka helenius heinonen

    Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing terrible or bad about this film at all. However there is nothing that is really that amazing either, which really lets this film down because it has a really interesting premise to it. Unfortunately I must admit that the story in the end doesn’t pay off but the attempt at trying something different is there and you have to commend the director and screenwriter for at least trying something new and ballsy.The film as a whole is solid…………………thats what I would say is the main problem and positive with the film, there is nothing that is jumping out. It desperately needed something to shine through whether that be an amazing performance, a great score or a unique directing style. Unfortunately none of them occur in this film……thats not to say that the directing, writing or acting of them film is below par because there not, its just not that memorable.The one area that did look promising was the unique story the film has, the jump in time between “David Oyelowo’s” character and his niece played by “Storm Reid”. The idea of someone being murdered only to then have that person be calling you from the past, to help you save them……….is a fascinating idea. To be honest it took me a bit by surprise by how effective it was in the beginning and it really started to build up momentum. Unfortunately the film decides to put all of its weight on this story element and hope that it pays off and blows peoples minds……which for me its doesn’t. It hopes that this one element to the film can hold it up from being just ordinary……it might for some people it doesn’t for me. It just became too predictable.I must say though I know I’ve critiqued the film a lot there are good performances across the board obviously David Oyelowo in the main lead is good……but not much else than that. Directing is solid, screenwriting solid apart from predictable ending.Lastly its not exactly very scary or suspenseful…….I thought it was meant to be a thriller/horror type of film but its neither.Overall its ok/average its 65% out of 100 or 6.5 out of 10. Its a solid film with an attempt at a new and fresh story that just doesn’t deliver. Directing and acting are solid but nothing that memorable.

  • eukleides-taxiarkhes-meliores
    eukleides taxiarkhes meliores

    This has to be the worst film to premiere at Sundance in half a decade. The fine cast does its best but the script just offers them a nonsensical sci-fi conceit that is never developed and paper thin cliche characters and dialog. Very disappointing.

  • edgars-kalejs
    edgars kalejs

    A fabulous cast tries hard to salvage this dreck. Was hoping for an updated version of Frequency or even a fraction of the charm of Groundhog Day. But no. A cop loses family members in a drug related execution, only to keep getting calls from his late niece. He finds out she is in a time warp two weeks before the murders. Together, they try to kill the person responsible for the crimes and change the future. Great acting is attempted but with dark lighting, shaky camera work, and numerous plot holes, the film is a muddled mess. It could have been saved by narration (a last resort, I know) or a character summarizing plot points in conversation organic to the story.

  • sakari-rauhala
    sakari rauhala

    A psychological thrilling mystery that has your heart pounding and your brain guessing at every second. Writing Quality: Very good. This is a well put-together plot that advances slowly and thoughtfully at first with parallel time lines. There is no figuring out the mystery in this one as Uncle Jack does everything he can, after praying to God for a second chance (to save his niece and her family from being murdered). Scare factor: A few moments catch you off guard with the popping sounds of guns. Content (sex, language, & violence): No sex, 4 uses of language, extreme violence at the end. The film speeds up (your adrenaline) in its final showdown. Values: Heavy on the unity of family. The quest for truth. The story is quite intricate, and in the end, you won’t be able to keep your pulse rate down.

  • g-n-smirnov-taras-vitalevich
    g n smirnov taras vitalevich

    I saw “Don’t Let Go”, starring David Oyelowo-The Cloverfield Paradox, Selma; Mykelti Williamson-Lethal Weapon_tv, Con Air; Alfred Molina-The Front Runner, Spider_Man 2 and Storm Reid-A Wrinkle in Time, 12 Years a Slave. This is a sci_fi detective story. David plays a cop that is close to his niece, Storm-his brother, her father, is a mess that was into drugs. David and Storm talk all the time on their cell phones, mostly about fun stuff, and meet to have lunch at a diner. One day, David gets a call from Storm and then, they get cut off. He rushes to their house and he finds the whole family dead-he is devastated, of course. About a week later, he gets a phone call from Storm and he doesn’t know if she is a ghost or he is just going crazy. He doesn’t tell his partner, Mykelti, or his boss, Alfred, thinking that they would lock him up in a padded cell or something so he keeps talking to her-she calls several times-and he discovers that he is talking to her in the past, about a week before the murders even occur. Can he solve the murder and save his family before it happens, even using her help? It is an interesting idea, although not that original-remember the movie Frequency from 2000? It’s never explained how all this happened and it doesn’t tie up a few loose ends-kind of left you dangling at the end-but it’s not a bad movie. It’s rated “R” for violence, bloody images and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 43 minutes. I wouldn’t buy it on DVD but it would be alright, as a rental.

  • radoslaw-gruchot
    radoslaw gruchot

    A cop(David Oyelowo) who has a special bond with his young niece(Storm Reid), cause for the most part he’s more of a father to her, then her own father is who is also his brother. One day tragedy strikes when his brother, and his family are all killed. Grief stricken by the whole thing, and about week after it all, he suddenly gets a call from his niece, first he thinks he’s losing his mind, but discovers he is not, she is calling about a week before she is killed, not knowing how or why, but sees this has a way to prevent the murders. But the question remains will he? Feels like a two hour Twilight Zone episode, I really like the sci-fi part, and the suspense really gets pulled a long way like a rudder band. David Oyelowo really give a strong performance, you feel every moment he goes through in this movie. Strom Reid is great here also, you really root for her all the way. And she and Oyelowo really click on screen. Alfred Molina and Mykelti Willaimson are also good in there supporting roles. Also a great mystery that feels like a puzzle you slowly put together.

  • evelyn-duncan
    evelyn duncan

    This had the same and feel of Jacobs ladder and some other stuff that I’ve watched recently. Everyone’s saying it’s like frequency? Reminded me more of Happy death day or something. I kept thinking it was going to pull a sixth sense? it was on ok watch but I have some questions… How in one scene she’s dead in the bathtub? How does he go to the station shot and bleeding out and the perpetrator kicks the evidence box on the bottom at him and he’s dying on the way to the hospital. Then he’s back in the car like nothing. Did he die? How was he in her time at the end and the other one? Did they live? What happened? Yeah none of this is clear but it was ok and could have been executed better. Kudos to the young girl. She was the stand out in the movie. Oh and edit to add why didn’t he ever show anyone his phone? Put her on speaker when she called. Also thinking now. She called the detective to pick her up? Was this the day the uncle did and the dad didn’t show up? Just more questions thinking.

  • kim-molenaar-bastiaense
    kim molenaar bastiaense

    This film follows the same ground as the film “Frequency” with Dennis Quaid, but what is missing from this film is a raison d’etra for how the time-travel happens. In Frequency it is an electrical storm. In this film it is nothing. It just happens. It’s an OK film but w/o the cause it is simply an updated version of Frequency. I prefer Frequency.

  • ante-makovac
    ante makovac

    How did this movie make it through the editing and release process? Bad reflection on the industry…

  • flor-domingues
    flor domingues

    It’s a typical premonition/time changing movie that’s pretty well done, except for some stoic acting that still really grows on you. I really enjoyed the movie, I highly recommend it. It’s got a nice spookiness to it, and the twist felt like a twist to me. Go see it, give it a chance.

  • laura-soo
    laura soo

    This movie is grossly underrated!! This movie is a cross between of Back To The Future and Six Sense with a modern day twist. As soon as you think you’ve figured it out, it changes. No potty or snack break for this movie. You will want to pay attention. Great movie!!!

  • daniella-rasmussen
    daniella rasmussen

    I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. I saw just a second of the preview. I thought it was going to be your regular kidnapping action flick. That changed with the first little twist. Tje movie slowly dragged me in and kept me interested the whole time. I wasn’t expecting the ending to be what it was. I enjoy watching movies that aren’t predictable. I wasn’t disappointed. Really good movie.

  • deborah-nielsen
    deborah nielsen

    –a little spoilerish—I’ve lost family members and have had dreams where they’ve called&/or reached out to me in distress and I’ve awakened haunted by those dreams having to talk or out and pray about them to become resolute that they were just dreams because I miss those that have gone on…I LOVED this movie for taking the premise of longing for a deceased love one and exploring the alternate possibilities of “what if it could be so…” It is a gripping thrill ride and endearing also because as an aunt I can relate to being the solace for my brother’s child as he and his significant other navigate life as perpetual screw ups. After it was over, I wanted to see it again. I cannot wait for this movie to be released. Highly recommended.

  • bo-svendsen
    bo svendsen

    The story is a bit creative even though already could predict the ending. However, the way they edit the film, some scene are confusing.

  • sra-brenda-caldeira
    sra brenda caldeira

    In the beginning it seemed that it may not be a movie that would come through but it started flowing and was thoroughly enjoyable with a good measure of action and suspense. So many things could have gone wrong with this movie but nothing did. It ended when and how it should, the plot was engaging not revealing what was around the next turn, and David Oyelowo and Storm Reid put forth commendable performances. A perfect example that you do not have to spend $150 million to make a good move. It was simplistically magnificent.

  • gustas-grinius
    gustas grinius

    Kinda weird a movie about having the time to put right what went wrong goes by like a heart beat. We never really get to feel much for the characters on the screen because the whole plot unravels so fast that you are at the end before you feel anything. No one is good enough of an actor to save this movie from its chopped up story line. They give it a good effort but man. It’s a cool concept and all but they needed to slow it down for everyone too enjoy.

  • espen-sandvik
    espen sandvik

    The cast did an amazing job. Was a really good concept. Not completely original, but had original components. Could’ve been a 10 had the story been developed a bit more and the score not have been so sleepy.

  • natalie-holloway
    natalie holloway

    I’ve been wanting to watch a movie like this for a while. But I was a bit thrown off by the bad reviews and almost didn’t see it. The plot was twisting and turning so much that I was caught off guard at the end. There was no gratuitous sex or violence which primarily left the actors to make this movie work and work it they did – the actors were superb. The director was superb. It was so good and entertaining to me that I walked away completely satisfied and was talking about the plot with my friends for a while afterwards. If you want a twist and turn suspense thriller – watch this movie.

  • steluta-manole
    steluta manole

    I saw this movie at Sundance, and it kept me interested the whole time. The story is very complex, and the movie was very well done. I recommend this movie if you like intensity.

  • maria-moura
    maria moura

    This obviously like most is my personal review!I really dont understand why this movie is getting trashed so badly I thought it was a very good movie!Is it going to win Oscar’s probably not but it was well made story was good and pretty suspenseful. I dont really understand what some people expect from movies these days I have been a big movie buff since the age of 10 and I take movies for what they are. It was very entertaining.

  • kristi-liiv
    kristi liiv

    An amazing, mind-bending, brain-teaser of a movie that I saw at the Sundance Film Festival. A Los Angeles police detective discovers the murder of his brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Shortly afterwards, he begins to receive phone calls from his dead niece. Is our hero crazy? Is he dreaming? Is he dead? I’m not going to spoil the ending, but this movie is absolutely incredible and definitely worth your time. It will keep you enthralled with its masterful storytelling and on the edge of your seat with psychological thrills. It’s so unique and fascinating and unlike anything I’ve ever seen or read about. A definite must-see movie.

  • wayne-lloyd
    wayne lloyd

    I watched this movie when it was still under the title of “Relive”. A cop learns his niece and her parents are killed. He soon starts receiving phone calls from his dead niece. Is it her ghost calling from the other side? No, it’s her calling from the past, two weeks before her and her family are killed. The cop then tries to prevent their murder.This movie is a revisited, modern version of the movie “Frequency” (2000) starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid. Instead of a father and son duo connecting through time, it’s now an uncle and niece. A cell phone in place of a ham radio for communication among other differences. I’m not gonna reveal more on the movie to not spoil it.Is the movie good? I think so. Are there better movies out there? Absolutely and definitely worse ones. I just dont think it’s worth paying the price of a movie theatre ticket to watch this. You can stay in more comfortable at home and make it a movie night. Pay way less to stream the original and other movies with the money you saved on the ticket in any of the innumerable streaming services available.

  • benetios-gkouskos
    benetios gkouskos

    I can’t wrap my head around why so many people hate this movie. It’s almost as if we saw two completely different films. While the writing was nothing to write home about, the delivery from the cast was rather well executed. The cinematography was fantastic. The soundtrack was wonderful. The premise was intriguing, albeit not all too original, and although it seemed quite rushed especially in the latter half of the film, it was still quite enjoyable. This film deserves more credit than it’s receiving and I would hope any and all who may be reading this would give the film a chance before blowing it off based on all these bad reviews.