Dope Sick Love (2005) (TV)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Felice Conte, Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud
Stars: Matt, Michelle, Sebastian, Tracy
Countries: United States

When you’re a junkie, the money comes and goes–and so does the high. Do relationships stand a chance among addicts? Meet Matt & Tracy and Sebastian & Michelle–two New York City couples looking for love, and fixes, in all the wrong places. This startlingly candid documentary follows these two drug-addicted couples as they eke out a bare-bones existence on the streets of New York, desperately trying to score cash to pay for their next fix. The result is an unflinching, captivating examination of the human need for love and escape–and the virtual impossibility of finding anything more than temporary solace.

Also Known As: Dope Sick Love, Miłość na głodzie, Mono de amor

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