Having spent most of her life exploring the jungle with her parents, nothing could prepare Dora for her most dangerous adventure ever: high school. Always the explorer, Dora quickly finds herself leading Boots, Diego, a mysterious jungle inhabitant, and a ragtag group of teens on a live-action adventure to save her parents and solve the impossible mystery behind a lost Inca civilization.

Also Known As: Дора и градът на златото, Dora y la ciudad perdida, Dora og den gyldne byen, Dora i Miasto Zlota, Dóra és az elveszett aranyváros, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Dora ve Kayip Altin Sehri, Dora and the Lost City, Dora et la cité d'or perdue, Dora va Thanh pho Vang Mat tich, Дора и затерянный город, Dora e a Cidade Perdida, Dora et la cité perdue, Dora e la città perduta, Dora und die goldene Stadt, Dora ir aukso miestas, Dora i izgubljeni zlatni grad, Dora the Explorer, Dora l'exploratrice, Dora: Kadonnut kaupunki, Дора i загублене мiсто, Η Ντόρα και η πόλη του χρυσού

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    Fuck off

    Shit has no sound fix it bitch

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    I just love it 😍

  • fedoseev-riurik-timurovich
    fedoseev riurik timurovich

    Every time Swiper was on-screen, my heart fluttered up into the heavens above.

  • robin-coenen
    robin coenen

    Although the movie fails to establish boundaries between the possible and impossible, it does not take away from how great the movie was! Super fun, hilarious, entertained me all the way through. I liked it enough to write my first movie review ever!

  • michelle-vaughn
    michelle vaughn

    I found it entertaining and funny. Make my day. Congrats to the whole film staff! 😍😍😍

  • sherry-solis
    sherry solis

    This movie turned out to be better than I expected. I expected it to be really cringy, but it was really fun and I don’t regret watching it

  • mikko-lehtonen
    mikko lehtonen

    Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life. A must-see for everyone! I know this movie is considered as a joke but the plot, acting, dialogue… is simply astonishing. All I can is go and see it because you’ll be surprised that you newer such a good film in your life!

  • renee-thomas
    renee thomas

    We went today with our 7-year old daughter who used to watch Dora as a toddler/preschooler.Adventure-filled film suitable for children who are old enough to understand the mysterious and complex plot and not be scared of sudden happenings and mild violence (I would say 7+ is safer for a typical child).Do not expect grown-up entertainment thrown in like in Disney films. This is a kids film. School age kids in grades 2-6 will enjoy it.9/10 for kissing (once, quick, between high-schoolers) and references to “mating”, which I believe isn’t appropriate for ages 7-11.Overall, a fun adventure accompanied by constant humour.Go see it if you have big kids.

  • marja-immonen
    marja immonen

    If u have watched the old cartoon and it was part of ur childhood then u will like this movie, it was pretty fun and the acting was on point in my opinion and i’d love to see a sequel for this movie.

  • bruno-porto
    bruno porto

    An Outstanding absolutely fantastic incredible movie. Everything we love from the show is in this movie while still Making it enjoyable for all ages. Best movie of the year so far.

  • laura-bryan-araujo
    laura bryan araujo

    I saw this movie at a special screening at the Smithsonian zoo last month, and was probably just among a handful of adults in a theatre filled with kids.I went simply because I was invited and wasn’t looking forward to anything spectacular.Guess what? The movie surprised me because I enjoyed every minute of it. But that was nothing compared to the enthusiasm of the kids who simply whooped and cheered throughout.Take your kids to see it. The locations and specvial effects are pretty spectacular, this deserves a big-screen viewing.

  • sarah-santos
    sarah santos

    I found this movie genuinely funny and interesting, I was impressed time and time again during the movie! People rating this very low obviously are missing a spark of joy in their lives to not have enjoyed this even a bit. The movie set up points and followed through! I think that the audience is young adults who grew up with Dora, I’m 21 and I saw it with college friends and we laughed out loud at so many scenes. It’s at it’s core a kids movie so don’t expect it to be your favorite movie ever but it is funnier and more interesting than it has any right to be. There are cringy moments, of course, it’s about a cringy time in a person’s life, high school. I was so impressed though at how it handled it’s messages, not hitting you over the head like a lot of kids movies these days. It’s not the most original and some of the set pieces can look out of place and some parts are just hard to watch but it is very fun and definitely worth some time. Overall I’d say go in with no expectations and get taken for a fun ride. Recapture some of your youthful enjoyment of movies where plot points are hidden in plain sight and you feel like youre putting the story together with Dora and her friends.

  • aashaa-ddhiingraa
    aashaa ddhiingraa

    I went with my girlfriend and her 2 nieces. Haven’t seen what I’d consider a “kids” movie in a while so I was a little reluctant. It was a great movie! Tons of comedy for both kids and adults. They did a great job of blending the comedy together. Only complaint would be lack of swiper but you didn’t really notice that until they brought him back. Really enjoyed this movie and parents won’t be bored

  • andrzej-windak
    andrzej windak

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a live-action film based on the Nickelodeon animation series Dora the Explorer. This live-action film is directed by James Bobin, the director of Muppets Most Wanted and Alice Through the Looking Glass.Dora (Isabela Moner) has spent most of her life exploring the jungle with her parents. Now that Dora is going to high school for the first time, she has to get used to this different way of life. When her parents are suddenly missing, Dora has to go on an adventure with famous friends and some of her new classmates to discover what happened to her parents. For this they have to solve the mystery behind the lost city of gold.This is an entertaining film for children who are familiar with the animation version of Dora the Explorer and for parents who have seen this animation together with their children. The film is more fun for children, because the story can come across as somewhat predictable or obvious thanks to the simple elaboration for adult viewers. The film looks a bit like a children’s version of an Indiana Jones or Tom Raider film. Animation fans can also see or hear certain hints and references in this film that refer to the animation series. For people who are not so or not at all familiar with the Dora animation series, it may take some getting used to understanding how the fictional world of film works.The effects of the film are also more at the child level, because adult viewers can see earlier where CGI or a green screen is used in the film. Some CGI characters such as Boots Dora her friendly monkey or Zwieber the stealing fox don’t seem credible to adult viewers. For children who are fans of the animation and who are familiar with these characters, it is nice to see them again in the film.Isabela Moner appears good and credible in this film as Dora. She looks a lot like a live-action version of Dora because of the clothes and her appearance. With her acting work she carries the film for the young viewers. She also knows how to fill the film with her actions and reaction in the film. For older viewers, Michael Peña manages to provide some comical moments, but because his character goes missing, he soon disappears from the film. For example, as an older viewer you have to watch a film that is mainly filled with humor and a story for younger viewers.

  • markas-vsiliauskas
    markas vsiliauskas

    This movies is awesome . Packed with humor and adventure. All ages would love. This movie was well put together and stay true to the characters in the cartoon. It’s a must see… You won’t be disappointed!!!

  • ziva-jelen
    ziva jelen

    I enjoyed that to be honest a lot more then I thought I would. Isabela moner’s acting was amazing she’s going to be an amazing actor. The best way to describe this film is by saying it’s like a PG tomb raider.

  • nicholas-cain
    nicholas cain

    OK, joking aside, we all thought this was gonna flop spectacularly. Dora has had a very rocky reputation and a live-action version sounds like a terrible idea. But to my surprise this was a very charming and pretty funny movie. It is mainly aimed at kids and that meant a bit of cringe-worthy moments here and there, but the whole product is just a lot of fun, and I’m saying this as someone who despises Dora The Explorer. Give it a watch, you may end up liking it.

  • sharon-austin
    sharon austin

    My 16 year old was a huge Dora fan when she was little so I’ve seen a lot of episodes. This poked fun at the cartoon while still creating a unique feel. My youngest didn’t get the inside jokes but still loved the adventure and quirky characters. We all left the movie with a huge smile. I highly recommend this for families that have a sense of humor and don’t take life so seriously.

  • mitchell-green
    mitchell green

    I like watching animation and movies meant for younger audience sometimes. Most of the timed they are for all audiences. But when you get scenes like, repeat the word after me and songs about digging poo holes.. it’s hard to watch as an adult..

  • titova-oktiabrina-grigorevna
    titova oktiabrina grigorevna

    Very adventurous movie for the kids!! Perfect family outing idea~ Love Dora the character, she is so cute! Good casting!

  • kathleen-smith
    kathleen smith

    I watched the movie with my kids aged 10 and 11. I liked it, they liked it. But it was not that long ago that I watched cartoon Dora with them. So we laughed at the inside jokes and The cartoonesk way Dora is portrayed. We also felt nostalgic about the innocent time when my kids still watched cartoon Dora. I do think that the targetgroup for this movie is very narrow. It is best suited for families who watched the cartoon Dora in the past and now have kids who are a bit more grown up. Everybody else should skip this movie.

  • bayan-meyhanim-koruturk-akar
    bayan meyhanim koruturk akar

    “Can you find the map behind either of the three bushes?” is one of several things little Dora would ask her viewers on her show Dora the Explorer. I was in middle school when Dora the Explorer made it’s debut on Nickelodeon. I was already too old for it, but it was a monster hit for the under seven demographic it was aiming for. From the few episodes I saw, it did it’s job well buy keeping kids interacting with the show. But unlike Blues Clues that had very mundane and general mysteries, Dora the Explorer at least tried to add a little more education with zoology and a main character that was Latina. I merely saw it as harmless while Nickelodeon saw it as money.In the age where reboots and remakes are all the rage, it makes sense Hollywood would want to tap into the nostalgia of Dora before it was too late. When a movie was announced, I kept wondering how that would be done as movies based off a little kid aimed material rarely sells. Just as the people who’ve made movies off of Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine. But Dora and the Lost City of Gold tries something different; it tries to be funny.Young teenager Dora (played by Isabela Moner) may be grown up, but still loves exploring the South American jungle with her monkey Boots (played by Danny Trejo), singing songs to herself and keeping an upbeat sprit about her life. After a fall, her parents Cole (played by Michael Peña) and Elena (played by Eva Longoria) decide that she needs to be around kids her own age and send her to Los Angeles to go live with her cousin Diego (played by Jeff Wahlberg).When going to Diego’s high school, she finds her jungle skills and knowledge out of place in a culture of cliques and teenage angst. Nevertheless, she continues to be herself while trying to get back her friendship she used to have with Diego. The both of them are on a fieldtrip when they and two other students get kidnapped by treasure hunters who hope Dora can lead them to her parents who are searching for a lost city of gold. Their sent back to South America, but get away thanks to a fellow explorer Alejandro (played by Eugenio Derbez). Even with an adult, it’s up to Dora to lead her friends into the jungle the find her parents and perhaps a lost city of gold.I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually liked Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Not only was it genuinely funny, but it kept my interest in a story that seems like a safer version of Goonies. Is it as good as the latter? No, in fact there are moments that are too dumb, but for the most part, this is a movie that knows what it is and wants to be: a silly adventure. There’s nothing wrong with being silly.This is a movie that’s made for fans of Dora the Explorer, but it’s also for those that made fun of it. It’s aware of how annoying the cartoon was for the adults who had to listen to it when their toddlers watched it. A lot of it works thanks to Isabela Moner, who remains as committed as hell to not only making her work as a likable character, but one who can be a literal live-action cartoon.While I had fun, I know that regular adult are not going to get into this at all if they don’t have some nostalgia with the character. What does hurt it is while it tries to evolve Dora and her adventure, it still succumbs to cliché family movie parts like the annoying geek character and bathroom jokes. I understand it’s a film that still has to appeal to children, but if movies like Inside Out and Up have shown anything, the story can still be great without having to go for lowbrow humor. A part of me also realizes that if I was around ten, I would have dug this movie and maybe even asked my parents to take me to it again.I’ll give this seven Doras out of ten. Again, even though I liked it and had fun with it’s meta jokes, this is not meant for adults unless they have some nostalgia or even at least some interest. It weird to think that the CGI Lion King remake was bad while a live action Dora the Explorer was better then expected. I suppose it’s earned the right to sing “We did it”

  • peter-rivera
    peter rivera

    My friend and I went to watch this movie as a joke (aka stupidothon) but I am SO glad we went to see it! There were some cringy part only younger kids would find funny but overall if was super funny and enjoyable! Very adventurous too with some surprises. I was laughing so hard at one point that I almost choked on my popcorn. I loved seeing a remake for this since this show was my childhood! These characters were SO great and their acting was very enjoyable.

  • tzanetos-phragkopoulos
    tzanetos phragkopoulos

    We were very impressed with how family friendly this movie was! The adults and kids were all laughing. The comedic timing was excellent! If you know anything about Dora and like a good laugh- this movie is absolutely for you! Still not sure if you or your kids will like it? Check out our full review with discussion questions at Down The Hobbit Hole Blog dot com. We have not laughed this hard at a movie in a long time! The acting and script were so great!

  • alphonse-deschamps
    alphonse deschamps

    I used to watch this with my son when he was a kid, he’s now 15. I took him to watch the screener as a joke lol. It was actually better than i expected. Although there are a few cringe worthy scenes that only little kids would enjoy, we both thought the movie was quite funny & overall entertaining. Solid 8 stars from me.

  • anton-etzold
    anton etzold

    As a toddler, my daughter adored Dora. My son loved Go Diego, Go. Now, as older elementary students, they had a blast at this movie, and I did too. I thought the talking Swiper was weird, but it was one of my son’s favorite parts. This movie was about being positive and being yourself, and the movie boldly said, ‘I’m not going to try to be something I’m not.’ It was entertaining and fun, and my kids came out singing and dancing. Isn’t that the point? With so many violent and intense movies these days, this proved a refreshing change.

  • violeta-campos
    violeta campos

    Rating 9.1/10 Surprisingly entertaining. This movie is just amazing and the acting from everyone was great. Dora have a good role model for everyone in this world. For me, this is one of the best movie based on cartoon tv show Dora The Explorer since 2000. I think no matter what you do, that there is always room for a good nickelodeon movie. It definitely worth to watch.