Jean Claude Van Damme plays a dual role as Alex and Chad, twins separated at the death of their parents. Chad is raised by a family retainer in Paris, Alex becomes a petty crook in Hong Kong. Seeing a picture of Alex, Chad rejoins him and convinces him that his rival in Hong Kong is also the man who killed their parents. Alex is suspicious of Chad, especially when it comes to his girlfriend.

Also Known As: Double Impact - La vendetta finale, Dvojitý zásah, Dobbelt slagkraft, Diplos antiktypos, Dupla dinamit, Doble impacto, Двоен удар, Geballte Ladung, Duplo Impacto, Double Impact, Van Damme - Duplo Impacto, Двойной удар Soviet, Ikiz kan, The Corsican Brothers, Διπλός αντίκτυπος, Osveta blizanaca, Kaksoisisku, Podwójne uderzenie, Doble Impacto, Dublu impact

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  • kristjan-michelson
    kristjan michelson

    Ho-hum action film that has Jean-Claude Van Damme playing dual roles as twins who are out for revenge against those who killed their parents when they were babies. A typical “I’m going to get you” film that involves high-class business people in the U.S. and dangerous Oriental Mafia syndicates. Yawn. 2 stars out of 5.

  • farkas-takacs-ildiko
    farkas takacs ildiko

    As much as one might believe that TWO Van Dammes in a movie should be better, it isn’t. The winning formula of his previous films has been JCVD’s fine martial arts coupled with support actors who CAN act. There is no actor in this movie who can act, sadly. Fortunately were graced to grow up in the 80s and enjoyed; bullying kids, pickin’on nerds, throwing things at people; and were members of gangs in jean jackets then you will probably like this film as all it has is great martial arts. By no means is the choreography as riveting or inspiring as in Bloodsport or No Retreat, No Surrender, however, it is TWO Van Dammes which makes up for a lot.

  • barbro-skold
    barbro skold

    Double Impact hits the the spot for those who enjoy action, violence, and Bolo Yeung. Twin brothers separated at birth, both played by JCVD team up 25 years later to get revenge on those who murdered their parents. Maybe the best plot for a Van Damme film. A great excuse for him to showcase his martial arts and famous high kicks and splits.A great pace throughout the film, great popcorn movie to watch at home and study the high 360 degree kicks in the final fight to the face of Bolo Yeung. Geoffrey Lewis is the backbone to this film in terms of acting and pulling the story together, Bolo Yeung is always a great villain in any film and it’s great to see six time Miss Olympia Cory Everson as a villain here, too. I bought the new DVD but was disappointed that for £9.99 it didn’t even have a trailer or any extras. It’s just the film, anyway, great film.

  • fedor-trapp
    fedor trapp

    I watched this movie as a kid. Glad I picked it up cheap on Amazon. Wouldn’t spend more than $10 on it. Best parts is the sex scene n the bad a$$ red head chick. Hope she is still buff today.

  • erik-green
    erik green

    The movie is about two different brothers (twins) who were seperated at birth when their parents were killed. After years they meet themselves in Hong Kong. And they fight together against the mafia. The movie is TOO absurd but surprisingly its very entertaining. The fighting scenes are great. Jean Claude plays as chad and alex in double role. Thats perhaps the most interesting part of the movie.

  • stanislava-marolt
    stanislava marolt

    One of Van Damme’s best films before he started losing it. This film sees Van Damme play twin brothers Alex and Chad, both very different in personality. Chad the pretty boy who if you look closely only uses kicks to fight his opponents and Alex who is the opposite are re united 25 years after they were separated when their parents were killed aim to get revenge on Nigel Griffith and Raimond Zang and reclaim the victoria harbour tunnel which is rightfully theirs. Together with family friend uncle Frank they kick arse in this most excellent action film.

  • ruth-pettersen
    ruth pettersen

    If one Jean-Claude Van Damme was never enough, here’s the movie for you: a decent action melodrama beginning with two infants separated during a bloody shootout in Hong Kong… Their father did a favor for a mobster who didn’t need his services any longer. Thanks to Geoffrey Lewis as a bodyguard turned “uncle” who saves one of the brothers, winding up a pretty boy karate instructor to rich women in Los Angeles.But he’s drawn back to cutthroat Hong Kong where he meets his shady twin, an arms dealer who couldn’t be more different. Together, along with Geoffrey Lewis and of course a beautiful love interest, they take on the mob boss who killed their parents, and even with two Dammes, it won’t be easy.The best scenes involve the milquetoast brother getting tougher through various fights, especially with the iconic ENTER THE DRAGON bulky tough guy Bolo Yeung (fitfully scarred-up from the opening scene, making him even more intimidating). But the crooked brother, who had so much promise as a rogue maverick in the beginning, becomes but a jealous whiner as his put-upon lady starts preferring Abel to Cain.It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there’s an abundance of insert/close-ups that lead one to believe the budget wasn’t too high. But the characters are interesting enough to care about and it’s the fights that matter, occurring enough to appease hardcore karate buffs.For More Reviews: http://www.cultfilmfreaks.com

  • judith-fisher-nicholson
    judith fisher nicholson

    Twin baby brothers Alex and Chad (Jean-Claude Van Damme) are separated after their parents are killed by hit men acting on the orders of greedy businessman Nigel Griffith (Alan Scarfe) and local triad boss Raymond Zhang (Philip Chan). Alex is raised in a local orphanage by French nuns while Chad is taken abroad by loyal friend of the family Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis). 25 years later, Frank—now the owner of an LA dojo where Chad is an instructor (and where pastel coloured gis are mandatory!)—tracks down Alex, reunites the brothers in Hong Kong and helps them to avenge the murder of their parents.Some might argue that Jean Claude Van Damme struggles to play one character convincingly, and that having him play two is not exactly the greatest idea in the world. Those people are wrong. Double the ‘Muscles from Brussels’ kicking ass, including his own, is actually one of the greatest things to happen in a 90s action movie. That’s double the explosive action, double the corny one-liners, double the gun-play (with double the ammo), double the fight scenes and, ultimately, double the fun.Despite its silly set-up, Double Impact is a genuinely tough film, with very little comedy ala Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons; the colourful Hong Kong location not only allows for plenty of authentic flavour, but also enables the use of local stunt-men for whom a hard whack in the head is all part of a day’s work. The action comes thick and fast, feet and fists regularly meeting face, making for some really convincing karate smack-downs. On top of all the martial arts mayhem, viewers are also treated to lots of brutal ballistic action, each bullet hit resulting in a delightfully bloody squib eruption.Star Van Damme might not be the greatest thespian to ever grace the silver screen, but he does surprisingly well in his dual roles, convincingly creating two distinctly different characters; he is aided in his task by some well executed special effects and the careful use of body doubles. The rest of the main cast are also very impressive: Lewis is as marvellous as always (the guy is a legend in my eyes just for giving the world Juliette), busty blonde Alonna Shaw gives the film sex appeal as Alex’s plucky girlfriend Danielle, Chan and Scarfe ooze malevolence, and Bolo Yeung and female bodybuilder Cory Everson make for superb hench-people (does anyone play an utterly ruthless killing machine as convincingly as Bolo?).

  • milena-iarema
    milena iarema

    I love this movie. I think it is absolutely hilarious. I think the funniest part is when he is teaching the girls dancing. Most people don’t realize how much of a comedian Jean Claude really is. Through closely analyzing this movie however, his true comedic potential is realized. I don’t know if it gets any better than when he says “Slowly, close your legs, beautiful…doing well.” And I love the part when hes doing the split and he compliments his own performance, “Ha, that’s good.” He’s the best. I’d like to see him do stand up.

  • clarisa-ionescu
    clarisa ionescu

    I remember seeing this movie on the premiere night that Saturday evening on HBO. It was indeed one of the best damn martial arts movies I’ve seen around that time because at that time range there were nothing but action flicks being released to theaters here and there. Double Impact is one of my most favorite Van Damme flicks not only because he plays twin brothers in the film but because there’s plenty of action to look for. Most movies that were made with an actor playing twins it would usually be a disappointment since they could never get the other person to like the same actor…..O.K. I admit, I was a little disappointed when I spotted the fake Van Damme trying to kick at Alex but missed by kicking the wall. My 3 favorite scenes in the film are #1.When Alex gives Chad a good evening greeting from a head-butt. #2.The final showdown between Chad and Moon(Bolo Yeung)-a great villan. #3.The brawl-for-all between Chad and Alex. Double Impact will always be in my video/dvd collection. But anytime there’s a Van Damme film hitting either the big screen or the little screen, you know what to expect, nothing but dodging fire balls, doing 360 degree spinning heel kicks, etc. you get the picture. But hey at least you didn’t see one of the Van Dammes smearing/or trying to fade away from the image like it was cheaply done on a computer such as the 2 Jackie Chans did in “Twin Dragons”.

  • orlova-veronika-leonovna
    orlova veronika leonovna

    Alex (Van Damme) and Chad (Van Damme) are twins who were separated at six months old when their parents were murdered by gangsters. Alex became a ne’er-do-well in Hong Kong while Chad became a pretty-boy aerobics instructor in L.A. Convinced to go to Hong Kong to find out the truth, Chad meets Alex, and Yin meets Yang. The two men, despite being brothers, couldn’t be more different, and conflicts ensue. But it’s all in the name of getting revenge for their slain parents. But it’s going to take double the power to take down evildoer Moon (Yeung). Will you feel the impact? Probably one of the better movies (of the five total) where Van Damme plays two roles, Double Impact has JCVD as the happy-go-lucky Chad, with his absurd pastel outfits and tiny pink shorts, as well as the gruff, cigar-chomping Alex. If you’ve ever seen The Patty Duke show in reruns, you know the “show the back of the other character’s head” style of portraying the two men. The movie wastes little time in having Van Damme do one of his trademark splits (while wearing a leotard, naturally). Chad is the fish out of water in Hong Kong (and the movie sports some great Hong Kong locations and photography), just one side of the coin that is Jean-Claude Van Damme.This is also one of the many team-ups of Van Damme and director Sheldon Lettich. But at almost two hours, the movie overstays its welcome and is just too long. You know what they always say – double the Van Damme, double the running time. Though the movie drags at times, it also has just enough cool moments to make this a roller-coaster of peaks and valleys.The rest of the cast is worthy too, as Bolo is here looking great, Cory Everson plays the bodybuilder who is also in the hard-to-find Ballistic (1995), and Alonna Shaw plays the eye candy – at one point the movie basically stops so it can become like a Playboy video for her. The movie naturally concludes in the time-honored steam factory, and characters even throw barrels at each other, a la Double Dragon. Double Dragon – Double Impact… coincidence? I think not…! After the extensive running time, there is a freeze frame and the C + C Music Factory-like song, “Feel The Impact”, by Gen plays. By our estimation, Double Impact is kind of hit-or-miss. It’s a decent enough idea, but not enough to support such a lengthy movie.For more insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com

  • geoffrey-davenport
    geoffrey davenport

    Double Impact could be one of Van Damme’s best flicks. It contains action, humor, and great martial arts. This movie came out when I was in eighth grade, and it definitely brings good memories. Every one was talking about it when it came out. It begins when a British businessman and his wife are murdered by the mafia; the two twins are rescued by Frank Avery (played by Geoffrey Lewis) who was the family’s bodyguard. Then the twins get separated, one is taken by Frank, the other ends up in an orphanage. 25 years later Frank decided to tell Chad (played by Van Damme) all about his parent’s death, and that he must go back to Hong Kong to find the killers. Chad meets with his twin brother Alex (played also by Van Damme). One of the things that I love about this movie is that Chad and Alex have totally different personalities; Chad is more like a fly boy, and Alex is a street smart smuggler. The twins are always having disagreements, and there’s even a fight scene between Chad and Alex, it was great. Also Bolo Yeung who’s one of the villains of the movie, he incarnates, Moon the right hand of Nigel Griffith played by Alan Scarfe. The film is very entertaining, packed with great martial arts action. So on a weekend, buy a pizza, some beers, and invite some of your old high school friends, and enjoy this movie.

  • akhil-mhaajn
    akhil mhaajn

    As mere babies, twins Alex and Chad are separated when their parent’s are brutally murdered by Triads who had no further use for the twin’s parents. One child is rescued by their nanny, the other by the family’s bodyguard Frank Avery. Alex grows up rough in the orphanage where his nanny leaves him and becomes a criminal in the underworld, while Chad becomes a ladies’ man and karate teacher under the guidance of Frank. After several decades, Frank finds Alex and reunites the two brothers in time to battle the same triads who are still in business.The plot to this film opens with such violence in front of children that it alters the paths their lives were going to take. Surely this film shows the effects that young children witnessing violence can have – in this case the children are so badly affected that they both grow up to become Jean-Claude Van Damme! Aside from this terrible event, they come together decades later just as those that murdered their parents are doing a big deal. Of course the whole plot is silly and the whole idea behind the plot is to present two Van Damme’s as some sort of major selling point – and I suppose for some it is. Ignoring a silly and rather irritating plot, this film does have plenty of trademark action from it’s star(s?) and it is just about enjoyable on that level, even if there are plenty of better action films available to watch on a Saturday night in with beer!Attempts to inject drama into the film with sibling conflict and love interests are wasted and just further bog down an already limp script. Of course part of the blame for the lack of dramatic involvement must lie with Van Damme, who’s delivery is as reliable as ever – and this is not a compliment. His characters are given very different hairstyle because we can’t rely on Van Damme’s performance to be able to tell them apart. However I will be fair to him and say that he has moves and delivers two very enjoyable scenes towards the end (one in shadows, the other with a drum). Shaw makes for an annoying love interest – in the time honoured manner all she does is scream. Lewis is a well known face but cannot life this to be anything more than it is. Van Damme’s performance is dwarfed by a laughably bad turn from Alan Scarfe as the main villain – so hammy it should have been between bread.Overall this is not a very good film but, did you expect it to be? I came to expecting people to be kicked in the head and for the star to do the splits and talk with an accent and that’s what I got. There are better films out there and it is far too basic to be really enjoyable but it has some good fights and exciting action albeit not enough to support the whole film. Worth seeing if you’re just looking for an undemanding action movie to fill an hour or two.

  • mara-medac
    mara medac

    bought this movie new for five dollars so i wasn’t expecting too much. thoroughly enjoyed after viewing it because it has van damme as an action star playing dual roles as twin brothers who avenge the murder of their parents. it’s van damme in tip-top shape coming off the success of his earlier films bloodsport and cyborg. in this feature he gets to show quite a bit of skin as he kung-fu’s his way through an array of henchman and villains. it’s nice to see the film being shot on location in hong Kong as it shows the city social scene at night. i though the nineties fashion was also fun to see and groan at. while van damme is no Shakespeare, he gets through the movie fine enough with his boyish good looks and charms. the action sequences and his one on one combat scenes are well choreographed and fun to watch. it doesn’t hurt either that alonna shaw is in the film too. a film worth watching if you’re a fan of action stars at their finest before age sets in and their physique is longer prime.

  • oana-tomescu
    oana tomescu

    OK, face it, Jean-Claude cannot act his way out of a wet paper bag. That is not why we watch him. We watch for the action, and this film has plenty of that.No viewing of Jean-Claude’s films would be complete without this one where he plays both himself and his brother. Separated by 25 years, one (Alex) stays in Hong Kong as a smugger, and the other (Chad) is a fitness instructor in California. That’s ladies fitness instructor in pretty blue tights. Hmm, is there something to his role as “Gay Karate Man” in his first film? California Jean-Claude returns to Hong Kong to join Honk Kond Jean Claude to regain what is rightfully theirs. Luscious scenery provided by Alex’s girlfriend Danielle (Alonna Shaw). Hot breathing brought on by action between Danielle and Kara (Corinna Everson). The return of Bolo Yeung (Bloodsport) as Moon is a big big plus for the film.Lots of action, lots of laughs, and a good time for all.

  • xvich-a-p-anc-ulaia
    xvich a p anc ulaia

    Coming out during the twilight of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s career, it was something less than impressive. But a decent time-waster at best and for the price of one we would get two Van Damme’s on screen. Twins unknowingly separated, to only meet up again 25 years later. Nice. Where else could we see Van Damme beating himself up, feuding over things and eventually teaming up to kick-ass. And there’s a lot ass kicking, as well gun blazing to go with the martial arts. That’s John Woo style. Slow motion galore. Bullets. Blood. Bodies piling up. Add plenty of broken bones. And nose bleeds. The action is brutal and high-energy. Van Damme cops a real work out. Where he has a whole bunch of villains (a gleeful Alan Scarfe and spiteful Phillip Chan), their henchman and Triad gangs to get through. He goes up against an old foe; Bolo Yeung (of “Bloodsport” fame) and female athlete / body builder Corinna Everson whose choice of fashion is almost upstaged by Van Damme himself. Then we got a bodyguard who uses the spurs on his boot to inflict pain. While stuck in the middle of the two Van Dammes is the always enjoyable character actor Geoffrey Lewis and the ravishing blonde Alonna Shaw. The simple plot (which was co-written by Van Damme) is clean-cut by setting up the motivation at the beginning and then the twins unite to seek vengeance on those involved in the murder of their parents. Also for laughs there’s numerous mistaken identity scenarios, Van Damme’s colourful fashion sense (the lover-boy one) and the macho script likes to have people telling others to virtually get f**k. Set in Hong Kong, director Sheldon Lettich (who directed Van Damme a year earlier in “Lionheart”) strikes up some local flavour, amazingly tough action bursts and all at a reliable pace. Bold, but standard Jean-Claude Van Damme 90s action vehicle.”When you find them. Bring back their bodies”.

  • celia-cristea
    celia cristea

    This could be argued to be one of Van Damme’s best film. Not only for his amazing fight scenes, but also for his acting ability along side himself. Not writing here as biased fan, but seeing this film, I shockingly had to admit that Van Damme was far better actor then what people gave him credit for. Story of the film is very cliché of most 90’s films. twins get separated at birth and one becomes a criminal while the other one becomes a goody boy. They both have to team up together to protect their family money and name. Which one or both didn’t really care for before.Acting in the film, was fairly good, with few exceptions. But people going to see this film, knew that this wasn’t going to be the competition for Dances with a wolf or Jeremy Irons performance in Reversal of Fortune. The expectations was that this was going to be enjoyable film with tons of action and the possibility of having Van Damme fight Van Damme in an amazing fight scene. Which the film succeeded in. Van Damme was very clear as two different brothers, who are completely different in all traits. Van Damme managed to create and contain certain ticks, tricks and mannerisms for each one, clear sign of a good actor. Not to mention all of the really cool fight scenes we got to see was a benefit too!!so if you are bored at home and have nothing to do, feel free to give this film a go, if you like 80’s and 90’s action type of movies, you will love this.

  • diane-du-jean
    diane du jean

    The Muscles from Brussels takes a co-producer and co-writer credit on this routinely plotted but agreeable action picture. Van Damme plays twin boys, who were orphaned in the 1960s by thugs representing some greedy white collar criminals. One of them, Chad, ended up in L. A. where he got to live a fairly soft life. Alex, on the other hand, remained in Hong Kong where he became a street smart smuggler. 25 years later, their “uncle” Frank (Geoffrey Lewis) locates Alex and reunites the boys so they can have a classic bit of revenge – and reclaim what’s theirs in the bargain.All of the action is watchable if never truly inspired. There’s a good deal of hard hitting violence (the naive Chad takes his lumps before the story is over), and plenty of effective squib action – not to mention a hearty helping of explosions. The exotic Hong Kong setting certainly helps a lot, as well. One sequence is particularly striking, and you can see bits of that in the trailer. And there’s a fairly satisfying confrontation between Van Damme and martial arts icon Bolo Yeung, who plays Moon, a goon who ends up with a fake eye and a nasty scar due to Franks’ intervention back in the 60s.There’s a certain degree of entertainment in watching Van Damme play two distinctly different characters. Thanks to some reasonably effective movie trickery – body doubles, special effects, and the like – we get to see the twins interacting regularly. Philip Chan, as crime kingpin Raymond Zhang, and Alan Scarfe, as the nefarious Nigel Griffith, are decent action movie baddies in the classic tradition. Both the blonde Alonna Shaw (as Alex’s girlfriend Danielle) and the athletic brunette Corinna Everson (as henchwoman Kara) add much sex appeal. The eternally solid and reliable Lewis is a tremendous asset to the story, lending it an appropriate amount of respectability.”Double Impact” may not be memorable in the end, but it sure provides a nice diversion for the better part of two hours.Seven out of 10.

  • ana-julia-pires
    ana julia pires

    This is joyously over the top and inane. This is classic Van Damme at his absolute best. In yet another (well in fact the first) of his duel role films, Jean Claude plays two twins separated at birth. They were separated when both their parents were killed by vicious gangsters, including the legend Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon).What makes this film is the always-enjoyable combination of Van Damme and director Sheldon Lettich. Lettich knows how to get the best out of Claude in the fights sequences, with a liberal and entertainingly cheesy use of slo-mo while Van Damme grunts and poses and jumps kicks his way through countless foes. The fights are so entertaining, and they more than make up for the wooden or ham-fisted acting of the cast, not to mention the brainless plot and cheesy dialogue. This was written by Van Damme and really seems at times like an ego trip, with some of the lines and actions that characters have. It is entertaining in that sense. What is also funny about this film is the constant posing and muscle flexing from Van Damme. This is one of his most enjoyable films, because it is so fun, it brings back the fun feeling from his earlier film Kickboxer.Overall this is one to watch and the fight between Van Damme and Bolo is the stuff of legend. ***

  • lebedev-evstignei-gordeevich
    lebedev evstignei gordeevich

    Egos run wild as Van Dammage is given the double dosage in this rampant, enjoyable thriller; hampered somewhat by the now two dreadful acting displays instead of the one. Yet credit where its due, this is one of his better outings, broadening his thespian ranges as well as stylishly kicking people in the head a lot. Revenge is on the cards again, playing both twin brothers separated at birth and reunited 25 years later (one’s a US aerobics instructor who wears the silk underwear, the other a tough cigar-chomping gangster-type raised in the Hong Kong). Their parents, you see, were hopelessly slaughtered when they were babies, and summarily they vow vengeance. It’s all laughable enough, as it should be: violent as hell with a Bolo villain and two Jean-Claude’s causing complete bloody chaos – who could ask for more?

  • leslie-lewis
    leslie lewis

    “What a classic of B-movie cheese this is. In the first of Van Damme’s trilogy of twin movies (at least until he decides to use the idea yet again), our boy Jean-Claude plays brothers who are separated when a Triad hit team takes out their parents. Twenty years later, the “bad” brother is a smuggler in HK, while the “good” one is an aerobics instructor in Los Angeles, and they team up to take revenge on the boss (Philip Chan) who took out their parents.There’s nothing really great about Double Impact, other than the immortal tagline of “double the Van Damme, double the Van Damage”, but it is a solid low-budget actioner. The script and acting are average to say the least, and the movie looks like it was made for fifty cents and a case of returnable bottles, but when it comes to action, Double Impact delivers the goods. The fights are among some of Van Damme’s best, with good choreography and tight filming and editing. Also of note are the gunfights; I might be wrong, but I believe that this was the first Western movie to have John Woo-style dual 9mms (complete with slow motion). If you have a high tolerance for cheeseball antics (or just like to make fun of them), there’s some good times to be had with Double Impact. I’m kind of sorry to say this, but given the current anemic state of action films, even middling stuff like this is much better than the crap that has been getting cranked out lately.”

  • eva-at-erzyan
    eva at erzyan

    Double Impact is simply the Best Van Damme movie of his career. Van Damme hasn’t been making much great movies recently. I remember in my school days, Van Damme was one of the favourites among the lads. Van Damme has given us Great movies in the past. Kickboxer, Bloodsport and Hard Target are some of His Finest Movies. I’m my opinion, Double Impact is better then the mentioned movies in terms of Storyline. Double Impact has great fight scenes including Van Damme against Bolo Yeung, also in Bloodsport. It has Plenty of violence, packed with good laughs. This was Van Dammes opportunity to act apart from fighting all the time. Van Damme does a decent job playing two separate characters Alex and Chad. It has a impressive storyline about 2 twin brothers separated at birth, who link up when their older, to take revenge on the Gang that killed their parents. This is a great entertaining movie.

  • mato-ackermann
    mato ackermann

    Double Impact is one of Van Damme`s finest moments on the actionfilm-arena. It delivers what it must to succeed, namely tons of great fighting scenes, which is what Van Damme-movies are all about(well, almost). If you want to rent an old action-flick, Double Impact is one of the best movies Van Damme has ever done! 9/10

  • luisa-alicia-perello-aguila
    luisa alicia perello aguila

    Every time I view this film, I enjoy the great photography of Honk Kong, the beauty of the country, excitement of the night lights and the forbidden areas of the dark back streets and its perils! Claude Van Damme (Alex Wagner) gave the audience a double take every time he made a fantastic martial arts endeavor. His great supporting actor was the veteran actor, Geoffry Lewis, (Frank Avery),”Mind Games”,’03, whose main goal was to protect the twin boys who were almost killed as infants and see that they obtained the wealth that belonged to the both of them. The gals in the picture add some hot steamy scenes, especially in the Boiler Room! If you are not a Jean Claude Van Damme fan or do not like the great acting of Geoffrey Lewis, this is not the film for you. You will probably like the “Terminator Films”!

  • robert-blackburn
    robert blackburn

    Double Impact (1991) was my favorite childhood Van Damme movie, beside Bloodsport was this movie my favorite. I grew up with this film I love this movie to death! Bolo Yeung was also in this movie as Moon, Zhang’s killer. The fight at the end between Van Damme and Bolo Yeung was the best just like was in Bloodsport. The story was adrenaline action packed and Van Damme played double role in here and he did an excellent job as Alex and Chad two different characters. I always loved this movie and I love the action and the fight choreographer from Jean-Claude Van Damme, I like his spin kick and his martial arts in this movie. Van Damme fights the same guy from Bloodsport. I love this movie a lot, it is bloody full action packed fire guns.What I love in this movie is a great supporting cast, Geoffrey Lewis was a great support cast as Uncle Frank who raised Chad. Alonna Shaw as Danielle Wilde was a great as Alex girlfriend. Their was one imaginary sexy scene that really did not mean anything. Corinna Everson as Kara as Griffith’s bodyguard was terrific, here we first time see a women who is a villain in a action movie. In the 90’s I don’t remember seeing any women been a villain. Corinna was a perfect choice for playing Kara. Philip Chan as Raymond Zhang was awesome he was even in John Woo’s Hard Boiled and Bloodsport. The movie it self reflects more on Van Damme’s life: Chad was really Van Damme, he was raised in Belgium in this film his character was raised in Paris, but with Frank they moved to America. Now after 25.years they come back to Hong Kong in which they track down Alex, together they avenge their parents death. Alex is a bad ass in this movie. He looks so scary, that even I wouldn’t dare to cross his path. I love Van Damme in two roles he is great. I have enjoyed this movie a lot and had a lot of fun.The contrast between the two characters of Chad and Alex is amazing. The happy go lucky playboy and the brooding street fighting bad ass. You really do get the feeling that there’s two Van Dammes in the world and they’re right there on screen together. And Chad is one my favorite JCVD characters he’s ever played. I love the action sequences, the gun play, the fights and the story that works. In my opinion this movie is very underrated. It was my childhood favorite movie and it always will be.I am giving a 10, because the movie has a good action and nice martial arts, but it also does have a plot hole that I don’t like.