Dougal, a shaggy, candy-loving puppy, embarks on a dangerous journey with a group of friends in an effort to imprison their oppressor, the evil ice sorcerer Zeebad (Zebedee’s evil twin). The world is placed in mortal danger as Zeebad wants to freeze everything there is; Dougal and his friends must recover three diamonds in order to stop him.

Also Known As: Вълшебната въртележка, A bűvös körhinta, Магична вртешка, Carovný kolotoc, Stebuklingas nuotykis, De Magische Draaimolen, Dougal, Kouzelný kolotoc Czech, Pollux - Le manège enchanté, El tiovivo, Töfraferðin, Magiczna karuzela, El tio vivo mágico, Волшебное приключение, Franjinhas e o Carrossel Mágico, Sprung! The Magic Roundabout, The Magic Roundabout, Carousellat ha'ksamim

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