Dr. Sullivan Travis “Dr. T.” is a wealthy Dallas gynecologist for some of the wealthiest women in Texas who finds his idealist life beginning to fall apart starting when his wife, Kate, suffers a nervous breakdown and is committed to the state mental hospital. Dr. T’s eldest daughter, Dee Dee, is planning to go through with her approaching wedding despite the secret that she’s a lesbian and is romantically involved with Marilyn, the maid of honor. Dr T’s youngest daughter, Connie, is a conspiracy theorist freak who has her own agenda to everything, while Dr. T’s loyal secretary, Carolyn, has romantic feelings for him, which are not mutual. Dr. T’s sister-in-law, Peggy, meddles in every situation she stumbles into, while one woman, Bree, a golf instructor, is the only one who offers him any comfort and salvation.

Also Known As: Tr. T ja naiset, Dr. T si femeile, El Dr. T. y las mujeres, Ο δρ Τ και οι γυναίκες, Д-р Т. и жените, Docteur T & les femmes, Доктор 'Т' и его женщины, Dr. T och kvinnorna, O Dr. T kai oi gynaikes, Il dottor T & le donne, Dr. T & the Women, Docteur T et les femmes, Dr. T e as Mulheres, Dr. T og kvinnene, El doctor y sus mujeres, El doctor y las mujeres, Tohtori T ja naiset, Daktaras T ir moterys, Dr. T, Doktor T. i kobiety, Dr. T és a nők, Tri T ja naiset, Dr. T and the Women, Dr. T ve kadinlari, Dr. T i sve njegove žene

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