Dr. Joe Darrow is a recently widowed doctor. He is grieving due to the death of his pregnant wife in a Red Cross mission in Venezuela. Although being atheist, he began to believe that his dead wife wants to communicate with him, through her young patients in the Pediatrics of a Chicago hospital.

Also Known As: Vilin konjić, Szitakötő, Sonsuz aşk, Misterul libelulei, Deseta stuba, Apparitions, Sudenkorento, Dragonfly, Kôringu, Sanjaghak, El misterio de la libélula, Стрекоза, O Mistério da Libélula, Znamię, Il segno della libellula - Dragonfly, Libellule, Водно конче, Minyma siopis, 鬼胎記, Im Zeichen der Libelle, Na křídlech vážky Czech, O Poder dos Sentidos

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