The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One – a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of “Slo-Mo” experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed. During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson, a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture – a 200 storey vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma and her ruthless clan. When they capture one of the clan’s inner circle, Ma-Ma overtakes the compound’s control center and wages a dirty, vicious war against the Judges that proves she will stop at nothing to protect her empire. With the body count climbing and no way out, Dredd and Anderson must confront the odds and engage in the relentless battle for their survival.

Also Known As: Dredd 3D, Yargiç Dredd, Dredd: O Juiz do Apocalipse, Ντρεντ, Dredas, Dredd - Il giudice dell'apocalisse, Dredd 3D: Ultima judecata, Sudija Dred, Суддя Дредд, Судья Дредд 3D, Дред 3D, Judge Dredd, Dredd, Ha'shofet Dredd

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  • the-haunted-tank
    The Haunted Tank

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  • bayan-rengul-demirel-kisakurek
    bayan rengul demirel kisakurek

    I wanted to give this 7 out of 10 because all in all its a good solid movie that will kill you an entertaining hour and a half, the plot there is puddle deep but there needs not be a good plot when your talking about judge dred, the visuals and the violence are all what this movie is made for and you can take it or leave it. I did give it a high 8 at the end, and thats because i know the original comics, which style i love dearly. There are scenes made to look absolutely as if they are taken out of the pages of the highly stylistic comics of judge dred. the FX and style i found to be amazing and very hypnotizing. i really loved the gore which there is a lot of. all in all a very solid entertaining movie, for me the style, photography and FX gave it another point.

  • juan-manuel-montenegro-somoza
    juan manuel montenegro somoza

    Dredd is an uncompromising vision of Judge Dredd’s world and adventures.There is no hesitation in any aspect of the film. The script, performances and direction are all first rate. Karl Urban is excellent as Dredd to the extent that Sylvester Stallone’s campy buffoonish take on the character is forgotten. Lena Headey is typically excellent as MAma and Olivia Thirlby is both vulnerable and tough as rookie Anderson.I’m delighted that I own this bluray and I hope that we get a chance for a sequel. Easily one of the best sci fi action movies in years.

  • jessica-torres
    jessica torres

    Dredd is a simple action film with a simple premise that suffers from the legacy of a horrid 1995 Hollywood film adaptation to a British cult comic (2000 AD). It’s a shame a sequel never saw the light of day, since Karl Urban was superb in his portrayal of Judge Dredd.

  • justin-bailey
    justin bailey

    Not bad, really. Plot and fight scenes are far more decent than the original movie. Plus, Dredd didnt show his face which gave more focus on the character’s gritty, badass persona.

  • valentim-esteves
    valentim esteves

    In dystopic future hit by nuclear disaster on the edge of social disorder, judiciary system is held together by judges, the only force for order who act as judge, jury and executioner.Judge Dredd is assigned as supervisor to rookie Anderson, a powerful psychic who marginally failed the aptitude tests to become a Judge but, is given one more chance as she can be a valuable asset for Judge Order in future. Their visit to notorious slum tower block called Peach Trees turns into bloody mission for survival as they get in the way of Ma-ma, gang lord and main dealer of new powerful drug…Director Peter Travis wastes no time and in 15 minutes introduces us to main characters, plot and atmosphere. It is a violent world where life is worth nothing and survivors are those who are lucky or rough, and in most cases both at the same time. Action and Dredd’s coolness packed with his one liners leads him up the slum to Ma-ma, with packs of bodies behind.In couple of moments film tries to touch ethical dilemmas of simplified justice judges use to efficiently punish offenders, as well as world in which people are turned into piece of meat system needs to deal with, but does not go into much depth. According to its setting, same is applied in aesthetic with explicit violent scenes of combat or death.Karl Urban is convincing and never goes over the edge trying to over show what he can do, as Stallone did in 1995 adaptation. Effort he put in physical training as well, as micro expressions, are nice touch to the role as it is to see Dredd moving like a pro and not waving his gun like gang member. Urban put his heart in his role and showed that hard work works, even if as an actor you don’t have half of your face to show. Thirbly is solid as rookie that tries to pull herself together but gets shocked by real world outside combat simulator.There are things that could have been better. Some gang members look like they’ve just gone out of “want to be gangster” fashion saloon – tattoo, dirty talk, Kalashnikov, but at the same time seem so naive they cannot wait to be fooled by Dredd, or simply try to catch the bullet. Also, especially at beginning, it seems that Dredd and Anderson are taking too many bad guys with their smart gun that it makes you wonder what they would do without it. Luckily, as they progress there are couple of action scenes that show why Dredd is No 1 judge in town. Character of Ma-ma is puzzling but as narrative progresses does not go much into depth of her motivation. It is shame as this makes her convincing, but not one of the greatest villains we’ve seen.Mentioned above are common headaches most action movies of this type have and will not spoil your enjoyment if you are fan of action films, since Dredd does everything he promises – good action, believable characters, avoids most clichés and has good atmosphere.As I watched Dredd couple days ago, it came to my surprise that’s third time I’ve seen it. It’s that kind of film you will not see twice in a row but after a while it will be your pick after you been through all action classic, as a fond memory that does not fade as time goes by. I guess Dredd is that kind of movie they don’t make anymore. And will not anytime soon as Dredd world wide’s earnings managed to barely cover budget expenses. Shame, as Dredd is excellent adaptation that is praised by fans and is appreciated by everybody else. And rightly so.

  • vicki-ali
    vicki ali

    Karl Urban is a very under-rated actor. He can play a variety of characters without making it all about himself. He can just act like the character, and be that character. That may not sound like much, but when you compare Judge Dredd to Dredd, the difference is impossible to ignore.In Judge Dredd, Sylvester Stallone played Rambo in a Judge Dredd outfit. It was a totally disappointing movie, because we sat there and watched another Rambo or Cobra film. Where was Judge Dredd? He was lost in Stallone’s interpretation of the character.Zoom forward 17 years to Dredd with Karl Urban. He never takes off his helmet. He does not do any Karl Urban funny remarks or trademark phrases. He does nothing to say HEY ITS ME, KARL URBAN. Instead, all you get is DREDD. Wow. What a movie. Judge Dredd as he is supposed to be. A non-stop Justice Machine, that usually happens to kill an incredibly high number of perpetrators. That is what a Judge Dredd movie is supposed to be.It could have been in any setting, the Karl Urban version of Judge Dredd works. Too bad that there has not been another Dredd movie. I can see Dredd (2012) almost any day of the week and enjoy it immensely. It is just adrenaline pumping action, adventure, and gut-churning violence. This is DREDD like it was meant to be.

  • liwia-bugiel
    liwia bugiel

    Dredd is the guy. A personification of justice and the bitter medicine that is needed in Megacity 1. He doesn’t hesitate, never, because there’s much more work to do. And he is incorruptible, and doesn’t care about rising in crime rate despite his efforts, because he is doing his part and doesn’t have time for theories and chitchat. He is ruthless, also. And he applies the sentence the way the criminals kill their victims, to show them the pain they caused. Right or wrong, leave to the theoretical, because Dredd will keep cleaning the streets.

  • calebe-almeida
    calebe almeida

    After my third viewing of Dredd (in 3d) I have found something that I rarely find nowadays…a movie that I can’t get enough of. It is action packed, dark, brutal and oddly poetic in its violence. The perfect guy movie. Karl Urban, as many have said on these boards, IS Dredd…and that is a remarkable feat to pull off, considering half of his face is shielded for the whole movie (just like in the comics). He plays Dredd with a stoic, uncompromising demeanor…someone who lives and breathes justice and the law, who can kick anyone’s ass at a moment’s notice, but who also has a very slight ‘human’ side to him that comes out in brief moments of morality. To be honest, I did not see this in the theaters after not really caring for the Stallone version back in the day. The trailer did look very promising, so it was one I waited for the 3d Bluray release. I am so glad I took the chance because this movie is so satisfying in everything you could want in an action movie.The 3d looks fantastic on Bluray. The studio used new 3d cameras that really show up on the screen. Thankfully, there really aren’t many ‘throw random things at the viewers face’ type of gimmicks, but more so, concentrates on closeups of the actors showing their faces in great detail. This is critical for a character like Dredd, who teeth gnawing grimace must be showcased in order to show any type of emotion from the character.I can’t say enough good things about this movie and it is becoming the movie I showcase on my home 3d theater. Hopefully, the home video sales more than made up the rather lackluster box-office results to warrant a sequel. Check it out if you want to go through a wild ride through the eyes of a regular day in the life of Dredd.

  • elina-lehtinen-laurila
    elina lehtinen laurila

    This is definitely one of the best action films ever made. And this is how action films should be.The acting is perfect, a very good effort in direction, effects are very impressive and some lines unforgettable. About the plot, it is just an ordinary day in job – no history of the character, nothing unnecessary. Just action!Karl Urban really surprised me with his acting – a fantastic performance! Really suitable for this role. I knew that Lena Headey is a very nice actress and she proves it once again in this film. Olivia Thirlby also gives a remarkable ”rookie” performance.I believe that this Dredd deserves a sequel, with the same attitude and for sure Karl Urban as Dredd. If you are in the mood for an action movie, there is no way that this film will disappoint you: 95 minutes full of action.For sure one of my favorite action films ever!!!

  • jennifer-carr
    jennifer carr

    Dredd is one of the more brutal and violent action movies that I have seen in a while. Most of it takes place in a single tower-block, which is a futuristic skyscraper that houses tens of thousands of people. Judge Dredd is locked in and has to fight his way to the top. It sounds dull, but the scenes are well done and the movie flows nicely.Judge Dredd’s character was modeled after Dirty Harry and it shows with his raspy voice, dislike of most individuals, and general unhappiness. He is even partnered with a rookie who may or may not make it through the day. But unlike Dirty Harry, it’s perfectly legal when Judge Dredd effectuates summary justice. And yes, there are some cold-blooded executions. Speaking of killing, there is a whole lot it. And for a movie that is subtly cartoonish, the action has a sober tone that I didn’t expect. It’s a welcome change from the typical action movie and I loved it.

  • adam-reyes
    adam reyes

    Having feverishly waited in anticipation (skulking around IMDb, snapping at each morsel with fanboy delight) it was a joy to finally sit down in the auditorium; with Judge Dredd badge pinned humorously to my DK ‘Bedtime For Democracy’ T-shirt (chortle).The film starts with some spoken exposition, although where there was once James Earl Jones, we now have Urban. Establishing scenes of chaos evoke familiarity, as Mega-City One channels more current, turbulent times. Herein we are thrust into the Iron Lawman’s world, and he wastes no time in dispensing justice most radical. Olivia Thirlby is introduced as Anderson, the rookie assigned to Dredd for assessment. She is played as Dredd’s emotive foil (much like the comics). Whereas in ’95, William Wisher moaned that ” if I couldn’t care about him (Dredd), how could I hope to convince anyone else to?”–Bunk line of thinking, creep!–here we circumnavigate that with Anderson’s character arc. Dredd is a hard-assed, business-as-usual guy, with the voice to match. Only rarely did his dialogue verge on the gorgonzola.The film is an unashamed, stripped back actioner with cinematography and music elevating it far above genre requirements. Think ‘Drive’, with the electronic score and city shots, but scorched of gloss. DREDD is tough and that’s reflected in the architecture, the uniform, and the hardware. The judges rightfully look intimidating and brutal, and the closer-quartered combat, I felt, emphasised this. I also enjoyed the wacky array of citizens, a killer 2000AD touch.I’ve ran right of steam now, but overall, great film and look forward to watching it again. The film is a straight up 8, but warrants an IMDb 10 out of principle.

  • dean-andrew
    dean andrew

    This is the best Comics to movie adaptation ever and I hope they make another one

  • varga-adam-mihaly
    varga adam mihaly

    Just watched it on blu-ray. I’m not an expert on the source material, I never read much of the comic books, but I was encouraged by some of the reviews here. So I bought it at a discount, watched it, and…I love it. No, it’s not a masterpiece. No brilliance in the story, no $200M effects budget, no complex characters. Instead, it reeks of testosterone. It smells like victory. It tastes like the good old times of Robocop and Die Hard. It feels totally uncompromised and rare in today’s cinema.I like the simple construct of this movie. When “Dredd” begins, you’re thrown straight into the story. When the story ends, the movie ends too, no hugs or aftermath. The setting is somewhat contained, smallish in scale and makes the movie intense. The small effects budget is used well, practical visual effects mixed with CGI in an interesting manner. The uniforms are wonderful and the world is bleak in just the right way. This simple story is well-paced and never gets boring. Also, “Dredd” doesn’t pretend to be anything else, anything more than it is. It’s honest and uncompromising, It’s merciless and it’s solid.Karl Urban has got the perfect voice and chin (with that little frown) for this character. That’s right, the helmet stays on. He plays the main character in a certain wooden way that absolutely fits. I don’t remember much about the comics, but I remember enough that Urban does the character justice. He’s a very convincing Dredd and I loved watching him. My respect for him as an actor skyrocketed. He isn’t here to promote himself. He isn’t here to just “play” Dredd. He is Dredd. Well done, Karl. Olivia Thirlby is Anderson, Dredd’s sidekick. Don’t worry, because she’s not a female version of Rob Schneider, a forced love interest or some useless Megan Fox. No, instead Olivia’s character is useful, humane, interesting and brings a perfect contrast to Dredd – the balance is wonderful. Thirlby can act, and yes she is beautiful too. She’s simply adorable. Thumbs up.Lena Headey makes an excellent villain. She’s not your cardboard cutout villain, she’s more like a nihilistic drug addict. The fear she strikes into her minions (especially Domhnall Gleeson’s wonderfully played character) is not only believable but exciting to watch. Fine job.This movie works so well because there is nothing in it to distract you from what the movie is really about. There is nothing forced. No sentimentality, no token romance, no questioning of morals, no needless twists. On top of that, “Dredd” needed to be a really, really violent movie. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s brutally unforgiving in just the right way. It doesn’t quite turn into a gore fest, but the violence is effective and very satisfying. These things alone warrant a great deal of respect. We live in a time where everything is PG13, bland and full of some moral or political propaganda (of which some people wrongly accuse Dredd). For once, we got the real thing.What are the negatives then? I don’t know. I can’t find any significant flaws. Perhaps the soundtrack could’ve been more to my personal taste, perhaps the weapons could’ve sounded “bigger”, perhaps some of the CGI blood could’ve been done in the old-fashioned way…see? I can only think of minor gripes. I wouldn’t even ask for a more ambitious storyline or a huge parade of special effects because I like how contained, simple and effective “Dredd” is. Director Pete Travis and Karl “the scowl” Urban, I owe you a beer.Dredd – no bullshit, just balls. Enjoy.

  • ms-lesley-carter
    ms lesley carter

    This film made me want to sign up to IMDb and write a review for the first time. Why? Very rarely do I see an action film that surprises me. I did not have high hopes, given the low budget and the “other” Judge Dredd film.This film did everything right. Violence is plentiful, but not there for the sake of it. The villain is superb, and it is refreshing to see an action movie with female characters who have their own story and agency. They are not just dropped in to fill a quota.The story wisely follows a day in the life of Judge Dredd, as he reviews a raw recruit. A simple formula that is done well.Why is this film a cult classic in my opinion? I am not a fan of comic book films, or comic books. This film does not feel like a comic book film cobbled together quickly with CGI powering the narrative. It is refreshingly dark, with a well styled dystopian vision of a future Metropolis. The action sequences – even in 2D – are great. Karl Urban squeezes an incredible amount of nuance out of his character, remarkable given that we never see anything exposed other than his mouth and chin. The film is tight and quick, without resorting to action movie clichés to move the story along.Overall, this film just has that something that makes me feel it will be worshiped in years to come. It is difficult to point to the one “thing” that makes this movie great. See this film.

  • brian-hatfield
    brian hatfield

    Seventeen years ago, a Sylvester Stallone sci-fi action vehicle was released into the world under the title ‘Judge Dredd’. Based on the character from the popular 2000AD comic book series, the film was a huge disappointment with critics and a source of much heartache for Dredd devotees in the way it seemed to blatantly disregard crucial aspects of the source mythology both in look and tone. Fast forward to present day, a world in which comic book characters mean big money for film studios, surely enough time has passed to give the old Judge another crack of the whip right? I’m happy to say fans of the comic book should be able to relax and enjoy this much darker and tougher representation of their much loved character. Although the film, and it’s (permanently) helmeted protagonist is a straightforward and simple beast, it actually works all the better for it. Dredd isn’t given a back story or imbued with much in the way of humanity, he’s instead portrayed more as the mysterious ‘man with no name’ whose dialogue is limited to one-liners that usually precedes some serious ass kicking. Where the 1995 Judge film was light and comedic, this version is hardcore and extremely violent with some surprising explosions of brutality meted out in a world that’s long since gone to hell. As is pleasingly more and more the case in mainstream action cinema, we have strong female representation in Olvia Thirlby as Dredd’s rookie sidekick and a nasty Lena Headey on form and fresh from bad girl duties in the celebrated TV series Game Of Thrones. Dredd 3D can’t and won’t be considered a classic of the genre, but it’s a huge step-up from the Stallone version and should satisfy any and all sci-fi action fans looking for a fun Friday night thrill. Visually arresting and with a sensible running time, Dredd rocks. 3.5/5

  • jillian-rice
    jillian rice

    In 1995 when Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone in the title role hit theatres; critics derided it, audiences dismissed it as “dumb” and it failed to achieve commercial success. Even though this film has gained a cult following, it just wasn’t the Judge Dredd movie fans wanted. Now a low key British film company has had another crack at bringing Dredd to the silver screen, and the result is a great science fiction action film that holds no punches and gives the audience a gritty, gory and surprisingly relatable take on the comic book hero.Karl Urban plays the titular “Dredd”, not the most recognisable or bankable actor working, but certainly one of the most versatile. He has a far better hold on the role than Stallone did, Stallone gave a performance that was robotic and almost comical. Stallone would growl and maintain an immovable fanaticism to upholding the law, strutting about in his ostentatious costume. There was very little humanity to the character and it was difficult to relate to him, he was basically playing Robocop.Urban brings more humanity into it, when innocent bystanders get caught in the mayhem he’s sombre and vengeful. He treats upholding the law more as a burden, he would rather issue a life sentence than gun a criminal down. Only when the odds are stacked against him and he has to defend himself against armed goons does he act violently. Urban gets as much out this character as possible with half his face covered up. It’s not just an improvement on Stallone’s take on the character it’s an expansion of the comic book character too.The supporting cast are all excellent, and they all give great performances and have strong characters to work with. Olivia Thirlby as rookie judge Anderson deserves praise, playing a character with psychic powers is not easy, her approach on the role makes you believe everything her character can do. She is not a weak female role either she is never once the damsel in distress and there is no attempt and sexualisation. Lena Headey as the villain Ma-Ma steals every scene she’s in, a crazy blood crazed woman who almost seems to enjoy going toe-to-toe with someone as lethal as Judge Dredd. She doesn’t care who gets in the way she just loves the thrill of it all. An insane villain who is ready to just about pull anything is captivating and intense to watch, i really wish she had been in the film more.The Megacity in this movie is not the Blade-Runner-Esque city seen in the 1995 film, it resembles a modern day overpopulated inner city slum. This gritty realism is one of the films biggest strengths. Dredd himself is not a superhero, he gets shot and bleeds like everyone else this feeling of vulnerability makes it easier to relate to the character.There’s no Rob Schneider in this movie, oh no, no desperate comedy at all there’s just no laughs to be had whatsoever. This film is gritty to the extreme, people are seen being shot to ribbons, blown up, set alight, crushed, splattered, skinned, tortured etc etc etc. Yet it never feel over exploitative, just the right amount. It’s just how this stuff would happen in real life, once again coming back to the films visceral reality.The film is not without its flaws, coming off the heels of The Raid a similar film in premise about law enforcers scaling a tower block to get someone at the top floor makes one draw comparisons watching it. The Raid had amazing martial arts to make up for its slower parts and was consistently upping itself while being as gritty as it could be. Dredd doesn’t have anywhere near the impressive stunts featured in The Raid and it makes you wish you had seen The Raid after you saw this, because you keep thinking to yourself: “this scene was done better in The Raid”.The slow-motion sections showcasing the effects of the “Slow-Mo Drug” are a little overused, the colour is over-saturated and these are the only times in the film where the 3D is used to a noticeable degree.Overall it’s a far superior Judge Dredd film to the one that came before it, and has enough action and doesn’t over-complicate itself to the point where people aren’t bored watching it. It takes a comic book that has been tagged as notoriously impossible to adapt, give it a gritty and realistic setting and cast some great actors to give the movie some life. I hope there is a sequel because it would be really great to see more of this version of Dredd, Urban has a better grip on what the character should be and i can see him taking it a long way.

  • kayla-erickson-dvm
    kayla erickson dvm

    In a dystopian future, the world is devastated. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the last word in Law & Order within Mega-City One. Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) is his junior partner. They are battling drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) who is operating out of a massive apartment block.The previous version of Judge Dredd (1995) starring Sly is a campy affair. Consider that it had Rob Schneider in it. ’nuff said. This one brings us into the comics once again but this time, they drop the camp. It is well written probably because they had Alex Garland who also wrote 28 Days Later… and Sunshine among others. Karl Urban is not as imposing as Sly but he does a solid job. Most importantly, he’s not impersonating Sly. Olivia Thirlby is great as a foil or conscience to Dredd. Their relationship is the heart of the movie. Lena Headey does a good job as the baddie. It’s an interesting unusual choice. It’s certainly not your average muscle bound villain.I did have 2 problems. First, Slo-Mo happens too many times. The first couple of times are interesting. I’m sure it’s cool 3D fun, but even that would get tiresome. It’s a balancing act between pace and cool and the climax needs pace more than cool. Second problem is the ending. The final fight with Lena Headey is not as climatic as needed. It’s a bit of a letdown. Overall, this is super-fun despite the minor problems.

  • kenneth-parrish
    kenneth parrish

    This is the dredd film you’ve been waiting for. It will not disappoint and it’s close to the source material. If you’re looking for a bad ass action hero and want some entertainment, then this is it.You don’t really care for much of the characters except for the villain (MaMa) and hero (dredd). Dredd is the focus point and he is a bad ass. The director did a great job on the city and you really feel like it is a corrupt and decadent city where law enforcement officers can judge, jury and execute criminals on the spot.As I watched the film I was being surprised again and again. They really outdid themselves and it’s a large improvement over the 1995 film with stallone. The plot is there, it fits in perfect and you won’t question the plot or the motives of what each character does in the film. It is somewhat simple. I think this has a better plot than The Expendables 2 so if you were thinking it might be the same, then the plot is a bit better than that.The acting is average. It’s good but there’s nothing worth noting or exciting nor is there any acting that is bad. It’s just okay and the only acting you need to care for is Dredd and Karl Urban nailed his performance as Judge Dredd.The film has a good pace and the action length was on the spot. I never felt bored while the action was going on or I didn’t stop caring after a while when the action becomes too long. But this film was perfect in the action.The 3D affects were surprisingly good for once with the slow motion affects and this is coming from someone who is not fond of 3D. If you are a comic book fan of Judge Dredd and want to see a good judge dredd movie then, this is it.

  • abraham-leyva
    abraham leyva

    Let me start by saying, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, as in my opinion, it did everything right. Sure, it had no real substance of a story line (hence the 8/10) but that didn’t take much away from the film. The simplistic story also had its advantages, as more time could be dedicated to Dredd doing what Dredd does best, instead of messing around in lengthy conversations. Besides, a detailed emotional story might have made this film a flop, as the cold, ruthless character of Dredd would have been somewhat diminished if that had been the case.So what made this film for me? Simple, the fact that they weren’t afraid to make it an 18. This lends strong evidence to the argument that if you want to make an action film that raises the bar, it has to contain all of the shots that just aren’t allowed in a 15 rated film. The drug, SLO- M0, that is used by the junkies in this film to slow their perception of time, allows for stunning, and brutal, scenes that also look great in 3D. The 18 rating also allowed for the director to create villains that you despise and you can understand why the other innocent characters fear them, which engages us as an audience.The film’s script is cheesy, but if you’ve seen the other Judge Dredd film, that’ll hardly be a surprise. And I must admit that Karl Urban does a fantastic job of making the lines still sound good. And overall, the acting is good, which is a relief after seeing so many action films where even the main character can’t act..Overall, a great film. Possibly not the best film to watch on a first date, but if you know what you’re getting yourself in for and just want some entertaining action, I really don’t think Dredd will disappoint.

  • joakim-helland-ronning
    joakim helland ronning

    ‘Dredd’ is an efficient and entertaining action movie, with lots of memorable moments, kills and one-liners. I really hope that everyone goes out to see the movie, because how often do we really get an extremely violent, faithful, intelligent science fiction movie in cinemas nowadays. I also want them to make more sequels. There is so much potential for sequels, as this movie has set up the character and the scenario, and we can really get into the more epic storytelling. The story in ‘Dredd’ is very confined, 85% of the film takes place in one of the huge tower blocks, and I kinda wanted to see more of the city and more of Dredd’s world. But for what it is, ‘Dredd’ is a very good movie. There are also lots of nice character moments in between all the action, and some truly breathtaking slow-motion sequences, that almost makes the extra price of the 3D worthwhile.Dredd is such a great character. He is a challenging anti-hero and an uncompromising bad-ass. And don’t worry, the film does not glamorise violence, or justify Mega City One’s judicial system. People often compare Dredd to ‘Dirty Harry’, but I would argue that Dredd is a more heroic character, because he would never break the rules, like Dirty Harry does. He isn’t a hero because he executes bad guys, but because he is incorruptible, and will always fight for what he believes is right, despite the danger of doing it. If it is right or not, the movie leaves to the audience.Its such an enjoyable movie that deserves success. Now go watch ‘Dredd’. Creep!!

  • josep-vega-barragan
    josep vega barragan

    This definitely isn’t one of those movies with a lot of character development, but its not your typical action flick either. This is a beautiful work of art with a lot of stylized violence, desolate alleys with shady characters and ill intentions. The grungy neon lights of a dystopian future, the scarlet blood and glimmering glass, the hauntingly beautiful slow motion, what makes this movie great is definitely the visual aspects.Dredd himself is very one dimensional, forcedly so. Stern, analytical, gruff, his toughness masking a side of him the audience never actually gets to see. His character is described perfectly in the first few minutes by his new psychic apprentice, which is the last look you get inside of his head before its slammed shut. He is a man who takes his duty seriously to the point that it consumes him, defines him.Ma-ma is sadistically brilliant. Her mob-style domination of peach tree creates a claustrophobic apprehension for a threat far too big to take on in a box far too small to escape. The terror by which she controls the people is believable and vicious. Whats lost in character development is regained by the subtle twisted moments and reactions to the threats imposed on each of the characters.The psychic scenes were perhaps the most well done and paints a very nice psychological battle between the judge in training and her prisoner. I would’ve actually enjoyed more of these as they were very surreal and artistic. Its also cool to see the way she breaks him down even after he thinks he has the upper hand.Slow mo, the drug this movie centers around, makes for some very awesome fight scenes on par with Sherlock Holmes 2: a Game of Shadows and the Matrix. The visual effects were very well executed and i myself being a visual effects artist, have only one complaint. At some points the blood was a bit oversaturated and toonish, which was likely in attempt to match the comic but draws away from a few scenes.

  • michele-du-voisin
    michele du voisin

    Dredd (2012 is one of the best science fiction action film adapted by comic book 2000 AD. It is one of my personal favorite movies. This is the character that kicks ass! This movie is so much better than original Stallone film. Stallone’s Judge Dredd did not kicks ass, Karl Urban’s Dredd did! I love this film to death I love it so much and it is better than Judge Dredd (1995) and it always will be! Dredd kills like 50 people in here, there are 100 of bodies everywhere I love this action film to death! Lena Headey is such a bad ass, I told you the woman can kick ass and she would kick Emilia Clarke’s ass anytime. Lena was such a bad ass playing beautiful Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Series (2008). This movie is a lot of fun. Ma-Ma is not the law… I am the law. Dredd was a better comic adaptation of not only the story of Mega City One but also of Judge Dredd the character. If you were left with a bad taste in your mouth from Judge Dredd 1995 movie then this is the perfect flavor. Tons of action and gore to keep any guy entertained and before you realize it you are at the end. A must see not only for Judge Dredd fans but action fans also. The darkness and violence of the movie is how its suppose to be and the action just keeps building up throughout the movie. Action is well paced and believable. Not a dull moment.It is very violent, which I enjoy, but others may find it too much. This film is such a bad ass, he shots a bullet to the guys face and it melts his face off, that’s awesome!!! There’s a lot of slow-motion in here, but let me tell you something: Slow-Motions in here works, there is the reason for the Slow-Motion okay. Soon as he kicks the door in and he starts shooting people and in slow-motion you can see the bullets cut in the people’s up and that is great, awesome! Lena Headey plays a good ass villain, man you want to see her ass kicked! You want to see that Judge Dredd takes her up in the air, “Your going down, your going down real good.” I love this movie I had a great time seen it, it is a solid Rater R reboot movie for an adults and not a children. You can see people cut in a half for a true 80’s throwback kick ass Science Ficton/Action new wave classic I’m glad I enjoyed this film. It deserves much more respect than it garnered in the press and ticket sales. The acting is top-notch, a simple yet elegant plot device, and amazing cinematography. It may not have made a lot of money or been given the respect it deserves at this time, but I have a feeling that subsequent generations will find a hidden gem in this masterpiece. Personally I love Dredd, like any other comic character or real person witch stays true to his honor and values of life or society without making himself the exception of his own rules. That’s true ideology. Any other thing is propaganda or personality problem. The world has irradiated itself from nuclear war. The earth is all but a barren wasteland, with its remaining inhabitants crowded into Mega-Cities. Mega-City One’s population is 800 million, with its territory stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. Amongst the crowded chaos stands one force to bring order; a force that serves as jury, executioner, and Judge. On a day when Dredd (Karl Urban) is assigned rookie, Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), for assessment, they would get more than they bargained for on her first day. In response to an initial homicide call at the city block of Peach Trees, they also discover a drug ring run by a woman called Ma-Ma (Lena Heady). But she won’t have the Judges taking one of her men into custody. And in an attempt to thwart them, she seals the block’s blast doors, leaving the Judges to fend for themselves as they battle to survive. In the future, America is a dystopian wasteland. The latest scourge is Ma-Ma, a prostitute-turned-drug pusher with a dangerous new drug and aims to take over the city. The only possibility of stopping her is an elite group of urban police called Judges, who combine the duties of judge, jury and executioner to deliver a brutal brand of swift justice. But even the top-ranking Judge, Dredd (Karl Urban), discovers that taking down Ma-Ma isn’t as easy as it seems in this explosive adaptation of the hugely popular comic series.That is your basic plot it is a lot of interesting titles that make this movie the bleak and desolate sci-fi actioner that it is. It is a dystopian Science Fiction action flick similar to Robocop (1987). This film works while Robocop (2014) reboot failed! Dredd is a 2012 science fiction action film directed by Pete Travis and written and produced by Alex Garland. It is based on the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd and its eponymous character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. I am giving this film A 10/10 because it deserves it! I love this movie!

  • karl-heinz-scheuermann
    karl heinz scheuermann

    I’ve been a Dredd fan for thirty years now, but I’m not about to give this movie adaptation of my favourite comic character a ridiculously high rating purely from some misguided sense of loyalty. Instead, I’m going to give it a deservingly high score because, quite simply, it is a very good film, one that successfully captures the essence of the 2000AD strip, delivering brutal action by the bucket-load, excellent central performances, and inspired direction, all enhanced by breathtaking state-of-the-art 3D special effects.After the debacle that was Stallone’s Judge Dredd (1995), the makers of this movie have clearly made their prime directive to please hardcore Dredd fans, and it shows: the screenplay, by Alex Garland, remains very faithful to the spirit of the comic, and in Karl Urban, we now have the perfect Dredd—all raspy voice and humourless grimace, it looks as though the character has jumped straight onto the screen from the pages of 2000AD (helmet intact). Similarly, it would be hard to imagine anyone more suitable than Olivia Thirlby as rookie Psi-Judge Anderson (and believe me, I’ve tried!).Is Dredd 3D my ‘ideal’ Dredd movie? Not quite… made for a comparatively meagre budget of $45million, it would be hard pushed to live up to my impossibly high expectations (just realising the Mega-City One of my dreams would require way more money than it cost to make this entire film). That said, it is definitely a massive step in the right direction, and if it is the financial success that it genuinely deserves to be, who knows what treats await us in the future: The Cursed Earth, Judge Cal, Judge Death, The Apocalypse War…. I’m salivating like a Klegg just thinking about it.

  • vit-dusek
    vit dusek

    The basic aim of Dredd is simple – it needs to be bold, true to the source material and full of juicy violence, enough to wipe out the memories of the notoriously poor Stallone attempt of 1995 that threw plenty of money at the screen without bothering to work on anything resembling a decent script.The character of Judge Dredd, now entering his 35th year in UK comic 2000AD (they know it’s 2012 – don’t ask), isn’t a complicated one. He is, as he is fond of stating, the law. The time is the future, and amidst the wasteland that is America there is a single, massive city with 800 million inhabitants, appropriately called Mega City One. It’s quite the scumhole, and the only thing that stands between it and total chaos are the Judges, trained for years to be the ultimate in law enforcement, yet so outnumbered they can only handle 6% of the crimes committed. This, people, is as thin as the blue line gets.The film is written by long time fan Alex Garland (28 Days later, Sunshine), and has had plenty of input from Dredd’s creator (and still main writer even now) John Wagner. Filmed in South Africa on what passes for a tight budget these days (especially for Sci-Fi), it could be compared to District 9 in terms of the sheer effort put into it, with a result that is similarly impressive although aesthetically miles apart. Director Pete Travis (Endgame) does an excellent job, and between them they have turned in a film that will stand the test of time as a superior, adult action movie.The premise is reasonably simple, something that works well as an introduction to what is, in the comics at least, a sprawling future world. Dredd is accompanied on patrol by rookie Judge Anderson, very well played by Olivia Thirlby, who is on the verge of failing her final assessment but is being given a second chance because of her powerful, and rare, psi abilities. A routine triple homicide (it’s that sort of city) turns into a siege when they are trapped in a massive tower block by criminal nutjob Ma Ma (Lena Headey) and forced to fight their way out and stop her manufacturing the addictive new drug, Slo Mo. Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that, but this is the basic set up and it works very well indeed, allowing for plenty of violence, some character development and no few explosions.I can’t write this review without focusing on Karl Urban, who has previously stood out for his excellent turn as Dr McCoy in the Star Trek revival. Not afraid to go through an entire movie with a helmet on, he is spot on as Dredd. He gives us an emotionless machine, a man who cares for nothing but the law, but a man you want to get behind and cheer on as he splats bad guys left right and centre. The humanity comes from Anderson, and it helps that Thirlby doesn’t have to wear a helmet herself, with the handy excuse that it interferes with her psi abilities. Between them they give us the tired old wardog and the 21 year old rookie on the streets for the first time, and you sympathise with the life of a Mega City Judge.Some people have criticized the apparent similarities between Dredd and the recent film The Raid: Redemption, in which Indonesian cops storm a tower block and much chop sockey ensues. To be honest, I was a little worried myself, but having seen both films I can happily confirm that they are nothing alike. Whilst The Raid is a pretty intense martial arts film which is rather dull between fights (although the fights are awesome), Dredd is a tight film all the way through, with the plot more than an excuse to go from fight to fight.In conclusion, I can heartily recommend this film, in case you hadn’t guessed. It’s sort of like a cross between Robocop and Die Hard, all moderned up and with better music. It’s no coincidence that those are two of the most kick ass action films ever, and Dredd borrows from the best, although as Robocop stole from Dredd in the first place it’s more like recovering pinched property. The 3D is actually worth shelling out for, and there are some beautiful sequences where it comes into it’s own, whilst the film itself is gritty and dirty, although not without a few lighter moments amidst the carnage. The humour in Dredd’s comic strips comes from the city around him rather than his own actions, and here’s hoping we’ll see Alex Garland penning a sequel that allows us to wander through Dredd’s world. Quite simply a superior action film, and whilst it’s no masterpiece (then again, it’s not supposed to be) it’s as good as fans could ever have hoped. Here’s to the sequels

  • gimminseo

    I’m a huge fan of the comic 2000AD and the character Judge Dredd since 1979, and this film completely satisfied me. They changed all the right things and kept all the right things. Director Pete Travis tackled the problem of filming a comic book by making something that looks nothing like a comic book and more like an action movie shot on location, with a simple linear plot that keeps rolling and never slows down.Megacity 1 is made markedly less futuristic than the comic in order to become so believable that it is hard to tell where the real slums of Cape Town end and the CGI kilometre high city blocks start. I have an uncomfortable feeling that in less than a hundred years cities like this may actually exist.The comic Judge’s uniform works on paper but can’t in real life – giant golden eagles, shoulder pads and bronze name badges hanging off a leather one-piece body suit would sag, wobble and look daft. The movie gives us body armour that looks like it actually gets used whilst keeping the helmet exactly the same. The effect is striking and believable, like everything else in this film.The plot revolves around a drug which makes time seem to slow down a hundred times, the perfect excuse for scenes of ultra slo-mo explosive bloody (and beautiful) anatomically correct violence that earn this film its 18 rating. Not a kid’s movie at all. Every supporting actor looks like they came out of a gang documentary, scarred, nasty, sweaty and mean. Lena Headey totally kicks ass as the ruthless gang lord Ma Ma, calmly relishing the deaths of her enemies, eyes sledging from narcotic addiction.In a way this is Olivia Thirlby’s movie, since she gets the character arc, rookie judge Cassandra Anderson assigned to Dredd for evaluation and finding herself on a very steep learning curve. She is vulnerable, spikey and tough as called for, vital to the movie in order to balance Dredd.How do you play Dredd? He is the opposite of a character. He has no personal arc, never changes or grows. He has no sense of humour, the comic finds that by placing utterly deadpan ‘ol stony- face in ironic situations that reflect off him. And where do you find an actor prepared to wear a helmet obscuring everything but his mouth and chin for the whole 95 minutes? Karl Urban must be a huge fan himself to play the part so right. One reviewer described his performance as “ego-free” and it is. I didn’t see Urban anywhere in this movie, all I saw was Dredd.Me and Dredd-heads everywhere thank you Karl. You smashed it.