Mona Dearly, a spiteful, loud-mouthed, unpopular woman, dies when the car she is driving plunges off a cliff and into a river near the small upstate New York town where she lives. Wyatt Rash, the local police chief, investigates and suspects foul play in Mona’s death. The whole town is suspect, including Wyatt’s daughter Ellen, who is about to marry landscape artist Bobby Calzone, whose business suffers from his lazy business partner, Jeff, Mona’s slow-witted son, as well as waitress Rona Mace, who was having an affair with Mona’s husband.

Also Known As: 淹死惡婆娘, MONA(モナ) 彼女が殺された理由(わけ), Dögölj meg, drága Mona!, ¿Quién no mató a Mona?, Drowning Mona, Smid Mona i floden, Kuka hukutti Monan?, Ποιος Επνιξε τη Μόνα, 460 podezřelých Czech, Der Fall Mona - Mordfall, Unfall oder Glücksfall?, Mais qui a tué Mona?, Kas paskandino Moną?, Qui a tué Mona?, Quién no mató a Mona, Tko je utopio Monu, Кой удави Мона?, Chi ha ucciso la signora Dearly?, Quem Não Matou Mona?, Утопим Мону!, Ko je ubio Monu, Trafiona-zatopiona, Kast Mona i elven, Der Fall Mona, Cum de s-a înecat Mona?, Poios epnixe ti Mona, Mona Boğuldu, Todos la querían... muerta

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