Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks are a young couple who believe they have found their perfect home to start a family in. There is just one problem. An elderly tenant is staying upstairs and won’t move out. Alex and Nancy desperately try everything to convince her to leave, but she refuses to move. Soon, their dream home becomes their home of nightmares.

Also Known As: Duplex - Un appartamento per tre, Ljubavno gnezdo, Asuntoloukku, Συγκάτοικοι με το Ζόρι, Baba na zabití Czech, Starsza pani musi zniknac, Çati kati, Stara, spelji se!, Mød vores nabo, Duplex - Drömhus med förhinder, Sygatoikoi me to zori, Jószomszédi iszony, Duplex, Мансардата, Our House, Un duplex pour 3, Dúplex, Дюплекс, Der Appartement-Schreck

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