In Bellingham, Washington, Billie Davis is the one woman show at the non-profit Dream Day Donations, a wedding planning company whose core mission is to re-purpose for donation to worthy causes wedding event items beyond what are generally seen as their single use, items such as flowers. She gets some bad news when she receives notice from the landlord of the old warehouse where the business is housed that he is selling the property, it having sentimental value as previously been owned by her grandfather and father after him, her father, Saul Davis, who was an event planner himself. That sentimental value is even deeper now in she and her mother, Carol Davis, dealing with Saul being in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, he who is slowly slipping away from them. In Billie casually responding about her own engagement heartbreak in answering the question “why aren’t you married?”, one of her client couples, Max Warren and Jess Bailey, call off their wedding one week before the event in focusing on their differences rather than what brought them together. Incensed, Max’s older brother, Charlie Warren, who Billie sees is the arrogant man in her yoga class, blames her for Max and Jess’ split, he knowing them as meant to be for each other. He convinces her to help them get back together on his offer, as a commercial real estate developer working for his Uncle Edward’s firm, to buy the warehouse and offer her a long term lease, in addition to her counter offer that he help her with all that she has promised to help Max and Jess with over the next week to re-purpose their wedding items, the orders which are too late to cancel. As Billie and Charlie work to get Max and Jess back together, they hit one roadblock for every success in reaching the end goal. And as they spend more and more time together, Billie and Charlie start to fall for each other. Their burgeoning relationship may be at risk if Charlie can’t fulfill his end of the deal concerning the warehouse, as Uncle Edward has his own ideas both of how Charlie is spending his time and for that property if they buy it at all.

Also Known As: Jíst, pít a vdát se Czech, Eat, Drink and be Married, Un matrimonio da salvare, Яжте, пийте и се оженете, Spis, drik og bliv gift, Eat, Drink & Be Married, Opération mariage

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