Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley) makes it a habit to stop by the local dog shelter as often as possible because she loves dogs and secretly loves the shelter’s owner, Dan Landis (Jason Cermak). Unfortunately, he has agreed to marry his glamorous television personality girlfriend, Kristi (Emily Maddison), and move to the Big Apple. With Dan’s big move looming, his sister Michelle (Lucie Guest) decides to take matters into her own hands.

Also Known As: Ешь, играй, люби, Comer, jugar, amar, 30 Dias Para Amar, Jej, igraj, ljubi, Un refuge pour l'amour, Играй, смей се и обичай, Countdown der Liebe, Ye, Oyna, Sev, Mangia, gioca, ama, Countdown to Love, Comer, Brincar e Amar, Eat, Play, Love

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