They say rock ‘n’ roll never dies, but one early morning in 1964, Eddie Wilson’s car took a dive off a New Jersey bridge with the troubled rock idol at the wheel. His body was never found. Twenty years after the lead singer of Eddie and the Cruisers disappeared, the band’s songs are hotter than ever. And renewed interest in the band leads television reporter Maggie Foley to pursue a tantalizing mystery: What if Eddie is still alive? The circumstances surrounding his death are just shadowy enough to make it a distinct possibility, and someone (could it be Eddie?) has been ransacking the homes of the surviving band members in a desperate search for tapes of the group’s visionary, never-released album. As Maggie interviews the former band members, the pieces of the puzzle start to fit – but only until still deeper mysteries begin to surface.

Also Known As: Eddie and the Cruisers, Eddie, o Rebelde, Едді та мандрівники, Eddie i krążowniki, Eddie és a cirkálók, Эдди и 'Странники' Soviet, Eddie y los Cruisers, Eddie und die Cruisers West, エディ&ザ・クルーザース, Еди и крузърите, Eddie, o Ídolo Pop, La banda di Eddie

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