In eleven days time, Michael is due to wed his fiancée Helen. However, when he meets Sarah he finds himself unable to resist her.::wxjuh

Also Known As: Elf Tage und elf Nächte West, 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality, Enteka meres, enteka nyhtes, Fantasy Becomes, Onze Dias, Onze Noites, 11 gün 11 gece, Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Onze jours et onze nuits, Eleven Days, Eleven Nights: 11 giorni, 11 notti, 11 Days 11 Nights - Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality

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  • danna-pustovit
    danna pustovit

    This is one of those soft core porn movies that try to be mainstream in their plots. It doesn’t work either way. The movie is basically crap as a regular movie and there is more skin in any of the reality shows on TV. Dont watch it.

  • bay-karlukhan-annak-koruturk
    bay karlukhan annak koruturk

    if you are a soft-core fan this totally not for you i heard about this film few years ago and saw it recently this turned me off i am a soft-core lover its a nice genre that maintains a little decency of sexual intimacy then usual internet hard core stuff.here the case was different it is directed by Joe D’Amato who is almost legendary in this business but this time he failed.there is not a single scene enjoyable here,this film also got sequels i can say there are the same too he directed some Emanuelle series films too,hes a good director but its just weird plot and badly done hot scenes when a lady puts honey on a man on that scene i was like OK this is about to become crazy and same happened in the climax,a lot of moments were straight gross for my taste.the plot:i totally discuss the plot of films but here i don’t feel i have to tell but its about a writer who slept with 99 men and wants more of it,the story goes to continue for 11 days and eleven nights.the cast:except Jessica Moore no one i liked i heard that her next film with this same director called top model 1988 is a great gem ill do check that out for sure now it maybe better then this.overall 11 days and 11 nights 1987 is not for true soft core or any romance lover My Rating is 2/10 highly recommended to avoid,please try some Gabriella Hall Films but not this.

  • p-aylak-chgnavoryan
    p aylak chgnavoryan

    This is notorious Italian director/cinematographer Joe D’Amato’s most successful 80’s softcore sex flick. It certainly succeeds as standard 80’s erotica–and in my estimation even surpasses its most obvious Hollwood inspiration, Adrian Lyne’s overrated “9 and 1/2 Weeks”–but it’s not nearly as interesting as some of D’Amato’s sleazy 70’s stuff like a lot of his “Black Emanuelle” films. The plot involves a female writer who as part of a book project has slept with 99 men (pretty impressive considering the part was played by Jessica Moore who was all of 19 at the time). Her 100th unsuspecting “victim” is an American architect who she first seduces on a New York ferry and then begins a very hot and semi-kinky affair with despite the fact he’s due to be married in 11 days (and 11 nights). A love (or lust) triangle soon develops between the writer, the architect, and the latter’s bride-to be, but as this is a (not-always-too-believable) male fantasy, you know the one of the women is bound to eventually lose out while the guy will get to have his cake and eat her–I mean, eat it–too.As always with D’Amato the cinematography is very good and the music while cheesy is actually pretty catchy (much better than the execrable “hits” in “9 and 1/2 Weeks”). The numerous sex scenes are much more silly-kinky than disturbing-kinky and any “drama” here is pretty hard to take seriously. Of course, no small amount of the appeal of this movie is Ms. Moore herself (actually an Italian actress whose real name is Alessandra Ottavia). She had supporting roles in “Don’t Fear Aunt Martha” and Lucio Fulci’s “Ghosts of Sodoma” where she mostly passed as an ordinary teen, but dolled-up and naked she is absolutely incredible. She has a body like Jessica RABBIT come to life. I kinda would have liked to see her in action with the OTHER 99 guys besides the douchebag in this movie (in one of the kinkier scenes she does try to set up an interracial three-way between her, the architect, and a studly black guy). Moore and D’Amato would team again in the semi-sequel “Top Model”. I’d recommend them both.

  • randy-hicks
    randy hicks

    Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (1986) * 1/2 (out of 4) After the Italian Horror market dried up several of the genres directors were left without work or had to switch gears and try something else. Joe D’Amato had already done hardcore features but his career got a boost with this softcore flick, which became a big hit in Italy and other countries. A man (Joshua McDonald) is about to be married in eleven days but he starts up a steamy love affair with a young woman (Jessica Moore), which leads the man to thinking twice about getting married. The only problem is that he doesn’t know the woman is just sleeping with him so she can write a book on sex partners. This film starts off okay but slowly goes downhill due to some stupid characters, which are amongst the worst written I’ve ever seen. The stereotypes of the characters are at times laughable. For instance, the man’s girlfriend is a plain, ordinary, boring, bookworm who wants to wait to have sex. There’s a dinner scene with her parents, which just has to be seen to be believed. The one good thing about the movie is Moore who is able to display a great sexual presence. D’Amato does great with the softcore sex scenes but the rest is pretty bad.

  • sinh-kaantii
    sinh kaantii

    I first watched this movie on cable back in the late 80s and 90s. They would show it regularly; I didn’t know who directed it until a commentator mentioned Joe D’Amato’s name who died in 1999; The film is about a guy named Michael marrying this ordinary woman named Helen; He hooks up with this woman Sarah, who he doesn’t know is writing a book of men’s sexual natures, and he just happens to be No 100; What turns into an full-fledged blown out affair for Michael and Sarah turns into pure agony for poor Helen who is waiting for her day at the altar; The ending can be predictable to some; But it’s worth a look; It’s hard to get this movie here in the US but I am sure they still show on the premium cable channels;

  • ludvik-kolar
    ludvik kolar

    This movie that was strangely released at the cinemas here a long time ago was a trial to imitate the famous movie “Nine weeks and a half” starred by Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke although obviously with a lower budget. Nevertheless the female main character(Jessica Moore) is really beautiful and the story has sometimes very sweet touches seeming almost like a romantic movie, so if you like romanticism or erotism or both you can watch this. It´s neither very modern nor very good but at least actors are not bad and you can watch it better than most erotic movies. About Jessica Moore it is a paradox that she is playing here the role of a dangerous bitch-later in love, with only the age of 19 when she played some years later the role of the daughter of a terrified family in a movie called “The broken mirror” seeming younger there, because in this movie you could never imagine that this magnific blonde is so young, she is so well-grown….,I love her.

  • nadia-tomescu
    nadia tomescu

    Not enough nudity to be classed as ‘soft porn’, not enough tension to be an ‘erotic thriller’ and not enough laughs to be a comedy. But Eleven Days, Eleven Nights stands out as one of the better erotic movies in that it has a viable plot, fair acting and the direction & photography are at times exquisite.The softcore sex scenes contain something for everyone – flashing, sex in a public place, transvestitism, even briefly a threesome. The story centres around a young lady called Sarah writing a book about her 100 sexual conquests, played by the unbelievably mature 19 year-old Jessica Moore. Number 100 is an ordinary American guy named Michael who is working as an engineer on a construction site…the trouble is he’s getting married in 11 days time.As Michael falls for Sarah he doesn’t realise that he is merely being used for this book and puts his fiancee (who first suspects, then later knows) through hell even as she prepares for their upcoming wedding. Trouble is, Sarah is falling for Michael too…who will Michael end up with? This was the film that was an international video hit in 1987, and put Joe D’Amato back on the map as a director. Now available (in the UK at least) on DVD. The low budget is used wisely and rarely shows. Most of the principle actors seem to have had short careers which is a shame…and the opening 10 minutes will make every woman wish she owned a black plastic mac!!