In 2003, 70 year old Charlie Sorland is conditionally released from death row for good behavior and societal contributions after serving 50 years for serial murders. With a news story on his release and his dedication to deter others from violence, impressionable Jason Lutra sees the story and takes an unhealthy interest in Charlie which leads to Jason emulating Charlie’s past. As new murders begin to occur by way of Charlie’s old m.o., Detective Brent Lowe takes notice of the similarities and employs Charlie’s help in getting into the mind of his own copycat killer with promises of a full pardon for the catch.

Also Known As: Emulator

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  • n-kocsis-petra
    n kocsis petra

    I appreciate that the crew and cast probably worked hard to get this movie funded, shot and released. I appreciate that someone had faith in this movie. I appreciate that my wife sat through most of this as a sounding board for my continuous venting of plot holes, actor acting action and how the teens look like they’re in their 30’s and 40’s . . . . . Unfortunately, i cant abide by the countless other things that make this movie sooooo bad, it’s still entertaining (usually i say so bad its good, but yeah, no.). Plot holes are a hazard in watching this movie, you cant take a steps without potentially stepping in to one. The main character, once a serial killer but now reformed, somehow gets paroled even though he’s on death row. 50 years he gets to learn, educated, pontificate and reform himself without any attempt at executing him? Like, what? The singer antagonist bad guy dude who looks like he’s well into his forties, but apparently is suppose to be young maybe? Gets into killing just to prove his theory that one can still use the method of killing people and get away with it that they reformed bruh used, but, and excuse the heavy lack of grammar because i’m on a roll here, BUT the way it’s executed is, oh mah god, horrible. !!! Lady pulls up to work as a stripper, i think, because mini black cocktail dress to a warehouse like building? Maybe she’s the manager, just so not to stereo type. So she’s walking in, she’s a rando guy, hanging out in the parking lot which is behind the building, dressed all in black and looking suspicious as get out, stops, turns around, approaches him and is like, . . . ..what. Literally, thats what she does, “what?” Rando guys in parking lots behind buildings dressed all in black looking around suspiciously are definitely approachable. I’m a big dude and i wouldn’t have done that. Also, bad guy confesses in interrogation by saying, so and so did a profile on me? in response to the cop saying he had a profile on the serial killer that matched him. He says, about me? Like really, what the world. And a informant gives up the dude to the cop when he says, i was at this party and this guy here was asking about how to make your own chloroform, and a witness said the guy had a cut up eyebrow, BUT couldnt’ describe him cause it was dark, even though she sat and watched her friend converse with him for a full minute while he was standing under a street light. Like seriously, under a street light (they needed the light to film i guess.). Oh my god, i think I’m having a heart attack, so fevered and shaking from this fiasco and, call an ambulance and recommend a better movie below to cleanse my pallet from this amazingly horribly written Oscar worthy contention of a thing. OHHHHH, so it says it was released in 2018? I mean, was it really, because cellular flip phone. The detective has a CELLULAR FLIP PHONE. My father has a cellular flip phone that he keeps loosing, na nah has a cellular flip phone. Could they not afford to use a modern smart phone. AHHHHHHGH!