In a suicide mission during the American Civil War, two soldiers discover gold which will bury on the root of a big tree, somewhere deep in the woods. More than a century later, three Federal agents in the same forests are on a mission to bust a drug-manufacturing operation run by the ruthless criminal kingpin, Santiago, and his men; however, an unexpected complication will lead to their suspension. Out of sheer luck, the operatives unearth the hidden treasure while on vacation–and from that point on–trouble ensues, as Santiago along with a duplicitous corrupt agent and his deadly personal assassin, Jewel Panther, will hunt them down, one by one. But, can brute force alone stop the expert and lethal agents?

Also Known As: Force ciblée, O Chrisos tou Echthrou, Enemy Gold, Enemy Gold: Amazonen rechnen ab, Az ellenség aranya, Ο Χρυσός του Εχθρού, Tala-ye Doshman, Opération panthère noire, ピカソ・トリガー エネミー・ゴールド指令, Combat mortel, El placer de matar

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