Three strangers arrive one by one to a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere after enduring separate life-altering predicaments. Searching for a way out of the woods, frustrated, hungry and battling to stay warm they discover their mysterious connection and realize what they have to do in order to get out of the woods alive.

Also Known As: The Haunting of Black Wood, Enter Nowhere, Вход в никуда, To aggigma tou tromou

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  • uluman-fami-sezer
    uluman fami sezer

    Enter Nowhere – CATCH IT (B) For an independent thriller, Enter Nowhere is a really good attempt. This gives the scifi/Cabin in the wood a completely new dimension. The movie revolves around three persons who end up in an isolated cabin in the woods. Now not only they have to figure out how they got here but also the mysterious connection between three of them. The real shocker comes when each one of them of thinks that they’re in their own state & year. So, now they’ve to find how 3 people from 3 different time period and states end up together. The premise of the movie makes it quite intriguing and interesting. The cast of the movie makes it fresh and enticing. Katharine Waterston, Sara Paxton, Shaun Sipos and Scott Eastwood did an impressive job in creating the mystery. Overall, I’ll highly recommend this indie thriller because its less money but a great attempt.

  • avnii-kaale
    avnii kaale

    Found this by accident and decided to give it a go after reading the other reviews on here. I found myself hooked instantly as in my opinion, there was no indication of which direction this was actually going, but enough of a story and character development to keep me watching. The twist as such at the end was never expected in a million years and made the whole film come together. I thought the three main leads were excellent, especially Sara Paxton, whom I don’t recall seeing before, and Scott Eastwood is so like his father, its untrue! All in all, a good film with good story which should keep you hooked until the end.

  • imhyeonju

    Purgatory movies are not as common as one would think given the range of possible ways to express that subject. One would think this movie had an element of that concept, but with further reflection maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t … Could the store clerk be “Him” or the other “Him”? His steely calm demeanor and statements such as to his first “customer”, “I’ll open it but I don’t think you’ll like what’s inside. Interesting life you’ve chosen for yourself. All the things you could have done in life.” then to his second “customer” “Damn shame you’re living your life like this. All the things you could have done. … I’ll open it, but I don’t think you have the stomach for what’s inside.” Both monologues occur with a gun in his face robbery, yet he shows no reaction. His admonitions of responsibility, good judgment and decisions with consequences are too suggestive of a “not your run-of-the-mill” human.Negatives: There were a few cheap effects (understandable given the low budget) such as the plane and bombs. A touch of discontinuity in camera angles and between scenes and locations that affected the flow of the story. A different title might have helped. A deeper discussion of time-space alteration or lives fated by a superior someone would have been interesting. Positives: Anyway, I thought it to be an original, creatively written script. The casting and music were spot on. The dialogue and actors’ portrayals were naturalistic, intelligent and intense. The Pac-Man analogy was great. Above all was the manner in which the story was presented so that the audience was a participant in the discovery process at the same time as the characters. And, to anyone who figured out what was going on before the characters did, deserves a pat on the back. If you liked the problem solving in this movie I suggest looking at similar paradox, “The Caller”.If you haven’t seen the movie I wouldn’t read any spoilers, but pay close attention to the opening scenes.

  • miss-sharon-edwards
    miss sharon edwards

    A group of people begin to show up at a mysterious cabin. They must find a hidden connection before its too late…This film is simple yet effective. I was shocked when I realized the budget was so low for such great production quality. With an airtight plot and solid acting this film is an instant hit. The story will offer clues and hints along the way that will come together in the end. I would not call this a horror but a thriller/suspense but its very effective. There is some aspects of this movie that reminds me of previous TV shows and movies but this one takes all those plot points and combines it into a solid gem. If this film is not on your watch list I suggest you put it on TOP!!!

  • dr-antal-zsolt-levente
    dr antal zsolt levente

    6.5/10 The film is build on some very fundamental mystery-thriller concepts – three people, seemingly strangers, end up in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere under unclear circumstances, and find themselves unable to leave.The first part where we get acquainted with the characters and the mysterious surroundings is well paced and atmospheric, as is the middle part where the pieces of the puzzle start getting revealed. The acting is rather good as well.What doesn’t let the film become a real surprise is the last part, where we learn the purpose of the protagonists’ presence in the woods. It’s a little underwhelming, the fourth character seems a bit out of place, and the whole affair, especially the very ending, is rather cheesy.A much better film than you might expect from a low budget thriller, it’s entertaining but missing that one extra good idea that would make it a memorable exception.

  • aina-karklins
    aina karklins

    As an audience member, I always enjoy movies that describe strangers being brought together, and the gradual unraveling of what binds seemingly random characters. This was well done in ENTER NOWHERE, where 3 strangers find themselves in a desolate cabin in the woods, trying to find a way out of being lost and cold. It is slowly revealed that none of the three characters believe they are in the same city or state, and then that none of them believe that they are in the same time period. They deduce that they are generationally related, and that the presence of a German soldier and what happens as a result of his actions will either cement their fates, or alter their futures.All 3 main characters are children of famous actors, and they take a well written story and keep the audience interested and engaged until the very end.

  • julia-nikolaev
    julia nikolaev

    This is a very well done film. It keeps you interested, and has several twists that keep you guessing. It’s very suspenseful and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I enjoyed it and appreciated it’s uniqueness in comparison to other films. There is only one instance in which the effects are not up to par, but other than that this movie has good effects, good acting, and a creative plot. I wish there were more movies like this. Ones that don’t follow the “normal” movie parameters where you can pretty much guess the next scene. The plot has a whole different angle than what you were expecting. Scott Eastwood is a terrific, actor as well as everyone else in the movie. You should watch this!

  • t-amt-a-gelaze
    t amt a gelaze

    Well at first those reviews helped me to watch the film even i couldn’t find appropriate subtitle for it.As the others explained this film got 9 from 10 on me. Because it’s kinda great with that “low budget”.I guess what’s making this film is that “low budget”. Acting is very professional. Well maybe there could be some subtitle in the “other language” part. And maybe “the time buble” thing can be a little bit explained but that’s OK.I bet if you watch these film you ll come and write a review about it as i did.

  • alain-klein
    alain klein

    May contain some spoilers :)I’m not much for perfect analytical reviews, and truth be told I still don’t understand every single anomaly of this movie. It was good, kept you wondering throughout (in fact I had to rewind a few cool parts just to hear the dialog again, or see certain parts again to reiterate some stuff in my head).Three strangers all in their mid to late 20’s appear to be lost or stranded and happen mysteriously onto a cabin seemingly in the middle of nowhere. From the get go, things don’t make a lot of sense – but that being said, something about the film makes you not want to change the channel and see just exactly what is happening next.First off – Samantha (Katherine Waterston) will just have you crushing on her as the film goes on. I don’t know what it is – maybe it is her soft, laid back, emotionally friendly demeanor – not to mention her conservative but very cute looks, hair, and face. She is a new wife who claims to be pregnant and her husband went off to look for help after their car ran out of gas. She wanders into the cabin after it is apparent her husband never comes back. Later in the film (spoilers), we find out she is from 1962 and was headed to New Hampshire to visit her parents-in-law.Sarah Paxton annoys me at first but her character grows on you throughout the film, and she comes around to be concerned and passionate. Sarah was a junkie who her and her boyfriend robbed stores and have even killed people. Sarah then wanders onto the cabin after her boyfriend drops her off in the middle of nowhere. We later find out Sarah was from 1985, and she thought she was heading thru the Wisconsin-area while en route to another state.Scott Eastwood is the late 20’s guy who keeps everything together with the teamwork and eventually figures out what is going on and how they all can change their own futures. His acting is very good, solid. We later find out Scott is from the current times (2011), but he is steadfast that he thought he was in South Dakota.3 different people, all from seemingly different time eras, all believing they are in a specific area different from the other. Later it becomes apparent they were all (in some science fiction or “time travel” realm) brought together to find out they are three generations of family who meet tragic or early endings, and it becomes up to them to become the product of the future, or try to create new endings for themselves. Much of it has to do with HANS (we find out he is Samantha’s father, who she presumed died in a bombing strike), the German patriarch of all three of them – who depending on whether he dies or survives the German bombing strike (we then assume this Cabin is somewhere in either in Germany or Poland in the late 30s or early 40’s), can change all of their courses of history.At the very end, its kinda confusing – it seems to take place in the mid to late 80s. We don’t really know what happens to Scott (or if he is eventually born in the mid 80’s. Assuming both Samantha and Sarah survive, perhaps Scott is indeed born but may turn out slightly different), and it seems Sarah in this dimension has her life turned around (she originally was supposed to die by execution for all of the murders), and both her and Samantha (her mother, who originally was supposed to die giving birth to Sarah in late 1962) assumably survive and do not die young like their original fate was.The movie concludes with “some other girl” robbing the gas station with Sara’s boyfriend, so we assume she then becomes part of the paradox and will be transported to the ‘cabin scenario” to perhaps put her thru that hell to eventually turn her life around. This mysterious gas station (based on what the clerk says at the beginning, and also the very last lines of the film) is a big key to the movie – almost like a ‘portal’ to some other dimension and this is how these three main people came to all be together – from different eras and areas of the country – for one main purpose. One thing that is never explained (unless I missed it) is how Samantha and Scott are brought into the ‘paradox.’ We only see the parable of the movie from how Sara Paxton is brought into the paradox. Maybe it just doesn’t matter.The movie can be a bit confusing, but is enjoyable, and will probably make more sense than this review (again though, the movie is rooted in science fiction or fictitious drama). Give it a try. Samantha’s character is so beautiful, too.

  • lara-araujo
    lara araujo

    “If we’re here and today’s the day then we’re all about to die.” Three strangers all somehow all have accidents around a secluded cabin and try to find a way out. The begin to get more and more confused as they can’t agree on what state, or what year they are in. Finding a way out may not be as easy as they hoped. This is a movie that got better the longer it went on. What started off as a run of the mill movie began introducing twists and turns that actually made it pretty enjoyable and had me guessing almost the entire time. I love movies that aren’t obvious all the way through and this is not. For a B rate movie this is actually really neat. The only problem with this to me is that parts of the movie were really good while others were so slow I almost lost interest. The good parts did out-way the bad though. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to watch it again to see if you can catch things you missed the first time. Overall, a really neat and different type of movie that had potential to be better. I liked it though. I give it a B.

  • viktor-jansson
    viktor jansson

    This is an interesting little film. Little because the production budget looks tiny and in total there are no more than 8 or so characters overall! It starts off as a typical cabin in the woods scenario and sure enough soon walks in a man with an axe. But before you can get ready for the gore to begin the story takes a different turn. Maybe not so different but the overall tone develops in to a psychological thriller scenario and although the twist isn’t something to write home about, its certainly unexpected. The director drops many small hints as to what is going on and later they become funny reminders. Not epic film making but an entertaining story that is short and tight. Production value is low due to the budget and has some amateurish cgi. Acting is so so and in particular Katherine Waterston overacts in her scenes. Overall a neat little story that is both entertaining and immediately forgettable.

  • niina-savolainen
    niina savolainen

    Instinctively directed by Jack Heller with skill and flair, this is an absorbing science fiction film that you can’t put down. The script is smart and large, the production values are nothing less than good at all times. A beautifully presented tale of people lost in the woods and striving to make sense of a mystery situation of unbearable tenseness. The young actors are superb and obvious is the fact they are up and coming in the truest sense of the description. Challenge anyone to stop watching this fabulous film after they have started and you will be confronted with kudos. For this is cinema as it is meant to be photographed and drama of the highest form.

  • dodo-goginashvili
    dodo goginashvili

    Wow…!!! What a gem of a little film. Terrific performances with a water tight script goes very well with some amazing sci-fi elements. Its one hell of a thrill ride. But the low rating is something which has become a norm for such wonderfully crafted indie gems. Now a days, films with big budget and A class actors gets a 7.5 or even 8 with utter rubbish contents. But such brilliant movies goes unnoticed. This review is to all of those who are double minded about watching this film. Please do watch it. You’ll thank me later. No spoilers and no story revelations here. Just watch it and enjoy the fun ride. Highly under rated film. Kudos to the team for such an amazing idea.

  • akise-seven
    akise seven

    I must say, when I saw the trailer for this, I thought “Oh, it’ll just be some low budget thing with bad acting, but at least it has Sara Paxton in it.” But by 30 minutes in, the acting was actually very good. I really like the whole thing with getting the lineage together to save them all and stop the whole bad time line from happening. At first, I thought “what exact time is this movie supposed to be happening?” then, after Samantha referenced the “future money”, I knew that they were from different times. The ending was very good. I knew that when that different girl with Kevin shot the cashier, it was her turn to go to the cabin, or wherever her “cabin” analogue would be. Good job with this movie!!! Loved it.

  • goncalo-neto
    goncalo neto

    I watched this movie by accident on the Chiller cable channel. Yeah, with the awful, LONG commercials every 10 or so minutes. With a lesser movie, those commercials would have driven me away from watching more than just a couple minutes. But I braved those commercials because I was really intrigued with the plot and the characters.Funny that at least one other reviewer mentioned The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, because that is EXACTLY what I thought while watching. There was no gore to speak of, and no frights in the conventional sense. It just drew me in and made me want to watch it until the end.The one complaint I have that prevented me from rating this movie higher is all the gratuitous and rather tedious chase scenes through the woods. That was a whole LOT of filler, in my opinion. 15 minutes, at least, could easily have been trimmed from this movie and it would have made for a tighter, more interesting experience for the viewer. But then, maybe the result would not have been long enough for a “feature film.” Still, I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants something fun, intriguing, and thought-provoking.

  • maria-howard
    maria howard

    When I entered this movie ,I was expecting a routine horror movie,with a serial killer ,or some monster ( gentle beasts such as vampires,wolves,werewolves ).But it is not ;it is a gripping fantasy and horror work ,with a firm screenplay-although the last sequences -which were not so necessary – are déjà Vu.As for the rest,it is above average fantasy stuff:only four characters -the latter appearing late in the story-,and interest is sustained throughout ;little by little ,clues are given to the viewer,who will not be able to guess the ins and outs of the question until the writers reveal the whole truth.The stand- out is Sam Wasterton’s daughter ,who looks like the all-American-girl-of-long-ago actress ,the likes of Teresa Wright or Cathy O’Donnell;her old-fashioned clothes are a vital clue.But I will not spoil your pleasure any longer.It is noteworthy that the screenwriters give their characters substance ;they are not in here to be killed (or get laid)every fifteen minutes à la “Final Destination” .Enter !

  • mjuumdaar-cndnaa
    mjuumdaar cndnaa

    I got this movie from Netflix not knowing what to expect, and, boy, did it surprise me! It was one of those movies that works well-make that brilliantly-with a limited cast and setting and an eerie plot. It starts off with Sara Paxton robbing a convenience store. She winds up at a cabin in the middle of the woods with two strangers. They all have no explanation as to why they are there with rational explanations as to HOW. Why they are there is unraveled throughout the course of the movie. They cannot escape as each person seems strange to each other. Everything is revealed in clues, premonitions, and dialogue (sometimes humorously!) along the way as the creepy and scary atmosphere persists. The acting and writing were all great in this gem-I was very glad I got this. It was far from a classic but not bad either.** 1/2 out of ****

  • nae-oprea
    nae oprea

    There are only a handful of movies that I would watch a second time and this is one of them. I watch many movies and a lot of them are not very good. This one was a surprise. I never lost my attention with this movie so it was easy to watch from start to finish. Stars: 3.5 (out of 5) But for me it was a 4. To the cast and crew, keep making these kinds of movie despite what anyone tells you or any low ratings some reviewer may give you. To the actors, writers, directors, etc., you did an excellent job, keep it coming and make more movies like this. I have never written a movie review before but for this one I had to, Dillaran Martin, actor.

  • anastasiia-kalchenko
    anastasiia kalchenko

    Three strangers arrive one by one at a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere. Slowly they realize that they are trapped there and no matter how hard they try to leave they can’t because in whichever direction they go, they return to the exact same cabin!Things become more bizarre when the three begin to talk and are sure the cabin they are stuck in is in different geographical US states. It seems they were hundreds of miles apart from each other and had traveled only for a little time and yet they’ve reached each other at this cabin! It’s geographically impossible. They must be 100s of miles apart. So in which US state is this cabin exactly? How have they reached each other without traveling for days?Odder still they each believe the year is different. One character says it is 1962, while the other says it’s 1985 and for the third it 2011!Frankly, this is an excellent, unknown, bizarre yet entertaining movie!The story is brand new and not a rehash of old stuff one has seen countless times. The starting itself is strong and happenings unpredictable, and the ending is a major twist that one will not see coming from miles away. It’s emotional, and for the running time I felt like I was trapped in the bizarre situation along with the characters. As a writer I tried to think what was happening and predict the end and yet it left me baffled, bamboozled and bowled over!It’s claustrophobic and tense. A rare ‘locked-room’ thriller, limited characters, limited locations and limited budgets but not limited in imagination, ideas, and writing.

  • maria-clara-pires
    maria clara pires

    About 20 minutes in to this movie I thought the movie was going in the same direction as so many others that I have seen, but it didn’t and it really took me by surprise as the story slowly started to unfold. The movie went in a totally different direction and I highly recommend this to true fans of the horror genre. This is quite a treat for people like me who see tons of horror flicks and are constantly looking for something good to watch, but are constantly let down. So give it a shot if your a die hard genre fan like me and are into strange supernatural horror. There isn’t a ton of gore in this film, its more of a cerebral supernatural thriller which is good every once in awhile. I have no idea why this movie is rated so low here, but I’m not surprised. Truth be told, its a solid 7. I gave this 9 stars to help give it a push out of the hole its in. It does great with the small budget it had. Good production, convincing actors, and an overall intelligent story. I won’t stick my neck out and say cult classic like another reviewer here, but definitely a great way to kill an hour and a half and definitely an excellent low budget horror film. Hell, Id have even paid for it!

  • kaylee-williams
    kaylee williams

    I like small but good films, ones done with imagination instead of just a CGI budget of millions. This one fits the bill. It’s a cast of a dozen people, none of them actors I remember ever having seen before. It was done on location with a minimum of sets. Yet it has definitely taken advantage of the biggest advantage that a small movie like this can have and that’s time for the writers to carefully craft a fine script.I won’t give away the progress basic story. Some of it they telegraphed by the vehicles and clothes, enough for me to organize the basic story. But it was fun and imaginative, a good blend of creepy and yet not too creepy. If special effects and buckets of blood aren’t your thing then you will probably enjoy it.

  • flavia-ionescu
    flavia ionescu

    Its rare that you stumble upon a very original movie nowadays. Mostly all we gets is remakes, reboots, rehashes, etc. I for one am tired of all the “RE’s”, so it was extremely refreshing to watching an excellent original thriller for once.”Enter Nowhere” has you guessing from the very beginning. The further the movie progresses the more you want to know what the hell is going on. Me and my friends made many attempts at guessing what was going on with zero success. The film does a very good job staying unpredictable and extremely entertaining.Overall this movie was just 100% great. The plot, characters, and most of the acting was excellent. The only negative thing I can say about this film is that Scott Eastwood’s acting was fairly horrendous, he obviously doesn’t take after his father.Definitely check this one out, it is well worth the watch. 9/10

  • harrison-horton
    harrison horton

    An indy without benefit of name director or stars, this is still one worth catching for those who prefer their supernatural in the tradition of “Outer Limits” or “The Twilight Zone”. In true Serling-esque fashion three strangers arrive separately at the abandoned cabin that forms the setting for most of the story, one that convincingly fleshes out recognizable relationships between a man and two women who at first share little more in common than a need to get home. Each failed trip into the woods reveals something of their situation and each other, moving steadily toward a final revelation kept well under wraps.Limited locale puts extra reliance on the cast and they deliver solidly. Special credit though goes to Sara Paxton, who so impressed in “The Innkeepers”, as the petty thief skirting the edge of control.For an obvious work of limited resources, “Enter Nowhere” makes excellent use of them all to come up with one of the better small films I’ve seen in a while.

  • volodimira-poltavets
    volodimira poltavets

    I hardly ever leave reviews, and whenever I’ve felt the need to review a film in the past it has always been because they’ve been so bad I’ve wanted to try and save somebody from wasting their time and money watching it. The reason I’m leaving this review couldn’t be any more different. I’ve just finished watching this film, and while it’s never going to win an Oscar or be a massive summer blockbuster, it was a very well crafted little movie. It held my attention throughout and every time you think you’ve got it figured out it throws you a curve ball, and while I’m not going to give anything away, I will say that my first thought that this was a retelling of John Paul Satre’s No Exit was dead wrong. What prompted me to write this review was the unbelievable low rating it has here on IMDb. I understand this type of film isn’t for everyone, and it has obviously been made with a low budget, but it is well acted, well written and very well put together. And something this film has over a lot of other films of this type is it very neatly ties up all its plot threads. If you’re at all curious about this film, give it a go, you will not be disappointed. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  • jackson-washington
    jackson washington

    Hollywood Executives could take a few notes from this film.I came across this title by pure chance. I half read one review that mentioned “Lost” and Twilight Zone” and was sold.This movie comes across as very low budget I guess $1.7 mil is low budget these days. But don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with low budget…you know the old cliché’. “It’s not how big it is it’s what you can do with it that really matters.” The movie is mostly shot in one ominous location which gives it a very claustrophobic and tense atmosphere. For the first half of this movie I had no idea what to expect. I was anticipating another horror fest but am happy to report it’s nothing like that. About half way through the movie the characters begin to realize how they are all connected. When you find out how, it’s a bit of a goose bump moment.I really dug the moral of the story which is basically how one terrible decision can change not only your life but of those around you in such profoundly life altering ways.The acting was pretty good, complete unknowns to me but that’s a plus in this case. The script felt tight and real. While some may have to considerably suspend their disbelief I felt the premise really worked here.Highly recommended for anyone into metaphysical contemplation.