The story in this horror movie revolves around a strange religious icon and the demonic sexual influence it exerts on a young art student. After a gory dream sequence in which the woman imagines herself being nailed to a cross herself, the statue eventually comes to life and begins to sexually torment her.

Also Known As: Verteufelt West, L'Ossessa - Das Omen des Bösen West, La possédée, Sexorkistis, The Devil Obsession, The Tormented, Enter the Devil, L'ossessa, The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The Sexorcist

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  • elizabeth-romero
    elizabeth romero

    This film had nearly as many titles as Elizabeth Taylor had husbands. Its Italian name was “L’Ossessa,” altered for its U.S. release to both “Enter the Devil” (Bruce Lee, anyone?) and “The Sexorcist” (figure it out). For its video release, it underwent two more name changes– first to “The Devil Obsession,” then to its most ridiculous title, “The Eerie Midnight Horror Show.”Danila (Stella Carnacina) works as a restorer at an Italian art museum. When the museum acquires a centuries-old life-sized wooden statue of a crucified man, it affects Danila in strange ways. There is a dream sequence in which the statue comes to life and rapes her, which Danila quite enjoys. She begins to act out sexually, even trying to seduce her own father. Danila’s parents call a doctor, who prescribes warm milk and a day in the country. (They’d be better off with the Rug Doctor.) The next night, Danila dreams that she’s being nailed to a cross. When she wakes up with nail holes in her hands and feet, Danila’s mother calls the doctor and says, “She’s worse than before.” Gee, ya think? And the doctor’s reaction? “It’s all rather strange.” When a medical solution proves elusive, the parents call in—you guessed it—an exorcist, one of only a few left in the world. Good thing he happens to live nearby!Of course the exorcism works, though Father Xeno is killed in the process. (Gee, that’s never been done before.) Not sure why he dies, though. The exorcism really doesn’t take that long; and the worst thing Danila does to the priest is whack him with a chain. It’s gotta hurt, but I’d hardly think it fatal.The demon himself must be low on Satan’s totem pole. He just spent 500 years trapped in a statue. Now that he’s out, the girl he possessed comes across as needing not an exorcist, but a sedative. With the demon inside her, Danila is either masturbating, slamming her head into solid objects, or thrashing about while she screams in abject terror. That’s the ultimate evil???Director Mario Gariazzo included a bunch of sleazy sex scenes. But surprisingly for this type of film, they’re quite reserved and rather dull. When a ’70s Italian horror film can’t even deliver a good sex scene, you know it’s a piece of crap!

  • antonina-imek-ch-yan
    antonina imek ch yan

    This movie is literally the center of the Venn Diagram that would be made of the movies that I love the most.Italian ripoff of a successful film — This movie is obviously trying to be The Exorcist.Satanism — This film has some of the goofiest and most awesome devil tricks of any of I’ve seen.Exploitation — No one in this film acts like a normal human being and reality has been supplanted by insanity before the demons even get involved.Multiple titles — This film is also known as Sexorcist, The Tormented, Devil Obsession, L’Ossessa and was later re-released post-Rocky Horror midnight movie success in 1977 as The Eerie Midnight Horror Show.And the title card that comes up before the movie begins: THIS FILM IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY.Daniela is an art student in Italy who is so respected by her teachers that she gets to join them as they acquire religious sculptures from a church due to be torn down. That church was deconsecrated way back in the 1700’s because the priests and nuns decided that they would turn against God and start having orgies in the church. And one of the statues, an incredibly lifelike display of one of the thieves crucified next to Jesus, catches Daniela’s eye. She is told that it was pulled directly from a tree, that it was already inside the wood and all the sculptor had to do was bring out the details. However, many tourists have had mental breakdowns just looking at this sculpture.Daniela’s life is weird even before the crazy gets started. Her rich parents throw a party and we learn that her mother isn’t just cheating on her husband, she’s doing it pretty much in public. Yep — Daniela catches her mother getting whipped by the thorns of a rose — a scene that Becca just randomly walked into and asked, “What are you watching?!?”Our heroine leaves for her studio at the university. As she paints, the sculpture comes off of its cross in a scene that can only come from the deranged mind of Italian exploitation filmmaking (director Mario Gariazzo wrote Sister Emanuelle and directed Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind). Of course, that revived religious icon then has sex with her, sex that appears to be a dream as she runs from the studio.Later that night, as Daniela climbs the stairs to her family’s apartment, she keeps thinking she is alone, but the sounds of her footsteps don’t match up. She hears a demon whisper her name and she runs in fear before the demon overcomes her, forcing her into a state of sexual mania and a dream where she is crucified. She spends the rest of the movie trying to get anyone to have sex with her while stigmata appears on her hands and she does all of the tropes of exorcism rip-offs.And then Ivan Rassimov (All the Colors of the Dark, Shock/Beyond the Door II, Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key ) shows up as Satan, giving Daniela her beauty back so that she can work with him to tempt all of the priests, like Father Xeno (Luigi Pistilli, Oliviero from Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key). She tries to seduce him, so to forget that she has tempted him he self-flagellates.Read more at bandsaboutmovies.com/2017/10/20/enter-the-devil-1974

  • adelaide-durand
    adelaide durand

    Enter the Devil (1974) ** (out of 4)Danila (Stella Carnacina) is an art student living in Italy who goes to a church to see a statue that she’s going to help restore. It doesn’t take long for her to start suffering some from violent nightmares and before you know it she is acting out sexually and violently as she becomes possessed by a demon.Like most Italian rip-offs of THE EXORICIST, this film was released under numerous titles including THE EERIE MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW, THE DEVIL OBSESSION and even SEXORKISTIS. It really doesn’t matter what you call the film as it pretty much delivers what you’d expect from it. If you’re familiar with the countless clones of THE EXORCIST then you know there’s going to be some really bad acting, some really funny possession scenes and yes there will be some green puke.ENTER THE DEVIL is certainly a cheap little film that was obviously rushed through production to get it on the big screen and cash in on the William Friedkin movie. These Italian movies might have lacked in skill and professionalism but they more than made up for that in cheap sleaze. ENTER THE DEVIL has plenty of nudity, sexual scenes and the possession scenes are quite over-the-top and funny. Just check out the sequence where the possessed Danila is hanging her head against her bed board. Just watch how the Priest reacts to all of it as he turns to leave the room.As I said, the performances are rather forgettable but there are enough over-the-top ones to get a few laughs. I’d also argue that the film has a lot of very campy moments that help keep it entertaining. This is especially true for the ending, which as you’d expect goes overboard. ENTER THE DEVIL isn’t a good movie and it’s certainly poorly made but at the same time there are enough campy moments to keep it entertaining.

  • iris-mattsson
    iris mattsson

    An art student in Rome is possessed…or something. She has dreams of being nailed to a cross and Satan himself raping her. He possesses her (I think) and turns her into a sex addict. That’s about all I could take and I turned it off.A pointless “Exorcist” rip off. I caught this on cable back in the 80s and was horrified…and not in a good way! This movie is supposed to be a horror film but turns into nothing more than a sex film disguised as a horror movie. There’s tons of pointless female nudity and the actress playing the lead has to degrade herself more than once. We see her being raped by Satan (a hot-looking guy), masturbating, coming on to her own father…Gotta give her points for bravery. Add to that bad dubbing, editing (the rape scene looks like it was cut a bit), lousy acting and a story that makes next to no sense. The one disturbing sequence (her being nailed to the cross) ALMOST works but the lousy “special” effects ruin it. This is one of the few horror film that was so bad I stopped watching. Skip it.

  • angela-loureiro
    angela loureiro

    About a woman who restores a statue that is eventually possesses her.The directing is a little above normal (for the genre that is) but this movie is boring and definitely belongs in the exploitation section of the video store. Cashing in on the Rocky horror picture show (the copy I got was not called the “Sexorcist”, but the “Eerie Midnight Horror Show” it is supposidly a true story of a woman who gets possessed by the devil. The acting is mediocre all the way through, with the exception of Ivan Rassimov, who overplays the devil and is doing pretty good.Try an Argento film instead.

  • ertan-safak
    ertan safak

    After examining a historical religious icon, pretty young art student Danila (Stella Carnacina) begins to exhibit some of the classic signs of demonic possession: poor complexion, an irrational fear of all things churchy, and a bad case of stigmata. Her doctors believe that her condition is the result of religious torment and emotional stress, but suggest that an exorcism might be her best chance of recovery.I saw this one under the title of The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, but it is probably best known as The Sexorcist, which is certainly more apt since the film is a blatant Italian Exorcist rip-off with extra sexy stuff chucked in to make it seem even more exploitative. Director Mario Gariazzo, who gave us the incredibly seedy giallo Play Motel, quickly introduces some primo sleaze, Danila chancing upon her adulterous mother indulging in some sado-masochistic sex with her lover, and continues to throw in random raciness throughout, including Danila indulging in a spot of masturbation, attempting to seduce her own father, and dreaming of having sex with a wooden figure of Jesus that comes to life.While all of this might sound like a whole lot of exploitative fun, most of the deviancy is presented in a surprisingly reserved fashion (especially when compared to Play Motel, which frequently bordered on the pornographic), and, as a consequence, is frustratingly dull for much of the time. The finale is particularly lacklustre, Danila’s exorcism over in a flash, the girl giving priest Father Xeno (Luigi Pistilli) a few whacks with a chain before chucking up some watery soup, after which she is as right as rain.

  • ida-christiansen
    ida christiansen

    I bought this film because it was during a liquidation sale and I obviously wasn’t thinking, well, at all. So it’s not anything like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – it’s “The Exorcist” meets some low rent soft core porn. Not being depraved, I was bored by the chick hitting on her father, masturbating to excess and screaming orgasmically all the while. And I’m sorry, the blasphemous (and overdone) plot point of a tempted priest really doesn’t do anything for me. Stupid, crappy garbage – and in the credits it called itself “The Tormented” – the marketers couldn’t even finish the film to alter it in the end. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

  • christine-hendrix
    christine hendrix

    I have read a couple of reviews of this film, which has recently been released on DVD by Eclectic. Apparently, the opening titles are letterboxed, but the remainder (most) is full-screen. The first release, in 1982 by Planet Video, is completely letterboxed. Though it was a primitive release, it did get the compositions right. Later releases had sharper and better picture quality, but they were fullscreen as the DVD is. Any release of this film should be letterboxed, as it adds significantly to the visual experience of the old Planet tape.

  • feyzin-nazende-hancer
    feyzin nazende hancer

    Another Italian rip-off of an American hit, this time it’s THE EXORCIST. A young art student (Stella Carnacina) falls under the spell of a wooden statue found in the ruins of a desecrated church but the figure on the cross isn’t Jesus (thank God) and when she’s alone with it, the religious icon comes to life and rapes her. Soon she can’t stop masturbating and puts the make on her father before becoming a lascivious, low-budget Linda Blair in this super sleazy slice of erotic horror “based on a true story”. The second half of the film couldn’t possibly live up to the first half but no matter, the shocking segment just described lingers long after the movie’s over. Good lord.

  • zeljka-supraha
    zeljka supraha

    Kinda boring, kinda gross, kinda unsettling, this wasn’t horrible, but not too good. There’s a good creepy bit when the statue comes to life, though, props to this scene. Not much happens, and the movie just feels sort of scummy. I was happy when it ended, and don’t believe anything about this being a true story….very surprised this is averaging around 6.

  • gary-rivera
    gary rivera

    WOW! What a horrible, hideous waste of time this celluloid atrocity turned out to be. I remember seeing it years ago and thinking it was fun but now…it’s just plain silly. Not to mention the fact that it is a blatant rip-off of “The Exorcist” to the point where it was re-released at one point under the title “The Sex-orcist”. The only real difference is that the producers have the gall to further discredit themselves by slapping on the claim that the events in the film are REAL! Who in their right mind would actually believe such a bold faced lie? To make matters even worse, there was a video release in circulation with cover art that blatantly tried to cash in on the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” by throwing a pair of lips on the cover! How low could one possibly sink? Do not be fooled by the false claims, blatant lies or title rip-off because you will be SORELY disappointed if you do!

  • olga-abols
    olga abols

    With the annuel IMDb Horror board’s “October Challenge” coming up in 2 months time I mentioned to a fellow IMDb’er that I was planning to spend a good amount of the challenge taking a look at films from the Roughie and “Adult”-Horror genres.A month later:Opening a parcel that had arrived earlier in the day,I was shocked to discover that a fellow IMDb’er had kindly sent me a selection of Roughie and Adult-Horror titles to help me on my new quest of taking a look at the two genres.Taking a look at the titles which had been sent,I found myself constantly getting drawn to a film which sounded like an extremely sleazy riff on the Horror movie The Exorcist,which led to me excitingly getting ready to witness this erotic exorcism take place.The plot:After completing her final art exam,student Danila decides to go with her boyfriend to a church that they are currently helping to restore.Looking around the church, (which has been left to rot for 100’s of years due to “obscene” acts which took place upon its premises)Danila finds herself getting drawn towards two life size statues of Jesus.Being unable to take her eyes off the statues,Danila gets the head of the restoration to give her permission to take one of the statues home with her for extra studying.Later that night:Attending an end of term party being held at her parents house,Danila is greeted by the sight of her mum playing around with a secret lover.Running away from the horrible sight,Danila rushes to her apartment so that she can put the awful sights behind her,and instead focus on the statue.As she begins to take a closer look at the statue,Danila soon discovers that the statue may not be as “solid” as it originally appeared.View on the film:With my original expectations being that the film would solely offer a fresh bit of slzzezy skin and some good dashing’s of gore,I was instead pleasantly caught by surprise, thanks to co-writer/ (along with Ted Rusoff and Ambrogio Molteni) director Mario Gariazzo taking the movie in an unexpected,atmospheric direction.Limiting the amount of flesh shown in the movie to about 3 minutes of the total running time,and also backed by an icy Space-Rock score from Marcello Giombini,Gariazzo takes the first half of the film in a wonderful Supernatural Horror direction,with Gariazzo revealing that the objects/statues which Danila (played by a ravishing Stella Carnacina) is enchanted by,are far different than the “innocent” shape that they appear in.Sadly after building up a surprisingly chilly atmosphere for the first half of the movie,Gariazzo and the writer’s completely remove the distinctive Supernatural Horror aspects from the film,and replace them with a forced-in exorcism angle which feels disconnected to the previous events that took place in the movie,which leads to the second half of this exorcism sadly not being as tantalisingly compelling as the possive first half.

  • shot-a-kvantaliani
    shot a kvantaliani

    I had a bit if difficulty finding this movie on IMDb as it has been released under many titles. In Britain is was released as The Obsessed, then The Devil Obsession on VHS. The Sexorcist, however, must be it’s most intriguing title! Yes, it’s an Italian rip off of The Exorcist but with a fair amount on sex and full frontal nudity. As with most Italian movies from this era style is much in evidence, plot or logic considered less important. To fans of Euro horror/sleaze this is worth a watch

  • evalds-priede
    evalds priede

    Possible minor spoilers.Under any title (the tape I saw was called The Eerie Midnight Horror show, with red-lips artwork aping Rocky Horror) this movie isn’t very special. It starts off okay, with a cool credits sequence and some interesting sexual touches (a whipping with roses, sex with a living statue), and it looks like it’s building to something memorable, but…no. Despite an attractive cast and gorgeous Italian scenery, the whole affair is pretty dull and pointless. A moment of unintended humor marks the turning point: lovely Denila’s parents discover her masturbating and call the doctor! The doctor prescribes warm milk! But unfortunately, the movie doesn’t even provide many laughs, and once the facts of Denila’s affliction are established, we are given boring sermons on the evils of kinky sex and the importance of family. To top it off, the possession is one of the dullest ever filmed. As the possessed one, Stella Carnacina eats her own hair, develops stigmata, and screams a LOT. Most of the minimal makeups are saved for the chain-lashing climax, and I think most viewers will have stopped caring long before. For possession and Ivan Rassimov completists only.

  • albin-andersson
    albin andersson

    Lovely and innocent young art student Danilla (a fearless performance by foxy brunette Stella Carnacina) is tormented by vivid and disturbing dreams of being nailed to a cross. Things get really strange and intense when the crucifix she’s dreaming about comes to life and possesses her body, thus turning sweet Danilla into a shameless raving nympho who masturbates and tries to seduce her staid father Mario (a suitably uptight portrayal by Chris Avram). Director Mario Gariazzo and writer Ambrogio Molteni take the blithely lurid story seriously, do a sound job of creating and maintaining a scuzzy atmosphere, and, of course, deliver a few jolting moments of bloody’n’brutal violence along with a handy helping of kinky sex and yummy female nudity (the set piece with the statue making love to Danilla is quite sizzling and depraved). The solid cast of familiar Eurotrash cinema regulars helps a lot: the luscious Lucretia Love as Danilla’s sadomasochistic adulteress mother Luisa, Gabriele Tinti as Luisa’s sadistic lover, Luigi Pistilli as the intrepid and determined ace exorcist Father Xeno, and, in a deliciously wicked turn, Ivan Rassimov as a cackling lascivious Satan. Moreover, this flick has an inspired sense of warped lunacy to it: The statue coming to life stuff is weird and original and a sequence in which Danilla attempts to escape from a church is positively hysterical. The groovy music, ghastly 70’s fashions, and disco dancing give the picture a certain campy retro charm. Carlo Carlini’s cinematography makes effective occasional use of overhead camera shots. Marcello Giombini’s wonky shuddery score does the shivery trick. Good sleazy fun.

  • deborah-hendrix
    deborah hendrix

    “L’Ossessa” aka. “The Sexorcist” (1974) may be one of the silliest and nonsensical out of the many European rip-offs of “The Exorcist”, but it is also one of the more entertaining ones. The possessed here is not a child or girl barely in her teens, but a gorgeous young woman, Danila (played by Stella Carnacina), who is an outstanding student of theology. When she assists her professor in examining a sinister religious icon, the lord of the flies himself takes possession of her… for the main reason to make her masturbate and offer sex to anybody available.The storyline obviously isn’t the most original thing ever written, and it is also very nonsensical, but it is fun to watch. The ravishing Stella Carnacina must be one of the sexiest of the many sexy starlets in Italian 70s Exploitation cinema, and she therefore is the perfect girl to play a possessed nymphomaniac. L’Ossessa also stars two of the absolute greatest Italian genre actors: The always sinister Ivan Rassimov plays an incredibly horny Satan, and which actor would be more predestined for such a role? The great Luigi Pistilli plays the exorcising priest (in which role he sadly has very little screen time). The Exorcist with Rassimov as the devil, Pistilli as the exorcist, and the super-hot Stella Carnacina as the possessed girl – which lover of Italian Horror/Exploitation cinema would not at least find the idea enjoyable? The rest of the cast includes Chris Avahm (known to Italian genre-fans for his role in Mario Bava’s “Bay of Blood) as Danila’s father, and Lucretia Love, as Danila’s nymphomaniac mother who likes to get whipped by her adulterous lover (Gabriele Tinti).The film is obviously very sleazy, and there is one very well-done gore scene, as well as some creepy moments. The finale is pretty ridiculous, but suspense and logic generally aren’t the film’s strongest points. The score is also pretty cool. Overall, “L’Ossessa” certainly isn’t a good film, in fact it is very, very silly trash, and most people might agree that it is a piece of crap. In my opinion, it is still great fun to watch, however. My fellow fans of the trashier kind of Italian Horror might enjoy it.

  • anu-raja
    anu raja

    C’mon Satan, get the finger out. You started off okay with Beyond The Door and The Antichrist, then totally fumbled the ball with Magdalena possessed by the Devil. You’re supposed to be trying to take the souls of the human race from that of God, so why are you settling on making teenagers randy foul-mouthed rebels? That’s what they are anyway!This one starts quite good, with art student Danila getting involved with restoring a very life-like figure on a cross that her university have purchased. Danila’s got some domestic problems. Her father (Chris Avram) is drifting away from her mother (Lucretia Love), who is having an affair with hunky Gabrielle Tinti. Lucretia’s a bit kinky too, so it doesn’t help that Danila happens upon Gabrielle whipping the crap out of Lucretia with a bunch of roses, and Lucretia screaming for him to do it harder. Danila goes off to concentrate on her work, restoring some art back at college.This is where perhaps the best scene of the film happens, as while Danila is working away on her project, the man on the cross behind her suddenly starts moving, comes to life as a Satanic Ivan Rassimov, and makes sweet sweet love to Danila on the floor of the studio while a weird wind blows about. Then again, shortly afterwards, Danila regains her senses fully clothed, restoring her painting. So what’s going on? And what creepy bastard is following her around. Of course Danila starts acting possessed and indulges in some furious self-abuse witnessed by her parents, so soon begins the jibber jabber about real illness versus possession and the whole film descends into boredom, save for a nightmare sequence where Danila enters a demonic ceremony and Ivan Rassimov (who makes a good Satan) nails her to a crosss. Sadly, after this bit, it’s off to Exorcist-lite territory as Danila gets shipped off to a convent and priest Luigi Pistilli is brought in to sort her out in a very underwhelming finale. This of course happens a lot in exploitation cinema, but it doesn’t do us fans much good to track down a film and find it’s a weaker version of the film it’s trying to rip off. You could probably watch the first half and just switch it off, because up until then it’s a fine film. Umberto Raho has a great moustache in this one, however.

  • miss-bethany-lawrence
    miss bethany lawrence

    After the release of The Exorcist in 1973, it was really only a matter of time before somebody realised that ‘ex’ sounds a bit like ‘sex’ and ended up coming up with a film called ‘The Sexorcist’. Unfortunately that person was Mario Gariazzo; and while he may well have gone on to contribute to the script of the best Emanuelle film (Sister Emanuelle) and direct the seriously sleazy 1979 Giallo Play Motel – he apparently is not so well suited to ripping off The Exorcist, and The Sexorcist will surely go down as being one of the most pointless Exorcist rip offs of all time; and in a ‘genre’ that includes films such as Exorcismo and Naked Exorcism – that really is saying something! The trouble in this film starts with a strange wooden statue that is apparently Satan on a cross. It comes alive and a young theology student by the name of Danila ends up getting possessed by the devil. The Devil doesn’t seem to have any particular plan in mind; he just gets the young girl masturbating and making sex offers to anyone who will listen…but hey, what else could you expect from a film that puts an ‘S’ in front of ‘Exorcist’? Actually, that’s one of the film’s main problems. It’s the SEXorcist and there’s very little sex to speak of! There’s a ton of scenes involving vomiting, loads of religious gabble, scenes set in churches and even a priest being whipped with a chain – but where’s the sex that the title promises? Naturally the plot is really very stupid and the director makes no secret of the fact that this film exists simply to cash in on The Exorcist. The Sexorcist is not without plus points, however. The film does feature a rather sleazy atmosphere and a lot of it is set in churches, which blends well. There’s also a delicious cast which is headed by the pretty Stella Carnacina – and she gets back up from the likes of Ivan Rassimov (playing the very horny Devil, no less), Gabriele Tinti and Luigi Pistilli who ends up performing the sexorcism. I mean exorcism. The scenes in which the leading lady vomits and prances around ‘possessed’ are also worth watching. However, at the end of the day; The Sexorcist just doesn’t live up its promise and what we end up with is just a really pointless Exorcist rip-off that isn’t much worth bothering with.

  • dr-molnar-ildiko
    dr molnar ildiko

    Out of the handful of alternative titles in English, “The Sexorcist” is definitely the most appropriate one, since this is basically just a shameless rip off of William Friedkin’s classic horror film in which they replaced 13-year-old Linda Blair with the 19-year-old Stella Carnacina only so that she could gratuitously show her ravishing naked body. I’m not sure what exactly Satan tries to accomplish here, but he exclusively seems to possess the young girl to play sexual tricks on her! Poor Danila masturbates around the clock and tries to seduce priests and even her own father into having sex with her. The young girl is introduced as a smart and ambitious theology-student with an odd-looking boyfriend (driving a stupid yellow car) and loving, albeit adulterous parents. When she takes a peculiar crucifix home to renovate, the ancient relic comes to life and no less than Satan himself (played by Ivan Rassimov of “Jungle Holocaust” and “Planet of the Vampires”) starts to torment her. The overlong masturbation sessions and some bizarre nightmare sequences cover about three quarters of the movie, and then finally director Mario Garriazzo begins with the actual exorcism. That final segment is even more embarrassing and amateurish! The priests don’t really do anything apart from saying some vague prayers but, somehow, Danila seems cured all of a sudden. There isn’t much gore, the dialogues are horrible and the producers seem to compensate every little flaw by adding more sleaze! This is one of the strangest Italian exploitation efforts of the seventies (why the hell are they referring to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”?), but definitely not one of the best. If you fancy clones of “The Exorcist”, I recommend “Demon Witch Child”, “Beyond the Door” and “The Antichrist”.

  • roger-berglund
    roger berglund

    Surprisingly good film made in the wake of the Exorcist concerning a young woman who becomes possessed by a spirit after she goes to a de-sanctified church to restore a life size and life like crucified man . The piece was Christ and the two thieves, however Christ was long ago sold off. Trouble starts once the figure is removed from the cross and it seems to come to life and seduce the woman. From that point on it becomes a battle for the girls soul. Creepy, scary and much better than you think the film works because its cast sells the events which are decidedly adult. It helps that these are real people who are flawed so its easier to relate to them. I really liked this film, and seeing it again for the first time in at least a decade I was shocked at how good it is. Definitely better than any of its myriad of schlocky titles makes it seem.

  • salvador-pena-arellano
    salvador pena arellano

    Italian soft X Exorcist clone.Woman buy statue of crucified thief. Said thief comes to life and turns out to be the Devil with rape fantasies.Ivan Rassimov plays the Devil brilliantly. Mostly due to his gift of evil looks. And Because he was never above doing nudity. Good on him.The actress in the lead did a decent job. Her wide eyed innocence and the fact that she looked great naked helped.This one has a similar plot element to most Italian horror films. The girl’s parents are filthy rich, and depraved. Watch it to get the details.Laura Gemser’s husband, Gabriel Tinti, also appears as a random stud. His part is basically phoned-in, but like a cheap beer, it did the job.Fault the director for its failings. This could have been a horror/sex classic.

  • narek-tsatowryan
    narek tsatowryan

    Absolutely dreadful US title for this fine piece of Euro exploitation cinema, L’Ossessa. Directed by Mario Gariazzo who wrote or directed many such Italian movies including Play Motel, Sister Emanuelle and Vacanze per un Massacro, this is obviously an Exorcist rip-off but done with great panache. Stella Carnacina, as the possessed one, does not make a false move, as she rants, seduces, screams and spews throughout. She is on the screen most of the time and always looks menacing or appealing. There is much violence and sexual activity but also much background church activity that is most authentically portrayed and lends much power to the possession scenes. It is also these scenes of religious activity quietly (or not so quietly) being mocked that must upset a lot of people. In the US, apparently, the TV personality, Elvira, used to make much fun of the film and there are prints with her many intrusions. It is easy to see why because there do seem comic moments but it seems to me these come after one or another tremendous bout of energetic raving from young Stella and whilst they may have seemed appropriate in the original script, the way the possession scenes have been shot, they seem inadequate. When we have just watched the most astonishing and vigorous scenes of blasphemy, for the doctor or relative to reflect ‘she seems a little worse’ or ‘I think it must be psychological’ seem far from suitable and should have been ratcheted up when it was clear the activity was going to be so sensational. For those who think they may not enjoy this, they are probably right but for those who think they might – YOU WILL!

  • ustim-eromenko
    ustim eromenko

    L’OSSESSA, also known as THE TORMENTED or THE SEXORCIST, or the ridiculously titled THE EERIE MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW, is a forgotten EXORCIST rip-off which contains one of the best horror moments I’ve ever seen. The scene is when the crucifix comes alive. This great spooky scene is unforgettable and totally effective (great FXs). It’s a shame the rest of the movie doesn’t maintain the level of creepiness exemplified during that scene.This is one of the most frustrating movies ever. Imagine the producers deciding to to make an EXORCIST copy but while making it, they actually succeed in creating something truly original (a possessed sculpture of crucified man, which is shocking when you think about it) but then completely forgets their original idea in order to make a boring and uninspired EXORCIST rip-off. Had the film continued with the possessed sculpture concept (with the characters trying to destroy it, etc), this film would have rocked. But once the girl becomes possessed by the spirit of the sculpture, she never tells anyone from where the demon came from. She, and the script, completely forgets the haunted crucifix, which is STUPID!!!If you like so-called “Euro-cult” movies, the first 45 minutes deliver unlike any other Euro-cult movies. But after the scene when the girl has a vision of being crucified and she gets stigmatas, the remaining 45 minutes SUCK. Boring. It goes nowhere fast as it tries to emulate (badly) THE EXORCIST. So, watch the first 45 minutes of L’OSSESSA and enjoy the 1970s fashions, the sleaze and the amazing statue-comes-alive-to-ravish-the-girl scene but after the first 45 minutes, press stop and eject, and might as well go clip your toenails.

  • alin-dobre
    alin dobre

    Maybe it was because I grew up under power-lines, but I have a strange affection for all these foreign “Exorcist” rip-offs. Most of these movies, truth be told, really aren’t any more stupid plot-wise than the original “Exorcist”, but they lacked the budget, the talent, and the raw visceral power to make them effective horror movies and usually ended up being merely risible. Still, with a few exceptions (i.e. the Turkish “Seytan”), they weren’t as blatantly unoriginal and imitative as many critics (who obviously never watched them on their own terms)have claimed. The Italians, for instance, managed to add a ridiculous sexploitation angle to the proceedings in films like “L’Anticristo”, “Malabimba”, and this one.After watching her high society mama (the ubiquitously naked Lucretia Love) being whipped by flowers (yes, you read that right) and engaging in other perverse sex acts with her lover (Gabriel “husband of Laura Gemser” Tinti), a pretty young artist (Stella Carnacina)becomes upset and falls under the spell of of an Etruscan demon/Christ type statue she is helping to restore. The statue comes to life (as the creepy Ivan Rassimov),strips off her calico dress, and “possesses” her in more ways than one. The rest of the movie involves her cursing and attacking her mother, trying to seduce her father, and finally getting exorcised by no less than Luigi Pistilli. Oh yeah, she also vomits green goo, but only at the very end, almost as an afterthought.By no means is this movie good, but it sure is entertaining!It makes no sense at all, but never slows down to allow you to contemplate its sheer absurdity. And what an exploitation cast! Lucretia Love, who looks to be in her mid-30’s, is obviously not old enough to be the mother of the twenty-something Carnacina, but that’s not the point, is it? And you also have male character actors like Tinti, Rassimov, and Pistilli all doing what they do best. “Malabimba” has more sex and Mariangelo Giordano, so it perhaps slightly edges this one out, but this is definitely my second favorite European “Exorcist”/sexploitation rip-off ever. Check it out.

  • remy-pierre-le-pelletier
    remy pierre le pelletier

    “L’Ossessa” (released in English under many titles and the eeriest of them certainly is “The eerie midnight horror show”) is one of the best Italian rip-offs of “The Exorcist”. To really appreciate this film you should have a sense of humor. “L’Ossessa” is at the same time sleazy (but naive), pathetic and sometimes even moving.Danila (Stella Carnacina), an art student, goes to an old church to see the statue she’s going to restore. It’s a wooden statue of Christ, a demonic Christ, maybe already overcome by evil, or fighting against it, or perhaps planning dark deeds. The face shows infinite torment. The statue dates from the 15th century. Danila is impressed by the mastery shown by the sculptor – the statue seems almost alive! She lives with her parents. Her mother Luisa (Lucretia Love) lives a dissolute life and doesn’t care too much for keeping up appearances. Her father Mario (Chris Avram) observes everything with disenchanted eyes.The wooden statue will soon assume a human form (Ivan Rassimov) and possess Danila in the carnal and spiritual sense. An amazing scene! The poor Danila, from now on, will suffer the torments of hell.Danila (the lovely Stella Carnacina) was ravished, violated, possessed by the devil and now following his orders, she will try to seduce others. Ain’t she emulating her sleazy mother Luisa (Lucretia Love) who feels great pleasure when her lover whips her with a bunch of roses? There is a scene so ridiculous as to be sublime and moving, when Stella Carnacina runs in despair through the narrow streets (possessed by the devil, remember?) of a small Italian town screaming her heart out. Luigi Pistilli is a very good exorcist. His performance is, as usual, intense. The exorcism scenes (particularlly the final battle) are very, very amateurish, but this will only enhance the fun (and/or emotion?) if you’ve really got a sense of humor.Stella Carnacina is beautiful and looks fresh and innocent, and that’s a factor that adds to your pleasure when she’s naked, but I think that the film could have explored more her natural beauty. Lucretia Love is a very good sleaze companion (her nude scene with the roses… well.:) Other Italian exorcist rip-offs I would like to recommend for you are: Malabimba (very sleazy and released uncut and digitally restored) “Evil Eye” (Malocchio) – “The Exorcist” was the main source of inspiration for “Evil Eye”, but others films, like, for instance, “Rosemary’s Baby” should also be taken into account. “Evil Eye” is completely over the top. Not that sleazy but with plenty of gorgeous Italian and Spanish actresses. You’ll be drooling all over the film. The film is ridiculous, the story doesn’t make any sense, but if you see it in the right mood you might feel moved! – a diabolical sect, possession, murders, despair, love, investigation and beautiful women all around. A wild ride! If you liked “Evil Eye”, see also “Ring of Darkness” (Un’Ombra nell’ombra). This film can be found in the alternative market. Search this title in the IMDb. There are good reviews about it.P.S. – “L’Ossessa” has many different faces. It’s exploitative, but it can also be serious and moving. It’s cheap, cheesy… sleazy (but not that much) and it has an underlying “moral” message. This strange brew can sometimes be very funny. We all already know that “L’Ossessa” is an “Exorcist” rip-off so why can’t we see it on its own terms? Yes, Mario Gariazzo was trying to earn a fast buck, but he was able get the most out of a shoestring budget. The story is well told, the film is atmospheric and overall the actors are committed to their roles. See the film with an open mind and you may discover two or three new things.