A Princess has her erotic vacation interrupted when a renegade alien force, led by her arch enemy, Aria, attacks Pleasure Planet. A quick escape lands her in even more hot water as the Princess and her busty bodyguard crash land on Earth.::Anonymous

Also Known As: Primal Pleasure Station, Escape from Pleasure Planet

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  • techno-freak
    Techno Freak

    I thought the controls on the space ship were kind of hokey. I mean, it’s like they weren’t even trying to get the science right.

  • a-creatin
    A. Creatin

    In space, no one can hear you slap your boobs together when you jump rope.
    They also can’t hear you order a taco salad, and I said NO Jalapenos, dammit. What bare you? Some kinda drive through window working mute porn star?

  • fido-butt-from-galaxy-x
    Fido Butt from Galaxy X

    Sniff a few butts, find another planet.
    Everyday is the same when you’re a space traveling canine with a FTL (faster-than – light) drive.
    (signed) Major Pooper, Commander of Fido Butt Five, the finest Alpo Class Starship in the Fleet.

  • tom-perez-chairman-dnc
    Tom Perez, Chairman DNC

    If Debbie Wasserman would put out, I wouldn’t have to watch this.

  • william-jefferson-clinton
    William Jefferson Clinton

    Very wholesome, family oriented film.
    I watched it while Rwanda was burning.

  • bonehead-pavoroti
    BoneHead Pavoroti

    If this movie did not have 2 of my ex-wives in it, I would have never watched it.
    Nice to see they are still screwing everybody but me.

  • karine-bazeyan
    karine bazeyan

    Veronica Vain is my favorite Sex scene ever, she gets herself into heat as she makes love on the porch and she is like an human alien from the other side of the Galaxy.

  • vladimir-fomin
    vladimir fomin

    Spoilers to follow well maybe not but who wants to be blacklisted. This movie can be summed up with the following 3 statements, bad acting, low budget, soft core porn. If that is your thing go for it. Best acting chops goes to the guy and his girlfriend in the second act. So in order to get this posted I have to type in a full five lines of text. It is actually almost not worth posting this warning when it was actually summed up pretty well with just two lines. Definitely not for kids or people who love sci-fi movies, even bad ones. As a porn it doesn’t work; as a movie it doesn’t work. If there were a negative review system it would rate around -11.

  • dossii-srsvtii
    dossii srsvtii

    I watched this movie last week, titled “Primal Pleasure Station” on Cinemax. I thought it wasn’t too bad for late night cable, although it did leave some things to be desired.We begin with Princess Dyanna (Blair Williams), travels with her bodyguard, Tara (Vanessa Cage) to a large spaceship that is basically an intergalactic cathouse for a “hands-on” vacation. The opening scene is full of innuendo between Dyanna and Cassia (Veronica Vain), the liaison who greets her upon her arrival. By the way, I’d like to meet more bodyguards dressed like Tara. Miniskirts and high heels should be standard bodyguard attire.The entire situation is a trap laid by Aria (Erika Jordan), who wants to hold the princess hostage in order to save her planet from destruction…..and further her plans for general bad-girl domination. Cassia is her servant, and at this point, I’m looking forward to those two hooking up. Aria orders an attack on the station, knowing that since the princess is there, a counter-attack will be imminent.Once the siege begins, Dyanna and Tara make a break for it, hopping into a ship and barely escaping the attack. They eventually wind up on Earth, where the fun really begins. Jake, always on the hunt for UFOs, and his sexually frustrated girlfriend Suzi (Karlie Montana) happen to find Dyanna and Tara in their house, feasting on their food. Jake, naturally, is intrigued by the two attractive ladies wiping out his fridge. Suzi is a bit skeptical, and also makes wisecracks about their wardrobe.Jake figures that in order to prove that Dyanna and Tara are truly aliens, he has to test their clothes (being late night cable, this provides a reason for them to get naked). Also, since they come from an all-female planet, neither of them have had any experience with men before (don’t worry, Jake can help you with that). Cassia trails them to Earth, but she too is intrigued by the male species and ends up with her legs in the air in no time flat. Secret agent Daniels finds her roaming outside the house and…..well, you know what happens.Eventually, this leads to a big orgy at the end of the movie featuring the three female protagonists, Cassia, and Daniels the secret agent. Don’t worry, Aria gets her some to wrap things up; she spots Jake outside all by himself, not included in the festivities. A brief exchange of pleasantries and off come the clothes. Yeah, it was that easy.The sci-fi aspect of the film provided a backdrop to let the good looking women get down to business. The story was sort of forgotten at points, and I’m not quite sure if there was a clear ending, but every woman in the film got naked at some point, and that is an accomplishment. While the story was minimal, the funny one-liners were plentiful, so at least that made up for it somewhat. I thought this was a solid flick if you’re looking for the most amount of skin possible without it being a full-on porn movie. Actually, I’ve seen pornos with meatier plots. Nonetheless, this works as a sexy late night sci-fi comedy.Women: A. I give this movie an A in this category because of the well-rounded nature of the cast, and no, I’m not talking about Veronica Vain’s breasts. I’m familiar with the work of every woman in the cast (especially Veronica Vain), and I was pleased by what I saw. Blair, Vanessa, Veronica, Karlie, and Erika made up a very solid cast.Sex: B+. I give the sex a B+ because it was good, but not great. MRG films are still the best in the softcore genre when it comes to sex scenes, but the scenes in this flick weren’t bad.Story: B. Normally I wouldn’t give a movie like this a high grade in the Story category, but the funny dialogue won me over. Plenty of one-liners. Veronica Vain had a solid performance as the supporting antagonist. Blair and Vanessa did a good job as the slightly aloof princess and bodyguard, delivering their jokes in a serious, deadpan manner. The script had a lot of jokes in it, and most of them were pretty funny.Overall: B+ A solid movie by late night cable standards. I’ve seen better sci-fi softcore movies, but “Primal Pleasure Station” was a solid outing. Funny dialogue that doesn’t take itself seriously, a good looking female cast, and plenty of sex scenes…all in less than 80 minutes. It’s a formula that works. It’s not one of my top flicks, but it’s solid enough to watch a second time if you’d like.

    • the-truth
      The Truth

      Holy shit that’s a lot of writing for a b rate (not even sure you can call it soft porn due to the fact you can clearly see their not actually touching each other) Film.

  • cesar-sanabria-simo
    cesar sanabria simo

    I’m not sure why this movie has such a low rating. What were people expecting when they watched it? Is the acting bad? Of course! Is the plot paper thin? Absolutely! But… boobs! That’s what it’s about, and it delivers.