Gambling: Carolyn, a novelist, is losing her family’s savings at the slots; she’s befriended by a close-up magician who dreams of making it big. A murdered bookie has the cops focused on Victor, who fronts for the mysterious, never-seen Ivan. Augie and Murph, two other bookies ply their partnership, which is endangered by an offer from Victor to Augie and by Murph’s girlfriend’s rejection of his violent vocation. A mechanic, in debt to his bookies, asks his basketball-playing brother to shave some points. A paraplegic cop sees all. Will anyone reach their dream? The odds are against it.

Also Known As: Крупная ставка, Jump Shot, La apuesta perfecta, Aposta Final, Велика ставка, Στο Χείλος του Τζόγου, Even Money, Pravicen denar, Jocuri de noroc, Sto heilos tou tzogou, Stambus lošimas, La última apuesta, Władza pieniądza, Hazard Czech, A Última Aposta, L'enfer du jeu, Le pouvoir du jeu, HAZARD, Kusursuz bahis, Tödlicher Einsatz, A szerencse foglyai

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