A teenager makes the discovery of a lifetime in the forest behind his Arkansas home, a friendly robot named F.R.E.D.I. (voiced by Candace Cameron Bure). Join James (Lucius Hoyos), Danny (Reid Miller) and Natalie (Casimere Jollette) as they come together to help F.R.E.D.I. find her way back to her creator Dr. Palmer (Kelly Hu) and evade an evil corporate villain (Angus Macfayden).

Also Known As: F.R.E.D.I., FREDI

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  • anonymous

    movies dont load

    • patriot

      Yeah too bad, think the site’s having problems. 720 loads sometimes tho, and non-hd movies are usually loading. Guess their bandwidth getting maxed

  • linda-helland
    linda helland

    Your 3 year old might find this entertaining but anyone with an IQ over say 20 will not, bit of a poo stinker

  • ljubica-plantak
    ljubica plantak

    This is an extremely low budget sci-fi movie so I understand why the effects are like someone’s school project. That actually may be insulting some schools as it’s probably worse than school projects.What really got me was how terrible the acting was from pretty much every actor in this. Looking at their profiles, they’ve all acted quite a bit before but they were totally wooden and unbelievable for the majority of the film. Maybe it was just poor direction or a poor script that they couldn’t work with… or maybe because of the budget they shot the whole thing in a week or something. Whatever it was, it’s very noticeable especially from the main characters friends.The story is full of plot holes, not entirely sure how this script was chosen by anyone to be made.However, my daughter really enjoyed it. She’s 6. If you’re older than that and thought this was great, then I have concerns for you.

  • shchukin-aristarkh-kharlampovich
    shchukin aristarkh kharlampovich

    You are 3 or 4 years old.As an adult person, I found this movie boring. Some parts reminded me “AXL”, another boring movie : even the ending is the same.The plot looked interesting, but all felt flat. When you’ll first see FREDI, you’ll think “ok it’s a very low budget film”.Then leave your kid(s) with the TV, and go outside, walking in a park and/or go eating an icecream.

  • leonard-parda
    leonard parda

    I feel it’s my duty to prevent you wasting your time on this movie. Though, probably you’ve already seen (a part of) it and you gave it a one or two, just like me. And know you are wondering if friends or family of those involved with this movie gave it this high of a rating or if the good reviews are bought.My review: bad acting, bad bad guys, not realistic, bad special effects, ugly little annoying bot that looks like the one from Bassie & Adriaan and could do things that a bot that ugly shouldn’t be able to do. Words too short to describr how bad this movie is. Even kids will hate it.Anyway, I’m not gonna waste any more time writing a review about the movie. Already too much time is wasted.

  • george-price
    george price

    All I have to say is wow! So many holes in the story the acting and something that my 4 yo could barely watch but I’m sure could do a better job at movie making. Low budget puppeteering with barely 80’s style special effects. All I really want to know is what fredi stands for? Did they forget this key piece of info or was I so bored I didn’t pay attention?

  • stephen-mendez
    stephen mendez

    Kind of a not so good ET. You can get thru it but it looses its cute well before the end

  • shannon-satherley
    shannon satherley

    This is obviously an attempt at a modern version of E.T. So many similarities, people searching in the woods at night, Kid finds Alien/Robot and hides it in their room, Blanket thrown over its head to hide it, Flying skateboard/bike Parent finds out and helps.Etc etc.Not a bad movie though, passed some time on a 6 hour Emirates flight

  • andrea-jensen
    andrea jensen

    FREDI was an action-packed, heart-warming picture that had me hooked from beginning to end. The cinematography was breath-taking and acting was superb. It is refreshing to see such a great movie that is wholesome for my family.

  • bayman-aksu
    bayman aksu

    It was actually a very good movie… Frankly i was surprised positive by the movie. Had some good twist´s in it with a fairly amount of intensity with kept my interest going. I don’t care what others wrote about this, but as a grown man at 36 i found it above average. Yes there are certain times when u actually just let the small things pass of some thin story points but nevertheless i have to say… I really hope they create a 2nd movie…

  • dr-t-balogh-anita
    dr t balogh anita

    I give this movie 10 stars for the effort to make a family friendly movie with some 80’s silliness and joy in our dark and weird world. Pure entertaining. I was a child in the 80’s, watched ET, Home Alone (with ridiculous villains – maybe that’s why the bad guy acts so goofy, he was supposed to be like some 80’s kid’s movies villain). There’s no SJW nonsense, it’s just a bunch of kids doing kid’s stuff with a cute robot programmed to help. They’re being chased by an evil organization who wants to weaponize it. I watched with my husband and even though the plot was predictable, we had a good time. I hope they make a sequel, coz it ended with a cliffhanger.

  • miriam-serra
    miriam serra

    I can’t believe people are asking what F.R.E.D.I. stands for. IF you watched the movie, when James was in the library doing the search, it was there.Future Robotics Engineered Design Innovation.Sheesh, too busy being perfectionist critics to actually watch the movie for the cute story. I do agree though, the bad guy wasn’t played very well, or perhaps it wasn’t even written very well.

  • viksna-elvira
    viksna elvira

    It was refreshing to watch a kids movie where the young characters are not f-bombing every other sentence. The film is low budget, but very well shot. The young actors are newbies but credit goes to the director for bring out the best in the young talent. As for the adults in the film, no one with this level of technical knowledge should be this dumb. Really? Would a director of a high tech company steal a bicycle to chase after a bunch of teenagers? That was very annoying to watch. Clearly the film is not meant for adults. I think the target age they were going for was pre-teen. From that point of view the film works.

  • kata-sverko
    kata sverko

    I know it must be hard to come up with new ideas for films and the success of guardians of the galaxy, ready player one etc to revitalise the old times, leads this film to try to recapture ET and goonies.I tried to like it, I persisted for 30 minutes until the robot came alive and then gave up, up until this point I was just left wandering about the massive plot holes, 1 – EMP on the car and the robot still works (minus one thruster), 2 – just how big is this kids back yard to watch this thing being dumped and then taking 2 hours to find it?The plastic moulded robot’s flapping ears were the endpoint for me,plus the cinematography just led me to suspect that this is a puppet and there is someone below waving it in the air. If you want a super low budget, fisher price hero, go ahead and good luck.Peace!

  • dagmar-vankova
    dagmar vankova

    Obviously it was low budget; with rather static CGI effects, and camera angles to hide the person holding fredi in the air…but sorta fun to watch anyway, when you can’t find anything else…the movie plot does bear a striking resemblance to an old movie called ‘Short Circuit” from way back when…Very dry on the dialog, the two teenagers do show promise , and may be names in the future. fredi herself looks ike a Mattel toy, but is sorta cool…all in all, an interesting mixture of cringe and enjoyment…

  • maria-julia-novaes
    maria julia novaes

    Normally, family movies of this nature are not my cup of tea, but I thought I would watch this particular one because Kelly Hu was in the cast. As it turned out, while this was some distance from the worst family movies I’ve seen, the movie does have some problems that hold it back from being a classic. First, the good stuff. The movie’s production values look solid for what couldn’t have been a low budget, from the cinematography to the special effects. Also, the various characters in the movie (both the kids and the adults) are a lot smarter and realistic than usual, and the performances by the game cast are also pretty good. All the same, there are some significant problems with the package. The main problem is that the movie’s basic story has been done so many times before. The premise is old hat, the problems the protagonists have are extremely familiar, and the plot turns are very predictable. Also, the movie moves at a very slow pace, and lacks severe punch when it tries to be exciting or suspenseful. Adults may also be disappointed that Kelly Hu does not get to show off her martial arts skills. Kids will probably like the movie despite these problems, and while their parents may nitpick it more, they will probably admit that they’ve seen a lot worse.

  • tetiana-zakharchenko
    tetiana zakharchenko

    Well produced and fun family movie. Watched it with kids from 6 to 18 and both mom and dad and we all really enjoyed it. Good family humor and action without any filthy or crude moments. Overall a very good movie, hope there is a sequel!

  • joao-gabriel-fernandes
    joao gabriel fernandes

    We hesitated watching this with my 7 and two 9 year olds, but I’m glad we gave it a go. There wasn’t a Common Sense Media review with age recommendations, but I’d say it’s fine for 7 and up. We are pretty picky about what we let our kids watch and this one past the test. No bad language, mild flirting, good storyline. There are a few abnoxious kids, but nothing a parent can’t contradict with a “now that wasn’t very nice” comment. Like others have mentioned, it’s reminiscent of some 80s flicks, but our kids haven’t seen those, so the storyline was new to them. I’d say the acting was fine except for the bad guy-not great. It’s not winning any awards, but honestly, I wish studios made more family movies like this. Good, decent, family entertainment. Don’t set your expectations too high, just grab the kiddos, pop some corn and enjoy a movie night together.

  • margaret-gallagher
    margaret gallagher

    This movie is an adventure. The ending is basically the start of a new begining which makes me wanting to see more! It’s a movie that you shouldn’t walk away and come back too-you could miss something important. Just know that by the end of this movie you’ll be waiting for the 2nd. F.R.E.D.I is the one of a kind.

  • cole-richards
    cole richards

    FREDI was a cute family friendly kids film with some sci-fi thrown into the adventure.It is a nice movie for kids to watch by themselves, with their parents and with their grandparents. Which is actually quite refreshing. I watched this and was pleasantly taken back to the era of Goonies, ET, and good old fashioned fun and adventure. It also reminded me of the old Disney kid films like Herbie the Love Bug, and Escape from Witch Mountain.The cinematography was great, it really showcased some beautiful landscapes. The musical score was great as well as pace of the movie. It was a nice amount of continuous action that kept me interested from start to finish.Sure, I can find things that could have been better or done differently, but I’m not going to let it detract from the enjoyment of watching something that kids could enjoy. I’m in my 50’s, remember what it was like to be a kid…FREDI was just that, it was a cute kids movie.So for all those who gave this negative reviews…it is a kids film, like Trix, this movie is for kids…and parents are allowed to like it too.

  • kevin-patton
    kevin patton

    I don’t know why the reviews are low, not every movie is perfect. My kids were very happy to have seen this movie as I enjoyed it as well. Everyone who’s putting bad reviews probably don’t know how to enjoy any type of movie without criticizing a single part.

  • anette-sandstrom
    anette sandstrom

    This is a sincere try of a si fi spin off of E.T etcetera,it is a great feature with nice acting,good plot,great ci’s,and a sweet A-I. its a nice family get togetther have a movie night flick,but it also worked for an well over midle aged man as me. its the save the seventh wonder from the bad and evil creator, it all ends well,and there will most surtainly be made a sequel in the near future. its mot spielberg or cameron budgeted,but what has been created here a high above the average.are you a squemish blister this is not for you,for everyone else,have a try…

  • christelle-laporte
    christelle laporte

    Average film, fun for kids with a familiar formula. Worth a watch,although a wee bit predictable and cheesy. As for a follow up, Nah!!!

  • dr-selmin-koruturk-ihsanoglu
    dr selmin koruturk ihsanoglu

    Our kids enjoyed this movie. Good acting, sweet story.

  • toth-anna
    toth anna

    Mostly, this felt like an 80s family movie to me, which is no bad thing. It has elements of ET, Short Circuit, War Games and Flight Of The Navigator. There’s really nothing original in there but it’s all good escapist stuff. The basic gist is a kid finds a cute AI robot, the movie is then about him and his friend getting to know it, and then having exciting adventures with it. There are a couple of weak actors, the bad guy doesn’t convince and the father is a bit wooden, but pretty much everyone else hits the right note. It all has a good steady pace, and overall I was entertained. I’m pretty sure younger kids will love it.

  • tetiana-vitruk
    tetiana vitruk

    Not sure what others were looking for, but this is exactly what it appears to be. Teens caught up in intrigue after an evil tech company loses track of one of their gadgets. It’s fun and has a little something for everyone.