Shy, lonely Eric Binford delivers film cassettes and film-related supplies in Los Angeles for a living. But he really exists only to watch movies and immense himself in fantasies about cinematic characters and stars. Frequently bullied and betrayed, Eric comforts himself by pretending to be one of the many tough heroes and villains who have captivated him from the silver screen. However, his sanity takes a turn for the worse and he launches grotesque murders all patterned after characters and incidents from his beloved movies. He becomes known as the Celluloid Killer, one of the most horrifying murderers the city has ever known.

Also Known As: Die schönen Morde des Eric Binford West, Fade to Black, Fade to Black - Die schönen Morde des Eric Binford West, ...kun valot sammuvat, Escuridão da Morte, Dissolvenza in nero, Затемнение Soviet, Zamroczenie, Kun valot sammuvat, Moviekiller West, Mördande skratt, フェイド TO ブラック, 黑场, El Asesino de Hollywood, Fondu au noir, Fundido a negro

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