The Connollys and the Lucases have long lived next door to each other on Catalina Island. Bridget Connolly and Betsy Lucas have hated each other for as long in both being A-type personalities, while their respective husbands, James Connolly and Frank Lucas, have been golf buddies behind their wives’ backs and have done nothing to help resolve their wives’ dispute in fearing that if that anger is lost, it will just get redirected to them. Things get more complicated when their respective early thirty-something offspring, schoolteacher Theresa Connolly who has just moved back to Los Angeles after a break-up with her boyfriend of five years in Seattle, and Los Angeles based pilot Mark Lucas, reconnect. While they were not friends when they were growing up next door to each other partly because of their mothers’ feud and partly because of the few year age gap between them, they are immediately attracted to each other this second time around. That attraction moves into dating – they each navigating their feelings with the help (or hindrance) of their best friends, Angela and Roger respectively, including what to do about their mothers, who they ultimately decide not to tell about their dating status until it becomes serious. When that time does come, and it does, their mothers’ reactions and actions may threaten Theresa and James’ relationship in its entirety despite what they have being true love.

Also Known As: Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door, Zaljubljen u djevojku iz susjedstva, Mariage contrarié, Apaixonado pela Vizinha do Lado, Szerelmem a szomszédom, Halloween Romance, Um Amor de Vizinha, To koritsi tis diplanis portas, Forelsket i naboens datter, Colpo di fulmine, Fata din vecini, Влюбен в съседката, Ukochana z sąsiedztwa, La chica de al lado

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