One night, one drug induced murder, turn local junkies Chloe Romero (Melodie Roehrig) and Joe Spencer (Theo Kemp) into criminals on the run. With no place to hide, they take a road trip to a distant relative’s house, only to find they’re not running from the law, but for their lives as they’re stalked and hunted by creatures of unknown origin.

Also Known As: Fang

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  • hasan

    movies have not sound

  • henryk-radisch
    henryk radisch

    Extremely entertaining. Tons of gore. Definitely puts the werewolf genre in a new perspective and couldn’t have been done with out the perfect actors, writers, or director.

  • bagyejun

    Part homage, part its own crazy, tongue-in-cheek thing, “Fang” provides plenty of surprises, unexpected humor and tons of blood! Quirky, offbeat and lots of popcorn-munching fun!

  • stewart-tucker
    stewart tucker

    Horrifically entertaining! With characters you’ll love and love to hate you will see why this film will be in every horror fans library. A high-five to a production crew that truly delivered. Bravo!!!

  • evangelista-moretti
    evangelista moretti

    Fang was an enjoyable film to watch. The acting was on point and the movie had a great balance of suspense, gore, and even a little humor. Adam Steigert introduces us to characters from past films and gives us insight to his future plans. Each film is like a song enjoyable standing alone but really to understand the creativity and imagination of Steigert, watch all his films. It’s an album you will love!

  • mojca-kalan
    mojca kalan

    Just a big no. This one was so bad I had to turn it off. I stood it all the way up to a bit after the sit down ‘meal’. After that….was enough.

  • hakan-jopich
    hakan jopich

    First off let me say I agree 100% with the comments made by reviewer Mike_T about this pitiful attempt at cinematic creativity. I definitely believe the first “positive” reviews were bogus, made by people involved with this horrendous abomination. Yes it was probably done on a shoe string budget but the actors seemed like they were found off the street. There was absolutely no consistency with the storyline or plot. I don’t think the directors really had a script they were working with. They just kind of made things up things up as the movie went on. Characters were introduced only to disappear mere moments later. Sloppiness was about the only amazing thing about this flick! Seriously, I bet the people involved in this “production” wish now they had done something else with their time like maybe basket weaving. Oh yeah, for a supposed “werewolf” movie, this is one of the worst ever. This was totally “Fangless and Pointless”.

  • regitze-hermansen
    regitze hermansen

    I won’t waste time on dissecting this movie, but wanted to leave at least a couple of comments to dissuade users from taking credence in the four reviews written prior to this one.First, it should be noted that this is “not the worst movie ever made,” or whatever the typical line is coming from overly judgmental film “reviewers” who write bad reviews after having falsely high expectations to begin with. There are certainly worse movies in existence, but this is indeed what I would call a loser.Second, each of the four reviews prior to this one were written within 7 days of each other and by users who have not reviewed a single other film. This leads me to believe that they are not on the level. May have been one of those festival pieces that passed out free tix and prizes in exchange for reviews, maybe they’re folks associated with the film…I’m not really sure. Regardless, there’s something off the level with these, and after watching this film, nothing they say stacks up as true or could be construed as such.Third, every facet of the film is done poorly. The acting, directing, editing, cinematography, sound, etc are all bad. Not that I haven’t seen good indie movies with several of the above facets also true, but this is not one of them. Call it a pet peeve, but I detest when the sound is not done by overhead or boomed mics, rather, by whatever ambient mic is on the (non-professional) camera. Everything sounds boomy and far away. Though, the picture is not as bad as is usually seen in these types of poorly made flicks.Lastly, it’s just not good. I mean, I’ve watched thousands of movies, of which the majority have been independently made films with low budgets. It’s totally possible to make a decent film on a micro- budget. This is simply not one of them, and doesn’t come close. I would actually rate this a 2/10, but with all the fake reviews and ratings, I decided to give it an even 1/10 to help (albeit minimally) bring the rating back down to reality.Hope this helps. Don’t waste your time with this stinker. There are loads of bad movies you can watch, that aren’t this bad.