Nicole walker is the average 16 year old girl; wants to have fun, and dreams of her Prince Charming. When her and her best friend Margot appear at a party, she meets older bad boy David. Everything seems to be going so well and Nicole and David become a couple. Nicole’s family like David and she decides she loves him enough to give herself to him one night after a date. However, as soon as they became official, David has become a possessive and jealous boyfriend. He even beats up one of Nicole’s close male friends when he is seen giving her a hug at the end of school. After this dark event Nicole never wants to see David again but he tries his hardest to make sure Nicole will take him back. Soon enough she forgives him and things seem to be going well again until a sick situation involving Nicole’s best friend Margot turns to her and David breaking up again. This time David is not taking any chances with not being with Nicole so him and his friends go into her family home and attempt to take Nicole. Will David get Nicole or will she and her family hold back and get rid of David’s sick craving for Nicole?

Also Known As: Hiipivää kauhua, Страх, Obsession mortelle, Fear, Pasión obsesiva, Angel y demonio, Rettegés, Miedo, Strach, Fear - Wenn Liebe Angst macht, No Fear, Medo, Saplanti, Frica, Ολέθριος έρωτας, Olethrios erotas, O Medo, Pelko, Pahud, Milenec nebo vrah Czech, Paura, Strah, Hirm

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  • ilikecockinmymouth

    Im gay and proud because i watched this movie. its the amazing spiderman. if andrew is ur fav spiderman u r sooo gay like me L: hmu honeys

  • pani-marianna-zachwieja
    pani marianna zachwieja

    “Fear” is a solid but formulaic thriller about a teenage girl named Nicole (Reese Witherspoon). Nicole is your average teenager, and she lives with her architect dad, stepmom, and little brother in her father’s custom-designed, secure home. While going clubbing one night with her friend Margo (Alyssa Milano), she meets David (Mark Wahlberg), who seems like a charming young man. She and David begin to form a relationship, despite her father’s instinct that David is a dangerous guy. But David’s true colors show after he beats up one of Nicole’s male friends for giving her a friendly hug. As Nicole tries to distance herself from David, he keeps coming back, obsessed and determined to get her back. Nicole relapses for him again, but she finally decides to break it off after she sees him being abusive to Margo at his home, where he lives with a bunch of lowlife thugs. But David will have Nicole, and nothing less – even if it means killing her family and friends.All around, “Fear” is a pretty predictable movie. While it may be predictable, it is also quite entertaining and held my attention the entire way through. Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon did well in the film, especially since this is some of her much earlier work. Wahlberg was menacing as David, besides some of his angry facial expressions coming off as a little corny. The chemistry between the two worked well though. I found the story to be halfway decent, even though these “romantic thriller revenge” stories have been done before. The finale house-attack was great, it was definitely the best part of the whole movie. If you’re a horror fan, this movie may be a little slow for you. It is mostly dramatic and slightly romantic through the first half, then David’s true character is really established. Throughout the film the violence is kept to a minimum, but the ending sequence is actually quite gory. The only problem with the finale is there is one major plot hole – nobody has a mobile phone! It was 1996 and this is a rather wealthy family, you can’t tell me they don’t own cell phones! Other than that though, I thought the ending was really well done.Overall, “Fear” is a decent thriller. The story was interesting (if not a little bit predictable at times) and the acting was decent. For hardcore horror fans, this may be a little bit slow, but the ending made it worth it, for me at least. Not bad for the type of movie it is, quite entertaining. 7/10.

  • mario-mirt
    mario mirt

    This movie is way too predictable to be able to be enjoyed. You can see everything coming a mile away. Isn’t that the antithesis of what a suspense film should be? Shouldn’t I be surprised when something happens? After all, isn’t suspense just a feeling you get when you’re not sure what’s about to happen? If so, it would seem the word and the movie are a contradiction in terms.The acting is pretty stale as far as I’m concerned. Reese Witherspoon plays the pretty idiot. She doesn’t really have that much to say in this movie, even though she’s basically the main character. As far as Mark Wahlberg is concerned…Man, oh man, is he a terrible actor or what? I seriously don’t see what other people like about him. I think this movie would’ve been better than it was had they been able to find a better actor to play Wahlberg’s character. What was it I didn’t like about Wahlberg’s performance? Well, for starters…His “good guy” persona was way too transparent. You’d have to be a complete moron to not know this guy was a fake. The pickup lines he was feeding Reese were being put on so thick I about wanted to hurl…Why do girls buy this kind of crap? Meanwhile, his “bad guy” wasn’t very intimidating as far as I’m concerned. If I would’ve been Reese’s dad, I would’ve opened a can of a whoop-ass on Mr. Marky Mark here.Overall, this movie is a “by the numbers” suspense flick. Nothing new. No surprises. No suspense. I’d recommend passing it up. This is just a stupid movie and a big waste of time.

  • toni-stewart-md
    toni stewart md

    Well this is about as bad as movies get. Nothing to see here, move along. If you must know the threadbare plot follows 16-year old Nicole Walker, played by Reese Witherspoon. Sure is a long way from this garbage to an Academy Award for Miss Witherspoon. But I digress. Anyhow, young Nicole falls in love with seemingly sweet, nice, perfectly charming David McCall, played by Mark Wahlberg who somehow managed to salvage an acting career after appearing in this movie and thus was spared a lifetime of “Whatever happened to that Marky Mark guy” questions. Of course if David is as seemingly wonderful as he initially seems this movie would have a different title. As it is, David soon reveals himself to be a murderous lunatic and everybody does not in fact live happily ever after.So what’s wrong with this movie you ask? In a nutshell, everything. The script is terrible, with some of the most god-awful dialogue ever heard. The characters are all clichéd, pulled straight out of so many similar and infinitely better movies that had come before. This film has nothing new to offer, it’s just a painfully bad rehash. It’s meant to be suspenseful and shocking. In fact it’s just laughable. Nothing here is believable, the whole thing is over to the top to the point of stupidity. Don’t even get me started on why Nicole’s completely ordinary family lives in a home with more security features than Fort Knox. It’s downright ludicrous, an artificial attempt to make the climax of the film more dramatic. Unfortunately by the film’s climax you’ll be stifling yawns. If you haven’t already given up and turned the thing off. You get the sense everyone involved with this movie would like to forget it ever happened. If you ever are unlucky enough to have to sit through it you’ll wish you could forget it too.

  • nikodemos-mammes
    nikodemos mammes

    Reese Witherspoon appeared in two “guilty pleasure” flicks in 1996–Fear and Freeway. She’s quite the commodity now but in the early to mid 90s, her choices were a little more interesting (The Man in the Moon is one of the few movies of the past fifteen years to make me choke up). Fear, on the other hand, is big budget exploitation, and it held my attention, even though I was too embarrassed to admit it at the time. Heck, even the tag line (“together forever…or else!”) was cheap. The movie is basically Romeo and Juliet for the MTV crowd, but by the end it becomes a slick ’90s version of “Straw Dogs.” But the cast (including William Peterson, Amy Brenneman and, as one of the meanest characters in ’90s film, Mark Wahlberg) does not act like this stuff is beneath them. And the finale, in Peterson’s high tech house, was engrossing. No expectations going into this (which I recommend), but really not too bad, when all is said and done.

  • samuel-reeves
    samuel reeves

    FEAR (1996) **Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, William L. Petersen, Amy Brenneman, Alyssa Milano Director: James Foley 97 minutes Rated R (for violence, sexuality, language and drug use)By Blake French: “Fear” is a desperate, horror-free thriller. It does manage to generate some heavy suspense in the twenty minute finale, but that does not make the film worth seeing. It wastes the talents of the lovely Reese Witherspoon, William L. Petersen, and I suppose Mark Wahlberg too. I hesitate to state that Wahlberg’s talents put to waste because I am not sure that, beyond an attractive body, he has any. And James Foley–what in the world, he is something else. After watching “The Corrupter” earlier this year, and now this piece of trash, not to mention his past flops, “The Chamber,” (1996) and “Two Bits,” (1995), I begin to wonder about his career in the future. “Fear” takes a spin on the old “girlfriend and boyfriend–boyfriend is not whom he seems” genre. The sub-title to this film is “Together forever…or else,” but most of the movie doesn’t live up to that clever plot point. The teenage girl in the picture, Nicole Walker, is well played by Reese Witherspoon, but if I was in charge I’d have to say that Alicia Silverstone was born for the role. Although I hold nothing against Witherspoon. In fact, I think she should get recognition for her performance this year in “Election.” I just think Silverstone has the punky, street girl type attitude more than Witherspoon. Anyway, the teenage girl in the picture, Nicole Walker, is like all other teens her age, about sixteen. She has a father, Steve, who doesn’t want his little girl to grow up, a mother who takes her side, and friends, Billy and Margo Masse who may or may not betray her before the film is over. She has a hard time getting a date usually, but when going out with her friends one night, seeing a muscular, seductive hunk playing pool named David, the next time they meet it is almost love at first sight. When he is introduced to Nicole’s parents, who naturally live in a house guarded with high tech security systems and camera surveillance, along with a police officer watching over the mansion-like dorm, the vibes are at first too good to be true, then become quite bleak. After a few instances involving David and Nicole’s friend Billy, Steve begins to suspect something more to David than meets the eye. And guess what? He’s right. First he discovers that David has no family or apparent history, and then finds out his spent his childhood being shipped from orphanage to orphanage. After the emotional and physical battles begin Steve and David, and Nicole changes her mind about this hunk who she was quick to judge. David’s obsession with Nicole leads to some extenuating–and even murderous–circumstances. There is some character chemistry between the David and Nicole characters, and the way their relationship is presented, their circumstances are surprisingly believable. The problem with the characters: instead of witnessing the development of the character’s relationship, we get scene after scene of David and Nicole sensuously making out and starring into each others eyes, never actually letting us become involved. And the scenes, which are supposed to be steamy and hot, are strained and fake looking. The film is so desperate for tension, which is not supplied by the script, it even features a scene where Walhberg 1) pounds his chest so hard it gives him bruises in order to frame Nicole’s father, 2) creates a homemade tattoo on his chest that reads “Nicole 4 ever,” and 3) concludes with an ending without any motive that precedes in the script. None of these things have any dramatic purpose in the film. The scenes where David deforms his body only prove to us that he has an uncontrollable love for a girl that not hates him, but also we never feel anything in his young mind simply because of the lack of character development. So to make a long paragraph short, the film is all build up and hardly no payoff. The filmmakers clearly desire to go for outright suspense and skip the terror. And under the circumstances, they do a pretty good job. The ending is kind of interesting, and Mark Walhberg does provide an evil eye to die for, too bad he can’t get over his flamboyant self esteem–both in and out of character. There is even a disappointing false first act that tries to make us believe Nicole and David are over with. Give me a break. For once, why can’t the girl be the psycho. Now that would be an original and engaging thriller.

  • michelle-nelson
    michelle nelson

    SPOILERS That could be the obnoxious moral of this story.And long live the family !When a whole family is involved,any suspense disappears.What could happen to these nice people?Which is less likeable is the necessity to find victims somewhere else:if you’re not part of the Family,they make sure you die :it’s a wonder that Margot survives (and she was a naughty girl at that in the first part!).But as for the gentle boyfriend,the cops who come to the rescue ,the dog of the family and of course the villain and his pack ,the die is cast.There’s one interesting moment and you think that things will take off:the scene where Wahlberg insults Petersen indicates what a heterical movie this could have been.Instead we have a humdrum work,barely made-for-TV quality.The main character is an orphan,and for the script writers, this accounts for his perversity:nobody tries to see more .But he acts as a expiatory victim:the family ,who had problems at the beginning ,comes out of this ordeal with increase stature.Mindless and irresponsible.

  • jeffrey-bell
    jeffrey bell

    Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) is a rebellious teen angry with his father (William Petersen) and particularly his new wife (Amy Brenneman). She parties with her best friend Margo Masse (Alyssa Milano) and falls for bad boy David McCall (Mark Wahlberg).This is an afterschool special with sexed up Reese and Alyssa to hook the public. There is no surprises and no drama. This thing might as well be on autopilot. She goes out with the bad boy and the bad boy turns out to be a bad boy. What a twist! It’s a mistake to start Mark Wahlberg off creepy. The character really needs a more innocent facade. I’m willing to buy the afterschool special storyline. But you’ve got to earn the drama. This didn’t earn anything close to that.

  • ing-genaro-arguello
    ing genaro arguello

    This was the first movie I had ever watched with Mark Wahlberg in it and I fell in love!! I absolutely love thrillers, dramas & movies with great acting plus young & hot actors in them!! I’ve been a huge fan of both Mark Wahlberg & Reese Witherspoon for a very long time. This movie has it all. Lust, forbidden love, obsession, action, mystery, suspense, real-life situations, rebellion, strong emotions that will grip you at times and a plot that will keep you intrigued all the way through to the very end. It’s weird to see one of my favorite CSI characters in a movie where he got his start, William Petersen who plays Steve Walker in this movie (played Gill Grissom on CSI). If you haven’t seen this movie and are looking for a good thriller/suspense movie to watch from the mid 90’s….this is a must watch in my opinion!!

  • stacey-mckenzie
    stacey mckenzie

    “Fear” is a mediocre suspense/thriller about a teenage daughter (Witherspoon) who is terrorized by an exboyfriend (Wahlberg). An ordinary and predictable formula flick, “Fear” goes through the motions mechanically, obviously manipulated for maximum effect. For example, Walhberg’s constantly looking into the camera with chin down and eyes up to give him an evil look becomes almost laughable. Forgettable escapism most likely appreciated by younger adults who haven’t seen this genre run into the ground.

  • jonathon-vazquez
    jonathon vazquez

    What I have to say? I have the fresh image of the film because I saw it just a couple of minutes ago.Wow! Mark Wahlberg is the most JEALOUS boyfriend I ever seen. The part where he beat his girlfriend´s friend was a prelude of Aggression, Hypocrisy, Jealousy & more Aggression!!!! Critically spoken, I think the movie was a little ficticious….We know that David was really mentally perturbed but…how could he be so evil? He was really scary. Poor little girl…what a boyfriend she had uh?Anyways the movie was good. At least I had fun watching it. I give it a 7.

  • bagsugja

    Fear appears to be a decent enough thriller; at least up through the first hour. We have a great cast who all play seemingly interesting characters, and that bodes well for the rest of the film. As the action plays out, however, things seem to jump the tracks of credibility. That’s a shame since this could have been a really good little film.The story centers around a 16 yr old girl named Nicole (Witherspoon), who seems to have a lot going for her. Unfortunately, she like so many other young ladies, falls under the spell of a “bad boy” named David (Wahlberg). We the audience can tell from the start that David and his buddies are at the very least shady, and at the very worst homicidal maniacs. Nicole realizes this too after a while. But in defiance of her father (Petersen) she sticks with David a little too long. By the time she’s ready to dump him, David is totally obsessed with Nicole, and will stop at nothing to be with her. By the film’s final 15 minutes, David and his band of cronies have laid siege to Nicole’s house and are terrorizing her entire family.The film starts out great. We the audience meet characters we care about, and things play out somewhat realistically. The cast is really awesome. Many of the principal performers would go on to much bigger things over the years. Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano are gorgeous, and Mark Wahlberg shows some talent in his first major film role. William Petersen is great in anything he does, and his performance here is no exception. The film falls apart in the final minutes, though. Characterization and logic are thrown out the window as the film relies too heavily on violence and mayhem to sort things out. There are a couple really ridiculous scenes toward the end. In one of them, Wahlberg snaps the neck of one of Witherspoon’s friends while he’s walking home from school. This is silly enough, but it’s also poorly filmed and not at all convincing. In another scene, we see Wahlberg repeatedly punch himself in the chest to make it look like Petersen has beaten him up. It just looks stupid as he’s pounding away at himself and trying to look tough.I don’t know. Go ahead and try this one. It could have been better but it’s not a total loss.6 of 10 stars.The Hound.

  • holly-smith
    holly smith

    I have titled this review ‘Revisited’ as I have seen this movie before, a long while ago, but I have still seen it before. It really is a little gem of a film. The storyline is good, the acting is good and even the ‘thriller’ aspect of the film makes you feel a bit freaked out. There is a romance aspect, but its not too mushy.Excellent acting from both Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. Both so young in this film, and also still acting today. I could easily say that Fear features possibly one of the best performances from the pair of them. Wahlberg’s ability to play a psychopath so easily, and convincingly is amazing. Witherspoon’s naivety as a sixteen year old girl, was also incredibly outstanding. Both Wahlberg and Witherspoon are household names now, that almost everyone had heard of, yet in this film they were both new and unknown. Excellent way to pave a career guys.

  • audrey-mckenzie
    audrey mckenzie

    This is a perfect movie for people who enjoy suspense, but don’t mind if the film is not entirely intellectual or whatever. Mark Wahlberg is great to look at (so is Reese Witherspoon for the guys) and the story – though done before – is very engaging and watchable. The chemistry between David and Nicole before he goes wacko is great, too. I recommend this as a good film to rent for a “night with the girls” or if you are just in the mood for a thriller with real good looking people. Plus, Fox seems to put this movie on TV twice a year, as it was just on last night, and was on in August of ’99. ENJOY!!

  • devon-galloway
    devon galloway

    Fear? Oh dear, I really don’t know where to start with this awfully dull “thriller”. I managed to sit through all of it but for a fairly short film it dragged on and on for what seemed like an eternity and the only thing that I was really fearful of was that I might fall asleep with the TV on and waste money on my parents’ electricity bill.With a thriller you are supposed to build up tension throughout the film and then release it all in a nail biting climax that leaves you gasping for breath and on the edge of your seat. It’s a fairly simple idea, but Fear manages to botch it up royally.You are introduced to a fairly tedious rich family, apparently facing all sorts of problems, and then after about quarter of an hour of mindless bitching the daughter meets supposedly the perfect boyfriend. As the guy says himself “if something seems too good to be true it probably isn’t”, meaning that he is obviously going to be a psycho. So much time is spent on them being “loving” together it doesn’t really add anything to the plot except for making you want to throw up. One particular scene on a roller-coaster was particularly distasteful and quite disturbing for entirely the wrong reasons.The premise isn’t actually that bad, they probably could have squeezed a decent movie out of it if they had really tried but they decide to ignore subtly and hit you in the face with the obvious. They could have let the boyfriend slowly display his psychotic side, flashing the audience hints that the girl doesn’t notice, so our fear for her grows the more and more the relationship goes on. The more she doesn’t know he’s bloody mental and the more we do, the more we care. Instead they decide that he is going to display his mentalness right in front of her face by going ape-**** and attacking one of her buddies, all because the poor dude gave her a hug.After this the plot just gets more ludicrous and keeps going round in circles but somehow manages to get to a really promising climax. Just when I thought the film might just be able to redeem itself, the director manages to mess up the ending as well. Brilliant.There isn’t really coherent message to the film and the acting from everybody is well below par. The entire film plays out as an endurance contest for how many clichés you can handle before you are forced to turn the TV off.

  • joseph-jensen
    joseph jensen

    This movie is visually strong, suspenseful and extremely entertaining but the way in which it depicts family tensions is its greatest achievement. A teenage girl’s relationship with a young man from the wrong side of the tracks soon sparks off numerous problems that are down to her father’s over-protective instincts and the girl’s natural rebelliousness but the dramatic possibilities are then heightened even further due to the specific dynamics that exist within the girl’s reconstituted family.Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) is the naïve 16-year-old who, after previously living with her mother, moves into her father’s suburban home in Seattle. Steven’s (William Petersen) an overworked architect who lives with his second wife Laura (Amy Brenneman) and her young son Toby (Christopher Gray). When Nicole and her high school classmate Margo Masse (Alyssa Milano) go to a local rave, Nicole meets David McCall (Mark Wahlberg) and is instantly attracted to him. He’s exceptionally polite, softly spoken and seems very gentle and considerate. David instantly makes a positive impression on Laura and Toby when he visits their home but Steven instinctively takes a dislike to him. This naturally creates a rift between him and Nicole and makes her even more determined to continue the relationship.Things suddenly change one day when David sees Nicole hugging her school friend Gary (Todd Caldecott) and is overcome with jealousy and rage. In a sudden and violent outburst, he brutally attacks Gary and roughly pushes Nicole to the ground. After the attack, Nicole is left with a black eye and immediately stops seeing David. This incident reinforces Steven’s negative feelings towards David but it isn’t long before Nicole surprisingly rekindles the relationship. Steven is incensed and angrily forbids David from seeing his daughter again. David, however, is totally obsessed with Nicole and as his fury grows, the revenge he takes on the Walker family becomes progressively more violent until his actions eventually lead to a terrifying conclusion.The ways in which conflict grows between the generations is shown very effectively in this drama because, whilst it’s natural for parents to want to protect their children from pain, exploitation or bad experiences, it’s also entirely natural for teenagers to want to explore life in the way that their instincts dictate and not be given advice which they just regard as being interfering by parents who want to spoil their fun. The tensions in the Walker family are also complicated by the step-parents’ desire to be accepted by their adopted children and also the uncertainty that children can feel about a parent’s new spouse.Reese Witherspoon does a great job of portraying the mixture of naivety and growing maturity that’s typical of a 16-year-old and Mark Wahlberg is particularly good in the scenes that require him to express his anger. William Petersen provides the other standout performance as the father who’s left frazzled by being overworked, having to contend with his concerns about his daughter and trying to cope with his wife’s unreasonable attitude to his work commitments. Overall, this is a movie which provides some pertinent observations on family life in the 1990s in a story that’s perfectly paced and delivered in a style that’s never dull.

  • christopher-williamson
    christopher williamson

    **SPOILERS** Your usual psycho movie with a bit of a twist, like snapping one’s neck, that has to do with this loved crazed teenager David McCall, Mark Wahlberg, who just can’t let go of the object of his obsession pretty blond high school student Nicole Walker, Reese Witherspoon, whom he want’s to be his “woman” even if it kills her!Meeting David through a mutual friend Margo Masse, Alyssa Milano, Nicole is completely captivated by the handsome and muscular young man’s shyness and sincerity towards her. As we, and Nicole, soon find out David has a past that he wants people, especially Nicoles parents, not to not know anything about.Orphaned early in life David became an incorrigible youth that lead him from one broken home, in trying to get him adopted, to another. Now in his teens David has drifted into Seattle and started this gang of both drug dealing and drug partying thugs that Margo, Nicole’ best friend, got involved with. David’s true personality comes to the surface when he catches Nicole with her friend Gary, Todd Caldecott, outside of school kissing and almost beats the young man into a coma! Why this dangerous lunatic wasn’t arrested and put away, with the criminal record he already had, shows how slow and ineffective the justice system really is.Worming his way into both Nicole’s heart and home David starts to get to work on both her parents Steve and Laura Walker, William Petersen & Amy Brenneman, with his charm and and boyish innocence. It’s Nicole’s dad Steve who at first sees what a lowlife and dangerous rat, in his little boy lost and without love routine, David is and this results in him being the major target, when he goes wacko, of David’s mindless violence. When Nicole goes to pay David a surprise visit she sees just exactly what he’s really all about. Peeking inside David’s pad, a drug den, Nicoel’s sees David and his gang partying and shooting up with her friend, who looks like she’s totally wiped out, Margo as the star attraction! It’s when Steve after taking all the cr*p that David could dish out, on him and his family, goes to his gang’s clubhouse drug den and sees among other outrages that he secretly, after having sex with her, stole his daughter’s panties-to prove that he did it- that he finally loses his cool! Going berserk Steve wrecks the place together with all the drugs and drug paraphernalia thats there! It’s after that when things, if they weren’t already, really start to get out of hand in the movie. A mad as hell David, now seeking bloody revenge, and his gang get so carried away in their actions against the Walkers that they not only break into their well fortified home and but even go so far as to murder, if that’s the word for it, the family pet and guard dog Kaiser by decapitating him!The final few minutes in the movie-with his gang members by then either killed or put to flight- has the by now totally deranged David go after, after almost beating him to death, Steve as his “love” Nicoel stands helplessly by in not being able to do anything to save of father from getting is brains blown out! It’s that fear on Nicoel’s part that has her do what she should have done much earlier in the movie! Stick it to her deranged psycho lover and stick it where it hurts most!

  • andrea-payne
    andrea payne

    The sixteen year-old teenager Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon) has moved to the house by the lake of her father, the architect Steve Walker (William Petersen), to live with her stepmother Laura (Amy Brenneman) and her brother Toby (Christopher Gray). Her best friends are Margo Masse (Alyssa Milano) and Gary Rohmer (Todd Caldecott) that study with her in the high school. When Nicole meets David McCall (Mark Wahlberg) in a night-club, she has a crush on and dates him. David becomes obsessed by Nicole and one day he sees her friend Gary kissing and hugging her and he hits him. Nicole breaks with him but David continues to follow her. Steve decides to investigate the young man and he finds that he is an orphan that has spent most of his life in reformatories. The hell breaks loose in Nicole’s life when David kills Gary and trashes the Mustang of her father. Steve breaks in his house and destroys everything inside. Now David and his gang go to Steve’s house to payback. “Fear” is a good movie, with great story and performances. I saw this movie for the first time in the late 90’s on VHS and last Friday I saw it again on DVD, and the plot seems to be more realistic in the present days of violence and fear in many worldwide cities. This is also a great opportunity to see Reese Witherspoon very young and cute, and Mark Wahlberg perfect performing a manipulative psychopath. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): “Medo” (“Fear”)

  • ann-rogers
    ann rogers

    Over the years I’ve caught bits and pieces of this film many times on cable and even premium movie channels. Just finally I decided to sit down and watch it all and I must say overall “Fear” is a pretty decent mind thriller. It’s theme fits well with teenage love obsession and the stalker crisis. And the cast here is well known it features some of the early work for most of them before they would go on to TV fame(Brenneman, Milano, and Petersen) and movie stardom(Wahlberg and Witherspoon). Set in Seattle, Washington a teenage girl the innocent and pretty Nicole(in one of Reese’s earliest roles)lives with her father Steve(William Petersen)and stepmother Laura(Amy Brenneman)and Nicole has a good loving family life yet her parents are to overprotective and she starts to give into the pressure of her peers especially from her best friend the free spirited and sleazy Margo(the hot Alyssa Milano). It’s upon their partying and club going that Nicole meets a young and innocent and nice talking young man named David(Mark Wahlberg). Yet appearances and personalities can be deceiving as after David seduces Nicole and she loses her innocence and develops a false trust surely enough David begins a violent obsession with her. Her family sees it and warns her, eventually this leads to drama all concluding with violence and a hostage situation with Nicole’s family that was brought on by David and his thug friends. Yet in the end Nicole will grow to learn love is blind as she faces her fear. Pretty decent thriller of the stalker mode with some early performances from what would later be big stars in both TV and film. So give it a watch some late night on cable or premium TV.

  • clinton-baker
    clinton baker

    Warning: may contain some small spoilersIt’s really funny, with better marketing this film may have done better business. What I remember seeing about this film was how evil and maniacal David was going to be. You knew going into the film that he was going to do some really bad things after his facade as the good boyfriend was over. But really, the whole first half of this film has the same feeling as Pretty In Pink or Some Kind Of Wonderful. When I was watching how Nicole ( Witherspoon )was quickly falling for David’s charm and sweetness, I was intrigued. There are some great moments in here that explore young love and my favourite scene in the film and one of my favourite scenes ever that deals with young virginal sexuality, is the roller coaster scene in the film. Everything about it was pure and honest. David ( Wahlberg ) and Nicole get into the front seat of the roller coaster and she is wearing a very short skirt. The ride begins and then the music starts. The song is Wild Horses by a group that I am not familiar with ( no, it is not the Stones ) and they begin to move. David begins to inch his hand cautiously up her skirt. Her facial expressions are perfect. She is apprehensive but excited and after a brief resistance, she lets him touch her. The roller coaster ride becomes a metaphor for how she is feeling. Nicole has now just had her first sexual experience of any kind and David has her. He knows it’s only a matter of time before he will take her virginity and she knows it as well. On this level, the film is perfect. Exploring young love is a delicate situation but director Foley handles it with ease and he even shows the beauty of how love can make you feel. It’s just too bad that the film has to take a different path at the conclusion because this could have been a great coming of age love story. I’m not saying the psycho elements to the film are terrible, I’m just saying that the innocence of the love story seems to work and fit better in here. This is a film that reminds us of what it was like to fall in love for the first time and what it was like to make love the first time. And I enjoyed it for that. I do recommend seeing this film but it just seems like two movies that could have been one. But it is enjoyable and the actors in here are great. Even Mylano and Petersen as Nicole’s best friend and father respectively are fun to watch. So it is a good film. But again, not to be redundant, but I liked the innocence of it better than the vigor.

  • kyle-orr
    kyle orr

    SPOILER ALERT Unlike the so-called movie expert, I believe that this movie was absolutely excellent. Mark Wahlberg, star of “Planet of the Apes”, and “Rock Star”, and “The Truth About Charlie,” obviously did go on to become a very talented actor, unlike the critic said. Mark Wahlberg plays such a good bad guy, and really charms you also, even though you know the kind of guy he really is, in fact he is so charming in the end you are sad when he dies. Reese Witherspoon, who is also an excellent and talented actress, very really portrays the good girl next door type. This movie is very suspensful and really keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat until the very end when you just gasp and say wow! This movie is definitally a teen-flick though. So to the critic who said Mark had nothing going for him but his looks, HA HA.

  • francisca-manrique-elias
    francisca manrique elias

    “Fear” is a teen thriller with no intentions others than entertain the audience and show good looking teen stars like Mark Wahlberg, Reese Whiterspoon, and the always lovely Alyssa Milano. This is not a good movie by any means but it has positive things to underline. First, Wahlberg and Whiterspoon can act and their performances are the best thing about the movie. Milano is a delight to watch even that she’s not very required in the movie but still shines in the few minutes she appears. Second and best of all; “Fear” goes directly to the point and makes it very easy to watch. *SPOILERS* There’s nothing much to comment about “Fear” except for some infamous scenes like the dog’s head, the drilling in the hand, and the three sex scenes.There are some Slasher elements a la Scream in this movie that in the time were very effective (stabbing, dog’s head cut off, minimal gore, and a psycho killer) and worked very well in order to create a tense atmosphere. The ending is quite predictable and expected. The actors they chose perform surprisingly good. If the plot is not very interesting then the least you can expect is to feel some sympathy for the characters. Whiterspoon is tender and beautiful and you totally believe her when she has different feelings for her boyfriend. Wahlberg delivers a good performance as a crazed angry boyfriend. Come on, everybody feels anger jealous acts… this is exactly where I think that “Fear” succeeds. The movie is directed to a teenager audience that immediately feels similarities in their personal life with the events of it. The movie works in that aspect and there’s no question about it.Watch it with minimal expectations and you will be surprised maybe a little.6/10

  • dr-mille-bruun
    dr mille bruun

    Nice, innocent teen Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) falls for handsome, muscular, soft spoken David (Mark Wahlberg) not knowing he’s a psycho who wants her–forever. Good thing she’s got a nice, muscular, protective father (William Petersen). OK, it’s no masterpiece and the plot is very familiar, but I was never bored. It’s well-directed (especially a roller coaster ride), has beautiful scenery and architecture (look at the house where Witherspoon lives with her family) and a script that, if not always credible, never stops moving. The last 20 minutes really rock. A little unpleasant at times though. As for the acting–Witherspoon is OK. At times, she’s totally believable–other times she’s not. And she’s obviously over 17. Petersen is very good playing the understanding, protective dad. A nice, understated performance. Mark Wahlberg is (surprisingly) very good as the psycho. He plays the nice guy and the evil guy very effectively. REALLY nice bod too–what a chest! But he needs some serious voice lessons–his Boston accent kept creeping in. So, a pretty good thriller. You could do worse.

  • hmayak-petrosyan
    hmayak petrosyan

    I had very low hopes for FEAR . I’d read the synopsis in the TV guide and the plot sounded like one of those psycho killer stalker from hell thrillers that were being churned out without any thought in the mid 1990s . Considering it starred singer Marky Mark , Reese Witherspoon and William Petersen who’s a rival to Eric Roberts in the straight to video / cable TV movie stakes I didn’t think this was going to be up to much While not being a classic thriller FEAR certainly did hold my attention , probably because much of the characterisation is credible . All too often in this genre the actor or actress playing the villain really goes to town showing the audience what a bad ass they are thereby parodying the role . Mark Wahlberg as David is very restrained for the most part which makes David and credible character and his on screen chemistry with Reese Witherspoon’s Nicole is believable , you can believe these two characters are genuinely in love with one another something that is all too rare in this type of movie I should also point out that much of the movie revolves around the interaction of Petersen’s Mr Walker who is concerned about his daughter’s relationship with David . You can’t blame the guy for wanting what’s best for his offspring and it enhances the credibility of the story . It’s refreshing to have a more thoughtful approach to this type of genre because if people start turning up dead after 15 minutes then things start to get silly , so the violence is kept to a minimum until almost at the end of the movie which does suffer something of a plot hole because no one seems to have a mobile telephone at readily hand and don’t tell me professional people didn’t have mobile phones in 1996 . Also watch out for references to STRAW DOGS , THE SHINING and NOSFERATU at the climax Even if you’re burned out on those 90s stalker from hell thrillers you could do worse than watch this on a wet Friday evening

  • william-sherman
    william sherman

    Movie like this either reach out and pull you in or they don’t. Fear pulled me in. I rented this movie about a week after Halloween of 1996 and put it in my VCR not sure what to expect. 2 hours later I ejected the movie from the VCR feeling somewhat dazed and overwhelmed. Fear isn’t a classic. But it works well. It is scary, violent gory and well made. The reason it works so well is because it was made by people who knew what they were doing. The whole stalker style of movies is full of uninspired trash that sounds like it was made for the USA network.Fear stands heads and shoulders above that (And to some extent above the original Fatal Attraction). It’s not afraid to push, to pull us inside, to scare us and give us a good conclusion at the end, one that movies of this type always mess up.***

  • justin-smith
    justin smith

    The story behind the film “Fear” is nothing new. Obsessive love leading to dangerous fatal attraction. But I’m not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed watching this movie. To be sure, there were the typical cliches (did anyone not know that the security guard was SO dead!). However, the action in the film keeps things moving along at a steady pace, and the tension builds towards the reasonably satisfying climax. Performances by the lead characters were generally quite good. I found Mark Wahlbergs character to be quite convincing and quite menacing, though I agree he would certainly benefit from some speech coaching. The two young female leads, Reese Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano, did a good job playing the victims, and certainly add value to the film for their attractiveness alone. The standout performance for me was that of William L. Petersen as the father. Most of his actions/reactions rang true to me. Was “Fear” a great movie? Not really. Was it a good, satisfying and ultimately entertaining way to spend 97 minutes? Yes indeed. Even my wife stayed awake till the end, and that’s worth an 8/10 alone.